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31 January 2019 Jane Levy vs Kiernan Shipka

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Posted by Wiz on Feb 1, 2019 at 3:16am



"Well, you've got to start somewhere," says Kiernan with a smile. "And, I can't WAIT to get started in the FCBA."

"This girl," says Jane, "Might just turn out to be a big deal. She's young and she's smart and she's got plenty of want-to. Tonight, however, is not her night."


O'Dell: "Back at ringside and that's 'Nobody' by Mitski you hear behind us..."

McCarthy: "And, that means a 'nobody' is coming to the ring, since, of course, we're going to be treated to SIX Typical Dancing Hooker Opponents tonight...ALL with NO FCBA wins!"

Cassie: "Every January we explain the theme of this card to Mac...and every January she fails to get it..."

Tess: "It's good to know SOME things don't change..."

O'Dell: "IF we could concentrate on the ring, you'll see that the lovely Kiernan Shipka, star of 'The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' is climbing inside. Shipka just 19 years old and likely to have a big future on the screen. She's helped off with the robe to reveal a shamrock number that reveals a body that's clearly trained hard for this one. And, that's 'Pleasant Nightmare' you hear behind us, and here comes 'The Marin County Marauder', Jane Levy!"

Cassie: "Uncle Wiz VERY high on Jane, who's currently his top-ranked flyweight. Talk around the stable is that if any Front Street fly gets a title fight this year, it may well be Jane."

O'Dell: "Levy climbs inside and is helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve. She's wearing that peach number we've seen before. And, the ladies are about ready. Time for some picks. Tess likes Levy. Mac?"

McCarthy: "No WAY is this tomato can getting a TITLE fight, but she can beat a girl with NO FCBA wins. Jane."

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "I agree with Tess!"

O'Dell: "Unanimous. Let's see if the ladies are right. Ladies doing some feeling out early. They're at range, jabbing, moving the heads and feet, probing for openings. Shipka showing a Ken Norton-like cross-armed defensive style. And, that doesn't leave a lot of space for leather to land, does it, Mac..."

McCarthy: "No, it doesn't, and Levy's having some trouble solving it right now."

O'Dell: "No question Kiernan's blocking a lot of the redhead's offense, but Jane IS getting some leather on target, but, so is Shipka. Neither very busy, though. Lots of recon going on instead, as the ladies would rather gather information than build up points, and, they're presumably doing plenty of the former..."

Tess: "But not much of the latter."

O'Dell: "Final thirty seconds rolling off the clock and it's plenty close. Neither fighter has been able to grab any kind of advantage. Fifteen seconds to go. Sharp exchange there and both fighters landed a good right hand. And, there's the bell. No question it's close, but it's Shipka who grabs the 10-9 lead."


O'Dell: "Second begins the way the first ended, with the ladies boxing at range. Shipka lands a nice combination. Levy fires back, but Kiernan blocks most of the rejoinders, then lands a GOOD right hand in counter. Jane steps in and the blonde immediately clinches, bringing the referee in to break the fighters apart."

McCarthy: "Liking what I'm seeing from Shipka right now."

O'Dell: "She's definitely not looking over her head out there. Blonde has a fight plan and she's sticking to it, and that unorthodox style is not going to be easy for anyone to deal with. GOOD right hand from Shipka lands there! Levy again firing back, but, again, seeing most of the leather blocked."

Cassie: "Blonde's not shy, is she? She gets an opening and she lets the hands go."

O'Dell: "No doubt about it. We're coming down the stretch in the second. Sharp exchange as we near the bell. Again, it's Kiernan who gets the better of it as a result of much of Levy's shell landing harmlessly against the blonde's defenses, and there's the bell. Kiernan and solidly in the second."

Tess: "And, Shipka's up 20-18."


O'Dell: "Terms apparently set as the ladies begin the third the way they ended the second and the way they've fought the first two. They're at range boxing, and Levy's still having problems solving Shipka's defenses, but, she seems to be getting a little more done in this stanza, at least in the early going."

Cassie: "It always takes time, when you're in with an unorthodox fighter, to figure things out. Jane may be doing that now."

