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28 September 2018 Title Ch Kate Upton vs Karlie Kloss

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Sep 29, 2018 at 1:56pm


Kate 'The Queen' Upton (*) vs Karlie 'The Body' Kloss (#4/6) (result by Lookout/real work by simgrrl)
Upton: (26yo, 5'10", 140#, 34DD-28-36; 50W-16L) vs Kloss (26yo, 6'1", 130#, 32A-23-34; 14W-6L)
* Welterweight Champion vs #4 or #6 contender - depending on the rating service used

Before: "The final bout of the evening is for the undisputed FCBA Welterweight Championsh..." Kate Upton tuned out the introduction, turning her focus to the tall, slender, supermodel in the other corner. Kloss's plump lips were curled in a smug, self-indulgent smirk as she and Kate locked eyes, then Upton looked away, glancing down at the front row of women ringside for her fight. She knew Kloss would see her unable to maintain eye contact and think it a sign of weakness...and perhaps it was. Kate's preparation for the title fight had been uneven, her attention divided between her responsibility to the FCBA and her other "outside interests" involving the FCF and her Hollywood career - which she's struggling restart after a few bumps following 2014's "The Other Woman" which quietly disappeared from theaters and cable TV. Since then, she'd been type-cast as a pretty girl in a couple of "straight to cable" fluff films, then again as the wife of a baseball star and new mother. Oh wait, that last is her! (Talk about distractions!) 

Karlie Kloss won the "New Blood Welterweight" tournament in 2016 to establish herself as a new force in the welter ranks, then closed out the year with stunning KO's of Nadia Bjorlin and perennial welter contender, Amanda Righetti. She followed her upset win over Righetti with an equally shocking dismissal of big Charlotte McKinney to open her 2017 season. Karlie Kloss had definitely arrived!

Since then, she's twice fought for the Welter title, losing her first challenge to Gemma Atkinson in March 2017 when the big blonde stopped her in the 8th round of what experts hailed as a "classic big woman brawl." Kloss licked her wounds after that disappointment taking eight fights against top ten... or top ten name... opponents, earning her another chance at the brass ring in December 2017. Then, she stepped into the ring to face Welter Champ Hannah Ferguson. But once more the fight ended with Karlie holding a KO6 defeat, not the Welter belt. Basically, a bag of horse puckey. 

After finishing her second title challenge "tits up", Karlie threw herself into two more fights that same month. In the first, two weeks after losing to Ferguson, Karlie beat Adriana Lima. And two weeks after Lima, she fought Miranda Kerr. Sadly, this time Kerr was the woman still standing - over Kloss's unconscious body - Kerr's arm raised after a draining fight that ended in the final minute.

An unscientific poll of a group of their randomly chosen FCBA opponents were asked to pick a winner - in a poll that didn't require them to identify themselves - and they gave Upton a statistically significant edge of 11-8. The company that did the survey didn't ask them to pick a round, so Upton's edge may be greater, or lesser, than it appears at first glance. Respondents weren't identified or quoted by name - understandably since angering a future opponent who may take out her anger on them in the ring...or deny a future title shot...would be foolish. 

We approached several women who WERE willing to speak "on the record" and one was Hall of Fame blonde MILF and "Golden Goddess", Charlize Theron. She faced a much younger Upton in 2012 during her "Crusade" and came away with a TKO6. Five years later, Theron was KO'd by Kloss, who at the time Kloss was establishing herself as a legitimate welter contender. 

"Upton's a big woman," Charlize said. "I don't mean her famous bosom, she's all-around thick, powerfully built, a bulldozer. When I fought her six years ago, she was a little doughy; hadn't lost her baby fat. Even before she got to seriously training she could hit hard, and she's improved tremendously since then. Kloss is an totally different body type in the Blake Lively, Candace Swanepoel, Stacy Keibler, Kendall Jenner type - long, lean, limber; quick on her feet; attacks from all different angles. She's hard to defend since she generates power with her whippy arms; building power through the entire wide, sweep of the arc. It gives you time to defend... but only if you see it coming. She throws punches rapidly, keeps you ducking. I like the match-up: speed vs strength; length vs width. It'll be entertaining to see and despite the predictions of an early end, I expect it will go the distance, with Kloss winning a decision."

Jennifer Lawrence has never been afraid to give her opinion - on any subject - and while she's never faced either, when asked, she didn't hesitate to walk out to dance at the end of a very thin limb. "Upton's always intrigued me, but for some reason, my people have never been able to get her to commit to stepping in the ring with me. I mean, look at me, do you think Upton's scared of lil' ol' me?" she giggled, her hands sensually caressing her obviously curvy body as she made direct eye contact with her interviewer.

"I look at Upton's body and see what mine would have looked like if I hadn't worked hard to tighten and firm things up. My butt is tight, my abs are flat and smooth as a baby's bottom; my boobs are real and a full D. You see Upton from the rear and you can see cellulite in her cheesy cheeks - at least you could if you had the right angle. Her belly's... well, it's not flat and firm like Charlize, Blake, Karlie or me. I don't deny Kate's a good...very good, power puncher; hits damn hard; but Karlie throws 'em faster. Kloss can hit you fifteen or twenty times a round while Kate... uh, maybe ten...at most! Sure Kate hits harder, but not twice as hard as Karlie or me. You want a prediction? OK, I say Upton runs out of gas around the fifth or sixth round and Kloss walks away with the Welter title in seven. How's that?"

Speaking of bodies....Karlie Kloss's body and ‘anorexically thin’ are often used in the same sentence - but not by Kate Upton! "I've heard too many disparaging remarks about myself, people say I'm a full figured model for me to know how hurtful words can be to a sensitive young women with body image issues. So I'd never call her anorexic, or a waif, or a toothpick. I'll leave that to Tay-tay and others who've been distancing themselves from Karlie lately. Me, I'm happy playing housewife for my loving husband and mommy to my sweet baby. I'll leave getting dirty and sweating over calories to Karlie." (meow!)

