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25 January 2019 Jennifer Lawrence vs Brooklyn Decker

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jan 26, 2019 at 12:32pm


Jennifer Lawrence vs Brooklyn Decker
(Chimera vs Lioness Club of America)
(28-20-1, 25 KO vs 40-14, 29 KO)
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: "Beating Kate Upton in JMDD is one thing, beating Jennifer Lawrence is something else!", the Academy Award winner takes center stage and shoots down all the pre-fight comments about her underdog status versus the Sports Illustrated legend. "Brookie is cool but she needs to learn about her limitations! Her mini-welterweight run stops with ME and that's official! I already pity this fool!" (laughs).

Meanwhile Decker is anything but overwhelmed with tonight's challenge. The ultimate goal of welterweight championship opportunity remains very much on table for 2019 and the recent jug muggin' victory over Kate Upton only fuels the blonde's ego: "I'm sorry to say that but J-Law is kinda overrated. These Chimera babes always try to bully you long before the fight but everyone knows she's not as good as Upton, Ferguson or well, ME!!! I hope she's ready to accept the bitter reality! Time to send her down the drain... again!"

Decker enjoys the support of fellow models Karolina Kurkova and Romee Strijd in her corner but the Chimera camp is vastly superior. Sofia Vergara, Stephanie McMahon, Hannah Davis and Christina Hendricks are all here and make plenty of noise during the introductions!

Jennifer Lawrence wears a light blue bikini set & yellow gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a curled ponytail. Brooklyn Decker wears a red bikini set & silver gloves. Long blonde hair wrapped in a loose bun at the back of her head. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the welterweight division.

Round 1:
It's not a JMDD-sanctioned bout but Brooklyn doesn't mind digging some early leather into the fellow blonde's chest which allows her to dominate the action down the stretch. Lawrence tries to respond win equally ruthless fashion but loses the powerful tug-o-war when she gets clipped just below the bust line and wobbles forward to meet a crunching uppercut on the jaw. Decker giggles at this lack of resistance and cleans the house downstairs to bully the Chimera woman back to the ropes where she connects with more quick shots around Lawrence's elbows to keep her pinned in subdued position. Ugh! J-Law struggles match the model's intensity and disappears behind a tight earmuff but that's not what any of the Chimera gang expected so early into the fight!

Round 2:
More of the same in the second as Brooklyn rallies to Jennifer's guts and keeps blowing past the elbows to connect with the ribcage flesh. Since the Chimera blonde remains stuck on her heels, she fails to really carry all her weight behind the shots and misfires badly instead of lashing out at the slightly statesque opponent. Brooklyn's right there to be hit over the top but she drives J-Law into the ropes regardless and sends one drilling harpoon after the other before a scything cross on the boobs rolls more JMDD tape to dump Lawrence into yelping struggle. No other way to stop this rout than to clinch the charging Decker but the Ohio native slips away from the stalemate and beats the actress for an overhand stunner... she nails Jennifer on the nose and sends her sliding against the turnbuckle with the clock coming to her rescue moments later.

Round 3:
Brooklyn in full flight now... she outworks the sluggish opponent in close range by digging shots from both flanks to nail Jennifer of each temple before a well-timed switch downstairs pierces the belly button and sends Lawrence reeling. Decker might not be the fastest girl out there but the methodical leather rush is too much for Jennifer at this stage who yields real estate in spooked fashion and still gets caught with a left hook on the eye... another crunching shot finds the nose and when Lawrence tries to respond with a proper overhand, she eats one herself AND GOES DOWN ON THE SPOT!!! Brooklyn carries some welter juice right into the fellow blonde's chin and it's disaster for the Chimera gang now! J-Law battles back from the abyss and beats the count at eight but she's in complete retreat afterwards and has Decker piling more pressure up the middle almost at will. Don't get too cute here but that's still not the model's problem as she backs the stunned Jennifer into the corner and rocks her head back & forth to underline her dominance!

