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1 January 2019 Bo Krsmanovic vs Adriana Lima

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Posted by oddmanout on Jan 3, 2019 at 10:39am


Before: With Adriana walking her last Victoria’s Secret runway, the scramble is on for Model Supremacy. Lima has no intention of relinquishing the position. “Nothing’s changed. These GIRLS have been focused on my place. Let them. While they’re jostling each other, I’ll take my title back!”

“The hardest part of fighting Adriana is OUTSIDE the ring. Once I’ve got her in the ring, that’s the easy part! I’ll leave her stretched out in the ring!” Bo anything but humble about her abilities.

Bo painted in leopard-spot pattern bikini with red flower petals, red gloves, hair wind-blown wild. Adriana in black & white micro-dot paint, black gloves, hair loose and wild.

R1: Systematic action from Bo, hard spiking jabs between the eyes early—backing Adriana up. By the midway point, Krsmanovic mixing in the pulverizing right hand, putting the hook on top--Lima HAMMERED sideways, sent reeling as Serb beauty walks her down without expression. Final minute a bludgeoning up against the ropes, Adriana crossing her arms, bending forward at the waist, mute with pain as Bo bats away at the flanks with rib-rattling power. Lima wobbly butt after the bell as Krsmanovic stomps back to her corner with a statement opener.

R2: Flat-footed stalking from Bo, sliding forward behind a piston jab, right hand cocked at her chest and poised to drop into openings. Adriana guard up, dipping side to side to negotiate the jab. Spirited stuff as girls take turns midring, Krsmanovic working up the middle, Lima lashing away to either side. Down the stretch, both lean into short rights, twist into come-back hooks but BO GETS HURT! Adriana’s glove detonating off Krsmanovic’s jaw, sending the taller beauty clattering back to the ropes. Bo does well to keep her feet as she swoons, lifting weak mitts to her eyebrows. Adriana steps-to puts a HIDING on Krsmanovic’s bronzed flanks, nuzzling and pushing inside the guard to dig to the gut. With Bo broken down and reeling on the spot, Adriana helps herself to jug with brazen womping action, pounding away as a groggy Krsmanovic soaks it up glum.

R3: Both girls serious about hooking to another’s midsections—tilting forward onto front feet, shoulder-to shoulder distance as they dig it up tummy and rib. Minute mark, Bo comes off Adriana’s tummy with a smart hook-to-chops, hacks a short right hand onto jaw and BLUDGEONS LIMA TO HER KNEES! After 8. Krsmanovic struts in, but ADRIANA WON’T HAVE IT! Lima showing the furious resilience she’s famous for, surges off the sand with heartfelt slugging—lefts and rights pitched from her hips as she smashes Krsmanovic length-of-the-ring to far ropes. Bo hits the strands, covers up and soaks, Adriana squaring away and POUNDING her foe with rib-rocking lefts and rights.

In the final minute, Lima snaps a nifty-quick right hand onto Krsmanovic’s left ear, shifting her guard, leaving her vulnerable for a BITING mop up hook onna chin to DROP HER TO HER BUTT! Bo scrambling up almost immediately: Adriana cockily to neutral corner with a “that’s how you do it” grin. After 8, Lima scooting to midring, dukes tight at eyebrows, both vixens hooking hard off jabs, leaning in on front feet to collect mop-up punches, easing onto back feet to create distance, Spirited two way trade Adriana hooking-with in close and busting Bo to chops, Serb covering up, tilting forward, puts jugs and tummy on sale as Lima hungrily digs in. Good, lashing bodyshots; the kind of punching Lima’s known for. Bo groaning, stooping forward on the soak, she just rides it out as Adriana lugs brutal rights and lefts into waist and rack at the bell. Lima steals a round that started out so well for Krsmanovic!

R4: More brisk, straight-ahead fighting from Adriana as she clubs away with bludgeoning lefts and rights to the shoulders and ribcage, backing Bo up into her corner. Lima piling on for more shove and slug--giving it to Krsmanovic hard in the belly, working around either side as bigger girl groans forward, then propping her back up chest to chest in brutal, methodical grind. Bo looking shopworn, slack jawed at the bell, Adriana glaring, baring her teeth, she wanted this round BAD.

R5: Bo meeting Adriana midring, touching her with the jab, closing up with her left shoulder in Lima's chest, bumping her off and cuffing her a cute left hook. Adriana loading up and looping right hands high and left hooks to the body, but Bo is seeing it very well. Krsmanovic rolling and blocking superbly, standing in the pocket, then countering with short, sharp chops to the delicious jugs, tanned belly and open mouth of her foe. Both girls very active this round, but Bo’s connection percentage practically double Adriana's - Brazilian getting picked apart by Serb's precise combinations, frustrated by Krsmanovic's sweet defence.

R6: Bo deliberately goes to the ropes, setting up with the right hand at her mouth, left across her gut, Adriana wading straight in, loading up wide shots and she's caught a PERFECT left hook as Krsmanovic leans into the ropes and counters with veteran precision. Delayed reaction as Lima falters: Bo picks her up with a clipping right uppercut, spins off the ropes as Brazilian stumbles to her knees at the ropes. Adriana takes 8, looks clear-eyed, and she HOUNDS Krsmanovic to the ropes again, cudgeling and banging away with wide lefts and rights to the arms and ribcage of her foe. Bo calm, rolling with punches better now, blocking more of the belly blows, clipping and swatting Adriana’s face as she dips to either side, neatly getting the better of the inside trade to the bell. Krsmanovic pulls ahead on the cards just like that and has Lima frustrated during the break.

R7: ADDY BRAWLS BACK! A battered Lima comes out determined to back Krsmanovic up—forehead to forehead, girls trading cracking lefts and rights in close and Adriana forces Bo in stages to the ropes. Lima staying on top, rubbing her face on Krsmanovic’s shoulder and chest, pushing and palming to set up desperately digging body shots. Bo seated in the ropes, not punching back—she’s getting numbed by the bombardment and Adriana’s having her way. Down the stretch, Lima able to pick Krsmanovic’s drowsy face up with tight right uppercuts, then get low to prop her up and back with her left shoulder for more abuse. 

R8: Digging beat down issued, Adriana palming the hips or arms of her girl, then lashing either hand to the midsection. Bo wilting against the ropes and Lima’s just flogging her, tuff shoulder bumps setting up those tight, curling rights on the cheek, crippling left uppercuts to the chin, then it starts all over again in the gut. Krsmanovic bravely goes beyond all endurance, but crumbling under the drumming attack, Adriana stepping back to allow Bo to pitch face forward to the sand, out cold. KO8 Adriana Lima in brutal beach fashion.

After: Oh the damage done - both beauties beaten unrecognizable as both just took long hard turns having her way with the other tonight. Back and forth slugfest an early fight of the year contender and Adriana, bludgeoned as she is, can't contain woozy glee. She marches Bo around the ring for an extended walk of shame - parading her once with a guiding arm around the waist, then dropping behind her, forcing her to stagger with her hands behind her back like a prisoner. Lima backing Krsmanovic into a corner, reaching back to grab onto the ropes, shoving her bum back into Bo’s pelvis. Adriana looking back over her shoulder as she rubs her painted backside all over her prize, marking her territory while enjoying the sight of Bo struggling to keep her head upright, choking back sobs.



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