An obviously bitter JMDD Champion Hannah Ferguson (who had her Welter title stripped from her by Upton in August) declined to pick a winner, but made no secret who she hoped it would be. "Upton's overrated and a bully. She sets a bad example for young women who I hope see a far better role model in me. Kate hasn't seen the last of me, or my JMDD's!"

Karlie Kloss walking out of her dressing room with her trainer, Kelly Hu, accompanied by several women who volunteered to work her corner for the title fight. Alice Goodwin, Abigail Ratchford and Kendall Jenner comprise "Karlie's Korner" and with Hu, all four are attired the same - tight pink tee-shirts with thee groups name in red script, matching pink mini-skirts to show off four pairs of strong legs. 

As expected from a world famous model, Karlie is dressed in a famous designer label scarlet corset and knickers ensemble with gloves and high top boots that pick up the red color of the script on her team's shirts. Sitting ringside in the "Team Kloss" corner with several publicity flacks and agents is Karlie's "ex-"... Taylor Swift. Swift's presence could indicate a thaw in their recently chilly relationship... or maybe Tay-tay just wants to be close enough so Karlie hears her cheering for Kate Upton!

Once Karlie and her retinue are in the ring, the champion, Kate Upton makes her appearance and strides confidently down the aisle to the ring wearing a loosely tied white robe over the outfit she's chosen for tonight's contest. Kate's accompanied by Julie Benz and Michelle Trachtenberg who's passing out autographed photos of Kate who's striking a cheesy softcore porn pose holding the prestigious FCBA welterweight title hardware belt to shield her otherwise bare expanse of bosom.

Shedding her robe, Upton reveals she's in the same white bikini, gloves and black shoes to defend the title as she had when she won win a month ago when she ripped the championship from Hannah Ferguson's limp, unconscious hands. 

Just like the two fighters physiques, their attire couldn't be more different either. Upton in a traditional "boxing" outfit, while Kloss opted for an edgy, softcore, lingerie look. It works for each of them in different ways, so we'll leave it to the fashion critics to decide "who wore it best."
* * * *

During Round 1: Both women spring from their corners at the bell, each looking to get a fast start for this fight which is considered a "must win" by both. Upton wants to cement her hold on the title and not leave any doubt in anyone's mind who the real "queen" is. Of course, it's easy to imagine how much fun it is to hold a title, glamorous press conferences, photo spreads in glossy magazines, your photo on the cover of People magazine, but there's a lot of pressure that comes with the belt. All you have to do is click on an Internet link to find the names of a dozen women all of whom feel they're more qualified to hold your title than you are! Karlie Kloss is one of those, and she's stalking Kate Upton. 
Kloss with long-armed, whippy power behind her punches throws them from unconventional angles and at unexpected times, sometimes just a single powerful shot, other times in flurries. So-called experts keep telling her she's doing it all wrong, meanwhile she keeps knocking people out and climbing up the rankings. There! That's one of those punches; a quick inside right out of nowhere with no warning slipped in under Upton's left elbow to send seismic shockwaves rolling through Upton's fleshy torso. Kate grimacing, mouth puckered in a small 'o' of pain as she steps back, flexing her shoulders. Kloss smirking, shoots a straight left in Kate's face, punching her nose flat. Good start by the challenger here, she must avoid a slow start and stay on top of the champ. 
OH, she's hurt! Kloss went to the well again with that jab, but this time Kate countered over the top to ring Karlie up and send the leggy brunette stutter-stepping along the ropes. Upton stepping with her, driving a left hook to the sternum that takes Kloss's breath away. At ringside Goodwin yells, "GET OFF THE ROPES!" as Upton squares up, putting her body on Kloss, her left cupped behind Karlie's right elbow as she plows right after right into Karlie's taut, tight, abs. Upton putting mileage on Kloss's slender chassis - a good thing if Kate is forced to go the distance; that kind of body punishment can drain a fighter's strength.
Upton digging into Kloss's abs, tilting right to bring gut-busting rights up from her thighs to bury in the front of those slutty lingerie panties. Referee eyeing Upton closely, but seeming to feel her gloves are still landing North of some imaginary 'low blow' line - though Kloss's corner's screams of protest would indicate they disagree! Kloss at last forced to clinch, a psychological victory for Kate at this early point in the fight; a tacit admission by Karlie that Kate can, and has, hurt her. That will likely stay in both fighters minds for several rounds, with Upton looking to repeat and Kloss trying to avoid giving Kate any more encouragement!
Final minute of the round turns into a Kate Upton clinic in how to handle a slighter opponent. Kate putting her bulk on Kloss, bullying her onto the ropes, leaning in to smother Karlie's hands while digging her own rights to the body. Final seconds all Upton, her shoulder under Kloss's chin, Karlie's right arm draped limp over Kate's left shoulder; Kloss' left hand in the bend of Kate's right arm, trying unsuccessfully to hold it at bay; Upton just overpowering her resistance pushing her fist up under Karlie's modest breasts, preventing her from taking on the oxygen her body needs to fight effectively as Kate Upton cruises to win the first round on points wide! 

Between: Goodwin whispering in Karlie's ear, hands gesturing, demonstrating her advice to improve her punching angles. She and Ratchford are elbowed aside by Kelly Hu who wants talk to her fighter as she tries to get the Karlie Express back on track!