O'Dell: "She may, indeed, but, Kiernan still able to block a lot of the redhead's offense, and she's still scoring well with her own punches. And, as a result, we have a pretty close round on our hands as we head into the final minute of action in the third. Nobody's really created any space."

Tess: "Levy a SOLID right hand there..."

O'Dell: "Best punch of the fight for Jane. Kiernan forced to cover up, but she's right back to work quickly. Again, blonde not looking out of her element or over her head out there. She's been very, very impressive so far. Five seconds to go in the third. One last exchange and there's the bell. Close. Jane."

McCarthy: "But, Shipka still leads 29-28."


O'Dell: "Fourth begins with more ranged boxing. Neither fighter has tried to close even to middle distances. Both, instead, content to work at arms length and there's a SHARP exchange and Levy lands a HARD right hand in it! That backed Shipka up a step and Jane immediately forward to let the hands go again!"

McCarthy: "Shipka still picking off a lot of leather."

O'Dell: "No doubt. But Levy getting enough through now to make a difference. ANOTHER hard right for the redhead and Kiernan takes another backward step. Jane now upping the work rate, looking to keep the blonde on the back foot. Shipka not doing much offensively right now..."

Cassie: "Definitely getting suppressed some."

O'Dell: "And, Jane continues the suppressive fire as we head into the final twenty seconds of the round. Levy sending flurry after flurry at Shipka, who's mostly taking and doing very little in counter. Five seconds left. GOOD right from Jane and there's the bell. No doubt about that one. Levy and wide."

Tess: "And, we're even at 38."


O'Dell: "Levy aggressive early. She's stepping to Kiernan, backing her up with the heavy leather. Redhead found something that worked in the last frame, and she's carrying it over to this one. Blonde again on the back foot. She's slick with the defense, but not able to get much offense going."

McCarthy: "No matter how this ends, Conan has impressed me! She's got potential!"

O'Dell: "Shipka continuing to give ground as Jane keeps up the high work rate. This suppressive fire very effective against the blonde, who can't seem to get out of reverse. Levy plenty sound through it all, not getting sloppy trying to press the advantage, but pressing it and doing so effectively."

Tess: "And, she's establishing control over the fight."

O'Dell: "That she is. Final seconds ticking off the clock as Kiernan remains on the back foot and Jane remains in charge. GOOD combination by Levy that forced Shipka to cover up. Blonde clinches now and there's the bell. Fifth round is in the books and it's Levy, and wide again."

Cassie: "And Jane takes a 48-47 lead into the second half."


O'Dell: "And that second half begins with Levy again the aggressor. Shipka giving ground as she has been for most of the last two rounds. Still sound defensively, still picking off a lot of what Jane's throwing, but Levy's volume is making all the difference. NICE right by Jane and a SOLID counter from Kiernan!"

McCarthy: "Kid got Levy's attention with THAT one!"

O'Dell: "Might have done, but didn't slow her down. Jane continuing with the pressure, continuing with the high work rate and she lands a NICE right hand and SHIPKA ROCKS HER WITH A COUNTER! Great counter by the blonde and that wobbled Jane a little bit and now it's KIERNAN GOING ALL IN!"

Cassie: "Nothing to lose now! Let the hands go and see what happens!"

O'Dell: "That's what Shipka's doing, backing Jane into the ropes and just throwing a blizzard of punches at her. Levy with the guard high, blocking a lot of it, but hard shell is definitely getting through. Blonde just WINGING away and IT'S OVER! Referee stepping in here and waiving it off! And your winner by TKO6 in SHOCKING fashion is Kiernan Shipka!"

Tess: "I did NOT see that coming..."


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I have our winner, Kiernan Shipka, and this is quite the way to start an FCBA career..."

Kiernan (smiling): "I guess it couldn't have gone much better. I know nobody gave me a shot, especially as good as SHE is, but I knew I could do it if I stuck with it. And I did. And then I DID!"

Tess: "I imagine this has gotten lots of folks' attention. Your phone might be busy these next few weeks..."

Kiernan (smiling): "And, I'll take the calls. If someone wants to fight me, I'm interested, and if they want to sign me, I'm going to at least listen." 



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