21 January 2019 Charlotte McKinney vs Samantha Hoopes

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Charlotte McKinney vs Samantha Hoopes
(Front Street Gym vs Chimera)
(16-5, 16 KO vs 1-7, 1 KO)
JMDD Value: 32F (Natural) vs 34D (Natural)
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago


O'Dell: "This ain't 1996 but it's still Return of the Mack time!"

Jenny Mac: "You're showing your age, O'Dell! And I'm the resident cougar around here? Not to mention the Resident Mac! Hah! Yep, it's Main Event time as Orlando frickin' native Charlotte 'The Other Mac' Kinney is ready to rock the HOUSE!!! Those Sofia Vergara fans sure changed their mood since we went to commercial!"

O'Dell: "That's right, Jenny! Since crashing the Kelly Brook vs Samantha Hoopes post-fight at the last Queendom PPV, Charlie is very much back in the JMDD business which netted her 9 wins in 10 official jug muggin' attempts!"

Jenny Mac: "That was then and this is now! Even Kate Upton could never..."

O'Dell: "Actually she could but let's don't talk Upton tonight, shall we? We can talk Hannah Ferguson once CMK blows the doors of another Philly native on tonight's card - Samantha Hoopes."

Jenny Mac: "I hope she lasts longer than Amber 'Street Fighter Punchbag' Rose! Btw, why hasn't Wiz invited Hoopes to the Asylum before? He won't do it now that she's with those Chimera clowns..."

O'Dell: "We'll ask him once we get in touch with him... now let's focus on Charlie disrobing and man, Samantha looks jealous out there!"

Charlotte McKinney wears a yellow bikini set with black trim and black gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a sleek ponytail. Samantha Hoopes wears a silver bikini set and blue gloves. Long dark blonde hair tied in a curled ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the welterweight division.

Round 1:
Charlie makes an early run at the otherwise struggling opponent and establishes the uppercut route early to control Hoopes in point-blank range before a quick hook on the jaw forces a gasp from the Philly blonde who tries to bolt into mid-range thereafter but is still held in check by CMK's superior reach. This is exactly what a JMDD-talent like McKinney was supposed to do and she simply gallops into the fellow blonde's chest which quickly relegates Samantha into a moaning puchbag so even Jenny Mac calls out for an immediate knockout! However Charlotte becomes too cute - not to say arrogant - in execution and tries to effectively finish the subdued for with a single punch instead of working the cavalry assault. She gives Samantha some breathing room and the Chimera newcomer responds with a vicious cross on the jaw to escape a looming disaster.

Round 2:
McKinney comes out hot again but Hoopes enjoys some Stephanie McMahon coaching to rally some Orlando gut and wobbles the betting favorite on her heels before another hook up high catches both the jugs and the chin to drop Charlie backwards. Then Hoopes really stuns the crowd by blasting a left cross on the jugs to almost spill the local girl's assets into the open and camps inside her tummy to bump her onto the ropes for a good measure. Ugh! Charlotte struggles to stretch her elbows and has to suck the ropes for remainder of the round even though Samantha's scattershot execution bails out the Florida native from real trouble down the stretch. But coach Grace Park is still livid over that performance!

Round 3:
It's not like the Front Street coaching staff can tell a JMDD veteran like McKinney what to do - this stuff is like riding a bicycle after all - you never forget it? Well, Samantha slides a wrench into the fellow blonde's wheels early in the third again as a pin-point belting series on the ribcage cripples her outright before a looping hook catches the temple and bends the Orlando stunner to the side. Cue in more jeers from the audience but Hoopes has caught the Chimera bug on the fly and runs riot to punish more jug in uppercut style which drops CMK butt-in-ropes all too easily and very much against the odds. McKinney lands a couple of good hooks to rattle the Philly rack herself but lacks genuine power and then eats a quick head-butt as Samantha clearly follows some odd tactics to maintain control. The ref is slow to react even on CMK's home turf and a busting hook on the solar plexus sinks Charlotte on jelly knees right at the bell to indicate serious trouble for the JMDD-title hopeful.