Round 2: Kelly Hu's 'come to Jesus' talk with Karlie between rounds seems to pay dividends at first, Kloss comes out revitalized to open the action. Fit supermodel showing no ill effects from Upton's body attack, but that kind of damage doesn't always show immediately. Karlie doing a better job maintaining distance, using her quickness, long, limber legs and nimble feet to out fox the powerful blonde in the first minute. Kloss picking up points with both fists easily and it looks like Upton wore herself out that first round and is having trouble generating offense. 
Kloss using combinations with crisp, deadly effectiveness early to box her way back into the fight, but nearing the mid-point of the round, Karlie begins to load up for single power shots, the bludgeoning blows Upton landed effectively in the first round. Tit-for-tat! Karlie loping off to her right, slapping the taste out of Upton's mouth with a left as their paths cross; then she turns back, slips an off-target right from Upton and chops a quick right hand to Kate's left cheek. Upton seemingly unhurt by the punches, but her red face says otherwise - probably more the result of embarrassment or even humiliation at her own ineffectiveness than anything Kloss had done. But whatever the reason, Kate unleashed a furious offensive barrage, throwing two and three punch combinations; not giving Kloss time to catch her breath, let alone return fire. Kate's fans on their feet anticipating an early end to Karlie's championship pretensions as Upton chases the willowy model back to the ropes. 
But Kloss' back hits the strands and she comes off the ropes behind a straight right hand that catches Upton flush on the chin! The busty blondes knees buckle and her eyes roll back, then she starts to topple over backward as Kloss' right hand follows through and gives her a light bump, just enough to take Kate back past the tipping point!
Upton's body slammed the mat, raising a cloud of rosin dust; her thighs, belly and bosom, rolling and sloshing back and forth as she settles on the canvas. The crowd, seconds ago in full-throated roar of approval for their heroine, stood stunned into silence. One small tremulous voice heard to squeak above the silence, "You go Kar!"Then a blushing Taylor Swift sat back with her hand over her mouth as the referee leaned over Kate Upton to started his count. But already Upton's sturdy body and hearty constitution were reacting and before the count reached five, Kate was sitting up and rolling over on all fours, her round bottom stretching the backside of her suit to mind numbing effect for most of the men in the crowd. She pushed up just in time to avoid a wardrobe malfunction of her top, but quickly cupped it in her gloved hands and assured herself everything was where it should be.
Karlie Kloss didn't care a wit about Upton's bosom, her eyes were laser focused on Kate's chin and the angry red scuff mark left by her glove on Kate's chin as she bored in throwing punches from all angles, keeping Kate on the run backing away with her gloves raised. Unable to reach Kate's head, Kloss settles for the next best thing, Upton's lush body. Karlie slamming wide, sweeping, lefts and rights into Kate's flanks, or stabbing straight shots into her mid-section. Kate covering up, trying to buy time to clear the cobwebs while suffering Kloss's body bashing attack. Late, Karlie lands another solid shot that buckles Kate's knees momentarily and this time it's Kate Upton wrapping her arms around Karlie to clinch to the bell. Huge turnaround Kloss thanks to the knockdown and she's evened the fight winning round two, wide. 

Between: Alice Goodwin mugging for her Chimera mates ringside, pointing to her chest, identifying HER as the architect of what would become known as the "Kloss komeback." Karlie returns to her stool, gets a big hug from Abigail Ratchford who says, "I told you that'd work," and hip-checks Goodwin to one side.

Round 3: Kloss picks up right where she left off, taking the fight to the big blonde in the opening minute, Karlie rampaging her fists up and down Upton's torso and it seems there's nothing Kate can do to deter her! Kloss teeing off with huge right hands, bashing Kate's head from side-to-side like it's on a swivel. Upton stumbling along the ropes unable to get her feet under her, hanging onto the top rope with her left hand, her right forearm horizontal in front of her million dollar face, blocking Karlie's left hand with her shoulder, biceps or elbow, blunting the impacts of Kloss' right with her glove. But that only protects her face, Kate's giving her her awesome body to protect her head.
Karlie hammering Kate, chasing her along the ropes into Lookout's corner where the other members of that august stable sit gob-smacked at the sight of their champions body being laid waste by a slender model. Kate getting butt-stuffed in the corner as Karlie tees off, turning into snapping right hands that plunge down into Upton's midsection, gutting the big girl and leaving her breathless. 
Kate clinching up high, arms wrapped around Karlie's shoulders, their upper bodies rubbing breast-on-breast, but Karlie's fists never stop pistoning back and forth, pounding Upton's smooth belly until the pale flesh is bright red and Kate's hands start to drop. Then Kloss steps back and drops the hammer, a big overhand right that catches Upton flush on the left ear. Kate staggers, her legs faltering, her arms slip from around Kloss' shoulders and down the tall model's frame until Kate is doubled over, her shoulder in Karlie's belly, Kate's head under Kloss's right arm. Upton clasps her hands behind Karlie's back and bear-hugs her, but the referee steps in to slap her hands and part them. 
Kloss dances away as Kate windmills a wild swing, missing by a foot and she nearly falls when she loses her balance on her follow-thru. Karlie doing an Ali Shuffle, taunting Upton, then smacking her in her ruddy face with a quick little left-right, humiliation stuff, but Upton's not able to deny Kloss as the taller brunette easily dominates the buxom blonde in the final seconds of the round. Bell. Big cheer from the upset-minded in the crowd, sullen silence from the blonde-backers. Karlie Kloss building on the foundation she laid in round three wins the fourth by a shutout.!

Between: Kelly Hu looking in her gear bag for a striped shirt, spending more time refereeing Goodwin v Ratchford in the corner than watching her fighter. Thankfully, Karlie seems to be doing alright on her own at the moment. 

Round 4: Karlie enjoying herself so far and nothing has changed as she continues her domination of Upton. Kate can't seem to get anything going. She's tried Plan B, but that failed. Plan C looked promising for a bit, but Kloss quickly adjusted and Kate found herself with her back on the ropes and Karlie's fist in her tummy. Plan D came and flew out the window so fast no one at ringside figured out what it was. Karlie too had a Plan B, hers was to simply hit Kate more often and harder than Kate hit her. Actually, it was pretty much the same as Kloss's Plan A! 
Kate again forced to change gears and find a Plan E... or was it F? Kate started off forcing her way inside, but Karlie made her pay a high price for it, so Upton tried fighting her at long range. But Kloss's arms are as long as Kate's and an Upton offensive style that's tailor-made for shorter girls was seemed made-to-order for Kloss who could trade with Upton at a distance and won most! 
Stubbornly, Kate kept pressing and for the most part, was successful in that she forced Kloss to counter, something she's worked hard to improve. Against Kate, Karlie countered beautifully and didn't often miss when there was an opening she could exploit. Kate's beautiful face being scuffed up by Karlie's long range strikes while Upton having trouble getting to the more nimble, lighter, woman. Kate could get to Kloss by taking chances, lunging forward, or leaping in to throwing punches, but often left herself exposed and Kloss was able to make her pay when Upton got too eager. 
The round was in the final minute before Upton landed two successive punches, the first a right high to Kloss's head that didn't do any damage, but did get Karlie off stride. In her haste to recover, Kloss dropped her right and Kate staggered her with a hard left hook! Kloss quickly clinched, her cheek on Upton's shoulder; bearhugging the busty blonde to the bell. It was a small victory, but Upton could use it and had to settle for the slightest win of an exchange after three frustrating rounds chasing and being chased with little to show for it. Thanks to her non-stop aggression, Kate took the points, but it was a close run thing and Kate needs more of those. 

