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1 February 2019 Bella Thorne vs Demi Lovato

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Posted by The Dollhouse on Feb 3, 2019 at 8:32am


Bella Thorne
(21, 5’8, 120 lbs, 20:6 FCBA, The Dollhouse)
Demi Lovato
(26, 5’3, 142 lbs, 28:15:1 FCBA, Lookout! Boxing)

Results: Lookout!; Story: Caspian & The Dollhouse

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for our main course for the evening and it’s a Triple Main Event! 
Starting off with one of the main highlights of the evening in a battle between top-level competitors. Bella Thorne and Demi Lovato have not clashed before, except verbally, and so tonight will be their first meeting in the ring. 

Bella smirking first at the camera flashes, looking confident for someone who'd recently lost her title, though she starts fuming when the first questions out of a reporter's mouth is exactly regarding that topic. 

"I'm still pretty f*cking mad about losing the JMD title. I should be wearing it right now, and taunting Demi with it, but I got careless in there and Rose got lucky, and then it all went downhill. Whatever. It's cool. I'm gonna use that loss to fuel me tonight, because I have a huge B*TCH to take down!” Bella proclaims, raising her voice as she turns her gaze towards Demi. “You know… Demi talked a lot of sh*t about me, and it's all gonna catch up with her tonight. Yeah, she might be strong…or just heavy…very heavy…..” Bella chuckles. “But that's honestly all she has going for her. She won't be able to keep up with me. All I gotta do is watch out, not give her any lucky breaks, and I'm gonna send this chunky b*tch back to rehab."

Well it appears that Bella certainly hasn't loss that edge off the tip of her tongue. Demi on the other hand appears as cool as a cucumber as she stares at her opponent from across the table, arms folded across her chest and flipping her hair to one side before replying.

"Bella was too scared of me destroying her fake boobies, so I didn't get that JMD title shot. That's fine. The OTHER Demi (Rose) did the job for me, and did it well. I hope that nap you took between those massive jugs of hers was nice for you, Bella. You'll be taking another nap tonight, and not between these bad boys… ” she cups her boobs preciously. “Unfortunately for you, you'll be taking a long nap on the mat, under my foot. Challenging me to a normal fight was the biggest mistake of your life, and I'm gonna make sure you remember that. Do you seriously think your scrawny ass body can absorb the punishment coming your way from these?” she says whilst flexing both her biceps. “I can knock you the f*ck out with one punch. I just need ONE opening. And I'll find it. Lets go, b*tch."

It's rare that someone manages to out-talk Bella Thorne, and even rarer when that someone makes her look as uncertain, and dare I say it, a little scared thereafter. This is only confirmed further when the two girls meet at the podium for the traditional staredown for the cameras, and Demi deliberately lunges at Bella with a raised fist and a forward head - the feint works, making Thorne flinch in an embarrassing manner. 

Truth be told no one person truly comes back from a championship loss at 100% of her old self. Bella doing her best impersonation of a stripper as she struts down the ramp to her song “b*tch IM BELLA THORNE” in a tiny black bikini top and purple tights, her red hair flowing loose behind her as she dances her way towards the ring, giving the fans what they came for and more as she flaunts her lanky toned body for the fans in the front rows to see up close. Demi more stagey when it's her turn to enter: blast of silver fireworks as she jumps through the curtains, raising one hands up into the air. The Lookout star is wearing a black sports bra and lycra bottoms for maximum mobility, with black & white gloves completing her attire for tonight. 

Referee calls the action to order and both girls are already cocking their fists back in anticipation. HERE we go with ten rounds of Bantamweight action! 

Rather than fly forward at her opponent, which is her usual method of choice, Bella surprising everyone by keeping herself confined to a corner, and barely firing punches in Demi's direction early on. She must know that this is a very dangerous fight for her to be in, against a much more powerful and heavier opponent, so Bella seems to be focusing really hard on her defenses, and staying focused. She's doing her best to keep Demi away from her even as the latter stalks forward once she's gotten her strategy of retreat down pat. Bella neutralising her punches though by simply slapping them away one after the other, as though both girls are back in the gym and Lovato practising with those practice mitts. Only difference is this sparring partner is hitting back, and hitting back hard, knocking her own jabs into Demi's face as nice counter-shots that bunch up the cheek all the way to the bell. A great way to start things off, we must say. 

Still, one doesn't dissuade Demi Lovato that easily from her target. Brunette renown for her hulking power and damage potential, and just keeps on coming at Bella even into the second. Bella can only run for that long, and the turning point comes in the second minute when a pair of hooks crash into her side and head, one after the other. Success for Demi only invigorates her further - she continues chasing Bella with quick steps forward, hounding the head with hook after hook after hook landing. Bella on the retreat, semi-shocked by the early offense but is left in even dire straits when Demi comes in fast to STUN her on those once-coveted jugs - a deliberate movement of payback and statement drawn into one, if we've ever saw one! Bella squeezing and jumping back, almost in half-shock. But thereafter, her face morphs into that of unbridled rage at this outrage of her modesty. 

