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8 February 2019 Wallis Day vs Daniela Lopez Osorio

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Posted by Girls Friday on Feb 8, 2019 at 2:15pm


(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Free Agent vs Free Agent)

The opening bout tonight is the first semi final of the New Blood lightweight tournament, England's Wallis Day means Colombia's Daniela Lopez Osorio here in Los Angeles Staple Center.

Wallis is 24 years old; she stands 5'8 ½ and holds an unbeaten record of 1 win, that by knockout against Krysten Ritter last October, she is most famous for her time on the TV show Krypton.

Daniela is 25 years old; she stands 5'9 and this is her debut, she is famous for modeling for Victoria Secret, also she had a famous moment at the Lolli swimsuit fashion show in 2014 that involves her booty.

The fighters were interviewed at the New Blood gym in Denver, Colorado by FCBA Networks Lucy Liu, with Wallis up first with her mentor for this tournament Emily Blunt.

The first question is about what got her into the FCBA, Wallis replies "I saw these amazing fighters like Charlize Theron, then for those who don't know I nearly went to the Olympics in 2012 for swimming, I decided to make acting my life instead though, so this I guess is my way of finding my competitive edge again"

Emily is asked how she feels training Wallis went, she answered "she definitely is physically fit, I got her sparring multiple opponents one after the other as you do and she kept wanting to continue, I know Daniela is fit too so this should be an awesome battle"

Lucy turns to Wallis to see if she agrees that her and Daniele will be awesome, Wallis chuckles before she replies "well I want to give fans something to cheer, Daniela looks a good match for me but all I care about is claiming that crown on my way up the rankings"

Daniela is then interviewed with her mentor Sofia Vergara sitting next to her, both are smiling warmly as they chat with Lucy before the interview official begins.

The same question about reasons for joining the FCBA are extended to Daniela, she says "you'll probably know that me and Kyra Santoro are great friends, she told me how much she enjoyed fighting, so after showing me the ropes I decided to throw my hat into the ring as they say"

When asked what makes her think she will be a good fighter; Daniela answers "I grew up doing gymnastics and playing football, I still do kick a ball around in my days off, I also have a personal trainer to keep me in top shape, so I know I can physically compete with anyone in this organization"

Lucy turns to Sofia about her protégé, asking her opinion on training her; after giggling Sofia says "the first day was interesting, Daniela ran over to hug me as she tells me I am her hero" making Daniela blush a little before she nods to the camera.

"Once we actually started training; boy was I happy I got her, she as you can guess has great flexibility, she also has a nice pop to her punches, so she is more then ready to upset a few of the girls standing in her way of her crown" continues Sofia as she puts her hand on her fighters shoulder.

The final question concerns her opinion of Wallis, Daniela grins as she says "I've seen her at the gym, while we kept mostly apart since you don't want to get friendly with someone coming to knock you out, I'll admit she has my respect for how she can handle herself, that respect ends once the bell rings as I want this more then she does, that will be clear by the end of this fight"

Fight night; out comes Wallis first with Emily by her side, Wallis looks cool as she heads down the aisle, eyes on the ring as she is picturing fighting Daniele already.

She is wearing a blue sports bra, union jack pattern on her trunks, with red gloves and blue shoes, her blonde hair is short.

Stepping into the ring; she gets a good round of applause from the fans as she gives them a quick wave, before she settles into her corner to warm up.

Now out comes Daniela with Sofia, Daniela looks in great spirits as she gives the crowd a shake of her booty, smiling as she jogs down to the ring.

She is wearing a yellow sports bra, matching trunks and shoes, while her gloves are red, her brunette hair is braided.

Getting into the ring; Daniela blows the fans kisses on her way to her corner, then she starts to warm up with stretches as her eyes lock onto her opponent.

Both women are ushered to the center of the ring, where they square right up into each others face, though it's the coaches exchanging words on whose fighter will be heading into the final later tonight.

As both fighters are told to touch gloves, they exchange a nod as they touch gloves, quickly returning to their corners ready to start 10 rounds of lightweight action.

