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16 February 2019 Nina Agdal vs Alyssa Miller

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Posted by caspian2 on Feb 16, 2019 at 9:38pm


3. Nina Agdal vs Alyssa Miller (Lightweight) 

(26, 5’9, 121, 16:9 FCBA, VIXENs)

(29, 5’9, FCBA Debut, Free Agent)

“I’ve been busy,” Nina flatly says, when a reporter asks her where she’s been since her dual-losses to rival Lily Aldridge late last year. “Those fights were a sham,” Nina continues, without mentioning specific names, but her face turning red hot with embarrassment. “And that's because my opponent was a sham. On the other hand, I fully deserve to be winning fights and that’s what I’m gonna do tonight.”

Her opponent is a newbie to the ring but one hell of a veteran model in the business, with Alyssa Miller giving Nina a run for her money in terms of selling a bikini. The American brunette smiling as she listens to Nina’s opening remarks, before retorting:

“You hurt my feelings, Nina. I’m a sham? We haven't even met yet and you’re already blaming me for your own downfall,” Alyssa grinning. “It’s my debut tonight and I’m gonna make it count. I’ve heard Nina’s had some engine trouble recently, so I’m here to put her out of her misery once and for all.”

Nina seething as the two girls meet at the center podium, practically shoving her face into Alyssa’s, gritting her teeth and growling. Alyssa grinning back mischievously still, condescension written all over that smirk. It almost gets physical when their foreheads come into contact, but luckily the girls are separated by ring officials just in time before a brawl can erupt. 

The Danish swimsuit model looking ravishing, if we may say so ourselves, as she enters the arena with a one-piece blue and red swimsuit, cut down the middle of her cleavage and ending at the belly button, deceptively showing off plenty of skin. She’s donning red gloves and remaining focused on the ring. Alyssa not to be outdone in her red/pink/black micro-bikini, showing off her own assets as she struts down the ramp to the ring waving her white gloves to the fans.

Referee’s ready to go and so are we! Let’s get these ten rounds of Lightweight action started!

First round goes forward as though girls are sparring back in the gym, with them moving their feet more often than they're punching with fists. Nina slightly more spirited as she advances and probes the brunette’s defences, thinking she's the rightful veteran in this engagement and should damn well prove it. Alyssa showing great movement herself, however and especially for a newcomer, keeping one arm extended out front whilst the other is close to the face to avoid unnecessary contact. Nina as a result having a hard time penetrating her defences, her jabs getting slapped away before her own cheek taking a couple of quick licks to the kisser as well. She's positively fuming by the time the first three minutes are up, being upstaged by a rookie with little to her own name. 

Clash of great bodies in the second as both girls hover arms a little away from the chest, before shooting punches in once their foe gets in range. Compared to the first round, Nina fighting more deliberately, picking and choosing her shots, before ramming those dull fists inwards. Alyssa gets stunned in the midsection by one such uppercut, which connects square on her belly button after Nina deliberately put those hips to good use, torquing a right hand down the middle. Danish girl licking her lips as leather finds paunch, continues hammering away lefts and rights till Miller manages to fly away, flailing madly as she tries to cover up from further damage. Last few seconds and Nina back in control, pestering the head with her longer reach, not doing significant damage but putting her rival on clear notice that she ain't someone to be trifled with. 

Alyssa looking slightly more cautious as well as the bell rings, flinching each time Nina throws a punch her way. Alyssa clearly favouring her middle, with her guard lowered and covering that toned tummy, whereas Nina still hunting the tummy regardless, pounding away lefts and rights. Alyssa taking the opportunities whenever she can, jamming a fist into Nina's chest and then another rammed into the side when the blonde leaves herself open. But it's not until Nina eats a particularly nasty snap uppercut into the chin, knocking her head back, that she realises she's getting hurt. Agdal retreating on a dime, now deflecting more hooks from Alyssa, both arms covering her face completely. Still, Miller socking and thumping leather into the body as sweet payback, leaving the Vixen grunting all the way back to the bell.

Her confidence restored, Alyssa surges forward searching for that first knockdown of the evening that will surely boost her prospects up higher. Nina struggling to deal with her surprising power, trying to intercept hooks that are landing on her arms but finding herself rattled for worse, if anything. Alyssa switching up her attacks between top and the body, continuing to frustrate Agdal in the first two minutes. Nina with lips parted as she swings a hook up high only to have Alyssa duck under and bury a left straight into her abs, before Miller scoring again with her other hand. Girls end up clinching in the center, Nina in particular wrapping arms around the neck and chest, looking for respite, and Alyssa far from giving it to her with more digs of leather into her ribs on either side. Last minute and the ref forces the separation. Nina, you’d expect to be in trouble for the rest of the round, but scoots away clear out of range and remains that way for the rest of the round.


Alyssa trying to surge forward to finish what she started, but finding it difficult with her own stamina running out empty on her. This gives Nina a little breather of her own as the two ladies circle at a distance for the first minute, simply catching their breaths. When Alyssa does try and charge in swinging, she’s easily avoided with a side-stepping Agdal, before getting plugged in the chest by an errant swipe that has to be more than coincidence. In return, Nina gritting her teeth and plunging her fists into the belly at each opportunity, even taking the risk of knocking those glams of the brunette’s about as revenge, painfully shocking her with some first taste of JMDD action. Alyssa left panting close to the end, holding her aching body and at a loss of what went wrong so quickly. 

Grueling back-and-forth as we pass the halfway mark, and trainer Corey Saucier shaking his head during the downtime at Nina’s lackluster performance thus far. She should have put this rookie down by this point, and not the other way round! Alyssa delighting in defying those expectations, starts jabbing at the face immediately once in range, before firing off bigger hooks directed at Nina’s head, intending to be the first one to put someone down. But Nina also ready this time, weaving her torso back once, twice to avoid payback shots, before pushing the brunette’s face to the left, then right with some shocking hooks of her own. Alyssa’s turn to grunt and groan, surging forward, intending to wrap up. But the new girl ain’t as experienced in clinch warfare as her counterpart, gets easily controlled by Nina with an errant knee driven up into the thigh, before Nina’s right hand’s buried into the pit of bronzed stomach repeatedly. Alyssa wide-eyed and mouth open, nowhere else to go all of a sudden and not sure how to get out of this predicament. Salvation comes with an uppercut straight upwards into the jawline, sending her OFF her feet and DOWN onto her back! 

KNOCKDOWN for Nina Agdal in glorious fashion! Nina finally tasting a semblance of victory, throwing up her hands and doing a small leap into the air. She roars to the corresponding noise level of the crowds, cheering along with her, as she steps over Alyssa’s fallen form back to corner. The referee already passed the mid-count and we see Alyssa valiantly trying to get off her back and try and sit up, to no avail. She’s still shaking her head in a daze when the bell finally rings. It’s over!

Official Decision: Nina Agdal defeats Alyssa Miller via KO6! 


Nina Agdal back in form and loving it, parading that swimsuit-ready body around all four corners of the ring, before coming full circle and standing astride Alyssa’s fallen form. Miller letting out a loud gasp as she’s kicked in the chest when she attempts to rise, instead being forced onto her back and left writhing as Nina stomps down into her belly and chest. 

Nina continuing to gloat for the cameras, wide-eyed smile as she flexes both arms over her most recent conquest! 



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