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4 February 2019 Alexis Ren vs Alyssa Lynch

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Posted by caspian2 on Feb 5, 2019 at 7:40am


Grand Finals of the The Great American Alexis Ren Bash

Alexis Ren vs Alyssa Lynch IV (Catchweight)

(21, 5’9, 18:6 FCBA, VIXENs)

(22, 5’7, 120, 13:5 FCBA, VIXENs)

It all comes down to this: Alyssa Lynch making it past three tough opponents all in her quest to get a piece of Alexis-action. She’s proven herself over and over again that she can beat these bigger girls no problem, and even though she recently suffered a loss to Bantamweight Champion, Nina Dobrev, at the end of December, it doesn’t seem to have dampened her enthusiasm for revenge.

“It would have been nice to kick Ren’s ass with that belt around my waist. But heck it, I don’t need a piece of gold to do it anyways. She can talk and taunt all she wants about how she’s better at this or that, but let’s not forget she got wrecked by Mary Elizabeth as well in her own title fight. That’s what I’m aiming to put an end to tonight - that insufferable hypocrisy that’s always out of her mouth!” Alyssa saying with an all-too serious tone in her voice from backstage. She’s bandaging her knuckles up in white tape, and plans to fight tonight in a purple sports bra together with long, black tights, for maximum speed and agility.

Let’s not forget, however, that these two have clashed three times in the ring thus far, with Alexis the last one to come out on top. If she had assumed at that point in time that their rivalry would be over, she was certainly surprised when Lynch was the one who made it all the way to the finals of the tournament.

“I agreed to this sham of a tournament for one reason alone: it had my freaking name on it, and I take pride in the fact that I’ve beaten all these girls before. All of their attempts to get back at me mainly make them look desperate and WEAK, and the worse culprit of all is of course ASS-lyssa Lynch, who has no business whatsoever being here in the ring with me. Whatever her petty reasons for revenge, the outcome will be the same as the last time: me standing over her and becoming the GRAND winner of my own tournament!” Ren breaking into a huge smile as she realises this real possibility, and for sure, doing so would very well shut the door on any of these girls’ chances at another shot at her for a very long time. 

She’s bouncing on her toes backstage dressed in a white/blue bikini, blonde hair tied back into a slick ponytail and strapping on red gloves. Later in the ring, the girls keep a steady watch over each other for any illegal shenanigans. It appears that Alexis still isn’t taking this fight seriously enough though, grinning and flinging insults at Alyssa over in her corner, trying to affect her psyche in some way. Alyssa however not taking the bait, remaining resolute as she throws her weight from side-to-side, getting a feel of the canvas below. Referee calls for these final ten rounds of the tournament to begin. HERE we go! 

Not much other way to describe the first round other than girls attempting to stick leather into each other’s face, by hook or by crook. It honestly barely resembles a boxing match proper with these two hated rivals diving in straight for the throat, slamming away into each other’s faces. Blonde and brunette take turns with mutual grunts of dissatisfaction each time a brutal hook lands on the face and shocks them to their very core, but by this point, they’re more or less used to each other’s power and will be damned if they were the first one to back down. The first round becomes that vicious back-and-forth as they square off and continue to clash head-on in the middle of the ring, with little respite. It’s small wonder how either girl is left standing by the end of three minutes, where they’ve ended up in each other’s embrace, neither willing to admit defeat but secretly glad that the fists have stopped flying for a brief moment. An effective draw is what we’ve been hinting at, ladies and gents, as both these Vixens are off to explosive start!

These girls have been here before, done that, having fought so many times that they’re used to each other’s physicality and mental games. This forces Alyssa into a particularly bad spot coming into this fight, especially now as she feints a charge at Alexis, giving her the impression that she’s fully prepared to throw down, only to pump the brakes at the last moment and let the blonde swivel past her like an unfortunate car crash waiting to happen. Look of shock in Alexis’ eyes as she realises she’s been fooled, her face taking a beating as Alyssa plugs her in the lips repeatedly and almost drives her into the ropes in the first minute itself. Ren however reasserts herself quickly, using those long legs to get back out of range before sending her own strikes into the cheek when Alyssa tries her luck at another wild charge in her direction. Round ends with things looking much more professional now that both veteran girls are starting to take things a tad more seriously. Alyssa given the credit for her early strategy and aggression, though she doesn’t win by that large a margin.

And of course, that can’t do for Ms Ren, who’s fuming at the very thought of her rival taking a round from her, especially this early in the fight. Blonde girl goes charging out of corner, brimming for a comeback. Initially, she shows some early success as she stuns Alyssa in the guard repeatedly with a flurry of straight hands and follow-up hooks. Alyssa no longer able to catch her rival off-guard any longer, now finding herself dangerously close to the ropes, with Alexis’ great speed and precision herding her into a corner bit by bit. Brunette eats another right hand sharply to the lips, making her grunt loudly and fall back. Ren chasing after her, but cautiously, her senses heightened further when she narrowly avoids a comeback lunge at her head. Alyssa flying back at her with a couple of sneaky hooks coming out of nowhere, and one or two smash harmlessly off her arms, but Ren receiving a thumping to the tummy as she winces and retreats, and both girls reset at opposite corners by the end of this round. 