Round 1:
Out come the fighters with both looking good on the defence with their head movements, that leads to a lack of clean punches though in the first 30 something seconds of the fight.
Daniela shows off her nifty flexibility; ducking under a straight punch so she can come inside to work the abs of her opponent, before moving back out.
It looks like the Colombian has settled the quicker, she is dodging punches before she counters with the cleaner shots of the two.
Making Wallis think as she tries to measure up Osorio more, but Daniela is the one pushing the action with her stick and move tactics.
Till late in the round Wallis lands a straight onto the top of her opponent's head, allowing her to start landing her combinations with more regularity then before.
Problem for her is the bell rings before she can get any real momentum, making Wallis look a little annoyed as she returns to her corner, knowing that Daniele took that round.
Round 2:
Daniela definitely looks good defensively so far, her head and upper body movement are allowing her to dodge most of what is being thrown her way.
But Wallis is starting to read her movements better, feinting with a right; when Daniela moves to dodge she is met with a left across her face.
Giving the English fighter the chance she wanted as she steps in close to force Daniela to fight on the inside, Wallis whacking her to the body to test those abs out.
Daniela manages to step back to open space, landing a double jab to the face of her opponent to make her think about charging forwards.
Leading to both dancing up on their toes trading single punches, Wallis though is starting to cut the ring off to stop Osorio having as much room to move.
When Daniela tries to dip down; she is met with two hooks to her head to make her step back, covering up as Wallis comes on strong with a flurry that lands off the gloves of her opponent.
The round ends with Wallis allowing herself a moment to breath, looking happy with her effort this round as Emily smiles at her.
Across the ring Sofia tells Daniela not to worry about this yet, just focus on the plan and everything will fall into place.
Round 3:
Again both start off similar to the last two rounds, they are showing their technique off as they exchange single punches while on the move.
A missed right by Wallis leaves her open to an overhand right that turns her head, Daniela turns on the aggression as she steps forwards to knock Day behind her guard.
Wallis now needing to show off her defence as she back tracks, Daniela targeting the body of the blonde with straight shots to try to open her up for harder shots.
But Wallis catches Daniela with a left/right straight into the face, before moving away from the ropes so she can reset.
Both are starting to throw more combinations as they look to take control of the action, with Daniela slipping under a straight to come at her opponent with an uppercut that doesn't land flush.
It pushes Wallis back though; where she ends up getting driven onto the ropes, where her face is marked up by Daniela's fists banging into her face.
The bell rings to end the round with Sofie giving a thumbs up as Daniela jogs back over to her corner, the youngster looking excited as she wins another round.
Emily meanwhile tells Wallis where she needs to improve if she is going to win this fight, she listens intently as Wallis knows she needs to change a few things up to win this.
Round 4:
The difference it seems with Wallis is that she is fighting more on the back foot, allowing Daniela to come towards her.
Daniela continues to dance around Wallis, looking for an angle to come attack from, when she steps inside though she gets caught with an uppercut that straightens up the Colombian.
That opens up Osorio to two punches that knocks her head backwards, Wallis starting to open up on her opponent to drive her back.
Daniela tries to cover up; she can't keep punches though from slamming into her face, with an uppercut again knocking Daniela's head back, her legs shaking as she pulls Wallis into a clinch.
The referee steps in to break them apart; Wallis is starting to catch Daniela more cleanly now, as Daniela looks a little shaken.
A two punch knocks the head back of Daniela once more, forcing her to try to fight her way back into this, looking a mistake as she is losing the exchange.
The bell rings to end the round with Daniela looking at Sofia with a worried look, Sofia telling her to keep confident in her abilities as water is poured over Daniele to waken her up.
Round 5:
Wallis comes out on the front foot, measuring up her with straight punches as the blonde is using her footwork to cut the ring off.
Daniela is trying not to get flustered, she dips down to dodge punches and to counter again, getting in some good body shots to get herself into space.
But as she ducks down; this time Wallis lands a double jab off the top of her head, when Daniela moves backwards, A RIGHT HOOK CATCHES HER ON THE CHIN TO SEND DANIELA TO HER BACK!
Wallis heads back to her neutral corner with a smile, 1...2...3.. Daniela shakes her head as she turns to her front, 4...5...6...7.. Daniela tries to get up to her feet but stumbles to a knee, 8...9...10 Daniela is too dazed to stand, getting counted out!

Winner Wallis Day KO Round 5

Wallis gets through to the final later tonight, she doesn't celebrate right away though as she heads over to Daniela, helping her opponent up as the two nod at each other.

"You fought well babe" Wallis tells Daniela, with the model saying thanks as the two share a hug, Sofia smiling as she comes over to hug them both to a few chuckles.

Sofia then helps Daniela over to her corner to clean her up, Daniela sheds a few tears as she is disappointed that she couldn't win, Sofia consoles her as she tells her she is proud of her.

Wallis meanwhile is praised by Emily on not just the win, but the fact she isn't too badly marked up, meaning there isn't much work to do before the final.

Both women come to the center of the ring, Wallis getting her hand raised to make the result official, with Wallis smiling as Daniela nods as she knows she deserved to be beat tonight.

"I'll want a rematch someday babe" says Daniela as they turn to each other, getting a hand shake from Wallis as Daniela adds "first go win this tournament OK!"

Daniela leaves the ring with Sofia; hoping she can win her next fight as already she is planning on getting back into the ring.

In the ring Wallis flexes her arms as she does a victory lap, smiling as she shouts "I'll be back!" To the fans who seem happy with that.

So is Emily of course as the two leave the ring together, now she just has to wait and see who she faces in the final later tonight between Vita Sidorkina and Ela Kawalec. 



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