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31 December 2017 Kat Denning vs Megan Boone

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"I have to admit," says Megan with a shake of the head, "That I didn't think it would take nearly two years for me to get a second FCBA fight. I mean, I know I lost, but Chopra's shown she's a pretty good fighter. There are plenty of girls around here I can beat...as I'm about to demonstrate."

"Look," says Kat with a hint of a smile. "There's nothing wrong with starting your career 0-2. Lots of fighters have started 0-2. I started 0-2. So, buck up, buttercup. Things will get better for you. After tonight."


O'Dell: "Back at ringside and that's 'Jungle' by X Ambassadors you hear behind us, and here comes the star of 'The Blacklist', the lovely Megan Boone!"

Cassie: "Interesting piece of trivia. This song was featured in the first episode of 'The Blacklist'..."

McCarthy: "Really?"

Tess: "Yes. Really. And, you'd KNOW that if you ever READ the prep material!"

McCarthy: "I refuse to read Lavigne's propaganda!"

Tess: "Who wants to break it to Mac that Avril doesn't work at Front Street anymore?"

McCarthy: "What are you TALKING about?"

Cassie: "I'm still wondering about the sky color in Mac's world..."

McCarthy: "And I still want SCABBO to SHUT UP!"

O'Dell (sighing): "Boone into the ring and helped off with the robe. She's wearing a black two-piece and the crowd likes the way it fits her, if that reaction is any indication. And, that's 'I Don't Feel Like Dancing' by Scissor Sisters you hear pounding through the arena, and here comes Kat 'The Rack' Dennings!"

McCarthy: "AKA, Campbell's little protege, which is why she'll never WIN anything!"

O'Dell: "Dennings down the aisle and into the ring. Helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve, and she's ALSO wearing black, that familiar number of her's we've seen before, and, again, the crowd appreciating how that curve-hugging two-piece fits Ms. Dennings..."

McCarthy: "Philly. Low standards."

O'Dell: "Ladies about ready. time for some picks. Tess likes Kat. Mac?"

McCarthy: "Yet ANOTHER Dancing Hooker opponent without an FCBA win. But, even a victorially-challenged fighter like Boone can beat a Campbell project. Megan!"

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "I agree with Tess!"

O'Dell: "Split panel. Let's see who's right. Ladies wasting no time getting right to it. Dennings in Boone's face, and Megan going to stand right there and bang back with her. Anybody who's seen Dennings fight knows this is her game, but Megan more than willing to play it, at least for the moment..."

McCarthy: "Boone's plenty sturdy herself. This is a good strategy. Not going to let herself get bullied."

O'Dell: "She is not, and she's showing that she can handle her self in the phone booth with Dennings. Kat working body, Boone responding in kind. Both ladies working their way upstairs and back down. Megan tying up, shoving Kat off, landing a nice right hand after she does so..."

Cassie: "Slick move right there."

O'Dell: "Dennings right back in Boone's grill. Megan tying her up again, working body with her free hand. Dennings shoves off, whacks some ribs. Boone responds with a nice combination to the head. Five seconds to go in the round. One more exchange and there's the bell. Close. Megan."

Tess: "And, Boone grabs the 10-9 lead."


O'Dell: "Right back to the phone booth to start the second. Dennings crowding Boone and Megan not taking a step back. She's going to bang with in there. Boone tying up, shoving off, landing a right hand. She's found a little something with that tactic. Dennings ducking the head, banging body."

Cassie: "As Mac pointed out, Megan is sturdy, but, I'm not sure she wants to deal with this kind of body work all night."

O'Dell: "So far, doesn't seem to be bothering her, but it's plenty early. Again, Boone tying up, but Dennings leveraging now, using the shoulder to create space to punch. She's touching up the flanks and the midsection, thumping away with both hands. Boone wraps around the head and forces a break."

Tess: "Not a whole lot of fancy stuff going on right now."

O'Dell: "Not fancy, but plenty effective, as both fighters are, again, scoring points. It's mostly body work, but the pair are working their way upstairs and back down, each brunette keeping the other honest. Ten seconds to go in a competitive second. Good right hook from Dennings, and there's the bell. Kat's round close."

McCarthy: "19-19 after two."


O'Dell: "Into the third and right back in tight space as the ladies work one another over to the body. Again, Boone tying up around the head, shoving Dennings off, landing a hard right hand and following with a nice flurry! That was the best flurry of the fight for either fighter, Mac..."

McCarthy: "She's getting Dennings off balance with those shoves and taking advantage of it."

O'Dell: "Is, indeed. Kat with the head down banging body. Megan tying up, shoving the head down, working the flanks behind Dennings' elbows. Kat wraps around the waist and the referee breaks. Dennings right back forward and Boone again shoves off and lands a SHARP flurry!"

Tess: "She's not hurting Dennings with those punches, but she's scoring, because they're good, hard, clean shots."

