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14 January 2019 Stella Hudgens vs Noah Cyrus

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on January 14, 2019, 9:16 pm



Stella Hudgens versus Noah Cyrus 

(Words: Wannabees / Results: Lookout!)


The next fight of the night is between Stella Hudgens and Noah Cyrus, after Stella has humiliated her sister by stripping her down to her cute little bra and panties at the last PPV has her sight set on humiliating another woman today and this time it was going to be Noah Cyrus.

Both ladies come out wearing the lacey red thongs and bra’s, the crowd going crazy as they strut to the ring one after another. The girls’ thought are ready for the fight and they are getting in each other face.

Round One.

Both ladies start to attack each other and defend well. Though Stella it seems might be a bit too confident as she allows Noah to come and attack her a few times, getting through her guard. She tries to fight back but Noah is in control working over Stella’s midriff and face, Stella gets Noah into a corner at the end of the round, but this round goes down as a Noah win.

Round Two

Noah comes out like she has never fought before as Stella starts working her over, destroying her. Stella gets a few shots into Noahs breasts and her face, she has Noah against the ropes as she works the younger woman over. Noah is trying to just stay in the fight this round all hope of attacking gone. She is grateful for the bell.

Round Three.

Stella might have got too cocky as this round, she is more interested in playing to the crowd at the beginning of the round, she is strutting around the ring, until Noah slams her hard in the midriff with a right hook, she then follows it up with a left hook to the face. Stella is now the one in trouble as Noah works her over. Stella ends up against the ropes at the end of the round and is grateful for the bell[lm1] .

Round Four

Noah and Stella both tries to fight this round, after the last two round where the fight barely happened the crowd are enjoying watching both ladies actually get a couple of hits into each other, they are both trying to fight hard, Stella gets a couple of hits into Noah but Noah is hitting her hard in the face and midriff, whilst Stella is going after Noah breasts.

Round Five

Stella and Noah both trade punches this round, they are fighting hard to end the fight, they are sweeting like crazy and they both want to show the other whos boss, the fight is raging on as they fight like crazy, Noah and Stella aren’t giving an inch, their noses have been busted open and their checks are swelling. This round though had to go to Stella.

Round Six

Both ladies come out again firing like crazy and the round is equal until the third minute when suddenly it seems like Stella has gotten a second wind as she get Noah against the ropes a couple of times until right towards the end of the round, Stella manages to punch Noah in her head not once or twice but three times in a row.




Noah Cyrus is shocked when Stella allows to leave the ring without anything being said, Stella goes straight towards a microphone and she starts talking about how the Wannabee needs change the next thing we know is Catherine Bell is walking towards the ring.

“It time to take the Wannabee’s to the next level!” Catherine Bell smiles. “And they have turned to me to do that, I am proud to be the next Head Trainer of the WANNABEE STABLE!”



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