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23 August 2018 Sandra Kubicka vs Stella Maxwell

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Posted by Vassago on August 23, 2018, 4:23 pm



Rio Rumble Revisited
Sandra Kubicka vs Stella Maxwell
(0-1 vs 1-0, 1 KO)
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Sandra Kubicka remains an unknown quantity in the FCBA however losing to Courtney Tailor on her New Blood debut last year doesn't seem all that troublesome given her opponent's rise through the rankings since then. On the other hand former Maxim Top 100 winner Stella Maxwell made a huge splash blowing the doors off Chrissy Teigen on the FNL Rio Rumble card a fortnight ago.

And now Stella wants MORE!!!

We're back on the Copacabana which BLONDE! Magazine vows to call Stella's new home this summer. She's an overwhelming betting favorite against the Polish model - even without personal help from Kristen Stewart who couldn't make the trip due to Front Street contractual obligations. The Man in the Hat doesn't promote any events outside of the state of Pennsylvania and even the Rio de Janeiro setting doesn't change his mind.

So, can Stella double up in Rio tonight? She's all on her own while Sandra brings veteran Joanna Krupa as personal trainer for this fight. BLONDE! Magazine is quick to point out that Kubicka can actually become a better version of Krupa in the foreseeable future but the odds are stacked against her regardless.

Sandra Kubicka wears a pink cut out hip open swimsuit and white gloves. Long dyed dark blonde hair in loose waves. Stella Maxwell wears a turquoise micro top, blue panties and yellow gloves. Long blonde hair straight, tucked behind the ears. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the lightweight division.

Round 1:
Stella's in that 'win now' mode and comes crashing down on the Polish blonde who kicks up sand as she tries to find her footing with the fellow blonde picking her off through the middle. Who says you lack confidence in your second FCBA fight ever? Stella gut-checks the younger girl when she eventually finds the stubborn defense but Sandra yields real estate at the end of a high-tempo opening charge that leaves Maxwell chasing her around the improvised ring much to the crowd's delight. Sandra stumbles and eats a flush hook on the jaw that rattles her to the ropes and Stella powers ahead from both flanks to smack the blonde waves around. Ugh! Sandra just bellows out early and sinks behind the earmuff while Stella almost loses her way due to lack of resistance. She taunts the fellow model but gets no verbal response either and Joanna Krupa seeks attention in the Polish corner instead which leaves Maxwell amused at the bell.

Round 2:
More of the same in the second, Stella stalks Sandra around and scores from both flanks while Kubicka's happy to kick up sand more than anything else. Someone reminds the Polish camp this isn't a training fight but Stella's actually more occupied with additional taunting rather than this thing called boxing and we're on the verge of a WWE Raw beach edition here where talk becomes the the main headline. Sandra's weak response does little to re-ignite her fire and Stella cleans her up when she traps her and bulldozes back to the ropes with ease. Ugh! Did the Polish camp struggle with the local booze last night? 

Round 3:
Sandra finally sticks her mitts into the fellow blonde's face but Stella doesn't lose her plot until she eats a belter on the liver that skimmed off at the last moment. The Polish model quickly double up and bumps Maxwell in jug-to-jug contact before slamming one in over the top. Stella gets flushed on the jaw and squeals in anger: "U bytch!"; the Polish train was slow off the tracks but gains steam in a close range tangle during the second minute. Kubicka's raw power remains a problem but she's accurate enough to land her efforts while Stella misfires and eats more juice from the overhand. She recovers come the final minute with a head-hunting glance but seems to struggle in mid-range more than her favorite status indicates and Kubicka blasts one across the nasal ridge to sign off the action.

Round 4:
Sandra appears to have woken up for good as she withstands the early close range exchange and has Maxwell yielding real estate to gather her thoughts afterwards. Those head shots bounce off the high guard too often now and Stella wants to suck the Pole into a mindless approach that actually never materializes which slows the action right down until Joanna Krupa becomes vocal again and makes Sandra blink first. Stella's ready to channel some counter-punching action - BLONDE! Magazine calls it a mistake on live twitter feed - and eats a gut-busting series instead as Kubicka fakes the inside route and punishes the fellow model to the body. Stella just can't find her range at all here and gets trapped on the ropes with the Lodz native showing her craft and bumping Maxwell into that blonde bimbo look come the bell.

Round 5:
Stella's arrogance has derailed her charge wholesale but she regains her mojo early in the fifth when she beats Kubicka for pace and stuffs her in the center of the ring. She tries to knock her head off and becomes a little too predictable here even though she enforces the Polish earmuff. And Sandra has more up her proverbial sleeve when she responds to the body with Maxwell's liver area dangerously exposed. Add a quick slant on the boobs and Stella wobbles to her heels before a left hook tears a patch under her eye. Ugh! She stumbles even further back and gets stuck behind with Kubicka hammerin' a left hook on the eye on the follow up... AND DOWN GOES MAXWELL!!! What an epic disaster for the betting favorite! Sandra's raw power was questioned by the experts before but this is a case of poor defending at the very least! Stella's so upset she literally shoves the referee away at six and jumps back at the Polish stunner only to find a left/right combo piercing her boobs and stalling her breathless on the spot. Another left hook finds the mark and Maxwell spins back to the ropes with a loud whimper just as the clock expires! Uh-oh! Joanna Krupa thinks Stella is done here already while the favorite looks lost without a genuine support in her corner.

Round 6:
Stella goes all-in early but just can't find her range anymore and eats more bruising shots as Kubicka suddenly ups the tempo and dominates the slugging stakes. She wobbles Maxwell from each side before another hook below the elbow cripples the fellow blonde into spasms. It's clinch time for Stella next but Kubicka bumps her off and beats for another overhand which only makes the gash under the right eye suffer more... Stella tries to retreat but hits a ditch in the sand and loses her focus while Sandra WHACKS her on the lips before adding a hook on the brow ridge for a good measure... Maxwell's guard collapses on the spot and she's in position to embrace yet another hook that flushes her on the nose... DOWN SHE GOES!!! Stella gets laid spread eagle and allthough she makes a slow recovery, that stirred look in her eyes indicates the writing is on the wall. Where did all that arrogance go? Ref refuses to grant her another try after two knockdowns in space of three minutes and waves the fight off! TKO6 Sandra Kubicka in come-from-behind fashion!!!

AFTER: So much for those pre-fight odds but both girls are so inexperienced at this level the one who actually looks the worst is Chrissy Teigen. Maybe that's why Joanna Krupa wants Sandra to challenge her next as she takes over the mic and post-fight rumble to the point some folks begin to wonder if that booze was actually in play last night? Joanna's scheduled to take part in next week's BBU PPV but that doesn't really justify why the Miami-based model acts like she's just scored that epic comeback win herself and not the younger version who actually looks a little bemused by Krupa's "all eyez on me" speech. It's almost as bad as Madonna's tribute to Aretha Franklin the other day...

Meanwhile Stella is so upset she storms out of the ring and leaves the Polish party behind. One has to say her pride took the biggest blow tonight and maybe she shouldn't have taken the big 'W' for granted when she seemingly had Kubicka all but wrapped up and unable to land a proper combo. Will Kristen Stewart take the blame for this? Or Kristen's boss even? All the taunting blew straight back into Stella's face and left her with a mouthful of Copacabana sand to show for her efforts... 

Final result: Sandra Kubicka def. Stella Maxwell TKO6. 



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