O'Dell: "Coming down the stretch in the third and Boone's got something going. She's tying up Dennings, shoving her off balance, landing another good combination before Kat can get back to her base. Ten seconds left. Ladies back to banging body and they'll do that to the bell. Boone. Solidly."

Cassie: "And, Megan's back ahead 29-28."


O'Dell: "Into the fourth and we're staying in the booth. Both fighters want to grind inside, and the effects starting to be apparent. Bodies of both ladies pinking up some from the constant barrage of leather. Dennings levering with the shoulders when Boone tries to tie up now, and that's getting Megan off balance..."

Cassie: "She was doing some of that in the second, but, she's dropping that shoulder under the bust line now and lifting with it."

O'Dell: "All the better to not only unbalance Boone, but open her up for more body punishment. Megan trying to get Kat tied up, but it's not working at the moment. Dennings working hard at the body, banging away, fighting through any tie up attempts, levering with both shoulders..."

McCarthy: "Referee needs to watch this! I think some of it is illegal!"

O'Dell: "None of it is illegal. It is, however, plenty irritating to Boone, who's being taken right out of the rhythm she developed over the first few rounds. Megan actually being backed up now, as Kat bangs away to the head as we come down the stretch! Dennings letting the hands go and landing some of the best punches of the fight to the bell! Big round for Kat."

Tess: "And, we're even again, this time at 38."


O'Dell: "Dennings right back at Boone, and Megan tying up right away. She's wrapping around the head, trapping that, then working Kat's body with the free hand. Dennings looking to punch free, force her way forward, but can't do either. Ref breaks. Dennings back to work, and Boone right back to the head..."

McCarthy: "Boone pulling that head down. She's wrapping a glove around, pulling down and trapping."

O'Dell: "And, it's slowing down what was a pretty good offensive roll for Kat last round. Now, they're wrestling around in there, with both fighters landing some body shot and the odd shot to the head, but the action is definitely bogging down, and Boone's creating the mud with the ties."

Tess: "And, it's proving to be a pretty smart tactic."

O'Dell: "Definitely is. We're coming down the stretch in what's been a very close fifth. Neither fighter able to do all that much, and, as a result, there's nothing in it. Fifteen seconds to go. Boone ties up again. Kat tries to shove free. Can't do it. Referee breaks and there's the bell. Draw."

Cassie: "And, after five, we're even at 48."


O'Dell: "Dennings forward with the head tucked to start round six. She's putting the shoulder right into Boone's midsection, burying the head so that Megan can't trap it, and banging flank with hooks while she does so. Boone hooking back, putting leather behind Kat's elbows, and Dennings responds with some similar shot of her own..."

Tess: "Getting a little nasty in there at the moment."

O'Dell: "Referee watching carefully, because they're getting close to going kidney right now. And DENNINGS ROCKS BOONE WITH AN UPPERCUT! Megan staggered by a short right uppie! And, now Kat's all in, banging away with both hands, driving Boone back to the ropes..."

Cassie: "MAN, did she catch her with it. Got her dropping the head. I'm surprised Boone's standing."

O'Dell: "But she is, though she's definitely listing as Dennings hammers away. Megan in the high guard, rolling with punches, running clock, looking to make it out of this round. Just ten seconds to go. Good right hand, Dennings. Five seconds. Kat lathers the midsection to the bell. Dennings wide."

McCarthy: "But, Boone still right in it, only down 58-57."


O'Dell: "Seventh begins with Dennings right at Boone. Megan wants to tie up, but Kat's burying the head, working body, then going upstairs to back up Boone. Megan not able to hold canvas as Kat continues to pressure and DENNINGS GOES DOWN! A short right hand and Kat went to her knees!"

Tess: "Fell down, Jenny. Boone backing up and Kat shoving forward and Dennings fell down..."

O'Dell: "But, the referee's ruling it a knockdown because a punch landed there. And Dennings not happy! She was right back to her feet, but she's taking the mandatory as Boone waits in a neutral corner. Referee now waives Megan forward. And Boone met half way by Dennings who's letting the hands go!"

Cassie: "Oh, is Kat's back up right now!"

O'Dell: "And, Boone not backing down! She's firing away and they are trading BOMBS out there and DOWN GOES BOONE! Dennings lands a VICIOUS right hook and Megan splashes to her back..."

McCarthy: "Get UP, Boone! Get UP!"

O'Dell: "Dennings to a neutral corner. Count at three. Four. Five. Six. Boone drapes an arm across her eyes at seven. Eight. Nine. TEN! It's OVER! And your winner by KO7 is Kat 'The Rack' Dennings!"


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I have our winner, Kat Dennings, and, that was an angry Kat we saw in that last round..."

Kat: "Yeah, I was a little ticked at the ref and I took it out on Boone. Neve didn't seem to mind."

Tess: "It's been quite a year for you. What are you planning for an encore in 2018?"

Kat: "Well, I think gold would look REALLY good around my waist. You know?"

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