Between: Goodwin having words with Ratchford over her advice to Karlie. Hu smoothing roiled waters, but the buxom brunettes can't agree and Kloss getting conflicting input is NOT helping. Fortunately, Kendall Jenner too busy on her iPad inputting crucial tactical data (or texting mom Kris and her sisters) to get involved in the others bickering.

Round 5: Kloss out quickly, looking to reestablish the dominance she'd enjoyed in earlier rounds. Upton trying to repeat her brief success at the end of round four, goes southpaw, leading with her right; but she's not that comfortable and Kloss easily avoids the telegraphed blow and glides smoothly to her right, moving away from Upton's powerful right hand...and walks right into another left hook! 
Kate's hook is on the money and Karlie's legs lock, then she sits straight down, her ass bouncing on the canvas as she lands with her stiff legs out in a V in front of her. Kloss leans back on her gloves, staring up at Upton, blinking in disbelief! Kate turns and gives Karlie a little butt shimmy before she walks away, head high, strutting like a peacock! 
Kloss rolls over and crawls to the nearby ropes to pull herself up, comfortably beating the count, but looking far from comfortable as the referee wipes her gloves and asks her what time it is. Karlie looks at him like he's crazy, which convinces him she's got all her faculties. He backs off wondering, 'Why'd I ask her the time? Shoulda asked for a date; if she'da said yeah it'd prove she's concussed!'
Kate rushing back in, swarming Karlie before she's fully recovered. Upton missing a couple of wild right hands to the head, backs off to calm herself, then moves back in to Karlie who's still at the ropes, giving up her biggest advantage - her quickness and lithe movement. With her prey stationary, Upton punishes Kloss's long torso with impunity and the fight reverts back to what it was at the start, Upton keeping Karlie penned up, breaking her body down one brick at a time. 
Kate landing a big right under Karlie's left, which she holds high defending against Kate's overhand right threat, but Kate's keeping her right low; it's her left doing damage from on high. Kloss constantly wrong-footed, her hands in the wrong position to defend her ribs, belly, or her flanks which are targeted with near perfect connect rates by Upton to whatever body part of Karlie's she wants. 
Kate's knockdown in the first minute was enough to win the round, but from that point on, Upton battered Kloss's body continually to win the round, wide. 

Between: Ratchford and Goodwin bickering growing more intense in Kloss's corner even before this round, finally forcing Hu to impose discipline before it gets completely out of hand. During the fifth it flared up again and became a real distraction. Kate winning the round decisively only exacerbated the friction which seems to be getting worse - at least it's louder - as Karlie rises for the sixth. Hu puts in Karlie's mouthpiece and Kelly's expression says she wishes she had two more to muffle Alice and Abigail who would be nose-to-nose if their bosom's weren't in the way!

