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8 February 2019 Claire Danes vs Evangeline Lilly

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Posted by Girls Friday on Feb 8, 2019 at 2:17pm


(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Hawkeye International Sports Consortium vs Lookout! Boxing)

Now two legends step into the ring to settle a feud that begun all the way back in 2014, Claire Danes and Evangeline Lilly battle for a fourth time.

Claire is 39 years old; she stands 5'5 ½ and holds a record of 93 wins, 47 by knockout, 55 defeats with 6 draws, she is a former 4 time FCBA flyweight champion, a former 2 time FCBA bantamweight champion and a Tractorpull Hall of Fame member.

Evangeline is 39 years old as well; she stands 5'5 and holds a record of 51 wins, 28 by knockout, 30 defeats with 2 draws, she is a former 6 time FCBA bantamweight champion.

As said the first fight between these two took place in April 2014, it was one of the fights of the year, ending with Claire winning the fight with a unanimous decision after 13 rounds of action.

She'd then win the title off Evangeline in July 2016, that time she knocked out the Canadian in a more bitterly fought affair.

The last fight was in October of last year, Evangeline finally got a win over her American counterpart with a 7th round stoppage.

Both women were interviewed by Lucy Liu on the set of the FCBA Network, Claire was first up in the hot seat looking hot in a red figure hugging dress.

Lucy asked how Claire feels about Evangeline, Claire smiles as she replies "she is a great competitor, I have had many rivals, she is definitely one of the best I have fought"

She continues "but I know Evangeline is jealous of me, she was the queen of the bantamweights when I was the Queen of the flyweights, we were the super fight everyone wanted, well except Evangeline because she knew I was better then her"

Lucy asks if that is really true, citing the times both had called each other out around that time, making Claire chuckle as she answers "trust me Evangeline was scared, I proved that fact right when I beat her two times, the feud should have ended then but Evangeline is stubborn"

Claire is asked about the last fight, that dampens her smile a little, but she puts it back on as she says "Evangeline had one better night then me, I promise you it won't end the same way this time"

Next up is Evangeline, who is wearing a black dress; she shakes hands with Lucy before she sits down to begin her interview.

She is asked about Claire, Evangeline tells Lucy "that first time we fought still plays in my mind every time she is mentioned to me, we were two of the biggest stars around here and as I look back I see where I made mistakes, I could have knocked Claire back down to the flyweights and this feud would have died then and there"

Sitting up more straighter; Evangeline continues "I respect Claire but I don't like her one bit, after the first two fights she tried to claim that I wasn't worthy to fight her, I damn well got her attention after the last fight, now I prove I'm the better fighter in that ring"

Relaxing a bit; Evangeline is asked what will happen if she wins to tie this, she smiles as she replies "first I will tie this feud up, then it's up to Claire, I am more then willing to keep stepping into that ring with her till our issues are sorted, all I know is me and her won't be retiring together, sitting on a beach reminiscing over past battles, I'll always hate her guts"

Fight night; Claire comes out with Natalie Portman beside her, the two look confident as they head to the ring, with Claire waving to the crowd on her way down the aisle.

She is wearing a black sports bra, black trunks with a white waistband, white gloves and black shoes, as her blonde hair is a ponytail, this is very similar to what she wore in their first encounter.

Stepping into the ring; Claire pumps her right fist into the air on the way to her corner, before she gets fully focused as she warms up.

Now Evangeline comes out with Julie Benz by her side, she looks all business to understandably, her eyes only on the ring right now.

She is wearing a black sports bra with red trim, black trunks with three red stripes down the sides, red gloves, black boots, with her brunette hair braided.

Getting into the ring; Evangeline keeps her eyes locked onto Claire's, with Julie reminding Evangeline to stick to the game plan tonight and things will take care of themselves.

The fighters are brought to the center of the ring, the first time these two fought they were full of respect, now the anger they have for each other is evident to see as they stare each other down in close.

When asked to touch gloves, they bump them together but they look ready to go at any moment, with both jogging back to their corners ready to start 10 rounds of bantamweight action.

