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25 January 2019 Demi Lovato vs Ashley Benson

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on January 25, 2019, 11:21 pm




Results: Lookout Writing: Archer



Demi: 26 YO, 5’3 (1.60 m), #32B, 29-15-1, 25 KO since 2011, Lookout Boxing


Ashley: 29 YO, 5’4 (1.62 m), #34B, 19-23-0, 19 KO since 2011, Pretty Little Punchers


Before: It is seldom a dull pre-fight press event when fighters from the PLP and Lookout Boxing get together. Ashley Benson and Demi Lovato are at opposite podiums with no table, but water pitchers available for dry throats. They are wearing tight stable logoed t-shirts (red for Ashley; white for Demi) over short shorts (black for Ashley; royal blue for Demi).

“I did not have a good 2018,” acknowledges Ashley. “It’s important for me to get back on track by taming the “tetons” of Demi over there. There’s nothing like beating down another woman’s hooters to make me feel good. I saw the way Natalie Lind demolished Demi’s boobs. I figure anything a Foxfire girl can do, a PLP girl can do even better and I will SO enjoy doing it.”

“Give me a break! Lind was just a setback. Remember I knocked out Michelle Keegan after that fight. I am ready to make ‘Awful Ashley’ beg for mercy as I pound her puppies into mammary mush!” Demi Lovato sneers. “She couldn’t buy a win in 2018, she be continuing that losing streak in 2019 because she had the stupidity to fight me JMD!”

Ashley gets red in the face: “Don’t you call me ‘stupid’!”

“Look at her!” taunts Demi. “She’s knows I’m telling the truth about her! She is such a nitwit I’m surprised she found her way on stage. Autumn Reeser have to point you in the right direction?”

Ashley marches across the stage: “You’re really brave with the trash talk when I’m 10 feet away! You say that again and I’ll slap the caps off your bad teeth!”

Demi’s jaw drops as indignation fills her face: “You plastic titted liar! You need to cool off!”

In a rapid motion, Demi seizes her pitcher of ice water and hurls the contents at Ashley’s face. Ashley jumps back so that the cold water (and ice cubes) hit her across the chest of her tight tee. She lets out a shriek and grabs Demi by the tee shirt, dragging her out from behind the podium. Demi struggles and suddenly the whole front of Demi’s Lookout tee gives way revealing Demi’s pale pink lace bra. Ashley was not expecting the shirt to give way and lurches back, losing her balance and falling to the stage. Demi lets out a battle cry and leaps upon the fallen Ashley. They roll around until Demi emerges waving Ashley’s tattered tee. (Observers who have rushed to the edge of the stage can glimpse Ashley’s black satin bra). Then Ashley wraps her in a bear hug and they roll around, Ashley trying to crush Demi’s smaller breasts with her own.

Then from the wings appears FCBA Security. These beefy gentlemen pull the shrieking Ashley and Demi apart. Ashley and Demi are determined to get at each other, but are, instead dragged away leaving behind a trove of photos and excited memories. The photos and memories quickly spread on social media generating intense interest in the coming fight

Come fight night. Ashley Benson comes to the ring with PLP trainer Nia Peeples, stablemate Sasha Pieterse and PLP Communications Director Autumn Reeser. She removes her robe to reveal flame red bra and panties with matching ankle boots and gloves. Her blonde hair is pulled back into a braid.

Demi Lovato comes to the ring with Lookout bantamweight trainer Julie Benz, alomng with stablemate Vanessa Hudgens Lookout Communications Director Michelle Trachtenberg. Demi removes her robe to show off black bra and panties with gold gloves and ankle boots (black laces). Demi’s brunette hair is in a single pigtail.

Two sides don’t show much respect as they all climb into the ring. Referee has to step in and order everyone but Ashley and Demi out. Then he proceeds to the instructions which actually go smoothly, though once it is over, there is some chest bumping and grinding. Referee has to intervene with stern warnings and the two depart for their corners without the usual gloves tap. Chest challenging naturally has the more JMD-minded in the crowd excited and they are already whooping when the bell rings.

R1: Ashley very aggressive in the opening round and quickly goes to work on Demi’s proud rack. Straight shots to crush the full caps against Demi’s ribcage and then some hooks to catch them on the underside. Demi smiling defiantly with “Take-you-best-shot!” sneer on her face. She seems to be weathering the initial jugg banging and is starting fire her own jab into Benzo’s boobs. Ashley then suddenly sends a uppercut smashing hard into Demi’s unsuspecting chin. Demi’s legs quake as she stumbles back with a stunned look on her face. Ashley now drives some stinging rights and lefts into Demi’s face leaving angry red splotches where her leather has struck hard. Demi covers up tries to jab Ashley back, but now the blonde is hooking Demi’s stomach. Demi trying to fight back as she is struggling to pull herself together. Ashley looking confident finishes the round with some more straight shots into those black bra cups. Bell sounds and Ashley steps crisply away. Demi looking a bit shaken as she goes to her corner. Judges give round to Ashley Benson.

