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4 January 2019 Katheryn Winnick vs Olivia Wilde

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Posted by The Dollhouse on Jan 6, 2019 at 10:08am


Katheryn Winnick
(41, 5’4, 120 lbs, 17:4 FCBA, The Dollhouse)
Olivia Wilde
(34, 5’7, 123 lbs, 27:18 FCBA, Bazz Fight Club)

Results: Lookout!; Story: Caspian & The Dollhouse

Katheryn Winnick topping off the year of 2018 with a long string of victories, only to get the brakes applied abruptly when she lost in shocking fashion to Elizabeth Olsen just last month, whom many pundits had pegged in the fight as the underdog. To hear Winnick tell it again, you can clearly hear the disappointment in her voice as she speaks to reporters backstage.

"2018 was pretty amazing for me. I've finished it with a 17-4 record with a 13 win streak. Unfortunately, it ended with one of my only losses just before New Year's, which was obviously pretty disappointing for me. But I'm not letting it affect me too much. You learn from those losses and you move on. That's exactly what I'm doing, and tonight, I'm taking on someone who's actually beaten Olsen three times before! Maybe I should have asked her for some tips?” Winnick draws some laughter from the crowd, before continuing. 

“I've been training extensively for Olivia for a while now. I consider her one of the best in the business and definitely one of my toughest opponents to date, but I'm confident I can win tonight, just like on any night. I feel like my main hurdles have been sturdy, hard-hitting women like Chopra and Olsen. I think Olivia's strengths are in her skill, quickness and athleticism, more so than pure power, so I'm looking forward to a technical fight and feeling good about my chances tonight. I want to start 2019 strong - I want a new streak, dammit!” She laughs. “I’m looking forward to doing some ass-kicking tonight!"

While a veteran of Bazz in her own right, Olivia Wilde has had some trouble finding consistent ring work lately, so far only marking 2018 with four fights under her name, three of which were losses that have stained her reputation a bit, but her competition was undeniably top tier. Here, she tests that same kind of mettle by accepting a fight against another blonde prospect such as Kat Winnick. Can she fare better this time?

"It's good that Katheryn realizes who she's up against tonight. I'm not going to sit here and pretend that her record isn't impressive for someone her age, and considering she's been doing this for, what now? About a year? That's pretty f*cking good. But Olsen stopped her pretty hard only a week ago. And we all know that I can beat Liz Olsen with my eyes closed.” Olivia smirks. “Katheryn is a wounded animal right now, and I can smell blood. The fact that I'm three inches taller, seven years younger, and have almost ten years of experience on her is just the final nail in her coffin. I'll be very surprised if tonight isn't a one-sided beating - administered solely by me. Apologies in advance to all you Winnick fans for what you’re about to see. But I need to win, and I need to win convincingly."

At these concluding remarks, both women are led backstage, but not before shooting telling glances at each other. Later on, Wilde emerges from backstage wearing a light blue bikini that shows off her toned body and black gloves, whilst her recently cut shoulder-length hair is flowing gracefully in the air. The stunning actress is definitely a welcome sight in the arena as plenty of Wilde fans are in attendance tonight, looking forward to watching their queen deliver on her promises for a glorious win here tonight. Katheryn out next in her white and black sports bra and fighting tights, as always, and has her hair bundled and braided behind, all ready to go forth and conquer as the fan favorite blonde marches towards the ring accompanied by Carmen Electra and head trainer Kristanna Loken. 

A few minutes later and both women are making last moment preparations in their respective corners as the crowd is buzzing with anticipation. Referee orders them to touch gloves mid-ring, which they do, before he signals for the bell and HERE we go with ten rounds of Bantamweight action!

Katheryn like an impregnable fortress as she begins the round with her guard fully formed and daring Olivia to test its walls, slowly moving forward to also question her opponent’s resolve at the same time. Smart strategy here that’s leaning towards a formidable barrier for Wilde to cross. To her credit, the Bazz star begins the round on fire and itching to brawl herself, firing rapid-fire jabs into Kat’s forearms (and some even hitting the tummy.) But that fire’s quickly extinguished when Katheryn turns up her own brand of heat, knocking the head from side-to-side with choice blows in between her opponent’s attacks, sending Wilde back on the backburner for the remaining one minute and making her realise that she truly isn’t in control of the situation at this point of time, disregarding her earlier passion. Wide round for Winnick as her pressurizing style seems to have an effect.

Olivia however quickly recovering from her stupor, starts testing Winnick’s defences further via using other means, such as her impeccable movement - swerving left and right before planting quick blows into her body, or circling backwards, almost a little mindful about the space she’s using to avoid getting trapped in a corner. As a result, Winnick finding it difficult to land those powerful shots at this time, like spending the majority of this round chasing a ghost who doesn’t want to be caught. Wilde may be lacking the power to floor the blonde with a single blow, but her technical skills (like Winnick said before) might be the true test here. Last minute and Wilde appears to have found her boxing groove, bouncing on her feet before firing in the long jab into the face the moment there’s a hint of aggression from Winnick. Kat frustrated, no doubt, at not being able to close the distance and exert herself. But there’s little else she can do at this point but wait.

