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16 February 2019 Chanel Stewart vs Sarah Ellen

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Posted by caspian2 on Feb 16, 2019 at 9:41pm


VIX: One Last Breath @ The Grand Olympic

1. Guests: Chanel Stewart vs Sarah Ellen (Bantamweight) 


(22, 5’7, FCBA Debut, Free Agent)
(22, 5’7, FCBA Debut, Free Agent)


We’re starting off the night with two brand new Bantamweights looking to make a fresh name for themselves: Chanel Stewart and Sarah Ellen prepping backstage before heading out to the ring, with little fanfare required. Honestly, the fans don’t really know what these two are capable of, so we’ll just have to see what happens once they get into the ring proper.

Biggest piece of drama is when referee calls upon both girls to touch gloves before the bell starts this contest, but neither blonde not brunette keen on heeding the instruction, narrowing their eyes at each other before turning and heading back to respective corners. Youch! NOW we’re expecting this fight to blow up any minute! There’s the bell and HERE we go with ten rounds of Bantamweight action!

Chanel comes in close and pokes the eye repeatedly, giving Sarah some trouble early on. This is what happens when newbies get in the same ring for the first time - you never really know what's gonna happen until it does. Stewart winning the first half no problem as she leads with the attacks, but suddenly she gasps out loud when Sarah returns the favour in the second half, shooting a one-two quick into her stomach and then pounding more jabs onto her guard. Neither girl with the clear advantage here, but what is clear is that they're here to fight and have no time for pleasantries.

More of the same with girls getting back into the action without taking a pause or breaking a sweat. They start stuffing hands into the face in mutual exchange of punishment, and perhaps Chantel slightly underestimating her rival's tenacity, who’s keeping up with her pace with little trouble. Girls back away from each other in the second half, neither really used to the pain that’s shooting through their nostrils or burning their bellies, before resuming poking at each other with the long jab for the remainder of the round.

Sarah doing the leading in the third with jabs from a distance, refusing to close with Stewart and instead pestering the head with punches each time she comes close. Stewart not paying enough attention to her own strategy as she tries her hand at some wanton aggression, but in the end, just comes across as green and green, getting played the fool for the first two minutes. Third minute and she wisens up somewhat, also keeping her distance and jabbing at Sarah's body, this time with more success. Girls end up at opposite ends of the ring with little to show for themselves in terms of results. Sarah taking the round overall, however, though not by much, the blonde's showing plenty of promise. 

More high-caliber stuff from Ellen as she leads the charge now against Stewart’s grand ambitions. Blonde absorbs a couple more jabs to the arms before she BLASTS a right hand down the middle of her arms, stunning Chanel badly. Stewart blinded by that rocker and goes careening off backwards, all the while still having to fend off repeated shockers from Sarah Ellen, who surges inwards and continues smacking fists into the tummy. Chanel clinching up with her in the middle of the ring, with both girls doing their best to survive in this new situation. Sarah heaving, pushing back, but taking some side-hits into the ribs as Chanel tries to battle back with digging fists Round ends and referee forces them apart - both girls end up breathing hard and eyeing each other with increased animosity before heading back to corners.

Chanel now more looking more cautious as to what antics her blonde opponent might be up to. Sarah still rushing forward and hoping to score lucky a second time, but unable to catch the brunette now that she’s moving backwards at a faster speed, and with a quicker reaction time. Stewart showing off her comeback potential in the second minute when she stings Ellen on the side of the face, a blast of a hook screaming in all of a sudden and stunning her badly. Sarah barely has enough time to put up her defences before more hooks come crashing in, smashing into her raised guard and threatening to blow her away at any minute. But no - referee intervenes before a knockdown could be secured right there, and Stewart left huffing and complaining to him about the fact that he allowed her prey to escape when she was already in her plain sights. Tough luck, Stewart - that’s how the rules work!

But Sarah clearly still rattled by her opponent’s power, comes forward looking hesitant and shaky. Sarah poking in jabs from afar as she refuses to get in too close to Stewart this time. Chanel not taking the bait either, for the first minute choosing to stay at the periphery and tag the cheek and body. But then an opportunity arrives in the second minute and Stewart takes it. Sarah caught off guard as Chanel comes storming in all of a sudden. A brief opening allows the brunette to WHACK a tight hook into her midsection, scoring off the belly and smacking Sarah’s arms clear away. Ellen left wide open in shock as another follow-up swing SNAGS her on the chin, before sending her spiraling off to one side and DOWN ONTO the canvas! 

It’s a KNOCKDOWN for Chanel Stewart!! Sarah Ellen left drooling on the canvas, chest flat and eyes completely knocked out! She ain’t getting up from that one! Referee does his formal count but it ain’t no use! IT’S OVER!

Official Decision: Chanel Stewart defeats Sarah Ellen via KO6! 


A brave performance for both girls and a kick to the nuts for one, for this opening fight. Chanel not playing nice either, performing a stunning knockout of her rival and now picking her foe up roughly by her blonde hair and black bra strap. Sarah groaning, head still out of it as her face is forced upwards into Stewart’s eyes with a tug on tresses, the brunette cupping her chin in one hand for emphasis and of course allowing the rapid camera flashes that go off. We’re already predicting big things for Stewart in the future! 



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