Round 6: Karlie Kloss, after being battered for two or more minutes, on her feet before the bell seemingly none the worse for wear. Looking at the two fighters, you'd think Kloss was breezing; her face nearly unmarked while Upton's is bruised and there's redness and swelling under her left eye. Upton did most of the punching last round and while she looks more fatigued than Kloss, mentally Kate must be in a better place after what was arguably Upton's best round of the fight. 
She's still the aggressor, forcing Kloss back with just the sheer bulk of her; Upton's body lean makes the space her and any opponent seem smaller, more confining. But Kloss has been doing well fighting in reverse, using her legs to avoid most of Upton's rushes, then legging her way out to circle, giving herself plenty of open space to work; forcing Kate to chase when she'd almost certainly prefer to stand and trade power punches with the slighter brunette. Karlie keeping her jab in Kate's face; it's annoying Kate rather than hurting her, but her face is her fortune and if anyone's leaving scuff marks on it, that's something she can't ignore. 
One other thing Kate can't ignore is that for the first time, Kloss is targeting Upton's JMD's and Kate clearly does NOT like that! Kloss isn't someone Kate wants to get in a jugg-mugging contest with - hers are too small and she's too mobile while Kate's JMD's are right out where you can't miss 'em! Karlie's reputation isn't as a jugg mugger, so this is either a tactic to get Upton off her game, or something that worries Kate a lot more... i.e., that Ratchford and Goodwin in Karlie's corner for the first time, may be having an impact on the conduct of the fight! If so, it's something Kate needs to put a stop to - soon! Upton's world view is that the best way to discourage anyone from taking a shot at her puppies is - the Chicago way! 
("He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue!" Did you know Kate loves pancakes? "I can't tell you how many times some B1TCH hit my boobs and I pancaked hers! They don't do it a second time!" Now, back to the fight...)
Kate, her face red, her anger palpable, whistled a left hook past Karlie's right ear, then put her full weight behind a straight right to Kloss's chest! Karlie was already leaning back from the left and Kate's right dissipated its force as Karlie's body absorbed the impact while moving away. But that just made Upton angrier! She threw five or six wild punches, all chest high that would have shredded Karlie's fragile lingerie if they'd landed. Kloss kept her feet moving and managed to avoid taking any solid punches, then as Kate's anger subsided, Karlie - a big smirk on her lips - stopped and popped Kate's left breast with a jab, then smashed it again with a hard right cross!! Kate couldn't help uttering a squeak of pain, which made her embarrassment even greater. 
"That IS how it's done, right Katie?" Karlie purred. Kate's reply, if any, was lost to posterity in the whistles and hoots from Jenner, Goodwin, Ratchford and the bevy of Chimera beauties bouncing up and down excitedly at ringside clapping wildly. 
Kate's face grew even redder as she chased after Karlie who backpedaled, ducked, dodged and feinted until Upton grew frustrated and stopped pursuing her. Upton stopped and stood, hands on wide hips, bosom heaving as steam came out of her ears and the jeers of Karlie's fans echoed in the arena. 
The rest of the round seemed to fly by for both fighters. Kate because her humiliation felt like every eye in the arena was on her, their owners judging her and finding her wanting. Karlie because she knew she'd wakened a sleeping tiger which meant the pressure on her had increased by a factor of ten! Both women felt the intense pressure of being half naked in public, with all eyes on them...the potential for tremendous humiliation longer able to be ignored. Each must raise the level of her game of suffer the consequences!
At ringside, that was recognized - and understood - by fans grateful to share the opportunity to see it live and in person, watching the drama unfold to an inevitable, yet unknowable climax!
Karlie was intent on 'baiting the bear' taunting Upton by socking and slapping her proud puppies around while the entire world watched, including future opponents who would learn from Kloss' success, perhaps mimic it themselves. All she needed to do to make it a success was to not get her head ripped from her shoulders!
Kloss used her long, limber, legs to avoid Kate's retaliatory strikes while her long arms kept up a rat-a-tat-tat titty tattoo on Kate's hulking hooters. Karlie smiled as she buried a left hook wrist deep in Upton's right breast, the loud explosion of air from Upton's gaping lips too sweet not to enjoy it! But Karlie had no death wish, and she tempered her excitement with a cold, calculating approach to the task at hand; keeping Upton off balance and back on her heels!
The round came to an end as it had begun, with Kate the aggressor and Karlie fighting backing up, but picking a few times and situations to throw in a flurry of offense; more to keep Upton's anger stoked red hot and not allow her to collect her wits, calm down and fight smarter. Karlie like it when an opponent became so angry she couldn't think straight, it was her preferred state for anyone who wished to do her harm. At the bell, the judges filled out their cards, giving Karlie Kloss the points, close. It had taken her nearly the entire round to find her stride, but she could feel the momentum on her side as she returned to her corner to be met with smiles and hugs. 
"You got her on the run, baby!" Abigail Ratchford gushed as she reached in front of Alice Goodwin to slap Karlie on the back, digging her elbow in Goodwin's 'goodies' on the way. Alice shoved back as they glared daggers at one another.
"Keep puttin' your fists on her puppies," Goodwin said, leaning on Ratchford's back to shove her rival brunette's face onto Karlie's sweaty chest. "She hates it if you touch her precious babies!"

Between: Suddenly, chaos in the Lookout corner. Tess received a text from one of her sources about a remark she'd overheard in Kloss's corner: "They say Kate's boobs r tender from her baby." Tess jumped up to the apron, showed it to Kate and asked for her reaction. Kate burst into an angry rant, threatening, "...bodily harm to anyone who drags my family into this!" 
Just seconds later a text hit Tess's phone with a correction: "she calls the boobs her babies. K?" 
Tess realized she'd made a big mistake talking to Kate without confirming her info. So she kept the second text to herself. 
Just as Kate rose for the seventh round, Tess's phone got a third text: "Lil' bird w/411... say da b*tch baby her titties." 
Tess, sweating bullets, muttered, "Oh baby!" as the bell rang to start the seventh round. Tess turned her attention to the action in the ring, forgetting about texts to concentrate on the fight.

Round 7: Kate wins round on points (close) After an early run by Upton, Kloss coming on at the bell 
Kate bolted from her stool like her hair was on fire, launching herself at poor unsuspecting Kloss and before Karlie realized it, Kate's lead right hand to the head knocked Karlie back on her heels. Kloss quickly regained her equilibrium to scamper away before turning to re-engage with Kate who had fire in her eyes from hearing her child was being mocked in the Girls Friday corner by the brunette b*tches! Karlie, unaware of her motivation, nevertheless knew something had happened in Lookout's corner to light a fire under Kate's big ass and now she would have to put it out. 
For the next couple of minutes, Karlie was too busy trying to protect herself and her assets than pouring cold water on Upton's flaming derriere. Kate was a woman possessed, forgetting all her training to concentrate all her fury on Karlie Kloss's cute little button boobs! Kate drove a right straight to the middle of Karlie's chest; then a left to the same spot; then a second right pancaked Karlie's left breast; Kate kept punching like a machine... one, two, three, four, five... even when Karlie countered and smacked Kate in the mouth or jaw, Upton walked right through her blows and kept driving Kloss back step-by-step. Fans at ringside were on the edge of their seats, this was the kind of single-minded, laser-focused, non-stop punching they'd been waiting to see from their blonde heroine and they were loving every minute! 
Others - less enamored of big bosoms and bulging bottoms - fans who preferred svelte and athletic types, groaned with every punch Kate landed, then were relieved to see Karlie still on her feet bravely fighting back against the "bully" who seemed bent on her destruction. Karlie's bendy body and wiry strong legs served her well during this difficult period as she was pressured relentlessly by the zoftig blonde without pause. After two minutes of non-stop punching, Kate was running on fumes and could no longer maintain her crazy attack. She finally had admit to herself that she'd lost her mind briefly, but now she had to calm herself, keep her wits about her and after catching her breath she would resume her attack, only this time under control; picking her targets with care rather than throwing her fists willy-nilly with no regard to what she hit. "I'm smarter than this," Kate thought, backing off, taking a big, deep, breath and refocusing.
It took Karlie a second to realize Upton's fury had waned when she was no longer being battered from hip to head. But she saw Kate's muscles relax and her hands drop to her waist, her bikini top swelling as she sucked in huge gulps of air. Karlie felt relief. Now was the time to counterattack, and Kate had unconsciously shown her where! Karlie would make her point the most dramatic way possible!
Earlier, she'd accidentally hit Kate's "proud puppies" when she'd punched them randomly in her attempts to pound Kate's soft body, but now Karlie realized what motivated Kate - the blond models self-worth was in how others saw her bosom. Kloss knew what she had to do, and why...for the best possible reason - it was the quickest, easiest and most effective way of humbling the haughty blond while taking her welterweight championship from her at the same time!
Karlie had been conserving her strength while fighting defensively, now she unleashed her own whirlwind attack, but instead of her usual wide, sweeping arc, punches, this time Karlie attacked with the precision of a surgeon, stabbing her fists directly into those heaving white bikini cups, her knuckles sinking deep in the soft mounds as she hammered Upton back in wide-eyed, breathless disbelief that some slim-hipped, flat-chested, BLONDE DYED BRUNETTE(!!!) was treating her with this much disrespect! Kloss's punches flew so fast fans saw a blur. 
At ringside, the PPV commentators marveled as she reversed from retreat to attack in the blink of an eye. During the break between rounds, they ran super slo-mo replays to dissect how Kloss's fists did so much damage so quickly. 
The judges score cards had Kate ahead by a close margin, but in the minds of the announcers with their slo- and stop-motion replays, and of the fans watching the PPV broadcast, there was no doubt Kloss hurt Kate's pride and shaken her confidence more in the last 45 or 50 seconds than Upton had hurt Kloss physically in the preceding two plus minutes.

