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25 January 2019 Ashley Greene vs Priyanka Chopra

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jan 26, 2019 at 1:10pm


Ashley Greene versus Priyanka Chopra 

(Words: O & E / Results: Lookout!)


Ashley Greene versus Priyanka Chopra


Before: Priyanka quietly putting together a great 2018, winning 4 out of 5 including a pair of recent champions. Ashley, on the other hand, is coming off a disastrous year. Barely avoiding going winless for all of 2018, instead of passing Claire Holt as O&Es principal bantam, both have been eclipsed by Demi Rose.

Priyanka Chopra wears a red sports bra, black hip-huggers and red gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a curled ponytail. Ashley Greene in light blue bandeau, blonde hair loose and wild, white gloves.

R1: Priyanka wades into Ashley, collapsing distance with a short-arm, walking barrage, bashing lefts and rights against head and shoulders, backing her up. Greene covering, riding it out, then answering back thick body-shots hooks, keeping right hand tight to her chin. Chopra soaks it up, then answer back in kind--torrid hooking action to paunch, right hand tucked in under her chin. Back and forth--girls often changing places to work each other over at the ropes, staying close in, bumping heads and shoulders when not working. Bell” neither girl lets up--ref has to enforce the break.

R2: Ashley banging big brawny, wide right/lefts against Priya’s flanks--rounded arms shivering upon batting contact, mitts bouncing loud off meat. Chopra huddling forward behind her mitts, grunting early--Greene grinning, comes off the flanks to dip her shoulders and dig heartily amidships, thick right/lefts. Priyanka bumped backwards to ropes, grimacing, covering up, unable to answer: Ashley rides her guard in to bump, then helps herself. Wide, bashing blows crashing off rib, shoulder, ears; shorter, digging blows curled up the middle, working tummy and rack. Steady attrition posts blonde to a bruising shutout first.

R3: Priyanka packed back into her own turnbuckle, helpless under a pushing/buffeting/slugging blonde assault. Ashley shoving short, straight right hands in over the top, clanging away on Chopra’s cheek. Greene pushing in hard, dropping her right foot back then BELTING Priya’s ribs RIGHT/LEFT/RIGHT! Ashley hup-hup-hupping underneath with short, scrubbing side to side work, buffeting Chopra’s pleasing rack and drawing outraged whimpers. PRIYANKA STORMS BACK! Chopra biding her time, erupts in the final minute with raucous hooks, cuffing Greene upside the head, then CRIPPLING her down below the right elbow, blonde sobbing aloud, spitting out her mouthpiece after a savage liver-shot digs home. Priya able to gather Ashley up and spin her into ropes, reversing position for the homestretch. IT’S ALL PRIYANKA CHOPRA! Chopra gritting her teeth, pushing into Greene with left shoulder and open right palm, then HOOKING HER SENSELESS! Big, beefy body shots have Ashley paralyzed in the ropes, Priya steals a blonde round with late surge.

R4: Ashley mounts walking barrage out of the crossed-arm stance, swinging rights and lefts bashing Priyanka to ropes. Greene snarling, hooking Chopra's tits, then coming across righty-to-chin, head tossing aside as she's driven to ropes. Ashley pounding the ribcage hook/hook/right hand - coming back up top the hook to rock Priya's jaw. Chopra in stupor - right hand stacked atop left at her stomach, eyes staring in confusion: Greene strokes her a right ear-to-chin, then hooks her cheek. Smart, stubby jabbing from Ashley keeps Priyanka defensive; wide, open-palm hooks cup jaw with illegal heel-strike delivery, then Greene's bending into chopping right hands, POUNDING off face. Chopra's curvy legs holding her up: she's badly pasted, really clapped upside the head again and again as Ashley leans into those right hand bombs. Bell: Priya's turn to stare and stagger in swoon: Greene glaring, stomping back to her corner all business.

R5: Same again – Ashley closing, forcing battle midring: Priyanka accommodating her from a closed-stance. Chopra bashing away - chugging up the middle; slamming wide to flanks. Greene shorter, nippier with her strokes: clipping little six inch right uppercuts and cuffing little rights to ear - punctuated by the odd wiping hook off the waist. Ashley's defence noticeably superior: look at her roll Priya's right hands with the left shoulder; watch as she leans back onto her right leg to evade brunette's compact hook - then tilts forward to jot the right to Chopra's face. Down the stretch, Greene's accuracy begins to tell: Priyanka's knees buckle, eyes moistening with alarm. Ashley hooks the mouthpiece off Chopra's teeth; doubles the hook to jaw again; TRIPLES the left hand with a little uppercut to chin, sending Priya stomping back on her heels. Bell: Ashley hard-eyed, looks things over with satisfaction.

R6: HAMMER AND TONGS! Ashley out smokin': carrying the right hand into Priyanka's ribs out of an aggressive crossed-arm crouch. Both girls come back hooking: Greene gets the better of it, backing Chopra up. Priya with the right uppercut from too far out: Ashley times her chopping right just right, pounding her face back in trade. Chopra hitting ropes in disarray, head lolling dangerously, lips parting: SHE'S HURT! Greene stepping-to: wide, open-palm left strokes Chopra ear-to-chin, PLOWING right hand to belly. Priyanka stunned, goggle-eyed, slumping back into ropes. Ashley baring fangs, POUNDING right loops slightly wide, clapping left side of Chopra's face. Priya in stupor, taking head shots: cupping lefts, those booming rights! Crowd in hysterics...Chopra ready to go...BUT BANGING BACK! Priyanka out on her feet, summons right uppercut/left hook to punch Ashley's face tic-toc: blonde doubleclutching, momentarily startled. Chopra slugging from her waist - slops the hook across Greene’s mouth - bends torso-left to pull a slamming right upside blonde head. Ashley wobbles in her stance, blinking in shock: she backs up as Priyanka wades off the ropes, pitchin' from her pockets! Lefts and rights clap at Greene's staring face, stroking her jawlines, tottering backward, facing into punishment...she answers back a pushy right, eating a jackhammer right in trade that spins her head. Chopra lunges in with a short hook, elbow in tight to her body as she lands to chin and ASHLEY GOES DOWN! Greene blown to her back as Chopra basically jumps into her, stumbling forward, trampling downed blondee en route to ropes...IT'S OVER! Ashley on her back, arms outstretched, mouth wide open, eyes shut tight in a little KO'd frown: KO6 Priyanka Chopra in an orgy of mutual destruction for the ages!

After: It looks like it’s going to be an orderly handoff in April, as Priya tacks a fifth high-quality pelt to her wall! 



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