R2: Ashley looking to resume her aggressive attack in the second stanza, but Demi has other ideas. Demi quick out of her corner and zips forwards to plant a deep look to the Benson belly. Ashley doubles up with a loud gasp and stumbles away. Demi swiftly moving with Ashley and once she gets back in front of her, the Lookout fight unloads a furious barrage of jugg mugging punches. Ashley’s boobies are banged from right to left and then left to right. Then nasty uppercuts to the underside. Then comes straight rights and lefts to pound those puppies back into the ribcage. Demi adds a nasty touch to those straight shots by twisting her gloves to grind in the pressure. Ashley jabbing desperately to get Demi off her as she backs way. Demi adds some bouncing shots off the sides of Ashley’s head and then a flurry hooks to the belly. Ashley finally able to get some distance when she lands a right to Demi’s jaw that causes the brunette to pause. Ashley can’t get too far before Demi is on her again and methodical working over her breasts. Only the bell stops the Lovato Jugg Attack. Ashley’s gasping for air and looking woozy. Demi smiling and gives Ashley a pat on the back of her red panties. Ashley whirls around in anger but referee breaks it up with stern warnings. Demi saunters on to her corner. She’s won this round wide.

R3: Maybe that pat on the buns wasn’t such a good idea. Ashley Benson comes out fighting with cold anger and she goes to the Lovato rack with a vengeful enthusiasm. Demi trying to keep the rampaging blonde at bay, but Ashley just keeps getting her punches through to smite Lovato melons with punch after punch. Now Demi is the one gasping for air as the repeated punches empty her lungs. Ashley trying to juggmug Demi into the ropes, but Demi able to use her jab with enough effectiveness to avoid this fate. Ashley chasing Demi towards the end of the round and getting some shots into her jaw and cheekbones. Demi breathing hard at the bell. Referee stepping to make sure there is no bun patting from Ashley Benson who has to content herself with a glaring look at Demi before marching to her corner. Ashley Benson wins this round wide.

R4: Ashley right back at Demi as the new round gets started. Demi very defensive in the early going, She’s keeping her gloves up high which allows Ashley to resume shelling Demi’s rack. Demi flashing out the occasional jab to bruise Ashley’s face as she tries to come in. Ashley stubbornly pressing forward, trying to fight in close where she can bring her rising hooks into Demi’s breasts for more jugg pounding. Demi looking calm, not panicking under the fierce jugg attack as it rages in on passed the halfway point in the round. Ashley still trying to press in when suddenly Demi steps back and Ashley finds herself hitting empty air. In that moment Demi’s right comes flying in with the full force of her set feet behind it. ASHLEY GETS BLOWN OFF HER FEET BY A MONSTER RIGHT TO THE JAW! Crowd gasps as Ashley, who had seemed to be dominating the round, goes crashing to the canvas like a ragdoll Then wild cheers from the Lookout supporters as Demi trots to the neutral corner all smiles.. Ashley has landed on her right side. She is stretched out, pushing her head upper body up with her arms and looking around with a “WHAT HAPPENED?” look on her face. Referee is counting and Ashley hears it. She struggles hard and finally gets back on her feet at “NINE!” Referee checks her over and then waves Demi back in. Ashley goes face in gloves just trying to get to the bell. Demi happy to take the opportunity to work over the Benson boobs once more until the bell ends the round. Crowd all a-buzz at how Demi Lovato was able to steal this round from Ashley Benson and win it wide. Big smiles in the Lookout corner. Looks of worry and concern from the PLP corner..

R5: Puncher corner crew does their best, but Ashley Benson looks woozy and sluggish coming out for this round. Demi is moving smoothly and starts circling shark-like around Ashley. She pumps in punches that Ashley reacts to with a disturbing slowness. Demi then methodical cuts off the ring on Ashley and then starts using a barrage of body punches to move her back towards the ropes. Ashley trying to get away, but can’t and then she tries to use her jab to hold Demi off. No go. Demi then concentrates on Ashley’s battered rack with a fresh pounding that has Ashley shuddering with every impact. Ashley drops her gloves to protect her puppies and that’s just what Demi evidently wanted. A right/left combo of uppercuts catch the underside of Ashley’s. Ashley head is thrown back and then her whole body follows it as she crashes into the ropes. Ashley actually hung up between the middle and top rope, her head and shoulders thrust outside the ring for a moment. Then before Demi can land another punch, Ashley’s legs fold up, she pops out from between the ropes and ends up in a heap next to the bottom rope. Demi hurries to the neutral corner. Ashley stirring as the referee counts and sticks up a hand to grasp the bottom rope. She tries to pull herself up but loses her grip and ends up with her face on the canvas as the referee declares:

“EIGHT!...NINE!...TEN!...YER OUT!!!!”


