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27 April 2018 Title Ch Vanessa Hudgens Lea Michele

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Vanessa Hudgens versus Lea Michele
(AMD Title)
(Words by Lookout! & Caspian / Results by Lookout!)

BEFORE: It’s a pretty heated match-up between these two brunettes, although they have never fought before and most of the rage is between some of the women not even competing in the match. It’s been psychological warfare between Vanessa Hudgens and Emma Roberts, two flyweight fighters who have not been able to get along since they met. It’s a vicious battle between the two so far and they haven’t even stepped into the ring yet. Mostly a war of words, though Emma certainly elevated things the previous month with taking on Hudgen’s younger sister, Stella and now, Vanessa upping the ante again, by taking on Emma’s best friend, Lea Michele.

Fittingly, both Emma and Stella are present at ringside tonight, but league officials have warned them against interfering in the contest. Whether that’ll be successful is anybody’s guess, but bookmakers don’t think so. However, they all stay apart before the match as a wall of security is between the two fighters and their accompanying entourage. 

Lea beaming before the contest: “Listen, I don’t have any personal issue with Vanessa, but when she goes after my BFF, she comes after me. I am not going to tolerate that for a single minute. There is nobody I like more and if beating down Nessa will make her happier, I’m excited to do that. Hudgens lost my respect the moment she went after my best friend and I know how hard I work out, so taking down the so-called fittest flyweight for the AMD title in the FCBA will be a cherry on freaking top.” 

Vanessa smirking as she chuckles, “Of course, I don’t care about Lea. I loved her on Glee, Scream Queens and everything she’s in. She’s fantastic, but anybody who allies themselves with Emma is dead to me. She can’t defend her so-called best friend going after my little sister, who is still a better person than Roberts could ever hope to be. But, if Lea thinks she is going to be fitter than me, she’s in for a huge shock, just like Emma will be when the Betty to her Veronica is crying into my abs. I’m still going to be the AMD champ after tonight!”

Lea coming in wearing a bright purple sports bra, with matching gloves and shorts - hair in a fighting ponytail; Vanessa in a tiger-stripe sports bra with matching gloves and shorts - hair in a fighting ponytail. Both of them touching gloves professionally but cautiously - most eyes on Stella and Emma on the opposite corners. Emma making “crying” gestures with one hand and pointing at Stella mockingly. Nessa tries to lunge across the ring, but the ref and Lea intervene, with the ref finally ringing the bell to get the bout started as it’s clear things can’t be put off any longer….

R1: Grinning Hudgens sets the tone, marching to the Michele corner and shelling Lea bell to bell, Nessa crossing her arms, bobbing and punching - systematic work like she’s filming an exercise video. Nessa palming with her right hand in Lea’s shoulder to set up withering hooks to taut midriff, crowding close to shoulder Lea off - it’s classic Hudgens scrub-down, Michele in shock - face miming out agony, panic, despair - covering up and cowering at the ropes. Robust pumping of Nessa lefts and rights hammers up into Lea’s lungs - Michele groans, turns to the side and takes a shaky knee as Hudgens laughs down. Nessa mops up the rest of the way, great clubbing blows against her foe’s shoulders and biceps as Lea sits and sulks at the ropes. Emma shaking her head in scorn from Lea's corner, clearly unimpressed with her friend's efforts to start things off.

R2: Lea converting her panic into offense - desperate, swinging haymakers, mostly missing over the top as Nessa bibs low, comes up underneath. Sheer adrenaline allowing Michele to hold her own as Roberts relentlessly barks orders from behind - she catches Nessa with right uppercuts and shearing left hands on the ear - Hudgens wading through it, keeps up her assault on fit Michele belly.

R3: Michele beats most sportsbook odds as she comes out swinging for the third. Nessa being responsible - doesn’t want to get caught a wild shot, staying compact, bobbing at the waist and collecting body shots off Lea’s misses. Spirited two way - Lea fighting furiously, pitching hard lefts and rights - Nessa patiently placing her shot underneath, but Hudgens unable to come forward at will the way she did at the start. Lea gets a serious pep talk from Roberts following this round, with Emma whispering something into her friend's ear for a few long seconds right before the bell sounds for the fourth.

R4: Nessa bobbing, weaving, veteran letting her angry opponent spend up all her money. Michele missing badly over the top in the first minute - alters trajectory and digs up underneath in the second minute - pounding away low and buckling Nessa’s knees in the process. Ref steps in, issues warnings - Nessa given time to walk it off, hands on hips, exhaling through pursed lips. Re-engaged, Lea keeps banging away down there, finding Nessa’s hips, thighs and trunks with a horrendously cheap series of lefts and rights. Hudgens cramping up - Lea gets what she’s looking for: clean right uppercut directly to the point of Nessa’s chin. Shout of shock from the crowd as Nessa gets clocked - staggering off balance, but Hudgens doesn’t topple over. Delight on Lea’s expressive face as she chests up to Hudgens at the bell, Emma beaming in corner, taunting Nessa with nothing but an evil smirk and Hudgens looks furious!

