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4 January 2019 Lauren Mayberry vs Rachel Bilson

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Posted by The Dollhouse on Jan 6, 2019 at 10:05am


Lauren Mayberry
(30, 5’0, 90 lbs, 3:4 FCBA, The Dollhouse)
Rachel Bilson
(37, 5’1, 97 lbs, 16:25 FCBA, Free Agent) 

Results: Lookout!; Story: Caspian & The Dollhouse 

It’s finally 2019 and we’re kicking off the year with another spectacular Doll Ball. On the fight card next, we have sweetheart Lauren Mayberry taking on veteran actress Rachel Bilson. Backstage, the two ladies are getting ready for what must be one of the biggest nights of their careers.

"It's a new year and I'm looking forward to a strong start for me. I've won my last three fights and finally feel like I'm getting into some kinda groove, you know? so I feel like Rachel is the perfect opponent for me at this point. She'll be a good test. She's been in more than 40 fights and has had a few very good years in the FCBA, so this is definitely going to be a challenge. But it’s one that I'm looking forward to. Hopefully, I can prove that I've been improving enough to take down someone as experienced as her. Wish me luck!"

Mayberry spirited as always as she addresses the camera directly with that pixie-like smile on her face. She’s right about her recent fortunes being turned around though: after a string of losses that threatened to cast her future in the ring in doubt, Lauren has fired back with a string of wins as well. She faces her toughest challenge to date, however, and the most well-known of her recent opponents, in Rachel Bilson.

"Lauren is pretty cute, and I happen to like her band,” Bilson letting out a little laugh when it’s her turn at the mic. “They're good. But with all due respect, I think that this fight is a pretty big mismatch and I wonder whose idea it was at the Dollhouse. I may be in a slump and a bit rusty compared to four to five years ago, and yeah, I may be six years older than Lauren, but I've fought and WON against some the best in the FCBA in my prime, and I really wouldn't want to be in Lauren's shoes tonight. Her management must have thought that my career is done for and that I'd be an easy target at this point, but I'm about to prove them VERY wrong tonight. This is the perfect opportunity for me to get a win after a few years of coming up short, and I'm going to use all my experience and skill to achieve that. I just wish it was against someone a little more deserving of a beatdown.” She chuckles. “Lauren is just too nice!"

Bilson also laying down the gauntlet on her end, even though both women can’t help but continue to compliment each other all the way to the ring. The entrance is a quick and fuss-free affair, with Rachel coming out first in a grey sports bra and black long tights, her hair tied back in a ponytail. Lauren next, wearing her faded pink top, matching gloves and black short tights. Whatever the case, one girl will come out as the victor tonight. Without further ado, HERE we go with ten rounds of Flyweight action!

Both girls begin the match with a slow advance forward, jabbing lightly in each other’s direction and not taking many risks in there at the start. Lauren obviously is the smaller but more agile of the pair, and has little trouble keeping her distance and trying to feel out Bilson’s experience. One thing she definitely should not underestimate is her opponent’s wealth of fights under her belt - Bilson’s been there, seen that, and knows that she’s going to have trouble closing distance on the smaller girl, especially this early in the game. However, that doesn’t stop Lauren from landing a couple of jabs to the older woman’s face throughout this opening round, like a newer car model that’s just able to run circles around the older, more weathered one, with its superior engine. Rachel busting punches back when she can, but her strategy appears to be relying on catching Lauren when she blitzes inwards with her own hooks, and we’re questioning its effectiveness in such a situation. Wide round goes to Mayberry at the end of three minutes, as a result of Bilson’s lack of actual scoring.

Lauren’s grin only continues to grow as we head into the second. If she can keep up this pace of attack, she’s going to be in for a hell of a sweet night. She continues shooting punches in from afar, picking up the pace of her jabbing that goes with the signaling of her confidence. But she has to be careful here not to underestimate her opponent. For her increased tenacity, keen observers noting she’s not landing as many shots to Rachel’s nose as often, with Bilson keeping her guard up firm as well as continuing her advance on the smaller girl, perhaps intending to cut her feet off without her realising it. Case in point: Lauren in for a nasty shock in the middle minute when a right hand comes flying at her face out of nowhere, ALMOST taking her head off when she narrowly dodges, with Rachel getting closer and closer to finding her quarry by the minute. Bilson expertly switching between offence and defence, and might not have been lucky with that right cross, but those subsequent jabs land into Mayberry’s spooked face means she’s the one who comes out on top this time round! Lauren finding herself completely at a loss in these next three minutes, her fortunes abandoning her just like that and throwing the rest of the fight into question!