Between: Hu was nearly knocked off the apron as Goodwin and Ratchford both raced to get to Karlie before the other! Goodwin advised Karlie to change her entire approach - "Forget what anyone else tells you, do what I proved works against her, pound her udders and you'll have her in tears begging you to stop."
Ratchford pushed Goodwin away and counseled the direct approach, "Go for her chin now that you've got her attention focused elsewhere. The big blond will drop at your feet and worship you like a goddess." 
Hu finally managed to elbow both of them away long enough to give her own "expert" - Kelly stressed that word, "expert" - professional trainer's advice. 
Kendall Jenner stood to the side watching, biding her time; waiting for the perfect moment to insert herself in the discussion... just in time to garner all the glory when Karlie won the title. When Karlie left her corner for the eighth round, none of the four women had any idea who's advice Karlie would use...if any!

* * * (Inside Karlie's head moments before the bell) * * *

Karlie had listened to the advice of all three, but in the end it came down to just one thing...pictures... they had been stuck in her head for weeks, since Alice, Abigail and Kendall first approached her offering to serve as seconds while promising to reveal the secret to beating Kate Upton. 
The first picture, from November, 2012, was of Charlize Theron, a woman with a body very much like Karlie's; long, limber, small perky breasts and a determination to prevail over all obstacles. Theron watching as a blubbering Kate is being cradled in the arms of a referee, taken away to safety, unable to protect herself from Charlize's rack attacks. 
The second picture was of Blake Lively, another whose physique mirrored Karlie, taken in May, 2015. In it, the referee has jumped in to gather Upton in his arms before dragging her back to the protective cocoon of her corner. Lively seems to be heaving an exhausted sigh of satisfaction, repaying Upton for dismissive remarks in the prefight.
The third picture was the most recent, taken just this past April 27th. It shows Kendall Jenner, another woman with a body type like Karlie's, standing over Kate who is face down on the mat, leaning forward and angrily screaming, "Get up!" at her oblivious backside. 
The final image was a vivid one; it was Kate Upton, her red face streaming tears, on her knees in the sand of Malibu Beach at last year's "Queen of the Beach Tournament" finale where Alice Goodwin destroyed Kate's pride and her rack to leave her sobbing at her feet. THAT was what Karlie wanted, what Karlie needed, to hear Upton sobbing beaten at her feet and acknowledging Karlie was the best of them! 
Four images, all eerily similar to Karlie's dreams in the days leading up to the fight. But only one, the one of Alice Goodwin, almost perfectly replicated her most fervent desire - to not just beat Upton, but to make the victory a statement - one that said 'Karlie Kloss is here and she's not going away.'
She wished she could have talked to Theron, Lively and Jenner. But the first two were otherwise occupied when she had called and Jenner, after making her offer, had kept her distance... seeming reluctant to get too close to Karlie while Goodwin and Ratchford were circling like alpha she cats looking for a catfight. Kendall may be young, but Karlie was impressed by her patience, probably how she'd beaten Upton that night!
* * * *
Round 8: Her confidence buoyed by the knowledge she was on the right track, Karlie flew off her stool just as the bell rang and this time she was the one who got in the first punch while Kate was still clapping her gloves together. KK's opening shot set the tone for the rest of the round, a straight right to the nipple bulge of Kate's left bikini cup. THUD! The cloth folded inward with the fist as Upton's soft boob compacted, her flesh bulging out both sides, the top, and bottom of the cup, which barely stayed in place. Karlie didn't pause to admire the effect, her body already twisting right as she pulled back her right hand; her hips twisting behind the left hook she'd planned all along as the second shot of her opening salvo!
Kloss's left swept across the underside of Kate's right breast, her glove lifting the breast tissue out of its way as it target-locked on the inside slope of Upton's still jiggling left breast which had yet to settle back in its cup. The glove impacted with a SPLAT and Kate grunted as her upper body was knocked back and to the left by the force of the punch as Karlie's left fist kept moving past Upton's left arm as it flew up reaching out behind her 
Kate staggered, her left arm reaching instinctively to where the ropes should be to steady her as her right arm reached across her chest trying, too late, to shield her breasts. Karlie had reset herself and her freshly cocked right was ready to fire once more. This time, she targeted Kate's right breast, which had been partially dislodged by the left hook and now bulged up out into her cleavage from the right cup. Karlie's lightening fast punch caved in Upton's right breast, stretched her top to near the snapping point, but the sturdy bikini top hung in and did its job. Kate's left cup was under even more strain when two more quick punches, a left- right combination, targeted that already bruised breast meat!
Upton recoiled in disarray, unable to withstand the steady drum beat of fists to her proud bosom. Her back hit the ropes and she half turned into them, putting Karlie off her right shoulder. Kloss ignored the referee she saw moving in from her left, swinging another right in a wide arc, the fist curving around Kate's right shoulder, past her half-raised right glove to again smash flat her throbbing right breast! Upton folded forward over Karlie's arm, her right hand coming up to trap Kloss's elbow against her chest. 
