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19 January 2019 Emily Ratajkowski vs Margot Robbie

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Posted by Caspian on January 19, 2019, 3:00 pm



3. Emily Ratajkowski vs Margot Robbie (Bantamweight)

(27, 5’7, 18:10 FCBA, VIXENs)
(28, 5’6, 20:14 FCBA, Chimera)

If there’s anyone out there who can stop Margot Robbie’s momentum at this point, it just very well might be Emily Ratajkowski, who defeated Shay Mitchell in a huge upset on the New Year’s Card and looks set to jump right into the top twenty of ranked fighters in the Bantamweight division if she manages to secure another victory tonight.

Not so fast though, as Robbie seems to say, wagging a finger at the press conference and listing some of her own accomplishments so far.

“I may have ended 2018 on a relatively sour note, but don’t forget, I still managed to beat girls like Claire Holt and Olivia Munn. Now, I’ve started 2019 with another promising win over someone whom I feel doesn’t deserve to be in the top twenty of rankings. Emily’s faced some tough competition herself, but she hasn’t faced someone like me just yet. It’s nothing personal, sweetie…”

Margot trying her best to force that last bit of sincerity into a grin as she turns to face Emily, who’s seated at the other end of the table. But the Vixen ain’t falling for it, rolling her eyes and then grabbing the microphone for herself.

“Honestly, I’m sick and tired of people judging me based on just my appearance… though I can understand why they do it…” she grins knowingly for a moment. “Haven’t I proven that I can box as well as I can dress my sense of fashion? Haven’t I demonstrated that I can knock the socks off girls like Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell, and still look fabulous whilst doing it? I deserve some respect for once, goddammit, and if Margot’s not going to give it to me, I’ll just have to force it out of her tonight.”

Margot still not impressed even as they face off at the podium. It’s clear that there are some differences between both fighters here tonight: Emily may be slightly taller than the Australian, but Robbie definitely built for power with her bulkier frame, whereas Ratajkowski still looks as though a breeze might topple her over at any moment with that lean body of hers.

Regardless, it’s soon time for the fight proper: Emily wearing a bikini top (red) together with very low-cut denim shorts, revealing plenty of skin as she straps on her pair of white leather gloves. Margot also stripping down to an amber-coloured bikini, pairing quite nicely with her long, golden hair. She’s tightening the final strings in one of her gloves, before the referee reminds them of what’s at stake here. HERE we go with ten rounds of Bantamweight action!

Emily the one with that spring in her step, showing loads more energy than Robbie in the opening seconds. It could be down to fighting style but we’re also assuming that it's down to how both girls are built: Robbie always been a heavy-hitter and favouring that right hook as knockout blow whereas Emily leaner and meaner, flitting about on quick feet and trying to jam that jab inwards. For now, speed has an advantage over power, with Emily just too fast to get caught by anything, making Margot grunt repeatedly with that right jab catching her flush on the face over and over. Not like Robbie’s routed or anything, but she sure as hell looks frustrated after those three minutes are up, parts of her face already red and sore from the repeated touch-ups.

But fret not, you Margot fans, as she springs out the jab and agility in the second, moving surprisingly fast for someone of her built and size. The person most surprised is of course Ratajkowski, who suddenly has to contend with a power-house Aussie blonde storming towards her and swinging hard. She narrowly deflects a hook to the head, before another swing catches her on her forearms and sends her reeling hard to one side. Margot trying to give chase, but only succeeds in hitting her targets by switching to the long jab herself. Emily still too fresh to get caught unprepared in the headlights, moving quick enough to evade most of the punches, but not nearly enough to win this round and extend her lead. Last minute sees girls trading leather to the face in one-after-another snap jabs to the lips and nostrils, sharing mutual grunts of pain before they jump backwards and try it all over again.

