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1 January 2019 Jessica Lowndes vs Demi Rose

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Posted by oddmanout on Jan 3, 2019 at 11:02am


Before: Jessica undefeated in Body Paint bouts, the Grand Dame over the last 5 years. “So she wants Kendra’s spot? She can have it! It’s right here!” folding down the collar of her trainer to give everyone a GOOD look at her cleavage.

“That’s what’s going to cost her. I’m not Kendra’s replacement. I’m her SUPERIOR. We’ve got Courtney to open things up. Me? I’m here to be the future of the bantamweight division!”

Jessica in red barely-there paint bikini, black gloves, hair back in battle pony. Demi in blue-on-blue floral pattern paint bikini, white gloves, hair loose over back & breasts. Jessica invading Demi’s space during instructions, going up on tip toes then dropping her breasts on top of the British beauty’s. Rose taking it in stride, not backing down until ref forces his hands between the two.

R1: Demi off her stool like a rocket--catches Jessica in her corner and rams home a startling overhand right to begin festivities. Lowndes looking rocky, shunted sideways by the blow, doesn’t have it together as Demi piles on, wrapping up Jessica’s arms, tackles her into the Lioness corner, and comes up punching--scrubbing away belly and back as Lowndes cringes against the turnbuckles. Jessica finally gets turned around to where she can punch back and round devolves into a beefy tit for tat inside--girls taking turns, punches jamming into any available opening, bodies ransacked, chins clocked, Jiggly slugfest spills on into overtime as the ref has to wade in and pull the girls apart after the bell.

R2: Girls lock up forehead to forehead--heads and all four gloves in tight together. La Conquista-style battle, legs churning up the sand, JMD champions straining for punching room. Second minute, Jessica getting off a digging left hook to the liver and DEMI GOES DOWN! Rose groaning to an early knee, face stretched in pain as Jessica’s bashing hook get results quick. Demi takes a shaky 8 and Lowndes climbs aboard--bullying the Brit into the ropes and bludgeoning away side to side. Rose digs in and it’s trench warfare slugging at its finest--both girls working hard, each taking her punishment and answering back with chugging, pumping lefts and rights shoulder to shoulder. Jessica leaping away with a huge smile at the bell, Demi on the sand is a tonic for the Lioness Alpha.

R3: Crowd roars as Demi clocks Jessica an outrageous, walk in right hand to put her on her heels. Lowndes unhurt, but flustered as Rose puts everything into the round’s first punch. Girls get shoulder to shoulder, Demi positioning her head under Jessica's right cheek, getting off tight left hands out of the crouch. Patient, biting delivery, Rose will snap at Jessica's gut, then hunker down close--snap the left uppercut between the gloves, then hunker back down. Lowndes not responding, fielding punches--she's slowly pressure to a seat at the ropes. All Rose to the final bell, she’s got her chin on Jessica’s shoulder, working the ribs and coming up the middle with clipping little uppercuts from either hand,. Hard working shutout puts a smile on Demi's face, Lowndes taking it all in stride, but hearing it from Claudia during the break.

R4: Jessica wading in, helping herself to gaudy right and lefts downstairs as Demi fold forward to accept the licks. Lowndes opening up, getting her hips into sweet leverage on showy body blow and uppercuts, but Rose has the timing down. Midway through, Demi pops out of the crouch, beats Jessica's left uppercut with a crashing left hook and LOWNDES GOES DOWN! Rose strutting away like she’d been setting that punch up all along, Jess painfully getting off her hips and struggling to her feet all wonky from the blow. Demi takes over out of the corner, not the crazy-busy worker we're used to--she bodies Lowndes into the ropes, then places her shots, palming up on the girl's head or shoulder as Canuckian bends forward, reefing up underneath to punish that ribcage. Just like that, Rose gets back the knockdown, pulls far ahead on the cards.

R5: Jessica mounts her comeback. Demi a little arm weary after taking the fight to Lowndes for 6 hard minutes, Jessica with a crossed-arm guard, starts to nudge and push Rose onto her heels, stepping in with the hook to the low right side as Demi wilts to the ropes. Bell to bell beat down along the perimeter as Rose covers up to take, Jessica workmanlike, alternating ponderous lefts or rights into her Brit’s flanks every few seconds, occasionally turning on an uppercut inside to catch Demi leaning forward.

R6: Jessica walking Demi down, veteran unhurried, fielding Rose's jab and right hand cleanly off the face without apparent concern. Demi fighting with bared teeth, giving ground and walking Jess into clean punches, but down the stretch, Canadian gets to punching with: they trade right hands, Lowndes beats her to a hook and bodies a stunned Rose up against the ropes. Jessica back on top with that same ponderous, heavy handed assault to the ribcage, palming and punching, loading up much more than usual as Demi gurgles in torment. Rose hanging on at the bell as Jess steals a round late.

R7: Demi whittles away, picking up a saucy left uppercut on the teeth, sliding left to escape. Jessica bending at the waist, leaping into hooks but missing early - she's getting tattooed, but grimly coming forward. Closing seconds of the first minute, girls trade grazing rights, turn into vicious hooks and ROSE CASHES IN! Demi beating Jess to a SHATTERING hook on the chops, Lowndes goes limp, reels backwards pinwheels to a seat in the sand! Jessica climbing the ropes to beat the count, swaying drunkenly against the strands. ON COMES ROSE! Demi scooting in low, then putting her heart and soul into a straight right hammer beneath the left breast, drawing an agonized moan from Jess. HOOK! Rose twisting into a monster clap across the chin, swivelling Jessica's head. UPPERCUT! Demi arches her back to dig up underneath a gutting right hand, shoulders Lowndes off as she jackknifes and hooks her face again - Jessica's out on her feet. Rose just pouring it on, getting free shot after free shot until the REF STEPS IN! Demi leaping away hands high – TKO7 as Rose puts the Lioness Alpha away!

After: Jessica tries to get up on unsteady legs, but Demi has removed her gloves and shoves her opponent back down on her back. Lowndes protests with a few choice obscenities and threats, but Rose simply glares down at her, a smirk curling on her lips. Jessica's defiant declarations in the wake of her loss are suddenly muted and muffled as Demi spins around, placing her famous derriere down onto her rival's face with the back of Jessica's head thudding onto the sand. Jessica's muffled and angry squeals can barely be heard as Rose grinds down her sweaty, painted posterior, her beaten victim pushing and shoving against her backside, but making no progress in unseating the victorious Demi. Rose bounces up and down, her butt setting down into a breath-taking (literally) position atop Jessica's face as Lowndes twists, squirms; smearing blue paint across her face; and kicks her feet furiously. 

Crowd noise droops, entranced as Jessica's struggles start to slow, palms resting on rather than resisting the proud butt of Demi as it completely smothers her out. All except for a whooping and a hollering from the Lookout cabana. Vanessa Hudgens bursts out, hopping in celebration of Jessica’s humiliation. Right until Demi Lovato shoves her from behind, sending Hudgens sprawling to the sand.



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