Now the vet has a smile on her face as she spends her time in between rounds gloating and taunting her opponent. Lauren’s corner trying to reassure her that this fight is just getting started, but it doesn’t bode well that Rachel was able to negate her strategy so fast and so easily. Let’s see who comes out on top in the third! Rachel sticking to her guns, barreling forward with her guard up high, as usual. Lauren kicking herself into overdrive as she’s forced to retreat from the rapid advance on her. She’s sending jabs into the forearms, but now wisely going after Bilson’s vulnerable midsection as she sails punches in, finding a little more purchase in terms of points scored. Bilson not happy, as you might predict, grunting loudly, before flinging nasty hooks at Lauren’s head in response, trying to catch her with just one hook that would knock her socks right off. But all she manages to do is spook the Scottish singer even more with her wild swings, creating even more distance between them. Rachel spends the final minute trying to play catch-up, as you can imagine, forced to utilise her longer jabbing reach to even out the score this time. 

As a younger starter in this game, Mayberry still finding her stable footing in the ring, both literally and metaphorically speaking. The girl can out-box a fox, there’s no doubt about that, but compared to some of her illustrious members of the stable, she’s struggled to make a similar name for herself in terms of dominance and style, lacking the punch power and killer instinct of some of her stable mates. Bilson looking to exploit this hesitation early, keeps charging forward and looking to dominate the younger woman instead. By contrast, Rachel knows exactly what she’s good at, and in this case, has convinced herself that she’s much better than any newbie Scottish singer who has more business at appearing cute than fighting. But Lauren ain’t giving her the satisfaction, continuing to fire off jabs into the actress’ face each time she gets in close. Rachel perhaps expecting that Mayberry might have slowed down at some point, but the Scottish girl only wants to ramp up the pace of the action, landing a combination into her lips and nose close to the second minute, one that seems to have hurt her quite badly! Rachel squeezes her eyes shut as the blows land in quick succession, sending her reeling and momentarily stunning her! It’s enough time for Lauren, though! Mayberry knocking the head back with a further combination into the face, drawing painful gasps, before SCORING with a snap uppercut up into the chin! AND DOWN BILSON GOES!! 

It’s a surprise KNOCKDOWN for Lauren Mayberry, this early in the game! Rachel floored onto her back by that series of unfortunate events, looking completely shocked, trying to reorient herself on the canvas, but from her glassy-eyed stare, she’s having some trouble even deciphering where she is! Referee counting her out bit by bit, with Lauren already bouncing up and down in excitement back in her own corner when the referee hits the count of 10 and Rachel’s barely off one knee! He waves it over!!

Official Decision: Lauren Mayberry defeats Rachel Bilson via KO4! 

What a dominant win from Mayberry, and we mean that sincerely! Could it be that Lauren has unlocked some secret sauce to success? She’s found herself on a sudden roll and seems to have taken her prior troubles in her stride. What matters even more is the Doll’s humble elation about her win in the immediate aftermath, spending time hugging her crew then waving and thanking her fans at every corner of the ring.

Bilson looking crestfallen at this result in particular, and we won’t lie about it either: she didn’t perform too well in there tonight, and even that’s kind of an understatement. She needs to reevaluate her capabilities in the ring if she ever hopes to pick up the pieces and move on again.

At least though, she’s made a friend in Mayberry, who walks over and decides to help her up. The two ladies share an embrace before Bilson musters up the courage to congratulate her on a good fight. Lauren nodding her thanks, before leaving to celebrate with her stablemates once more. 

Later, she'll tell reporters: "I feel pretty damn amazing!” She grins. “I trained nonstop for this fight and I always felt like I had a good chance, so I'm really glad it worked out for me. I think Rachel underestimated me tonight and I took advantage of that. Next time might be different…but this is a huge win for me and I think I've finally proven that I can box with these girls...I may not be the scariest girl around but I’m learning… I'm really looking forward to shutting more mouths in 2019. You haven’t seen nothing yet!” Mayberry ends with a wink and a giggle, and it sure seems like there’s plenty to come from her judging by what we’ve seen tonight!  



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