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1 January 2019 Tahnee Atkinson vs Hannah Ferguson

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Posted by oddmanout on Jan 3, 2019 at 10:29am


(26, 5’8, 17:6 FCBA, Odds and Ends Fight Studio)

(26, 5’10, 130, 28:5 FCBA, VIXENs)

(Results by Lookout/Words by Caspian)

The audience is sitting up eagerly in the rafters in order to get the first glimpse of the final product: these girls *did* endure three hours in the chair to get their bodies painted from head to toe!First out is Hannah Ferguson. With a blast of dazzling light, she comes out on stage with her body painted in shades of purple and white. A swirl of colours wrap right around her torso, hypnotising the audience with those circular touches that culminate in a mesmerising twirl at her belly button. Both thighs have broad strokes of violet, pink and white as well, whilst her entire back is bare-skinned and inviting, giving the overall effect of a peacock strutting its feathers as she does the same walking down the ramp.

Tahnee is next, her arrival signaled by the abrupt change in music from the speakers. The lights on the stage go dim (which is not much, considering where the event is taking place), and a bright, red spotlight shines down directly on center stage, revealing Atkinson’s fight attire as that of a vicious tigress, draped in red, orange and amber stripes that wrap around her own curves. Her face is painted as well with orange and white strokes, as she raises both hands high in the air and lets out a ROAR.

Bah - why are we spending this much time describing the paint job on both girls, when we just *know* that it’s all coming off in a few moments? Girls are already eyeing each other cautiously in the makeshift ring, trying to shift pesky mounds of sand aside with their feet as they prepare a clear path to their opponents from the get-go. Referee wants a nice, clean fight, but his words ringing hollow in their ears, when the pre-fight staredown is intense and nose-to-nose, both women saying nothing else except eyeing each other’s frame from head-to-toe, looking for parts of the body to target in these ten rounds of Welterweight action!

Hannah in a pair of black gloves, whereas Tahnee wearing a pair of roaring red. HERE we go with the Main-Event of the evening!


Girls slow out of corners, one hand in front of the face, the other cautiously extended and looking for openings to jab. They’ve danced many times prior and know how far these contests can go. It’s important to conserve one’s energy and pick your battles. Unfortunately, Hannah didn’t get the memo... The Vixen quickly ramping up her attacks, sending harder and faster straight pull-backs into Tahnee’s guard, hoping to score points early on. Tahnee blocking judiciously well, however, as the two lovebirds kick up sand from all the heavy footwork about the ring. Not until the third minute when she parries another failed combination from Hannah before managing to catch her flush on the face with a return hook does the blonde realise her mistake. Stunned, she forces herself to peel off her own attack, but now, Tahnee over to the offensive, troubling her with plenty of her own pawings at the face, and when denied, those juicy orbs bouncing about as she stacks jabs inwards with opportunities that are too inviting to pass up. Tahnee taking a wide round for herself good and early, coming back to corner with that big grin on her face, satisfaction at having scored first paint off of Hannah’s body, some remnants of violet visible on the brush of her leather gloves, leaving Hannah worryingly checking the state of her chest canvas too early.


Hannah’s turn to pull back the aggression here as she circles and jabs, still hitting the forearms but at least her chest is not getting targeted as often. Tahnee on the other hand emboldened for more, stalking the blonde’s space and trying to cut her off with a series of sharp jabs and of course her imposing footwork. It seems to be going quite well for her early on, scoring multiple times on Hannah’s face, until the Australian gets greedy and literally lunges in with an overhand right. Hannah ducking and swerving about as the fist goes sailing past, PASTES a return shot straight into Tahnee’s cheek once, then twice, before driving her back with her own series of straight punches. Atkinson grunting, covering up, little choice but to retreat from the oncoming barrage, and even less choice when Hannah shoots in straight shots into the middle of her tummy, deliberately targeting that golden dust-coloured canvas in turn. Well, it’s not the same humiliation as having your chest exposed to the elements, but Tahnee grunting and folded over regardless on the ropes from the hard shots, thankfully saved by the bell moments later on. Hannah coming back with a wide round for herself, holding a fist to her lips and blowing ever so gently on it: flecks of golden dust getting caught in the wind, a magical look in the glow of the orange sunset if it weren’t for the fact that they were scrapped off of Tahnee’s paunch.


