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14 January 2019 Sammi Hanratty vs Maisie Williams

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on January 14, 2019, 9:14 pm



Sammi Hanratty versus Maisie Williams

Results: Lookout!; Words: Wannabees


The usual Pre-Fight press conference doesn’t happen, a lot of noise is coming from the Wannabee dressing room and when one of the reporters tries to find out what is going on, he is forced out of the building.

Suddenly and without warning Shannen Doherty storms out of the building and when the press tries to get any information, she refused to talk though she whispers something about being ungrateful under her breath.

The first fight is between Sammi Hanratty and Maisie Williams. Sammi is wearing a sexy red bikini whilst Maisie is in a black bikini.

Round one

Both ladies come out fighting hard, they are trying to go for the kill straight away, Sammi manages to get a few hits on Maisie face, whilst Maisie gets a massive hit on Sammi’s midriff. Both ladies aren’t defending at all which is a delight for the crowd as they are witnesses some massive blows, though they seem to be trading them.

Sammi gets a couple of small jabs into Maisie cheeks which causes her to move backwards but then she returns the jabs and hits Sammi in the nose, causing her to stumble backwards. The crowd are sad when the bell rings for the end of the round.

Round Two

Maisie comes out this round firing, something Sammi wasn’t expecting after the intensity of the last round and so Sammi was trying to be more focused this round and so when Maisie slams her right breast with a massive strike that causes her to stumble backwards. She tries to fight back but Maisie is in control working out the body of Sammi, hitting her checks, her midriff and her breasts. Sammi gets a couple of hit in towards the end of the fight but this round belongs to Maisie.

Round Three

It’s Sammi’s turn to come out firing this time and she starts working over poor Maisie’s breast, and midriff trying to get Maisie down but no matter what she does Maisie is able to defend herself and she gets a few hits onto Sammi.

Sammi goes for a couple of face shots towards the end of the round but Maisie easily defends them. Maisie is smirking towards the end of the round something which is annoying Sammi as she continues to try and take Maisie down with a few jabs to her checks.

Round Four

Maisie wants to end this fight now and she is going crazy, attacking Sammi’s breasts, face, midriff. Sammi is having a hard time defending the shots, as soon as one comes and goes Maisie is hitting her with another, a couple of times Maisie gets Sammi into the ropes. Sammi gets a couple of lucky shot into Maisie midriff at the end of the round.

Round Five

Sammi knowing she is in trouble comes out trying to end the round, so she goes straight for Maisie midriff but when she goes for the second shot the knock out shot, Maisie moves out the way and with a couple of one- two jabs she gets back on the front foot. Maisie is controlling the round after that and in the second minute a couple of the jabs to Sammi midriff, she then swings at Sammi’s face.


The Ref starts counting and Sammi starts to crawl towards to rope, Maisie laughing as Sammi’s ass wiggles as she crawls.

“I can’t wait to spank that!” Maisie taunts.


Sammi tries to get up but she falls down.

“9… 10!”

“And it’s over, SAMMI is down!”



Maisie grabs Sammi by her hair and she spanks Sammi 10 times on her ass. “What was it you were saying before the fight!” Maisie taunts as she grabs the waistband of Sammi’s panties and throws her out of the ring by them. “Your nothing but a loser Sammi!”

Sammi is laying outside the ring crying as Stella and Madison comes over and quickly rushes her towards the exit as the crowd are all laughing.



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