Round 1:
Claire comes out looking to outbox Evangeline from the off, the Canadian is after closing the gap quickly to force Claire backwards.
It's Claire getting her way in the early going as she dances around her opponent, slamming punches into the face of Lilly.
Who tightens her guard; Claire able to work with some freedom due to Evangeline not being able to match her work rate.
Evangeline finds her way to get at Claire, deflecting a jab to counter with a left hook to the body as she starts to motor forwards.
Claire having to switch to being the one on the defensive, Evangeline taking the center of the ring as she works with headhunting shots.
Most slam off the gloves of the American though as she keeps her guard tight, with the both landing single punches.
The rounds comes to a close with Claire looking cool as she heads to her corner, not letting herself get too excited over a strong start, knowing this isn't going to be an easy night.
Round 2:
Both start off well this round, Evangeline matching Claire now for work rate as both women trade stiff shots around the others guard.
Claire leans out the way of a straight, countering with a double jab on the nose, followed by a straight that wards back her opponent.
That gives Claire the opening the start controlling the pace again, till Evangeline deflects a straight and lands a right across the face of the American.
Evangeline now gets in close, forcing a fiery exchange between the two rivals, the crowd roaring both women on as they slug it out to the body.
The inside work though seems to favour Evangeline as she uses her left to open up space for an overhand right that crashes across the face of her rival.
Evangeline coming on strong with Claire forced to cover up as she is facing a flurry of punches aimed for her head, several get through to knock the head back.
The round ends with Evangeline looking more happier with this, Julie telling Evangeline to keep this work rate up to keep Claire on the back foot.
Round 3:
Evangeline is looking to cut off the ring, Claire though is experienced enough to make that hard, with the early action resembling cat and mouse, both landing jabs to the others cheeks.
Claire's nifty footwork is allowing her to stay off those ropes, landing the cleaner punches by the look of things, drilling her jab up the middle into her opponent's face.
A right smacks in the center of Claire's face as Evangeline springs off her right foot to knock sweat off Dane's head, driving the Hawkeye's girl back.
Evangeline opens up on Claire, slamming away to the body of her rival as she puts her head down, driving Claire onto the ropes.
Where Claire looks to fight her way off the ropes, it's Evangeline though landing the more powerful punches due to her freedom of movement, she knocks the blondes head back with three punches.
Claire quickly clinching up; not wanting to be stuck on those ropes any longer, forcing the referee to step in to break them up.
That gives Claire the room to work as the round comes to a close, Evangeline looking great this round as she caught Claire cold, Julie telling her "that's what makes you the best babe! Keep it up!"
Round 4:
As this round begins Claire is looking to use her jab more for attack then she has up to now, doubling up on it to mark up the face of her opponent, moving out the way of punches coming her way.
Evangeline comes up the middle to work her own punches, landing a few to the face of Danes, but it is the blonde who is controlling the tempo of the fight.
With Claire landing the better combinations now as she is confident of getting her range, testing out the body more of her rival with straight shots.
But Evangeline catches with a clipping right across her nose, enough to make Claire think for a moment, Evangeline moving to the inside to work.
With the fighters trading like two flyweights, letting their fists do the talking for them as seconds tick away in the round.
Claire just misses with an uppercut as Evangeline steps back with a grin as the bell rings, telling Claire that she won't be caught out too easily.
Returning to their corners, both women know that they need to find something extra as they are being cleaned up by their coaches, who are giving them advice on how to do that.
Round 5:
Both fighters come out quickly, with Claire the one establishing the jab early on to keep Evangeline fighting on the outside.
While Evangeline is wanting to work in the pocket, get those body shots going as Claire keeps moving around the outside of the ring side to side.
Till the brunette lands a right across the cheek of her opponent, FOLLOWED BY A LEFT HOOK ON THE CHIN OF DANE'S TO PUT HER DOWN TO HER BACKSIDE!
Evangeline pumping her right fist in the air as she heads to a neutral corner, 1...2...3...4…. Claire shakes her head as she stands up, in slight disbelief that she is down, 5...6...7...8 up to her feet telling Evangeline she was lucky.
Once they are allowed to continue to fight, Evangeline looks to keep the pressure on her opponent, drilling two punches into the face of Claire.
Then as Claire covers up; she switches up to the body to make the blonde groan out and need to try to fight back, with the two landing good stiff head shots.
But Claire is being driven onto the ropes by a three punch combination, she covers up as the round ends with this being the biggest round of the fight so far.
Evangeline now has the advantage she has been looking for, Julie yelling "that's my girl! You're the best in that ring!"
Natalie meanwhile isn't happy with Claire, being frank with her as she berates her for getting caught out, telling her she can't let Evangeline run away with this fight.
Round 6:
After the last round it is Evangeline out the blocks quickly this round, slamming punches into the gloves of the defensive Claire.
Who is looking to keep herself protected from being knocked towards the ropes with her footwork, problem is she is struggling to match the work rate of her opponent, something she was beating earlier in the fight.
As Evangeline gets in close to work the body, till she is either shoved back or takes punches to the side of her head to ward her back.
Seeing that she needs to do more; Claire starts to throw more punches, catching the Canadian to her face as she comes forwards.