Roar of the crowd rising with the clouds of sand as both ladies pick off where they left off, meeting in the middle with fists flying! Hannah clocking Tahnee on the chin once, twice, but a snarling Aussie is out for blood here, and POWERS a fist into Hannah’s cheek, before flattening those jugs of hers in left-to-right fashion, literally shoving Ferguson backwards with each swing of an arm that’s buried into her chest! Puh puh puh puh - Hannah squealing in shock as she tries to cover up, but then leaves her head exposed. Tahnee SHOCKS her with another right hook, sending her stumbling off to the ropes! HERE she comes, looking to finish this fight before it even begins! Hannah hanging onto the Aussie’s shoulders and the back of her neck, hoping to clinch up and negate, but Tahnee keeping her own hands inside the pocket, pounding on the blonde’s abs with repeated left and right swipes. A good thirty seconds of this body abuse and Ferguson manages to pull the Australian inwards and rotate on the ropes, but honestly she’s too hurt to fight back, with the only notable achievement this round being pinning her foe down and negating further punishment. Tahnee left snarling into her ear as the girls swap positions over and over again, each time burying a flurry of leather gloves into the tummy before they get switched around again, rinse and repeat. The bell rings and the girls act like they didn’t hear a thing, and Tahnee gets the final word in: thick uppercut sent into trembling blonde belly, making Hannah groan out loud and sink into her waiting arms. Tahnee licking her lips as her rival melts like putty in her hands. She bends over and kisses the top of her head for good luck (but more so to show that she’s in full control) before another WHACK to the tummy leaves Hannah breathless and hanging onto the ropes for dear life. C’mon ref - do your job! 


You can already imagine the state of both their paint jobs after that wild clash in the last round. Surprisingly, however, the artists’ renditions still holding up from all that body-on-body action. That’s some durable paint right there... But already noticeable are the smudges that are beginning to emerge as both girls come forward for Round 4. Predictably, Tahnee showing aggression early, looking to finish what she started in the previous round. Hannah still groggy, one hand over her midsection, the other over her chest, as though those were Tahnee’s only targets of interests. As a result, she eats a one-two straight to the nostrils when Tahnee initiates, sending her backwards on the defense. Tahnee slowly following, looking for any opportunities she can to fire away jabs first before the big takedown strike presents itself. 

Hannah once more lowers her guard, and here comes Atkinson, priming her right hand backwards and dipping the head for a power shot to the chin… only to get CLOCKED on the jawline with an underhanded uppercut from Ferguson, who timed it most perfectly - she knew which way Tahnee’s chin would swing, and subsequently scored! Brunette’s head whipped back savagely and she stumbles on shaky feet for a moment. Right hook to the face sends her flying a further five paces to the side, into the ropes. Ferguson on her own warpath as she steps in and BURIES a left-right-left into the body, alternating between fists down low and rocking the guard up high. 

Tahnee now the one in trouble, hands over her head but one arm snaking around the back of Hannah’s neck in between the swings, hoping to clinch up herself for good measure. Hannah not allowing it this time, selfishly keeping the errant arm at bay with her own glove cupped on Tahnee’s shoulder, before repaying the poor girl with unadulterated shots into her chest, pounding on those orbs with her free arm. Tahnee groaning and moaning, finally manages the only thing she can do: SLAMS her forehead straight into the blonde’s, knocking her silly momentarily. (On hindsight, some would later debate whether this was a deliberate foul on behalf of Tahnee, or just a careless swerve forward in the heat of the action. But knowing these girls, anything really is possible.) It has the unintended effect of both of them being wrapped up in each other’s arms on the ropes, continuing to look for leverage. Lips pressed into shoulder or into the curve of the neck, they continue plugging the tummy whenever they see an opening. In particular, Tahnee succeeding in switching places again, swiping her fist across both of Hannah’s orbs, making her squeal bloody murder as she’s forced to cover up again. But noone noticed the referee hopelessly flailing his hands by the side: apparently this round was over much, much earlier, and we’re now wondering whether those last shots even counted. 


