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30 June 2018 Evangeline Lilly vs Shay Mitchell

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jun 30, 2018 at 1:28pm



Results: Lookout Writing: Archer

Evangeline: 37 YO, 5’5 (1.65m), 45-29-2, 22 KO since 2004, FCBA Free Agent

Shay: 31 YO, 5’7 ½ (1.71 m), 24-19-0, 22 KO since 2011, Pretty Little Punchers

Before: Evangeline Lilly has been 2-1 since her release by Bonzo’s Gym, not what usually happens when a fighter is shown the door.

“Opponents know I am a multi-time Bantamweight Champion, they want the prestige of trying to beat me,” Evangeline herself theorizes. “If they do, it’s a step up, if they lose—well, it’s a loss to Evangeline Lilly and that’s not so bad. I enjoy boxing I intend to keep at it as long as I can be effective at it. I’ve never fought Shay before. I did get knocked out the PLP’s Troian Bellisario last July. I am curious to see if I can’t even things up against Shay.”

“Oh yes, I remember Troi knocking you out—but it was a tough fight. I am expecting you to be just as tough against me. I like a tough opponent. It feels so much better when you beat them.” Shay Mitchell said with a charming smile.

“I feel the same way myself,” Evangeline says with a smile of her own.

True bantamweight fight fans are really looking forward to this fight. Lilly and Mitchell are high-ranked in the division and a win should boost the winner up the ladder. A good fight is expected and both fighters given warm greetings on their way to the ring. Evangeline is in a purple and gold trim one-piece with white boots and gloves (purple laces). Her hair in a loose ponytail. Shay is in white one piece with green trim, green boots and gloves with white laces. Shay’s hair is pulled back in an elaborate battle braid. No nonsense ring instruction. Quick glove tap and the fighters are back in their corners. The bell sounds.

R1: Quick movements bring Shay and Evangeline out to mid-ring where they circle and fire away with probing punches. These become rushes as first Shay and then Ev move in for quick strikes to head or body, then pull back to evade counters. Back and forth this goes as things stay quite even. Then Shay comes in with hooks to the midsection, but then shifts to surprise Evangeline with overhand right to the jaw. Ev smacked hard and falls back to reorganize. Shay advancing behind solid jabs to the breasts and ribs. Evangeline pulls herself together and fires off jabs that sting Shay hard in the face and breasts. Shay steps back but keeps punching steadily to the bell, but she’s blocked by good countering from Evangeline. Judges give the round to Shay by a close margin.

R2: Back to the circle and punching to start things off in the new round, but Evangeline is doing a good job landing shots against Shay’s head. Shay growing sluggish and defensive. Evangeline ups her aggression, now working Shay to the belly with strong hooks. Shay doubled up and Ev moves in to go the head again, but Shay suddenly lashes up with a surprise uppercut to the chin. Evangeline goes teetering back, Shay slow to follow up as she struggles to clear her head. Evangeline recovers quicker and comes right back at Shay. However Shay has her jab moving very well and she’s using it to hammer Ev to the body. Evangeline using her own jab to the body to counter Shay and she slowly forces Shay back, then time runs out. Another close round, but this one goes to Evangeline Lilly.

R3: Evangeline and Shay soon back at, fighting in close and struggling to dominate. Really exciting to see those strong bodies straining against each other as short, hard punches are jerked up into the sweat soaked fabric of their swimsuits. Both fighters trying to slip in a surprise shot to jaw or chin, but both seem to be shaking these off when they land. Then Shay scores with a solid right to the cheekbone and staggers Evangeline. Shay follows up with a barrage of hooks to the belly and now she has Evangeline in retreat. Evangeline struggling to come back finally rakes Shay across the belly with crisscrossing rights and lefts. Shay grunting, but fires back the jab to smack Evangeline hard between the eyes. Ev now falling back. Shay advancing with caution. She keeps Evangeline on the defensive to the bell and it’s enough to gain her a narrow win of the round.

R4: Evangeline comes back strongly in this round. She moves quickly and she repeatedly draws Shay off balance, then strikes her hard to the head. Shay trying to keep some distance while the bells in her head quiet down, but Evangeline able to work her way through Shay’s defenses and give it to her hard in the stomach. Shay trying to jab Ev back, but she’s not landing her counters well and so she’s not slowing Evangeline down. Evangeline circling making rushes, sometimes feints to draw Shay out and other times actual attacks. Shay looking confused as the round ends and Evangeline Lilly wins it wide.

R5: Shay looking better coming out this round, She is showing some movement herself and using to strike at Evangeline. Evangeline has plenty of mobility left and she’s using it. Running punching as the two move in and out in strafing runs of punching. Then they stop moving and plunge into another battle in close. Shay making the first move and driving Evangeline back with shots to the chin, but Ev finds Shay’s chin and sends her back in her heels, Shay comes and the two go at it with hard driven hooks to the body all the way to the bell. Referee jumps in to stop them and the round is ruled a DRAW.

R6: Evangeline and Shay right back at each other as soon as the bell rings, but Shay manages a quick move early just as Ev is unleashing a powerhouse right, Evangeline throws the punch, but it hits empty air and she stumbles forward. Shay moves in with a powerhouse right that catches Evangeline in the temple. Evangeline lurching forward and then crashes onto her face. Shay stares at her fallen opponent in surprise, but then quickly scrambles for the neutral corner. Evangeline pushing herself up off the canvas, but as she tries to get to her feet she shudders and topples over onto her side! She’s down and stays down as the referee reaches:”



After: “No one was more surprised than I was to see Evangeline go down like that” a breathless Shay Mitchell tells the press as her stablemates Troian Bellisario, Sasha Pieterse, Melissa Benoist and Ashley Benson are all gathered around to her to celebrate. “It just goes to show you how one well-places punch can knockout even a strong fighter like Evangeline. I hope she;s all right. She gave me one helluva fight and I feel I really earned this win.”

Evangeline Lilly has been revived on her stool and insists on going over to give Shay Mitchell a congratulatory hug.

“Yes, that was a true knockout punch,” Evangeline tells nearby reporters, “but Shay had been hitting me hard all night. That turned out to be the one that ended it for me and got the win for her,”

Rousing back and forth battle that was just the thing for serious bantamweight fans. Ending did seem a bit abrupt, but there are been plenty to se earlier. Probably not too surprising that a simple mistake cost Evangeline the fight. She and Shay were so close that something like a misdirected punch gave Shay the opening to score with the KO punch. So it looks like Shay Mitchell should advance as a future bantamweight title contender. Evangeline Lilly may have dropped back a bit, but probably not too far, though her present unmanaged status may make it hard for her to find a good, winnable fight to resume her own title hunt. 



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