R5: Lea eager to pick up where she left off, but an angry Nessa is often an effective Nessa. Hudgens coming forward, overhand rights, sweeping hooks out of the crouch, crowding close to employ bumping shoulders and shoving open-hand rights. Michele catching a temple-shot as she hurries to her right: dazed. Then she tumbles to all fours, shaking her head. Middle minute - Nessa just marching on Lea at the ropes - Michele blubbering, extending her hands to ward Nessa off, turning her head away from punches, as Nessa unleashes ripping hooks smearing Lea’s tight tummy to the side have her gutted - she turns, sinks to her knees hugging her ravaged midriff as Nessa’s bodied back. Another shaky 8 - Hudgens just wading in, hammering away until tied up and walked off by the ref, then she stomps back forward to continue the shelling. It’s all too much - Nessa’s gloves bashing away to ribs and tummy, bouncing hard off shoulders, bicep and skull - clubbing bump-down has Lea bawling, helpless as her friend shrieks in horror in the corner - she turns away, takes a knee and immediately the ref steps in, not able to allow this to go any further! A smirking, Nessa shrugs to the crowd, smiling a TKO5 smile of vindication.

AFTER: It’s a huge win for Nessa, being able to pound out her frustration against Emma Roberts by taking down her best friend and get some symbolic revenge for Roberts’ humiliation of her sister. Roberts besides herself, yelling at the referee for daring to stop the fight prematurely. No doubt it will pour more fuel on an already raging fire between the two fierce flyweights.

The ref is doing his best to keep Emma and Stella out of the ring, requiring additional security assistance to prevent the two from coming in. Lea is just recovering in her corner as Nessa practically skips over to her opponent, eyes focused on Emma as she beams. Emma screaming at her rival, eyes filled with fire, ordering her not to touch her best friend. Nessa ignores her - bringing one hand down to her foe’s brunette tresses, yanking up as she forces Michele’s face up into her abs and blows Emma a mocking kiss of her own.

This is too much for Emma as she tears free of the security and charges across the ring enraged. Emma is rewarded with a quick bytchslap to the face, stunning her and sending her staggering backwards. A shocked, humiliated Emma looks back and forth between Nessa and Stella, weighing her options as she rubs her aching red cheek. She glances at Lea one more time before deciding to bail, leaving her friend to her fate. A red faced, livid Emma quickly retreats - saving herself from the wrath of the sisters apparently way more important to her than a chance to save her friend - she staggers back with her arms crossed over her chest, trembling with rage, exiting the ring through the ropes. Nessa takes a moment to slide forward, using both hands to YANK Lea’s face up into her abs as she forces Lea to worship the self-proclaimed fittest abs in the league. After a minute or so of continuous scrubbing of her abs, putting Lea into tummy-shock as she listens to the muffled kissing and cries from Michele down below, winking at an increasingly furious Emma with every passing second, Hudgens then suddenly spins around, charging over towards Emma who's still standing in the corner behind the ropes. Robert's eyes widen in panic as the surprised blonde realizes what's about to happen and immediately jumps off the apron in an attempt to save herself from the wrath of Nessa. Emma quickly puts some distance between herself and the ring before turning around to make sure she's safe. Nessa and Emma now staring at each other as the ref intervenes, putting life and limb at risk (literally) to stop Nessa from going after the blonde. Content with forcing Roberts to run, Vanessa sticks out her tongue as she bounds across the ring and into the waiting arms of her sister, Stella. The two of them laughing and embracing as a furious Roberts watches from a safe distance, waiting for when it's safe again for her to go back in and check on her friend. When that time finally comes - the ring now filled with officials and staff - Emma cautiously slips back inside under the ropes, glaring over at Vanessa across the ring as staff make sure to block the two from going after one another and Vanessa flipping off Roberts as they head off in separate directions - for the moment. Nobody imagines Emma or Nessa staying apart for much longer.

Nessa unapologetic to reporters afterwards: “I warned Lea. Stick with bytches like Roberts and you’re going to get what’s coming to you. Lea thought she was fitter and better, but there is no way in the world that you can be allied with a skank like Emma to be superior. Let this be a lesson: any friends of Emma are an enemy of mine and that is not a place you want to be. Hopefully Emma won’t stop being a flabby coward for much longer and won’t keep sending her friends to make out with my abs in her place. I’d love to personally introduce Emma to my abs and own her ass here soon. But, tonight, we celebrate!” as both Nessa and Stella head out of the arena to enjoy their victory. Judging by the look on Emma’s face, she plans on having that triumph be short-lived... 



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