Tell that to the injured party, however, and you’ll surely have made a difference to the girl in question, with both their artistic features now decidedly marred from the wear-and-tear. And we’re only in the fifth round! Crowds beginning to sit up and stare as portions of their attire begin to reveal themselves: Tahnee with portions of orange and red smeared off her sides and of course the face, leaving reddened skin underneath that will overall not do much to hurt her image. Hannah on the other hand looking like a bad impressionists’ nightmare, with straight smears and dashes completely altering that once beautiful circular strokes all across her body. Understandably, she keeps her distance this round, trying to catch her breath. Tahnee no better, but at least she’s advancing, though she keeps getting tagged on the face as she does so, with Hannah’s long jab coming into play. Tahnee still aiming for the coveted blonde’s body, and with good reason too: she’s won many atimes by simply battering her abs down to a putty, or simply going after her (she considers) inferior jugs, and the handiwork on Hannah’s body is the evidence for that so far. That being said, there’s not as much action when compared to previous rounds, especially, with Ferguson fighting smartly for once and keeping her rival at bay. 


Very soon, however, Tahnee's tenacity seems to pay off - she scores a glancing overhand right off of Hannah's forehead in the early opening seconds, stunning her briefly. A torrent of shots is absorbed by the forearms as Hannah tries to rally but fails to protect her body from more abuse. Subsequent throws are out of reach however as Hannah gets well out of the way. But she’s clearly spooked, keeping her distance and letting Tahnee tire herself out by chasing her. “COME AND FIGHT ME!!” Tahnee screams mid-way as another lunging right hook misses wide, Hannah kicking up sand as she scoots backwards, then towards the other way, landing a hard straight into Tahnee’s cheek when she gets the chance.. She knows from experience that the best way to bring Atkinson down is through patience and small victories, whereas Tahnee has relied on her power many times before to humble the blonde at her feet. She’s going to have to find some way to land those punches first though, with Ferguson spending the remaining minute on evasive tactics. 


Like sand thrown into the eyes, Tahnee stunned by a rapid series of punches that Hannah pesters her early on with, showing aggression that’s uncharacteristic of her style thus far. Tahnee weathering the abuse, throwing back hooks that look to score, but she’s unable to catch Hannah’s face with her fist, as Hannah leans back and to the side. It’s close quarters combat but it’s smart and focused, with neither girl barreling all in and instead hoping to win this through conventional means: a well-placed shot would put any foe down. Tahnee letting out a shout of triumph when she scores another double-timed hook-hook to Hannah’s ribs, swiping even more paint off her lean body. But Hannah retaliates almost immediately with a cross sweep across the jugs, justling those big girls about painfully. ANOTHER right hook to the face sends the former champion reeling! OUCH. That blast was textbook Hannah Ferguson, who’s now keeping on Tahnee and scoring as many points as she can. Atkinson with raised arms and bent over body, takes repeated shots to the sternum left right before her guard is ROCKED by another uppercut attempting to break it apart, to no avail. Honestly, Hannah’s equally tired at this point, part of her glad when the bell rings to end the round. These girls are each other’s equals in so many ways, and the overall split points also reflecting this contest thus far.