After: Demi Lovato running around the ring, arms raised in triumph, then embraced by Michelle Trachtenberg and Jenna Coleman when she reaches her corner. Meanwhile, Nia Peeples, Sasha Pieterse and Autumn Reeser are helping a distraught Ashley Benson to her feet and back to their corner for a quick medical check.

Meanwhile, Julie Benz has gotten the gloves off Demi who with Michelle and Jenna at her sides crosses the ring to where a stricken Ashley sits on her stool.

“Stand aside! Time for Ashley to get what she deserves: my melons in her face!” Demi says in a commanding tone as Sasha and Autumn block her way. They glare at the Lookout forces.

“It’s OK,” comes the shaky voice of Ashley Benson, “I’ll take what she dishes out.”

Sasha and Autumn reluctantly stand aside as Ashley totters to her feet. Demi looks her over and shakes her head.

“Poor Benzo, I was too hard on you, now you can barely stand up,” Demi says and then she gets wolfish smile. “So, don’t worry, I’ll just carry you.”

Before Ashley has a chance to reply, Demi slings her across her shoulders in a fireman’s carry and calmly walks to center ring. Then she gives a heave and sends Ashley crashing to the canvas.

“Hey, you didn’t have to do that!” Ashley complains, sitting up.

“Maybe, but it sure was fun, Now get on your knees and get ready for my Smothering Darkness,” Demi gloated.

“Geez, who writes your dialogue? You sound like a comic book,” Ashley muttered getting to her knees.

“Personally, I think comic books could do with more breast smothers.” Demi getting on her own knees and then suddenly wrapping her arms around the back of Ashley’s head before pulling her into a the sweaty darkness of her big breasts.

Ashley seemed to try to be stoic, but when her air was cut off, she started to struggle and wave her arms. Demi kept firm control until the arm waving began to fade. Then Demi released the smother and inquired:

“How are you doing Ashley?”

Ashley mumbled something. Demi smiled and announced: “She says she likes it so much she wants more. That’s okay by me Ashley.”

Demi then reapplied the smother, but this time she stood up. It didn’t take too long for Ashley to be hanging there limply. Demi released the smother again. This time Ashley was clearly asleep and even snoring gently.

“Well, I guess that’s all for this JMD fight,” Demi said and released her arms. Ashley toppled forward as Demi then stepped aside. Ashley ended up face down with her butt high in the air.

Demi smiled and signaled Jenna and Michelle to come over and take some cellphone photos while she posed over the helpless sleeping Ashley. Many in the crowd laughed and cheered though many others (Puncher fans most likely) booed their displeasure.

Autumn and Sasha suddenly come over and snatch the phones away. “Enough of that!” Autumn declares.

“Give our phone back!” Michelle cries.

“No!” Sasha cries.

“Thievery! Sheer thievery!” cries Jenna and lunges for her phone which being held by Sasha, This was the signal for Michelle to try to snatch hers back from Autumn.

This set off a 4-woman fight while Demi Lovato leaned on Ashley buns and watched as an interested observer. Ashley Benson was, of course, quite asleep and snoring wetly against the canvas. The four combatants were all wearing dresses, but the upper portions were quickly torn away on all four and they were fighting in their bras. Michelle finally got her phone away from Autumn, but Autumn then hopped on her back and down they went. Sasha and Jenna were already rolling around as possession of Jenna’s phone was traded back and forth. Finally Jenna stunned Sasha with a forearm to the chin and got her phone back.

It was at this point that a big roar went up in the crowd. It was FCBA Security making a belated appearance. Demi went over and pulled Autumn off Michelle then body slammed her down to stun herl Jenna was already on her feet and body slamming Sasha.

“Time to go!” Demi said, but before she left she gave Ashley’s still elevated butt a good swat. Ashley shot forward and lay on her face. The blow seemed to wake her up. She raised herself on one arm just in time to see the Lookout girls depart the ring.

Sasha and Autumn were sitting up as well and they were not happy. The FCBA Security men did prove helpful in getting the Punchers back on their feet.

“They are going to pay for this!” Autumn Reeser was heard to vow.

“Darn right they will!” agreed Sasha and Ashley.

Nothing like a JMD bout to see wild finishes and this one was no exception. In a way, it’s unfortunate because this was an exciting bout. Not every fight fan likes JMD, but it can’t be denied that this bout was fought with intensity. Just when it looked like Ashley Benson was in charge, Demi Lovato came back and ended up winning the fight. Hard fought win for Demi and bitter disappointment of Ashley. Demi can now move forward with renewed confidence while Ashley continues to search for the path back to victory.


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