With Kloss's right hand immobilized, Kate blindly swung her left across her body in the general direction of where she hoped Karlie's face may be. The punch sailed harmlessly, but it did help to turn her toward Karlie who chopped a quick left down over Kate's right shoulder into her right breast. The accumulating pain was too much for Upton who released Karlie's arm to cover her breasts with both hands. The referee's belated arrival to get Kate off the ropes saved her from possible disaster, or at least delayed it!
As the referee checked that she was OK, Kate wiped tears from her eyes with her forearms, then cupped her breasts and gave her top a couple of tugs trying to settle everything, but by then the referee was moving off and Karlie came rampaging back on the attack. Kate pawed her left in Kloss's face, but Karlie ignored it, brushed right past and slammed both fists into Kate's juggs, knocking the reeling buxom blonde back into the Lookout corner where several worried faces stared up at Kate's backside in disbelief as it sat down hard on the middle turnbuckle; half in and half out of the ring! Kloss squared up to Kate and, like a workout on her heavy bag, she battered Kate's torso with both fists flashing so rapidly it was hard for the naked eye to follow! Kate grunted and groaned with every gut-wrenching impact and while she tried to push Karlie off her, she only managed to expose more of her body to Karlie's cold, deliberate, attempts to destroy it. 
Karlie stepped back, giving Kate a moments respite, then lunged back in and drilled her low in her belly with a right uppercut that started at her knee and ended up a few inches below the waistband in the front of Kate's bikini. Upton spit out a lungful of air as her knees buckled and she folded forward into Karlie's embrace. Kloss jacked Kate up and slammed her back onto the turnbuckle, her left forearm across Kate's upper chest to hold her in place as she hammered away at her belly with three, four, five punches in rapid succession, gutting the big blonde and leaving her hanging on, her arms draped around Karlie's shoulders!
Again, the referee is forced to step in to break them apart, but Upton's stubbornly clinging to Kloss as hard as she can, it's the one position she's been in this round where she wasn't getting her assets molested and it's a blessed relief, however brief! The referee pushed Karlie back, but she quickly circled around, looking for any advantage she could get. When the referee backed off, Karlie darted in, but Kate stepped with the referee, using him to block Karlie and get out into the open ring where she may have room to maneuver instead of being penned up on the ropes. 
Karlie's long legs brought her within range in seconds and another long, looping right glanced off Kate's left ear. Upton heard bells as she pushed out a left, trying to keep Karlie away from her aching bosom. Another left hook smacked Kate's right breast into her left and Kate barely managed to lean away from a right that would have done just the opposite. Kate heard her corner pounding on the canvas and counting down the seconds left in the round. Karlie heard it too and rushed to finish Upton before the break. But Karlie over-reached in her eagerness and Kate was able to catch her with a glancing blow to the face. Kloss was stopped in her tracks, but quickly reset her feet and resumed her two-fisted attack, landing two more hard bust busters at the bell. 
Kate wandered back to the Lookout corner, her confidence in tatters, unable to stop the tears streaming down her red cheeks or ignore the dull throbbing in her chest. As she dropped on her stool, she felt her big breasts bouncing and winced at the pain it caused her. Karlie won the round (wide)

Between: Across the ring, Alice Goodwin was proudly preening, strutting back and forth in front of her Chimera stablemates, bragging about how successful her strategic advice had been. Nearby, Abigail Ratchford was doing a slow burn, certain that had Karlie taken her advice, all the crushing impacts she'd delivered to Kate's impact absorbing bumpers would have instead been on her chin and by now they'd all be celebrating the new welter champion, instead of waiting for Kate to recover and have to start all over again. Never one to hold her tongue, Ratchford walked over, grabbed Goodwin's shoulder and spun her around; got in her face and read her the riot act, explaining in words even a girl from Stoke-on-Trent in England couldn't possibly fail to understand. But just so there was no possibility of a misunderstanding, the Scranton, PA native Abigail added some hand gestures known worldwide to illustrate her pique!
Alice Goodwin, never one to use two words when one gesture could convey the same message, hauled of and slapped the smirk off the American's face. It was on!! Ratchford grabbed a handful of Goodwin's long, black, hair and swung her fist from her ankles, burying it up to the wrist in Alice Goodwin's belly! OOOF! Alice's knees buckled as the wind went out of her and as she slumped forward onto her knees, she grabbed the front of Abigail Ratchford's tee-shirt and ripped it down to her waist where it hung in two tattered halves from the waistband of her shorts. Ratchford let out a scream, then threw herself on Goodwin and they rolled on the floor, punching with one hand, kneeing and each with a fistful of dark hair in her other hand. 
In Karlie Kloss's corner, Kelly Hu is relieved to have her fighter to herself, but she's not happy with what she sees. Karlie took a good shot from Kate last round, but she dismisses it as a lucky punch and refuses to do as Kelly advises her, to back off and box her way to the title. Kloss insists she can make Upton quit if Kelly would just, "Let me fight my fight." Reluctantly, and relieved she doesn't have to compete with the two brunette's battling on the floor for Karlie's attention, Kelly agrees with her fighter's wishes and sends her out with a reminder, "Just be careful." 

