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16 February 2019 Emily Ratajkowski vs Leven Rambin

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Posted by caspian2 on Feb 16, 2019 at 9:39pm


2. Emily Ratajkowski vs Leven Rambin (Bantamweight) 


(27, 5’7, 19:11 FCBA, VIXENs)

(28, 5’7, 11:8 FCBA, Free Agent)


“Fancy seeing you here,” Emily saying with much malice dripping from her tone during the press conference. “Leven beat me once, and then disappeared off the face of the boxing map. That says a lot about her priorities, and of course, about my chances of getting revenge tonight.” 

Emily is certainly brimming with confidence as she purses her lips and smiles widely at the press table, leaving Leven to shoot her one sarcastic smile of her own. 

“I see that you’re finally wearing more clothes today, Emily,” Rambin quips, knowing how much more famous her opponent is for not having any at all. “Emily was a walk in the park back then, and I don’t think anything else has changed. She’s gonna go down as easy, even to an irregular fighter like me.”

Girls stae down at the podium and we like the similarities we’re seeing here: almost the same age and same height tonight, but Leven definitely bigger-built and packing some dangerous firepower in there. If she manages to catch Emily again like last time, it’ll all be over.

Later, in the ring, Ratajkowski’s in her classic black bra and satin panties, donning a pair of white gloves. Leven going for dark red lingerie set herself, doing last minute shadow boxing with white gloves on too. HERE we go with ten rounds of Bantamweight action!

Emily hungry for payback and she initiates the early exchange, firing consistent stream lf punches at Leven’s head, especially in these opening seconds. That first loss on her resume really must have stung badly, with the Vixen pointed and determined to wipe it off her slate for good. Leven not getting very troubled by her punches, to be honest, her guard holding firm despite the number of punches landing. But so far it's the same Ratajkowski strategy, as Leven predicted, enabling her to stand quite still and continue to absorb. Only in the last minute does Rambin start turning up the pressure in turn: a one-two quick sock to Emily's tummy sets her spider senses tingling. Vixen backing away just in time to avoid another SWOOSH of a hook that Leven unleashes. Sound of the bell and Emily taking it overa, in our opinion, due to her strong aggression, but Rambin coming in a close second. 

Leven not to be outdone, however, scoots forward a little more eagerly now that she’s gotten the formalities out of the way. She’s priming her big shots and curating them to land more accurately, but still having trouble pinning down the slippery girl. Emily jumping this way and that, avoiding the blonde’s many attacks. But one has to wonder how long she can hold this pose for without getting tagged. Soon enough, Leven catching up to her, simply slamming jabs into the brunette’s pretty face over and over until she's forced to back away rubbing her nostrils for damage. Things turning south for the lanky Vixen fast - she needs to get back into the groove of things. Last minute sees her return to form, staying at arm’s length and intercepting most of Leven’s hooks coming in from the side, but it's too late to salvage the round for her own corner. 

A double hook to the body has Emily wincing and backing away early, at the very moment she swung high and Leven swinging low at the same time. Not so lucky now for the Vixen as both blonde fists buried into her sides, then Leven going after the head with more dangerous swings. But Ratajkowski at least smart enough to get the f*ck outta there fast, keeps her guns to her chest tight for the rest of the round. More complications for the brunette arrive this round with Rambin refusing to back down. And no matter the amount of ammunition Emily’s throwing in her direction, the blonde seems invulnerable.

But staying out of the ring so long has had to have taken its toll on Leven, who sure enough begins to pant hard and move slower in the fourth. She has plenty of power packing in those punches, but it'll all be for naught if she can't sustain her momentum. Emily eagerly disrupting her flow in the first half, scoring jabs to the face good and early and, drawing grunt after grunt from lips. Leven trying to smash another double hook into the Vixen's side at one point, but Emily wisely ducking her elbows and brings her guard low, anticipating the move. Last minute and Leven left heaving hard by the ropes - Emily's speed just too much for her liking. Ratajkowski manages to lather more leather to the tummy before the bell finally brings the one-sided round to a close. 

Early brawl in the middle of the ring as both girls look to stake their claim in the sand. Emily absorbing a left-right into the side of her arms, as a result getting buffeted about badly at first, but soon she weathers the worse and lets loose with cracks up into the chin of her own. Leven's head getting knocked backwards and to the side as she can't withstand the sudden barrage of punches coming in! Ratajkowski with another side hook landing flush to the face, and DOWN goes Leven Rambin, flying face first down to the canvas! It's all over! 

Official Decision: Emily Ratajkowski defeats Leven Rambin via KO5! 


Ouch ouch ouch! Leven floored all of a sudden in convincing fashion by the thinnest stick figure in the FCBA! Emily somehow continues to impress! 

Leven still pawing at the floor but clearly in no shape to get back up in time for the count. Such a sorry sight as Emily parades around the fallen blonde, gloves flung high into the air and her toned body on full display, portions of it red but never looking better.  



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