Corners trying to remove sand from battered bodies as they make their way into the final stretch of this fight. Both girls are covered with grains that are sticking to sleek bodies, and as you can imagine: Hannah huffing air in and out as she gathers her strength for the final push, a little too out of it to consider the fact that her own modesty might be compromised by this point. Clearly, the once-purple smudges now a dark shade of grey, the only things left covering some of her more sensitive regions from the full delight of the crowd. Tahnee no better, those once beautiful and intimidating stripes of black and orange now smeared and obscured, making her look like a jungle cat that’s gone and taken a mud bath. Here they come, however, batting at faces hard once the bell rings! The sand shifts beneath their feet as they come in close to brawl away, Tahnee at first hounding with a right hook that repeatedly crashes into the side of Hannah’s head, only to be met by her raised arm as guard and shield. Hannah still getting shoved about by the sheer power, and of course, has to deal further with Tahnee’s other fist swiping low at her tummy, forcing another clinch to take place in the second minute. They struggle for supremacy in the middle of the dunes, hands wrapped around the biceps or grabbing at the shoulders for increased leverage. Tahnee pushing off her rival all of a suddenly and looks set to score another wind-up hook straight to the face, but Hannah beats her to it, DUCKING under the wild swing, then taking her head off with another nasty uppercut to the jawline! THIS TIME, HOWEVER, TAHNEE GOES DOWN, springing dust clouds into the air as her back hits the sand! 

It’s a KNOCKDOWN for Hannah Ferguson!!

“HOW’D YOU LIKE THAT, B*TCH?!?” Hannah rasping down at her fallen foe that’s at her feet, unable to resist the urge to deliberately stamp down hard on Tahnee’s belly on her way back her corner.

If she could have, she jolly well would have dragged Tahnee back up by the hair to inflict more punishment on her, but Tahnee’s already on the recovery path, groaning as she cradles her midsection and forces herself back up to her knees, before clinging onto the ropes as she stands by the count of 8. Close call right there for you Atkinson fans, but at least their girl’s still standing and growling in Hannah’s direction, spelling ill news for her in the next round.


True enough, despite the knockdown, Tahnee fighting as though she’s invigorated all of a sudden, bringing the fight straight to Hannah’s location immediately after the bell rings. Hannah shocked by a powerful right hand that slams into the middle of her arms, and they seem to just keep on coming without pause for breath! The Vixen had assumed the last two rounds would be simple, mop-up detail, and oh how wrong she was! Hannah ducking and weaving as she tries to get away from the wild charge, before narrowly avoiding a powerful straight hand before ending up in the clinch anyways, arms locked around the shoulders and plowing punches into the body down below. Seems like these girls can’t keep their hands off each other, forming a caldron in the middle of the makeshift ring and shoving heavy gloves into each other’s bodies. Tahnee at first letting out a grunt as she’s folded in half by an uppercut to the gut, but then she shoves her own hand back up into Hannah’s chin, staggering the blonde badly as she’s stacked up! Only thing holding Hannah up on her feet is Tahnee herself, and she makes full use of it, pulling back on the hair from behind and keeping her foe screaming backwards. Both bodies SLAM into the opposite corner of the ring, with the ropes threatening to snap at any moment and the action spill over onto unsanctioned ground! How much more wild can this brawl get?? Hannah definitely hurt as she continues to pin her body into Tahnee’s in order to squeeze out any remaining time rewards. Belly scraping on belly as Tahnee tries to power herself out of the clinch hold, finally managing to turn the tables and PRESS Hannah into the ropes instead, smiling down as the blonde’s withering facial features are closely shoved into her cleavage that’s rapidly losing its camouflage. Hannah noticing this uncomfortable position as well, her face turning bright red at the thought of being smothered out for real if she doesn’t get out of this predicament. She reaches downwards and PLUGS a fist into Tahnee’s lower belly, much too near her crotch! Atkinson goes limp immediately and threatens to go down to her knees, her mouth agape in shock. Now, it’s Tahnee’s turn to get propped up by her foe, with those fluttering eyes and cheek resting on Hannah’s orbs instead. Referee has seen enough as well and tries to pry both these hellcats apart. The bell’s rung like thirty seconds earlier, if you hadn’t noticed… as he leads them back to their corners.