Demi might have just gone and stepped on the tiger's tail right there. Brunette still proud of herself at the opening bell, gesturing for Bella's jugs to come back for more beating, and wearing that smirk proudly on her face, even as Thorne barrels into her all of a sudden with a barrage of fists slamming down the middle. Demi forced to cover up immediately, but still taking some stiff shots to her midsection before she manages to contain the redhead’s wild advance. Bella taking some damage of her own: minor grazes on the cheek compared to how much power she's slamming into Demi's own frame for emphasis. Girls end the round in arguably a worse position than when they started: both look exhausted and beaten up. But Bella will still retain some pride for herself in taking this round by a wide margin. 

Demi making the mistake of underestimating Thorne in those early stages of the fight. Can't blame her to some extent - most of Bella's past opponents have done the same and paid the price. Demi here assumes that now is the time to score a knockdown, and therefore begins coming forward in order to meet Thorne right in the middle of the ring. Clash of womanly wills is epic when the fists start flying (and landing) in rapid succession for a good minute. Demi still targeting her jugs in more brazen payback for the previous slight at not being picked as Bella’s JMD opponent, but the initial shock soon wears off from Bella's face, as the former champ begins systematically rotating her head from left to right, then right to left, until Demi suddenly sent spilling into the ropes and DROPPING DOWN to her knees in pain!

SCORE of a knockdown here for Thorne, as she shows her own set of power tools behind those hooks! Demi fans letting out an audible gasp on their girl's behalf, and it must be heartbreaking to see their idol sputtering on the middle rope with her eyes squeezed shut. Referee counting her out from the top, but only Lookout corner is paying any attention to her recovery - Bella already getting pats on the back when she headed back to corner, her lips curled upwards at her own handiwork. But Demi manages to get back up in time for dinner! Her butt still shaking, wobbling when she tries to find her balance though. That was quite a scare, wasn’t it? 

Scowl on Bella's face is as obvious as driving a warship down Sunset Boulevard. She's not happy that Demi had gotten her sea legs back and you can be sure that she's gonna try and put her down again. Demi shaking her head free of any remaining screws loose, actually counters the resultant Thorne charge at her with a fast side-step and weave in the opposite direction. Bella's lunging and jumping forward but not producing much results, in fact missing completely or her blows absorbed by the defences. Demi not scoring back either, to be honest, but hell if we expected her to have gotten a concussion at this point in time - she’s certainly not capable of such agile footwork but still managing to outwit the Doll. She even manages to stun Bella with a few jabs to the face and sent into the midsection, doing just enough to nab her this round by a small margin. 

Alas, her success doesn't last for very long. Bella getting angry all over again and we all know what happens when that happens… Measured fury is the name of the game here - this time Bella doesn't charge at her foe in all-out recklessness. Rather, she crowds out Demi's space with small jumps to the side and forward, pressurising the Lookout fighter continuously by cutting off her movement. Demi still recovering from the previous few rounds, gets ROCKED by a one-two cross attack that almost gets through her guard and score on the chin. It sends her packing backwards into the ropes from the sheer force, before Bella charges in and works over the belly with straight hands thumping in an out, in and out. Referee pulling the former champion off of her prey when the bell sounds rapidly, her frustration reaching a crescendo when Bella realises that she STILL hasn't put this girl away just yet. Demi not in great shape either, however, left gasping and sputtering and hanging onto the top rope to save herself from dropping down to her knees. She's given away this round completely, though some might argue that she's won the victory just by staying upright. 

Girls are sweating profusely from the exertion so far, and Demi in particular surviving through a downswing - the only question is whether she can turn her fortunes into a positive in time for this fight to wrap up. Bella obviously not intent on giving her any opportunity whatsoever to recover in time, sending a steady stream of jab-jab-jab into her face to disrupt those thoughts of rebellion. But hell, Demi blocking and moving with purpose, leading her opponent backwards across the ring. And for a moment, it looks like it’s gonna be another shutout round for the Doll on home soil, until Lovato plants her feet and SWINGS wide for the fences: that right hook SLAMS hard into Bella’s face and torques her entire body almost 180 degrees about on her feet - redhead emits a loud GROAN as she struggles to find her bearings all of sudden blinded by sheer pain. She about-faces and then eats ANOTHER nasty strike to the side of her head, this time sending her reeling and crashing into the ropes! It’s Demi’s turn to wreak havoc here, and BOY does she not disappoint! Bella forced to cover up as she has nowhere else to go on the ropes, with thumping rights and lefts buried into her midsection and Lovato putting her remaining strength into those patented hooks slamming into the forearms, attempting to break the dam once and for all. It’s Bella’s turn to weather the storm clouds - she’s in trouble, certainly yes, but still manages to sustain herself through sheer force of will. Demi spitting down at her feet as the referee herds her away once the bell sounds - she’s taken the upswing back, alright, just having failed to secure the coveted knockdown here. Will this come back and bite her in the remainder of this fight?