But it's the Antman & Wasp star controlling the action this round, slipping under a straight punch to land an overhand right of her own that turns the blondes head to the side.
Evangeline finishes the round strong off it by backing up her rival towards a corner, with both women trading but Evangeline landing the power shots that make the different on scorecards.
The round ends with the Lookout! Corner starting to look somewhat relaxed, that knockdown has given Lilly a cushion to work with on the scorecards, with her looking the better fighter this minute.
Claire's cheeks look to be swelling as her body is getting marked up, Natalie looks annoyed at her, Claire simply responding "I know I need to do something before it's too late" letting out a rare burst of emotion between rounds.
Round 7:
Evangeline keeps marching forwards; she always looks supreme when allowed to walk down opponents, Claire not starting the round off the way her corner team wants.
As Evangeline misses with a right cross as Claire dips down to come up with an overhand left/right cross combination, that seems to get the brunettes attention.
Claire finding her way back into this fight as she dodges punches before targeting the abs of Lilly, making the Lookout! Corner bark orders at their fighter to protect the body better.
When she does show a sign of her guard lowering, Claire slams a right across her lips that busts them open, an uppercut to the body follows as Evangeline lifts her guard up.
Claire is ripping control back as she switches targets effectively, making Evangeline look a little shy to exchange as she tries to use that massive boxing IQ she has to think how to adapt to this.
Instead it gives Claire the free reign she wanted to win this round as the bell rings, Claire giving Natalie a look that says "is that what you wanted?" With Natalie smiling as she cleans up her stablemate.
Julie in the opposite corner remains calm, that seems to be filtering to Evangeline as she takes a deep breath to relax, she has let Claire off the hook before in previous fights though.
Round 8:
As the fighters resume the action, Evangeline is looking to get into Claire's face to punish her for that last round, ENDING UP WITH HER MISSING THE LEFT HOOK AND BEING PUT DOWN WITH A COUNTER RIGHT HOOK!
Everyone looks shocked by this knockdown! Except Claire who marches stone faced to a neutral corner as the count begins.
1...2...3...4.. Evangeline rubs her jaw as she lays on her side, blood running from her lips to the canvas, 5...6...7.. Evangeline pushes herself up to a knee, watching for 8.. Then steps up with her gloves up to show she is OK.
The referee lets the action resume, Claire not rushing in as she knows Evangeline can be dangerous when hurt, so she feels her way in close.
As she expected Claire gets resistance when she does venture to the inside, both nearly clash heads as they plant their feet to trade.
Claire wins the exchange though with a left to the ribs of Evangeline, followed by a right that slams into the side of the head to knock sweat into the air.
Evangeline looking pissed off behind her gloves as she is being bullied back around the ring, Claire loving being the aggressor as she throws combinations at her opponent.
The round comes to a close with Claire letting herself smile, getting the knockdown she was after to make this fight more even now in most fans eyes.
Evangeline punches the top turnbuckle of her corner, with Julie yelling at her to calm down, when Evangeline sits down Julie tells her to take her frustration out on Claire, this is still her fight in their eyes.
Round 9:
It looks like Claire is going to be the one taking momentum of this fight, knocking the head back of her opponent, blood running from the lips of Lilly.
As Claire steps in to try to land an uppercut to the body, a right smashes across the nose of the blonde, making her cry out as she steps back.
Blood runs from the nose of Claire, a target Evangeline targets as she smashes through the mitts of the American to knock her backwards.
Claire is covering up as Evangeline bullies her around the ring, when she can't break through up top, she switches down to the body.
When Claire swings out her guard, they are looping hooks that Evangeline sees too easily, allowing the Brunette to dodge then land clean shots to her face.
The physically of Evangeline is keeping Claire stuck covering up, clearly that nose is bothering Danes as she can't throw much back.
The bell rings to end the round, Evangeline smiles as she heads back to her corner, getting a nod from Julie as they evidentially believe this might prove the key round.
While the Hawkeye corner rushes to work on the nose of Claire, who stares daggers across the ring at Evangeline, wanting to rush across the ring at her as Natalie tells her to bring the best of her to win this.
Round 10:
As the fighters come out they glare but do exchange a tap of gloves to show respect, then resume hostilities with Claire swinging up from moving to getting into Evangeline's face.
A fiery exchange begins the round as both women get their heads down to work, exchanging body shots and clipping the others cheeks.
Claire steps back and throws two body hooks before stepping back, she starts to get her combinations going as Evangeline looks to be holding back a little, maybe thinking the scorecards are in their favour.
But as Evangeline misses with a left cross, Claire whacks her with an uppercut that looks to have rocked the brunette, allowing Danes to back her towards a corner.
With Evangeline pulling Claire into a clinch, where the two look happy for the breather, the referee soon breaks them apart.
Evangeline fighting defensively with stinging jabs catching Claire onto her bloody nose to ward her back, looking to be recovering from that scare quickly.
Seconds are left in the round as Claire slips under a jab, landing an overhand right that turns Evangeline's head around, ending up with Evangeline covering up under a barrage from Claire.
The round ends though with both women raising their hands in the air, they both think they have won as their coaches rush to hug them.
After both are cleaned up and the scorecards are checked, silence fills the arena as the announcer shouts that the scores have come back all for your unanimous decision, your winner is EVANGELINE LILLY! 95-93 on all scorecards.

