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11 January 2019 Sarah Carter vs Selena Gomez

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Posted by Girls Friday on January 11, 2019, 9:41 am



(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Foxfire Boxing vs Lioness Club of America)

This fight sees Sarah Carter look to take another step towards FCBA immortality by entering the Hall of fame, Selena Gomez is the latest person looking to halt her journey in the Bells Center in Toronto.

Sarah is 38 years old; she stands 5'4 ½ and holds a record of 61 wins, 37 knockouts, 36 defeats, with 5 draws over two organizations, she is a former 3 time FCBA flyweight champion.

Selena is 26 years old; she stands 5'5 and holds a record of 27 wins, 23 by knockout and 21 defeats.

The fighters were interviewed at their gyms, Sarah finishes sparring Hayden Panettiere, both hugging after a hard session with big smiles on their faces.

Sarah gets out the ring to sit on the apron, she tells the press "I hope you guys are counting down the fights as I head to the hall of fame" laughing as she slips her gloves off and places them beside herself.

She is asked for her opinion on Selena, she replies "Selena is certainly a fighter, I know as you do that she has fought hardships especially the last few years and beat them, she is also a good fighter"

Sarah pauses to wipe an errant hair from her face, then continues "but she isn't in my class, there is a reason why as her own manager says she is a beta, because simply put she shouldn't be getting in the ring with alphas like me and Hayden, she will never be a champion as long as I am around and I ain't going anywhere quickly"

The final question is about how she'll celebrate being in the Hall if she does achieve the milestone, she jokingly answers "you can all come to the party we'll throw, I'm footing the bill" before she hops off the apron to go to the locker room.

Selena meanwhile finishes up on the weights, sitting on a weight bench as She talks to the press with a towel hanging around the back of her neck.

Asked about her opinion of Sarah, she tells the press "she is a great fighter; I can't say otherwise but she is far from unbeatable"

Adding "I believe I'm physically stronger then her, quicker and I believe I can match her skills when that bell rings, so I am not intimidated by her one bit"

She's then asked if she can say anything on rumours of her stablemates Jessica Lowndes and Nina Dobrev feuding.

Rolling her eyes; Selena responds with "look I am not airing any dirty laundry, especially as you are supposed to be talking about me, so if we are done then leave so I can get back to training in peace!" Making the press nod and leave quickly before annoying anyone else around there.

Fight night, Sarah is out first with Virginia Madsen by her side, Sarah is all smiles as the crowd roars for their hometown girl, she responds by blowing kisses and high fiving fans as she goes down to the ring.

She is wearing a red sports bra, a Canadian flag pattern on her trunks, red gloves and shoes, while her blonde hair is in a ponytail.

Getting into the ring; Sarah rushes to her corner and mounts the bottom ropes, posing with her arms flexed as a "Carter" chant is deafening around the arena.

The mood changes as Selena comes out to loud boos, the Texas native doesn't bat an eyelid as she heads down to the ring with Claudia Schiffer beside her.

She is wearing a turquoise sports bra, matching trunks, shoes and gloves, while her brunette hair is braided for battle.

Stepping into the ring; Selena ignores the crowd and her opponent as she heads straight to her corner, just focusing on warming up and chatting to Claudia on what to do when that bell rings.

Once the fighters come together; Sarah is taunting Selena, telling her "you are in my house and a beta like you doesn't belong here!" With Selena just staring a hole right through her.

When they are ordered to touch gloves, there is no love at all behind the touch as they bang their gloves together and glare at their opponent, ready as they get to their corners to start 10 rounds of flyweight action.

