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25 January 2019 Miranda Kerr vs Taylor Cole

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jan 26, 2019 at 12:32pm


Miranda Kerr vs Taylor Cole
(Downunder Boxing vs The Fighting Academy)
(16-6, 16 KO vs 41-39-2, 32 KO)
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Miranda Kerr was shut down for the year in September after posting a below par 2-4 record over eight months but she's ready to bounce back in style against a long-time absent fellow lightweight elite operator Taylor Cole tonight. The Texas brunette hasn't sniffed boxing action since December 2017 and while she hasn't posted a winning season in five years, she vows to beat up the Aussie model to remind everyone why's she one of the most underrated women in the whole of FCBA!

Miranda Kerr wears a golden bikini top, green hotpants & golden gloves. Long light brown hair tied in a loose bun tied at the back of her head. Taylor Cole wears a light blue bikini set & black gloves. Long black hair tied in a sleek ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the lightweight division.

Round 1:
Miranda doesn't engage in a furious attack at the start of the bout which perhaps isn't the best decision given her opponent's lenghty break from action and this approach allows Taylor to build some confidence instead as the American powers ahead with some quick jabs only for the model to escape with supreme mobility. Taylor's attacks are half-hearted in their own right and the action slows ever further when she fails to connect with the head-hunting target and backs out of her ideas; Miranda only stalks her from behind the guard with single shots and the bell couldn't have stopped this sluggish display any sooner!

Round 2:
Taylor becomes more aggressive and digs some quick leather into the model's ribcage before misfiring over the top with the follow up. However Miranda gets stuck on her heels and bounces off the fellow brunette's high guard before Cole lands a nasty hook on the jaw to half-spin the Aussie to the side. She then hauls in a cross hook on the nose and dominates the subsequent mid-distance exchange while looping more punches on each temple. Miranda just can't keep her gloves high enough and struggles to mount the other girl's intensity before dropping back into safety which fuels Cole's late pursuit. This is a questionable tactical display from the Aussie model so no wonder her coach Nikki Visser is upset during the break.

Round 3:
Miranda has knocked out some genuine welterweights before and she finally shows signs of that elite power when she clocks Taylor with a vicious overhand early in the third. The American tries to doube up on the power supply but bounces off the top of Kerr's shoulder instead and eats another cruel hook on the lips that wobbles her on the heels. She fails to recover from that spot in time and gets clubbed with a left/right combo again while Miranda switches downstairs to punish the exposed midsection. Taylor trips back to the ropes and gets outworked there as we head into the final miniute; Miranda cranks up more body strikes to keep her foe pinned to the spot and nails her across the boobs right at the bell to complete her recovery.

Round 4:
More of the same in the fourth; Miranda's speed & agility advantage begins to show and she frustrates the fellow brunette with accurate strikes that split the high guard too often for Cole to think about a proper response. Miranda's high-octane attitude sends the other woman reeling and the haymaker pursuit goes nowhere as Taylor just can't put a series together while under constant aerial attack. When Kerr adds the midsection juice later, Taylor disappears behind a tight earmuff and wobbles against the turnbuckle which only fuels the Aussie picking her off almost at will. Ugh! Now that's one rusty fighter we expected to see from the opening bell and Cole is simply furious at the bell as she shoves the referee away and yells at the Aussie entourage in frustration.

Round 5:
Cole becomes almost too desperate in her efforts to knock Kerr's head off but the Aussie model ducks underneath the intended attack before bouncing around on her toes to make the American look even more sluggish in her pursuit. It's time to weather the storm for Miranda and let's make no mistake, Taylor can blow anyone away if she lands the proper strikes but she only loses more energy here as she simply can't match the model's footwork and falls into a genuine counter-punching trap down the stretch. Miranda hauls in a ripping double on each temple before piercing the cleavage repeatedly and bumping the brunette onto the ropes. Ugh! Taylor really struggles to soak up the jug muggin' abuse and cries out in pain when she gets NAILED on the chin right at the bell as well.

Round 6:
Miranda remains much faster on her feet and keeps piling more facial shots early in the sixth as Taylor suddenly looks a spend force... maybe she's unable to find that competitive spark either as she gets glued to her heels and loses the point-blank range exchange with Miranda sensing blood in the air... she doesn't even focus on the jug strikes anymore and gallops into Cole's face from both flanks which cripples the subdued woman on the spot... That's one vicious hook on the jaw too many and when Taylor's response shoots over the model's left shoulder she eats a proper goodnight punch which bursts her lips into a bleeding mess... DOWN GOES COLE!!! The legs simply gave way for the American brunette and she slumps onto her side to rise no more! KO6 Miranda Kerr!!!

AFTER: That was a ruthless display from the highly-praised model who looked all out of sorts in the opening round only to storm back into contention against a very dangerous but physically struggling opponent. Taylor should have pushed with all her might when she had Kerr stuck in neutral and but she didn't and had no chance when the lithe Australian kicked into a higher gear. Miranda takes a long stare at the fallen actress before shaking her head and turning back to her corner where Nikki Visser admits she was never concerned about the end result. Huh! She seemed anything but not concerned after two rounds though but a big 'W' cures all problems! Is Miranda ready for the big challenge at the divisional throne again? It's too early to say but between her and Yvonne Strahovski there's nobody the Australians can support more!

Official result: Miranda Kerr def. Taylor Cole KO6. 



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