Winner Evangeline Lilly UD Round 10

Claire looks in disbelief; saying to Natalie "what the f*** was that?! They robbed me!" As she doesn't hide her emotions.

Natalie tries to console her as she goes to Claire, who holds her hands out to stop her, complaining about the result still as she watches Evangeline celebrate.

The winner hoping on the bottom ropes of her corner to soak in the cheers of her fans, though there are boos as debates rage over the result around the arena.

Something Claire wants to have with Evangeline as she taps her back, Evangeline goes nose to nose with Claire as the two exchange views on the fight in less then pleasant terms.

Their coaches pry them apart as Claire tells Evangeline that she'll be back for her, next time there won't be judges robbing her.

Evangeline firing back that she'll gladly see Claire either inside the ring or even outside, the media surrounding ringside as they see another exchange of venomous insults as Natalie nearly has to wrestle Claire out the ring.

When Claire reaches the top of the aisle, she turns to stare back into the ring, angry as she looks disgusted at what happened tonight, something she won't let happen again.

In the ring Evangeline tells the press "I won this! Don't let that bytch tell you differently" as she angrily gives her opinion on the result.

Julie calms her down; reminding her that she is one step closer to that hall of fame slot, making Evangeline hug her in reply, thanking Julie as she rushes towards another hallmark on a truly legendary career.

After posing in the ring; Evangeline blows kisses to the fans, they chant her name as all the anger is gone, now Evangeline is smiling warmly as she heads out the ring to head back to their locker room.

Plenty of questions though will be asked if Claire has a point or simply her emotions got the better of her? 



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