We head into the final round and this is it, folks! It’s all or nothing and both girls know it. Tahnee needs to score a knockdown if she wants to seal the deal, whereas Hannah’s looking to either stay away and fire focused punches like she’s used to, or get in close to control the bigger woman in more clinch-warfare. Tahnee of course can afford neither of those outcomes, comes forward punching with intent. When there’s little left to lose, they unleash their full power, making any fight one hell of a reckless slugfest towards the second minute, with both women getting close and dirty with stiff swings into the face and then jacking blows up into the midsection. Hannah taking some measure of revenge (and satisfaction) by knocking Tahnee’s glams about, back and forth, definitely sending some stinging pain through her nervous system. But the former Welter champ gritting her teeth and ROCKING the blonde’s head to one side, then pummeling more shots into her paunch, by which time Hannah’s torso is looking more like a worn out punching bag than that fanciful peacock she start of with. Hannah grunting but still refusing to go down, backing away and keeping the jab active at the incoming woman, thereby tagging her repeatedly on the nostrils and cutting the lip. The crowd is fired up as the visible clock ticks down second by second up on the big stage, but of course neither of these two combatants are even looking at the time, with eyes glaring daggers at the other woman in front of them who just refuses to know when she’s beaten. Last exchange of leather to the face as Hannah and Tahnee let out mutual grunts, and IT’S OVER!! THE BELL’S RINGING RAPIDLY… BUT THEY’RE STILL GOING AT IT! 

Hannah getting the worse of the melee as her face receives a sudden straight cross, when Tahnee throws caution to the wind and just BARRELS forward swinging! This time, two bodies sent CRASHING into the ringpost simply proves too much for it. SNAPPPP! As it gives way, and both women go tumbling over the side with the fists still flying! 

Good lord - this fight has turned into an all-out brawl, with neither woman even caring about the official decision of who won what. What matters more is the fact that the other woman is STILL standing before their eyes, and neither Tahnee or Hannah can swallow that fact! Tahnee on top, straddling the blonde’s sides with her knees and hammering fists down on her face down below. Hannah covering her head desperately, squirming for increased leverage below. Tahnee plugs her in the belly repeatedly, then lets out a squeal of her own when she’s suddenly BUCKED off her perch. Once more, the girls go flying at each other from the position of their knees, teeth bared and snarling as they continue the clash on the sand.

By the way, no one appears to be doing anything to stop this madness, with the crowds slowly making way each time one girl gains a foothold and THROWS the other onto her back with a HOOUFF and THUD. Blonde and brunette simply take turns wrapping up and repeating the process, flinging each other to the ground with their gloves fully ripped from their hands by this point in the fight, and leaving their fingernails to do the dirty work of tugging at the hair or raking streaks across bare skin.

Where are all the ring officials, you might ask? Well, they’re standing by the sidelines as well, reluctant to get involved and using ‘protecting the safety of the crowd’ as a lame excuse of herding them back each time the action gets a little too close for comfort. It’s not until Tahnee manages to get the upperhand do things start to wind down: she balls up a fist and BURIES it deep into Hannah’s belly, bending her over on her knees with a terrible groan. Tahnee grins as she sags into her arms, pulling her up by the hair and delivering a SLAP or two into her shocked face to make sure that she’s probably subdued. 

Having made firm promises prior to this fight as to how she ultimately planned to end Hannah once and for all, Tahnee musters her remaining strength and HOISTS the JMDD champion upwards onto her shoulder, in a marvelous display of power and resilience. Hannah letting out a small groan as she feels her feet leaving the ground, but still too much groggy to resist. She doesn’t realise that Tahnee’s on her feet and transporting her a few feet down towards the beach and the lapping waves - definitely not until she’s SLAMMED down onto her back with that slick Powerbomb, adding to her disorientation. The water cushions the impact somewhat, but Hannah’s head still hitting the sand hard with a SMACK. Tahnee falling onto her butt as well, right between Hannah's spread-eagled legs, both fighters reliant on the rage and adrenaline coursing through both women’s veins, fueling their mutual destruction.

With a deep breath, Tahnee launches herself upwards and forward, relishing the digging of her kneecaps into the pit of Hannah’s stomach but searching for the real prize which is the locked in breast smother, as Tahnee wraps arms around the back of Hannah’s head and pulls her face into her chest!