Round 1:
As the action begins; it is clear Selena wants to make a statement tonight, she comes out the gate quickly to upset Sarah by coming up the middle with her punches.
Sarah's mind games look to be backfiring at the moment as she is stuck behind her guard, struggling to do more to do more then land single punches out her guard.
While Selena is throwing punches in bunches, most though land off the gloves of her opponent, whose showing off her defensive skills to come out the initial onslaught with minimal damage to her face.
The hometown crowd get something to cheer finally as Sarah slips under a left cross and starts banging away to the body, driving Selena backwards towards the ropes.
But Selena shows off her speed to move back and step out the way of trouble while slamming straight punches into the face of Carter.
Who as the bell rings looks shocked that she was mostly pushed around by Selena, the crowd still are chanting for Sarah to at least keep her spirits up even if Virginia isn't happy with her.
Round 2:
Sarah has learned from the opening round she needs to come out and take the fight to Gomez to earn her respect, forcing early exchanges between the two that fit the classic flyweight exchanges we see.
The Canadian gets her head down and nudges Selena back, then swings up top with an overhand right that turns the younger woman's head around.
Forcing Selena behind her guard as Sarah looks to take the fight to her, focusing mostly on the body to try to take the physical advantages away from her opponent.
Selena though sidesteps her; countering with a right across the cheek of Sarah, with a double jab following to back off the older fighter.
The Lioness fighter has her opening and is beginning to use her combinations to force Sarah back, landing several punches through to the face to knock Carter to her heels.
With Sarah stuck around the outside of the ring, deflecting most of the punched but is taking hits to her face to start marking it up.
As the round ends; Sarah looks annoyed as she jogs back to her corner, Virginia telling her that she won the round, she can't get Selena to back off yet though.
While across the ring Selena looks calm as Claudia wipes her face down and tells her to keep this up, Sarah is cracking is the view of the coaching team in the Lioness corner.
Round 3:
Once again Selena is the one pushing the pace, beating Sarah to the punch and ending up shoving her back towards the ropes after landing a clean three punch combo to the face of the blonde.
Sarah is struggling with the intensity of Gomez, who is marching forwards and digging shots through gaps in the Canadian's defences to force her back around the ring.
Till Sarah has to clinch up with Selena, she looks shocked by what is happening as she looks over at Virginia, who yells at her to fight back.
Once they are apart though it is Sarah getting pounded back when they begin trading, straight punches are catching her more flush on the face then her coach would like as maybe the occasion mixed with Selena's drive is getting to the former champion.
Ending up with a left/right cross combo knocking Sarah onto the ropes, where she covers up as Selena just keeps throwing, looking to break open that guard and look for the finish.
When Selena goes to the body; Sarah again clinches up as boos start to ring around the arena, the referee needed to step in again to pry them apart.
With the round coming to a close with Selena letting out a yell of "come on!" As she turns and heads to her corner, Claudia all smiles as things are going nearly perfectly for them.
While Sarah looks stunned; this definitely wasn't the script that her and the crowd expected, Virginia yells at her to use her head and her skills to beat the bytch across from them.
Round 4:
The telling off from Virginia seems to have gotten through as Sarah isn't getting caught as easily as before, Selena is still looking to simply bulldoze through her with her quick hands, but the guard of Sarah is doing it's job.
A missed straight from Selena is countered by Sarah to get the crowd cheering a little louder, both women trading in tight as Sarah tries to turn this into more of a slugfest.
Sarah looks good on the outside as she works away on the body of Selena, making her groan out end up backing up off her.
Selena catches Sarah coming at her with a straight knocking the head of the blonde back, following with a left across her cheek as the momentum swings back to the Latin star.
But the fight starts going back and forth, Selena looks good on the front foot till Sarah can dodge, then it's Carter who is coming in and driving Selena back by working on the inside.
The crowd is loving the action as both fighters start going toe to toe as seconds tick away in the round, hoping they can win it as sweat flies off them as they slug it out.
The round ends with both women stand and stare at each other, neither of these proud women looks ready to back down yet as the referee has to step between them and order them to their corners.
Selena doesn't look worried about Sarah, Claudia telling her that round was anyone's so she needs to reestablish her control over her opponent.
In the Foxfire corner; they are looking to reduce swelling from Sarah cheeks, she tells Virginia that she is going to break the beta bytch.
Round 5:
Again both women come out strong; trading stiff shots through the others guard as they look to get control of the fight.
Selena looks to have control when she lands a double jab to the nose of her opponent, opening her up to a right cross to knock her towards the ropes.
When she has Sarah near the ropes though she misses with a right hook as Sarah dips down and comes up with an uppercut that knocks Selena's head back.
That allows Sarah to fight her way off the ropes, she manages to catch Selena more as she moves her head more and shows off her skills finally to get the crowd going.
Selena is driven on the defensive for the first time in the fight, Sarah again switches down to the body as she swings hooks under the ribs of the younger woman.
With Selena shoving back Sarah to open up space, both stick behind their jabs as they look for an opening to work from.
The bell rings with Sarah for the first time looks happy as she heads back to her corner, Virginia nodding at her as she focuses more on keeping Sarah fit enough to win.
While the Lioness corner shows a little worry for the first time, Selena in a bullish mood as she tells Claudia that she still has this.
Round 6:
Both women start off quickly looking to knock the other back, leading to Selena by the looks of it making a big mistake.

Winner Sarah Carter KO Round 6

Already the year for Sarah Carter begins with a highlight reel knockout! She rushes over to her corner and mounts the bottom rope as the crowd roar as if she has won a title.

Meanwhile the ringside doctor rushes into the ring to check on Selena, who takes a few moments to wake up, but thankfully does wake up and holds her jaw as she'll be feeling that punch all weekend.

Claudia and the doctor help her sit up as the doc runs tests on her, before giving the thumbs up that she will be OK as Claudia looks relieved.

Maybe not as much as Sarah; who hugs Virginia and admits while whispering "god damn she gave me a fight" with Virginia just nodding as she looks to the ceiling, maybe thanking a higher power for this knockout.

Selena meanwhile gets up on unsteady legs, Claudia needing to act like a crutch for her as some in the crowd rightfully applaud her for her effort tonight.

Sarah doesn't as she is too busy chatting with her coach on what they need to do when she is back in training, they can't afford another scare as she heads for the Hall of Fame.

Claudia helps up Selena after they wash her down and get her head cleared, both leaving the ring and heading to the back, with Selena looking understandably pissed off that she didn't get the win, she nearly had massive statement win to head forwards with for the year.

Instead it's Sarah in the ring getting her hand raised and maybe regretting taunting Selena, though she isn't showing it as she raises both arms in the air and soaks in the chants.

She thanks the crowd as she does a victory lap inside the ring, before she leaves with a massive smile on her face and looking forwards to the next fight.



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