Lynch knows she has power and strength on her side, whereas Ren is content with using her speed and agility to enact hit-and-run tactics in the fourth. Alyssa still trying to score with her jab-and-hook combo to the head, but Alexis still too sharp and focused, weaves her torso to the side and backwards to avoid most of the incoming knockout blows. Instead, Ren biting back after each successful evasion; there’s a war of attrition here as she slowly whittles away at Alyssa’s willpower with quick jabs sent smack into her face and body. Round 4 ends with Ren clearly beaming - she knows for a fact that she scored big in this round, and hopes to continue the advantageous pace. Alyssa? Not so much, looking dejected as she heads back to Co-Head Trainer Corey Saucier in corner, who pats her on the back and tells her not to give up just yet.

Perhaps that mid-round encouragement did some wonders for her spirit, because it’s Alyssa’s turn to come charging out of her corner and hoping to pressurise Ren into making a mistake. Ren almost heard shrieking out loud multiple times this round as she finds her own self cornered by Alyssa’s fast, aggressive advance, and no matter how many strikes she flings towards the brunette, Alyssa is undeterred, determined to knock the blonde clean off her feet. Case in point: second minute has Ren forced to cover up on the ropes, her lean torso getting whacked left and right as hooks crash in from either side. Ren can only keep her body low and covered up her head with both arms, as she tries and survive the sudden onslaught wrought upon her. Girls clinch up in the last minute, of course initiated by Alexis after she ducks under another wild hook. Blonde catching her breath on enemy shoulder and Alyssa’s lips curling, taunting and hissing into her ear, all the while both roughly shoving hips and elbows into enemy chest. Referee forces the girls apart at the third minute bell, and has to narrowly dodge himself when both girls come alive at the same time and start swinging at each other automatically. Alyssa’s round right back if we’re keeping score.

Alexis not liking it when she’s man-handled like that so easily, taunts her opponent with a loud shout in the opening seconds of the sixth: “COME AT ME, b*tch!” to which Alyssa gladly obliges, with a smile behind her closed gloves. More early success for Ms Lynch as she uses Ren’s volatile temper to knock holes in her defences, sending fists whap whap WHACKING one after the other straight past the raised arms and into the blonde’s nostrils. Each subsequent blow using harder and harder force to shock her foe as she walks Alexis back in, in what looks to be another blow-out round for the challenger. Alexis however has other plans, holds her ground just before her back hits the ropes. She torques those hips and sends a slobberknocker of a right hook crashing into the side of Alyssa’s head, and then another and another slam in quick succession, knocking her silly, with Lynch not prepared for the sudden and spontaneous comeback. She takes a few more straight fists into her lean tummy as she retreats, which force her torso bent over in pain. It’s prime opportunity for another hook to CRASH inwards and send Lynch spiraling DOWN to the canvas! 

KNOCKDOWN for Alexis Ren! OUCH. That brutal combination must have really stung her bad! She’s left sprawled on one side and already trying to sit back up onto her haunches, but that reddened cheek and doe-like eyes wondering what the hell just happened to her lead back there? Ren on the other hand screaming dominance to just about anyone within earshot, left in neutral corner grinning at her performance tonight. 

It’s an arduous task, but Alyssa manages to get back up just at the count of 8. The final two minutes of this round complete themselves, with Ren obviously flying forward once more, determined to put Lynch down again to end things decisively. But Alyssa knowing better than to stay in one spot, keeps herself moving along the outer circumference of the ring. This way, Alexis can only swipe or poke at the tummy, whereas her damaging hook to the face negated in this regard all the way to the bell. 


That doesn’t mean that Alyssa ain’t shaken, of course. She spends almost the entirety of the seventh round just trying to stay afloat and not allow her head go down below the waves. Occasionally, of course, she has little choice, with the overeager Alexis constantly stalking her about the ring and planting her gloves into every opening she sees. Alyssa grunting dully on more than one occasion as Ren stuffs her fists into her body before she manages to get out of there. But Alexis still beating herself up by the time the third minute rolls by: she’d initially thought that this would be an easy, mop-up crew, but instead finding Alyssa still moving, still steady, and that dangerous hunger to win still lighting up her eyes.