This must SURELY be the end as Tahnee’s weight is pinning the champion down firmly into the wet sand, securing the breast smother all the more tightly. Hannah of course panicking underneath, some fight still left in her frame. She uses her free hands to try and pry her assailant off of her, but Tahnee grinning, counting down the hot breaths exhaled into the top of her slick head as she rocks her voluptuous body left and right over Hannah’s, rubbing further insult to injury.

What she doesn’t expect, however, is the suddenly criss-crossing of legs across her waistline down low, Hannah utilising her free legs to add to her leverage for freedom! Bad decision from Tahnee here as she was too focused on securing the smother that she ignored the rest of the blonde’s body parts. Now, with the pressure mounting on her ribcage, Tahnee finds the air literally squeezed out of her lungs… She opens her mouth wide as the pain becomes too much to bear... Slowly but surely, Hannah regains the strength to push the big girl’s chest off of her face, twisting her cheek to one side for some much needed fresh air. 

Tahnee doing her best to fight back, of course, resuming the SLAPS into Hannah’s cheek that echo down below, but all Hannah has to do is SQUEEEEEZE even tighter on her waistline, constricting the ribcage so much so that an ugly blue-black bruise is starting to form on either side of Tahnee’s midsection. Finally free, she dumps the Australian’s limp body to one side, letting her squirm and writhe in pain amidst the oddly comforting waves. 

Hannah tries to stand, or at least get back up to one knee, as she decides on her next move. The crowd is lined up by the shoreline, watching all this unfurl, as well as eyeing both these girls’ bodies finally exposed by the elements, with Hannah’s gleaming and pulsing whilst dripping wet as her magnificent chest heaves in and out. 

Tahnee barely registers the chest being lowered onto her face before it’s too late - too busy cradling her bruised midsection to resist the Reverse Breast Smother being locked in over her face. Hannah piling on the pressure from a behind position, wrapping arms around the neck as usual but having the added advantage of weighting her body down in the sand and thereby shoving Tahnee’s lips further into the depths of her orbs. 

Tahnee’s struggling at first, arms and legs flailing up and down, hands tugging back at blonde hair. Hannah determined to see this through, however, cheek pressed once more into Tahnee’s hated chest a necessary sacrifice to show this woman who’s boss. What she doesn’t expect is Tahnee’s coup d'état, however: Tahnee abandons the hair-pulling and instead wraps her own arms slickly over the back of Hannah’s head and pulling down hard, thereby smothering Hannah’s panicked face into her breasts at the same time! Well, Hannah’s lips were already there, weren’t they? No harm in trying to take her foe out at the same time! 

Ladies and gentlemen, you’re certainly witnessing a rare occurence of a double breast smother, with both women gently rocking back and forth over their foe’s bodies, biceps bulging and locked firmly in place, and neither woman willing to give up the fight first. Mutual dull groans emitted on occasion from the depths of steamy hell, as they steal the last snatches of air whenever they can. The end result? After all the camera flashes and the gasps of awe from the crowd, both girls begin to fade into unconsciousness at the same time... Slowly, they begin to release the pressure they’ve held on for the past five minutes or so, the lack of air giving them little other choice. 

What began as a quest for supremacy now only leaving the final outcome in doubt, with this picturesque scene of two battered, naked bodies lying head-to-head and cradled by the gentle, lapping waves. Ring officials and stablemates alike quickly rush in to cover their bare bodies (and try to make sure they’re still alive), but there’s a quietness running through the crowd at having witnessed such an epic battle here, and also a small, uneasy thought that this fight didn’t reach the conclusion that everyone expected it would: something tells us this rivalry ain’t over yet, folks!

Both Hannah and Tahnee are quickly escorted away from each other, less they catch sight of each other again and attempt another wild lunge forward. They gingerly limp away in opposite directions, bruised and battered bodies wrapped about with beach towels.

For anyone who’s still interested, of course, here’s the official decision: Hannah Ferguson defeats Tahnee Atkinson via 1-point Split Decision!



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