We’d say, however, that this contest has been one hell of a see-saw ride from start to finish, with both girls being top-tier competitors in their own right, and therefore showing us an equal outcome of opportunity thus far. Bella’s turn to attempt a comeback, but she’s moving slow and breathing hard out of the gate. Demi coming forward as well, but her skin is gleaming with perspiration, showing how hard either woman has worked to get here. They exchange jabs to the head and body in the first minute, but neither willing to fully jump in and put herself in a vulnerable position. That is, until Thorne sees an opportunity, decides to LEAP forward and land a right hand straight down the middle of Demi’s guard, hoping it will STUN the brunette just like before. Demi however squaring those hips, prepared for the sudden lunge... She takes the brunt of the blow with a low grunt but it doesn’t throw her off balance as Bella intended. Instead, follow-up uppercut is already in mid-swing, SNAPPING Bella’s head backwards right as she landed on both her own two feet! OUCH!! Bella did NOT see that bloody coming! She’s looking incredibly shaky as she reels backwards with the rest of her body following - that one punch certainly knocked her brain into space! Demi doesn’t have to reach very far to score another hook or two across her disoriented girl’s face, sending Thorne DOWN to canvas!! Heartbreak in the Doll’s corner as their top Bantam is lying flat on her stomach in disarray, one arm trapped underneath her tummy and the other resting lifelessly next to her head on the canvas. Bella is NOT moving and the referee counts her out as loudly as he can manage, but the defeated former JMD champion is still lying face down in a puddle of her own spittle by the time the bell hits 10! It’s over!!

Official Decision: Demi Lovato defeats Bella Thorne via KO8!

Not sure whether the crowds are fully liking this outcome one bit - it’s after all still a home crowd, with plenty of Dollhouse supporters booing at Demi Lovato as she raises a hand in the center of the ring. The Lookout star always one for calmness and focus, whether in victory or defeat, and here, she merely smiles cockily, as if to acknowledge the boos and taunts coming from the rest of the arena. Seems like this outcome was obvious to the big girl from the beginning. 

Bella getting looked over by the team of professional medics, who gingerly turn her over and begin to help her sit up against the ropes. But Demi having other ideas, briskly walking over and sending the team scattering, before grabbing the defeated girl by the hair and pulling her upwards herself. Keeping her gloves on, she stands direct in front of a groaning Bella, whose red mane is in disarray.

"Who's a scrawny b*tch who got destroyed by my power?!" Demi hisses down at her.

Bella only mumbling what seems to be random words, but we distinctly hear a phrase in there telling Demi to f*ck off, and Demi responding in kind with a sharp WHACK of her fist right smack into the middle of the redhead’s forehead - not strong enough to knock Bella out, but still plenty of force to make her groan and see some stars. 

Demi trying again, raising her voice this time. "I said! Who destroyed you!?" 

More incoherent mumbling mixed with groaning from Bella, and it earns her another punch and another punch to the middle of her face, paradoxically making the redhead more and more stunned, and increasingly unable to answer the victor’s question. And where are the ring officials at this point? Are they going to tolerate this abuse forever? 

"Say you're my b*tch!” Demi demanding one last time, but by now, Bella is definitely too groggy to even register the question or respond, with her eyes fluttering wildly and mouth hanging open in shock. 

Demi laughing out loud. "She can't even talk at this point..." she states. 

Dollhouse crew and officials FINALLY intervening from all corners of the ring with flashes of movement coming out of the corner of the eye simultaneously. Demi manages to sneak in one final BIG punch right into the top of Bella’s head, this one knocking her down to the mat again like a sack of potatoes, out cold, as the Dollhouse crew finally manage to chase her assailant off.

“She’s a fraud! Too f*cking weak! When she wakes up, tell her I said I’ll f*ck her up even worse if she’s stupid enough to challenge me again.” Demi shouts towards a pissed off Carmen Electra from outside the ring as she makes her way backstage to some loud boos from this capacity crowd. 

Not the best start for this Triple Main Event for the Dollhouse crew tonight, but hopefully Emma Roberts can return the smile to Electra’s face in the next fight that is coming right up! Stay tuned! 



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