Emily still determined to move fast and hit hard, throwing up those combinations in greater depth and frequency. Margot initially thought she was prepared for anything this weakling stick-figure could throw at her, easily taking Emily’s initial flurries to the arms with no problem. But when she’s suddenly rattled by a lunge of a right hand straight down the middle, with Margot getting a taste of the Vixen’s power packed into that smaller frame. Emily’s chest huffing as she goes to work now: more straight punches hammer at the forearms repeatedly, then tests the blonde’s body with straight leather buried in from afar. Robbie getting pushed back despite her best efforts to want to jump in and brawl, but just can’t quite find the right opportunity to counterattack when she’s being hounded so badly. Before she knows it, the bell rings to end this round as well, leaving her with little choice but to eat humble pie and come back at another hour.

Emily however shouldn’t get too complacent either - all that heavy handling surely must have put a strain on her stamina, and true enough, she’s still taking in those big gulps of air as she rises from her stool. Margot noticing her winded nature as well, decides that now might be the time to press her advantage. Emily still pawing at her as she comes in hard and fast, but undeterred, she’s unable to keep at bay. Margot slapping more leather into the Vixen’s sides in the middle minute, before once more batting side hooks into the raised guard, with Emily wisely covering her vulnerable head up at this point in time. She manages to keep her distance for the remainder of the round, even managing to score a couple or two stiff jabs into Robbie’s nostrils. But it ain’t nearly enough at redemption, that’s for sure.

Girls taking turns stealing rounds from one another, and round 5 sees the same thing happen: first minute starts off small and polite, with both women circling each other and only offering that token first strike until it’s time for more regrets. Margot is actually the one who tries a rush forward introduction of Emily’s face to glove, but Ratajkowski jumping backwards and to the side each other she detects movement in Margot’s frame. This way, Emily’s able to predict her flight pattern before it’s too late, and when we say ‘predict’, we’re still not 100% sure it’s the right one. Emily repeats this cycle of retreat and then blitz forward at least three times, and in the end, the ring officials giving her the slight edge this round with their use of manually calculating software.

Margot still not giving up yet, stalking Emily in the first minute, but then quickly ramping up the pressure with targeted hooks and swings designed to get her to panic. And when she panics, she tends to make false/foolish moves. Emily backing herself up into the corner, quite literally, and she realises this mistake only after Margot rushes at her all of a sudden, whacking a hook-hook combo off the cuff of her ear before going down low and swiping at the tummy as well. Emily’s back hits the ropes and with little where else to go, all she manages is a duck under a hook aimed at her face, before she manages to send some light jabs into Robbie’s side, with not much left to show for it.


Emily still determined to win this fight at all costs, but it must be frustrating when hitting a brick wall over and over again. Yes, we just called Margot Robbie a brick wall, like a immovable tank that steamrolls her competition should if they find themselves caught in the crossfire. Emily’s attacks are like bullets pinging off her armour plating, and no matter how many jabs she manages to land on the cheek or midsection, Margot just keeps on steaming forward. Emily shocked when another straight hand comes powering in through the side, stunning her on her spot as she’s forced to withstand it with both her forearms down the middle. Margot sees the moment of hesitation and pounces, comes sailing in with more heavy hooks, that are rattling Emily’s cage and throwing her upper torso about in awkward directions. A third such hook scrapes hard off the jawline, sending Ratajkowski sprawling hard onto the ground in an apparent knockdown for the Aussie girl!

That’s her powerful trademark right there, ladies and gents! Emily’s entire body shaking and shivering as she tries to get back up onto all fours, whilst Margot has that sly grin on her face as she lounges in her neutral corner. Referee counting out slowly, and it doesn’t look like the Vixen’s gonna make it up in time… he hits the count for 10 and she’s only made it to both knees, still clinging onto the ropes in futile desperation! It’s over! There goes the bell for the final time!

Official Decision: Margot Robbie defeats Emily Ratajkowski via KO7!


Hot damn - Robbie taking the win over one of the most promising Bantamweights on the VIX roster to date, cementing her claim to the divisional crown at some point in the future! The hot blonde roars in victory herself, at the same time snarling at the audience as she raises both hands up into the air for failing to be on her side throughout.

Emily crestfallen and sinking back to her knees, a part of her not believing this result. She started off the year with such a victory over such a tough opponent like Shay Mitchell, only to go back to the drawing board now with another stumbling block that is Margot Robbie!



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