So what if the blonde took the previous two rounds by wide margins? Alyssa ain’t giving up, and neither are her fans in the rafters, who continue to chant her name despite their girl not winning in terms of points at the moment. One outcome of the wild charge last round is Alexis looking exhausted, and no longer presents that quickness slash nimbleness of getting away with murder. Alyssa catching her on numerous times when she appears in her line-of-sight, BLAST of a hook straight into the middle of her arms may not have sent Alexis crumbling to the floor, but it does a decent enough job of reminding the girl that this fight is very much still alive.

Alexis still struggling to catch her breath, and it’s a small miracle that Lynch is still moving forward at the pace as before. Now it’s her turn to hound the blonde’s’ arms and body continuously. This goes on for at least a minute and a half, and let’s face it - Lynch ain’t no spring chicken either by the time she enters this ninth round either. Girls spend a little over thirty seconds resting and circling in the ring, catching their breaths. Alexis initiates the next exchange with a jab-jab that stingst the lips and nostrils one after the other, but Alyssa absorbs and BLASTS the poor girl right back in the kisser! OUCH. Alexis letting out a dull groan as part of her face disappears into leather - she goes bounding backwards, holding her chin in agony. Alyssa poised to charge in and end this, but is stopped by the meddling referee, indicating the end of three minutes.

We head into the finals of The Great American Alexis Ren Bash tournament, and what a whirlwind number of matches we’ve showcased over the past few months! If Lynch manages to win here, she’ll have accomplished something never seen before amongst the Bantamweight ranks: status of legitimate contender and perhaps another shot at the gold after managing to defeat a bevy of Lightweight challengers. For Alexis, it’s solely pride on the line as she’s put her name on the title of this tournament from the very start, constantly mocking the challengers along the way for their naive insolence. If Ren loses today, it just might seal her fate. I mean, losing to a little Bantamweight? Simply preposterous!

Round begins slowly enough, with both girls back to jabbing from afar and trying to end this fight as quickly, but decisively, as possible. Ren coming forward a little earlier, however, determined to tip the last round’s scales in her favour if possible. She knows full well that the previous few rounds didn’t go that well for her. This is the reason why she’s cramming lefts and rights into every pocket of space imaginable: Alyssa wincing when her sides are tagged by stray gloves, then her chest swiped across the field, drawing a noticeable squeal from her lips. However, we rarely ever review the footage to discover whether it was legitimate mischief on Ren’s path or otherwise. But that confident smirk on Ren’s face wiped clean as Alyssa immediately scores back with a left hook smacking into the face, followed by a right hand that rings through as well. Ren looking shocked to her core by that combination of double hooks throwing her side-to-side in quick succession. Her arms floating listlessly out in front, then Lynch with a step-in BLAST into the face, sending the blonde girl flying backwards, where she rebounds off the ropes and falls FLAT onto the canvas! It’s OVER when the referee storms in to check on Ren, but she ain’t moving!

Official Decision: Alyssa Lynch defeats Alexis Ren via KO10!


Moments later, even Ren blubbering with her face down in the ground, mouthing the words ‘Nonononono…’ but showing pain in her eyes as she struggles to register what just happened. It’s a brutal KO10 victory for Alyssa Lynch, that’s what, Alyssa finally breaking into a knowing smile when the referee raises her hand to make the decision official. 

Alexis’ attempts to get back to her feet, however, appear to spark some leftover rage in Alyssa’s eyes, and before she knows it, she’s tackled from the back with a lunging spear from Lynch, and the two girls go squealing down to the ground once more in a tangle of arms and legs. Surprising that after ten rounds of non-stop action, they still harbour the energy to tug on each other’s hair and send punches raining down from above. 

And who can blame them, really? Now that Alyssa’s won the biggest match of her career thus far (arguably), these two rivals are back at 2 wins each, and showing no signs that this rivalry is abating. It’s only a matter of time before they step into the ring for a fifth time and go at it once more. 

This particular end to the Great American Alexis Ren Bash, however, comes with something else Ren has been avoiding all this while: finally at the end of a long series of pain, taunts and animosity, the rest of the tournament participants start streaming into the ring one by one, from various directions, ALL eager to finally get their hands on their tormentress. Alexis has eyes wide with shock when suddenly, there are more than two hands shooting inwards and down at her from, completely overpowering her all at once. 

Caroline Kelley, Cara Delevingne and Bella Hadid all grabbing handfuls of her hair at some point in time, faces full of hate as they tug her up to her feet and take their gleeful turns SLAPPING the dazed blonde across the face, backhanding her across the mouth when she tries to protest, or simply plunging their fists straight into her tummy. 

In this wild intervention, Alyssa left smiling from the sidelines at the melee unfolding before her eyes, under no obligation to intervene herself as the ring officials begin to flood in to break it up and save Alexis from herself. And truth be told, Lynch fully willing to share the spoils of her victory here tonight a little longer, should it mean that her hated rival gets a little more bruised and banged up at the end of the day. 



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