Round 4:
Hoopes gets way too aggressive for her own good now as she drops the jackhammer on the Orlando rack before Charlotte blows by her forearms to connect with the absent uppercut route that evens the action as both models continue to slug it out in the center of the ring during a furious rally. It's almost mind over matter stuff now and McKinney belts it the best as she spikes the liver area to force Samantha's escape. Huh! The new Chimera kid was lucky to avoid instant disaster but she circles back in avoidance thereafter as if those Vegas odds began to play on her mind again. CMK on the jabbing hassle come the final minute, more single punches crash in & out of the Philly jugs but that core strenght remans at large and that's why the HBO crew and Grace Park are worried once the bell halts the action.

Round 5:
Many experts didn't expect Hoopes to carry on this long but she leaves the entire Orlando area gobsmacked when she THUMPS it big time early in the fifth and forces McKinney to check down for safety as the wardrobe malfunction is ON!!! Well, almost... Charlotte fails to embrace a furious uppercut drive and gets exposed on the spot before Hoopes takes it to the house with a left/right combo that dumps the fellow model into spasms. Add a quick blast on the solar plexus and McKinney appears to be HURT!!! She wobbles forward but never finds the intended clinching respite and gets SMOKED with another right uppercut that DROPS HER ONTO HER KNEES a split second later! What the...? A huge upset on the cards here, folks and even Jenny Mac is lost for words in the booth. The Chimera connection has worked wonders for the hitherto miserable Sam who suddenly has one of the best JMDD fighters at her mercy! McKinney won't give up the ghost on home turf just like that though. She enjoys a VERY slow count from the ref and still makes it upright at eight. Can Hoopes finish her off here? The answer is NO as the point-blank range rush bounces off a desperate cover and even sucking the ropes works into Charlie's favor who survives the nightmare with Samantha landing free shots onto her ribcage to underline the shocking scoreline!

Round 6:
Hannah Ferguson's master plan to face CMK in a JMDD title fight appears to be heading south but Hoopes gets too carried away in her pursuit of a clearly aching opponent. Charlotte is hurting but still has the juice in the tank as she BLASTS a left cross to interrupt the uppercut route of her opponent and then BLOWS her in the gut to force a shrieking cry that allows the Orlando native to rally back into contention. And what a rally that is... CMK finally powers ahead with an uppercut drive to lift Samantha's boobs against her chin and bumps her on the heels in jug-to-jug contact. The Philly blonde refuses to back off into mid-range but gets beaten for immediate overhand and then McKinney finds the money shot as she WHACKS her rival on the solar plexus to drop Hoopes into a gurgling demise. Ugh! The Chimera fighter struggles to find her breath now and Charlie pulls the plug on her wholesale when she DRILLS the solar plexus with three straight half-uppercuts below the bust line... Oi, Sammy! HOOPES GOES DOWN!!! She jack-knives face-down at the fellow blonde's feet and struggles to find the oxygen supply when she makes a desperate recovery at nine... Uh-oh!!! She almost spits out the gumshield into the ref's face but then cries out one last time when she knows what's coming. She hears the 'TEN!!!" count and it's OVER!!! KO6 Charlotte McKinney in come-from-behind fashion!!!

AFTER: Samantha almost bursts into tears when she acknowledges the verdict and she was as close to an Upset of the Year as possible before Charlotte somehow found a way to deliver that absent power game when it mattered the most! The upgrade in performance was extreme though and perhaps Chimera has a shot at changing Sam's fortunes because she looked anything but a classic tomato can tonight and maybe Stephanie McMahon can defy some coaching odds after all. Forget the verbal taunts from the WWE stalwart, Grace Park ain't buying any of that and neither is Charlotte McKinney who prefers to dwell on the crowd's support and the fact Front Street has completed the Queendom sweep! It wasn't pretty at times with some come-from-behind wins but it's "Just win, baby" mode for the Asylum crew and they got the job done tonight! Expect more of this going forward as Front Street has arrived in the JMDD genre full-time and is going nowhere!

Official result: Charlotte McKinney def. Samantha Hoopes KO6.



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