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31 January 2019 "Six Debuts In Search of an Asylum" PPV Introduction

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Posted by Wiz on Feb 1, 2019 at 3:18am


O'Dell: "You are looking LIVE at the sold out Asylum Arena in Philadelphia! I'm Jennifer O'Dell, and I'm here along with Tess Valmore, The Bad Girl Of Bazz, Cassie Scerbo, and The Loose Cannon Of The FCBA, The Straw That Stirs The Drink, Jenny McCarthy, and ladies, we're going to our 2019 season with anothergreat Asylum card!"

Cassie: "We are, Jenny, and we'll be starting in the division where I rule, flyweight, as the lovely Kiernan Shipka makes her FCBA debut against Jane Levy!"

McCarthy: "And, SPEAKING of flyweights, Weirdo's one REAL fighter will be on the card, because somebody named Meg Donnelly is here to take on Kristen Stewart!"

Tess: "We've got some big girl action on the card tonight as well, with a pair of lightweight battles. First, we'll see Raven Lyn's FCBA debut against Serinda Swan, and, later, Arlenis Sosa's debut against Gemma Arterton..."

McCarthy: "And, we're ALSO going to have a lightweight bout in which Generic Lewis will come in and prove me RIGHT for firing that overrated BEANPOLE Taylor Hill!"

Tess: "It's 'Damaris' and I thought Alexander was going to prove you right LAST month..."

Cassie: "And Dawson the month before THAT..."

McCarthy: "Shut UP, BOTH of you!"

O'Dell: "Drink up, boys!"

Cassie: "But, while you're doing that, let's not forget that we'll also have a bantamweight bout tonight, featuring the FCBA debut of the lovely India Eisley against Lili Reinhart!"

O'Dell: "Six fights, four weight classes, and one heck of a card. So, get those shot glasses and bingo cards ready, sit back, relax, and enjoy 'Six Debuts In Search of an Asylum'!" 



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