While Katheryn catches her breath, however, Olivia goes into full-on overdrive mode, and decides to RUSH the Doll head-on, peppering the head and body before dashing out of reach to avoid the return hooks. She does this a couple of times, much to Katheryn’s dismay - all the older blonde can do is stay put and try to remain focused. It’s towards the end of this round that there’s a breakthrough, however: Olivia getting complacent as she continues this hit-and-run tactic, doesn’t realise that her opponent has gotten her rhythm memorised by this point of time. A right hook she did NOT anticipate suddenly rattles her cage up high, her forearms taking the brunt of the blow and the subsequent UPPERCUT into the chin certainly no joke of its own! UGHHH. Olivia stunned twice in row as she goes flying backwards, clinging onto the top rope for her dear life. Incoming Winnick however stopped by the bell, and there’s even more disappoint in her eyes at not being able to put Wilde down for the count on the spot, that inviting, vulnerable body saying ‘Hit me! Hit me now!’ all the way back to her own corner.

Not a great round for Wilde in the previous third, but statistics surprisingly showing that she’d actually come out ahead due to her skill and technical fighting. However, Katheryn banking on the fact that even someone like Wilde can’t keep up her focus for too long, and she’s guessed right now in the fourth: Olivia moving more sluggish even as a right cross from Winnick almost catches her clean on the nose but instead forces her back when it slams into the middle of her arms. More straight shots however can’t be avoided, Winnick targeting the tummy instead as she closes distance. But Wilde not done yet, surprising Kat with a right hook to the face out of nowhere! Those enlarged blonde eyes speak volumes: Winnick more shocked than hurt, that is, until a second and a third such punch land swiftly on the side of her face as well. Suddenly, the world’s gone topsy-turvy as Kat’s becomes forced to backpedal and shore up her defences. The round ends with a decisive draw for both women, though we’d argue that it’s Wilde who’s having trouble keeping up with the pace, breathing hard as she heads back to corner to recuperate.

As expected, Wilde not having a great time in the fifth as she struggles to maintain that same pace as before, whereas Katheryn all the more content to fill in the gaps and hound her continuously with stiff strikes. Katheryn with that powerful and potent combination of both reach and power, using that long right hand to inflict damage where Olivia’s not expecting it: thumping a hand up clean into her forehead, slamming a punch into her right shoulder blade to disorient, and lastly, even flattening a breast or two on the way back home, drawing sharp squeals of outrage. Wilde still hanging in there, surprisingly, letting out sharp gasps throughout these three minutes but doesn’t look like she’s in danger of going down just yet. She even manages to sting the lips and nostrils of Kat when she’s too preoccupied with buried treasure. 

Wilde drawing on her reserves as she heads out of corner, continuing to alternate between pawing shots at Kat’s head, then body, rinse and repeat. But while Olivia’s still at chapter one of the story, Katheryn’s already past chapter six, and playing on a whole different level here. Olivia stunned when she steps in to brawl, only to be met with a straight hand that comes sailing in hard and fast, grazing her on the chin and ear when Kat was actually aiming for that knockout chin. Still, it’s enough to send the veteran fighter scrambling backwards for cover, her head wrapped up in both her hands. HERE comes Winnick, rushing in and this time, with plenty of time. Olivia getting battered and broken as she covers up best she can from the various blows to her body and head. Her back hits the ropes and she has little where else to go but DOWN, when Katheryn mercifully SLAMS a hook into her head, the blow forcing her down tumbling against the ropes and falling onto her side with a CRASH! 

KNOCKDOWN for Katheryn Winnick, and we’re far from surprised! Katheryn feeling the same way, we suspect, nodding with a smile at her own handiwork lying semi-conscious at the base of her feet before leaving to let the referee do his job. That calm and confident exterior on Kat’s face shows everyone that this was the intended result that she had predicted all along, and true enough, Wilde barely stirring an inch all the way to the end of the count. The referee waves it off!

Official Decision: Katheryn Winnick defeats Olivia Wilde via KO6! 

Again, just a modest smile breaking Katheryn’s lips as she raises both hands and waves endearingly to the fans, before walking over to Olivia’s still dazed body on the ground.

Wilde getting laid out there pretty bad, and her eyes still glassy as medics check on her for permanent damage. That doesn’t stop Winnick from some taunting words hissed from up high on her horse, saying with a smirk, "Are you surprised yet, Livvy?" to which Wilde is barely able to register, much less respond.

Her statement made tonight, Katheryn has final words for reporters who are waiting for her by the ringside as she descends: "I'm just glad I was able to bounce back from last week. Beating Olivia is huge. She's as skilled as anyone I've fought so far, and she can really move. Clearly she underestimated me, and girls should know by now not to do that. Who's next for me? I don't know yet… but whoever it is, they should know what they’re up against! Or else…" Kat winks at the cameras before heading back up the ramp to celebrate. 



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