Round 4:
It's almost a whitewash thus far but J-Law shows some wheels to escape another rush from the charging model only to find a counter-punching success down the stretch in the fourth. Brooklyn taunts the actress into some meaningful action and soaks up a jabbing drill when Lawrence actually blows her gasket. The back & forth slugfest simply must favor the dominant model according to most of the fans but it doesn't as Jennifer rips a nifty cross on the nose and bursts into Decker's jugs for the first time to force a lenghty wrestling stalemate as we head into the final minute. Nobody wants to back off before a low stinger on the liver area drops Brooklyn onto the ropes where she fails to embrace for a quick hook on the jaw just as the clock expires! "You bytch!", the SI model is angry over that last one but J-Law truly recovers from the dead and tells her mates she's got Decker right where she wants her!

Round 5:
Maybe that's indeed correct as suddenly J-Law catches the second wind in her sails and drops the jackhammer on the model's boobs while flirting with her liver area along the way. Brooklyn needs to hit redial before she gets swamped by Jennifer's jugs bumping her in point blank range contact but she actually struggles to slice the high guard up and has to rely on these body shots. Both women send all the juice down belows and almost too low in Decker's case but then a ripping hook on the lips drops her back and Lawrence finds the speed to nail her with a proper follow up on the nose moments later. Uh-oh! Even the toughest of models could wilt under that shot and Brooklyn takes a pause on soft knees while Lawrence DRILLS her lips into a swollen mess with a mighty piledriver that allows her to back the stunned fellow blonde into the corner and clean the tummy out in feisty fashion during the last few seconds. "Who's your bytch now, ####?"

Round 6:
Decker tries to mount a powerful recovery but Jennifer is visibly faster on her feet now and ducks away from the hectic pressure. She slips by inch by inch and keeps the model in check with the single-hand counter punches that only make Decker more angry. When the model finally stumbles forward in her fruitless pursuit she has little chance to embrace an uppercut double that catches both the jug & her chin. Ugh! She wobbles into more phone booth misery and Lawrence goes all RACK to blow the Ohio stunner back to the ropes... My oh my! Theron the GOAT would be proud of the demo job Jennifer performs next as she almost spills Brooklyn's assets into the open and SINKS her on jelly knees with a brutal left/right combo on the nose! Uh-oh!! Decker is HURT as she wobbles against the turnbuckle with a whimper and gets saved by the bell with J-Law digging more heat into her cleavage because she CAN!!!

Round 7:
The Decker ship is sinking fast as J-Law jumps into the phone booth and bounces more tummy, jug and everything below the chin to wrap the Lioness faithful into all kinds of bother! It's like an AMD-bout now as even the experts lose track what we've seen here so far. Kate Upton could nevah! Lawrence bursts into the subdued model's solar plexus and makes her cry out in pain before she orders silence with a brutal hook on the exposed jaw that sends Brooklyn FLYIN' INTO THE ROPES AND DOWN ON THE SIDE... Boom! Shake the Chimera room as J-Law lays down the LAW!!! Decker rolls face down at first before making a slow recovery... she wobbles onto her feet at eight but then stumbles against the ropes again and simply can't catch her breath anymore. Talk about getting thumped in the jugs when you didn't expect it! Like it or not, the fight is called OFF and it's TKO7 Jennifer Lawrence in come-from-behind fashion!!!

AFTER: The outnumbered Lioness entourage is forced to accept the Walk of Shame as Hannah Davis & Christina Hendricks lead the way. Romee Strijd tackles Davis from behind as the catfight script comes to the fore but Stephanie McMahon throws the WWE turtorial at Karolina Kurkova so Sofia Vergara can lock Decker down in the Chimera embrace. Excuse these blondes rolling around on the boards as Davis actually topples Strijd and tries to smother her outright while McMahon sends Kurkova flying from the ring and... kids, don't look at this but that's one hard landing right at the judges' tables. LCA coach Claudia Schiffer waves the white flag and Chimera takes Brooklyn hostage even before the official verdict is announced. See ya in the locker room, bytch!

Lawrence approaches Schiffer and tells her: "U should have known better! Kiss yer title shot goodbye now!" before leaving to celebrate with her mates in the bar. BLONDE! Magazine reports that Brooklyn was stripped nude behind the scenes and stuffed in a locker where only the security crew could rescue her from more misery. Thankfully Stephanie McMahon didn't stream the locker room action live and left the beaten SI model off the hook. However Chimera has made a statement in the ring when it needed it the most while Decker's welterweight title ambitions have been (un)officially put on a major hold tonight!

Official result: Jennifer Lawrence def. Brooklyn Decker TKO7. 



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