Round 9: The fans seated on Karlie's side of the ring are ecstatic! Karlie Kloss and Kate Upton, two of the most beautiful models in the world, are boxing in skimpy attire ten or fifteen feet away in the ring, yet they can't take their eyes off Ratchford and Goodwin wearing shorts and down to their bras catfighting five feet in front of them, and they're easy on the eyes too. Karlie glances over, hoping Goodwin will win and share in her victory, but she knows she must stay focused on Upton's boobs if she wants the title.
Karlie still moving gracefully, gliding left and snapping her jab in Kate's flushed face. Kloss knows she has gotten under Upton's skin and that gives her a warm glow. A short right cross from Kate brushes Karlie's midriff, keeping her focused on the big blond problem that's staring her in the face. Karlie feints with her head and shoulders to the left as her hips and legs twist right just in time to avoid the right that Upton threw as she fell for her fake! 
Karlie unloads her own right hand onto Kate's unprotected chin...but Kate's chin isn't there, instead, Upton's left hook slams into the left side of Kloss's chin. Karlie's long legs unhinge and she dips, but gets herself under control halfway to the canvas, her butt sticking out behind her pulling her backward, her body off kilter, her feet scrambling to get back beneath her center of gravity....too late! 
THWAP Karlie's lingerie clad ass hits the canvas, feet shooting up as she goes onto her back, her head bouncing off the thin matting. Upton, bending into the punch, unable to stop her forward motion and steps on Karlie's leg, nearly tripping and falling herself as she rumbles over her fallen rival. The referee quickly turning Kate by one shoulder, aiming her out-of-control body toward the far corner before turning to check on Karlie who's already sitting up shaking her head; looking around for the truck that just steamrolled her.
Kloss stunned, but far from out, on one knee, rising at eight, gloves up showing the ref she's OK. Quick swipe of gloves on shirt and the ref claps his hands, waving them together. Crowd at ringside ignoring Goodwin-Ratchford II for the real thing in the ring, misses Goodwin's right to Abigail's huge left breast, but that's nothing compared to Kloss-Upton who are living up to the hype!
Kate snorting angrily as she stomps across the ring toward Karlie who again finds herself fighting backing up behind her long left. Upton walking thru the jabs, disregarding her flattened nose or the swelling over her right eye, her concentration is on the 24" x 30" rectangle between Karlie's shoulders and her hips that encompass both her breasts and her flat, taut, belly, for that's where Kate wants to leave her mark. 
Kate risking further damage to her gorgeous face for the chance to do more to Kloss. Upton throwing caution to the winds, going all in with a body attack, determined to break both Kloss's body and her will in one go. Big right from Upton bursts thru Karlie's defenses, slams into the center of Kloss's chest, taking her breath away. Pale-faced, Kloss falls back to the ropes for support, needing a respite to recoup. But Upton's on a mission and there will be no respite for Kloss; Kate with a sweeping overhand left that slams high off Karlie's head above her right ear. Her head blasted over onto her left shoulder, Kloss slides along the ropes toward the Front St. corner where Kate's most vocal supporters are chanting her name, the crowd picking it up as it spreads rapidly to more and more fans.
Kate bodies up to Karlie, pinning her more slender body with her back against the turnbuckles, Kate's heavy breasts on Kloss's smaller ones...what a visual and the PPV cameras capture it all in sweaty closeups. Upton driving her fists from her hips, her gloves blasting Karlie's torso, with a drumbeat rat-a-tat that sounds like a tribal ritual leading to a ceremonial execution. 
Karlie with an uppercut inside, snapping Kate's head back, sweat flying from her hair, Upton's knees buckling briefly, but she reaches to clinch, wrapping her arms around Karlie's shoulder, hanging on her. Kloss buckling under the weight, her slim legs unable to carry both of their weights. Upton, hanging on, buys time to shake off the uppercut and get back to bashing Kloss's body with both fists again. Kloss fading fast under Kate's brutal barraging of her torso which isn't built to withstand this level of concentrated firepower over a sustained period!
Kate, feeling Karlie's body starting to wilt, bends her knees and thrusts her chest up under Karlie's, using the mass of her bosom to prop Kloss up against the ropes for more cruel body work. Kate alternating lefts and rights, leaning to expose one side or the other of Karlie's torso for her fist, then driving it home, pancaking Kloss's goodies (though maybe 'making cookies out of mole hills' is a more apt description...at least to Kate's mind.) 
Karlie's eyes welling up, her hands trapped between their tightly pressed bodies unable to defend or retaliate...she's helpless - the way Kate prefers all her opponents. The referee, perhaps mesmerized by the spectacle, sees Karlie as still able to defend herself, especially since she's not taking any blows to her head. And so the beat (down) goes on!
Kate at last pulls back a step, and as Karlie's battered breathless body begins it's slow slide down the turnbuckles, the referee has finally seen enough and moves in to stop it. That's when Kate Upton unleashes one final furious flurry of punches, a quick four punch combination in payback for all the abuse her bosom suffered over the previous rounds... left, right, left, right...two to each of Karlie Kloss's perky pair... her sheer lingerie providing no protection from Kate's fury. The impact of so many punches, so hard, into such a small space, in so few seconds, would have been too much for anyone to survive. Karlie Kloss wasn't just "anyone" but she couldn't stand up to that and as the final two punches drove her back against the ropes, Kate stepped aside - right into the path of the referee coming to rescue Karlie - and watched with a smile on her lips as Kloss rigid body toppled over forward, her hands still clenched to her body just below her smashed breasts, unable to cushion her fall as she toppled face first to the canvas on her chest and lay without moving. 
The referee tried to push Kate away, but she brushed him aside and, instead, posed over Karlie Kloss's prostrate body, her foot on Karlie's ass, arms flexed double pumping her biceps as Front Street's corner exploded in huzzah's an cellphone camera's went off in a blinding blizzard of light. 
Lost in the excitement had been the on-going wrestling match cum catfight on the floor in Girls Friday's corner where Ratchford-Goodwin was still several minutes away from reaching a conclusion, while in the ring, an achy and tit-sore Kate Upton strutted away a KO9 winner; retaining her FCBA Welterweight title, and keeping her options open for who she'd pick to play the victim for her next title defense. The choices were many and varied... it just depended on who wanted - or needed - it more!
* * * *



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