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22 February 2019 Camila Cabello vs Lindsey Pelas

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Feb 23, 2019 at 2:38pm


Camila Cabello vs. Lindsay Pelas(Words: Empire / Results: Lookout!)

"My loss the last time out against Avril stung for sure, but I'll deal with her next month. Tonight I'm going to send a message to her and the rest of the division when I break down Lindsay" states a confident Camila. "Camila is a rare exception amongst Latina fighters... but that's not a good thing. While most will fight until their last, going out on their shields and brawling until the end, Cammie just quits... tonight I'll send her limping back to the recording studio" coos a confident Lindsay.

Lindsay out first escorted by Academy trainer Sharon Stone, disrobing to reveal a pink bikini that barely contains her massive chest, crowd whistling as Pelas puts her chiseled esquisite figure on display, blonde opting for matching gloves and boots, long blonde hair swept back into a pair of shimmering pigtails. Camila out next escorted by Cameron Diaz and Jaime Pressly. Cuban songstress disrobing to reveal a white bikini, matching gloves and boots, long black hair swept into a pair of dueling pigtails. During the pre-fight instructions Lindsay chests up to her foe, pressing her massive chest into her foe, easily dwarfing her humble chest and forcing the ref to body back and irate Camila.


R1: Both girls galloping mid-ring eager to punish their foe, Camila pumping out rapid right jabs, keeping her mitts high as Lindsay swings for the fences, Cabello out-landing and out-throwing her foe, but in the second minute Lindsay's power is on full display, blonde landing a right hook just below Camila's left elbow, winning a gasp of pain from the songtress and forcing her to lean forward, Pelas following up with a right uppercut that just barely misses, buying Cabello a precious moment to clinch. After the refs break Camila gets on her bicycle, pelting Lindsay with rapid flurries of jabs as the blonde pursues her along the ring apron. Pelas walking through Cuban artillery, deflecting most of her leather while slowly herding her into the neutral corner, bell sounding moments before Lindsay can do any damage.


R2: Lindsay barreling out of her corner, charging full steam into a startled Cabello, Camila covering up, turning slightly to her right as Pelas flails away, brunette eating a pair of rights just above her hip, narrowly avoiding a booming left as she wraps her arms around her huffing blonde. Lindsay snarling, trying to shove Camila off as the official moves in to pry them apart. Once action resumes Pelas is on the offensive, swinging away lustily as Cabello sticks to the perimeter. Early in the second minute Cabello begins to find her rhythm, pumping out quick counter jabs before spinning her way free along the ropes. Camila beginning to target Pelas' heaving breasts, shoeshining them with a pair of hooks bringing a seething blonde charging forward, Lindsay eating a right that snaps her head back, slamming a left hook just below the belly button in reprisal, freezing Camila against the ropes and giving Lindsay a golden opportunity to hurt her foe, Pelas following up with another pair of hooks to the belly, slinging a right hook as Cabello's mitts drop to instinctively protect her body, hellacious shot swiveling Camila's face and nearly sending her over the top rope, brunette mitts dropping to her belly as she stares glassy eyed at her foe, eating another right hook that sends her spiraling into the ropes just as the bell sounds! Cabello collapsing into the ropes, out on her feet as the official bodies back a screeching Pelas, Jaime Pressly rushing forward to extract her girl as the crowd howls in appreciation. Between rounds the Empire corner is hard pressed to revive their girl as the official looks on, Lindsay huffing but unscathed in the Academy corner as she eagerly awaits the bell.


R3: Pelas chomping at the bit as the third round begins, marching forward behind raised mitts as Camila swoons against the turnbuckles. Blonde heartlessly tearing into her brunette, slapping quick hooks off her exposed core before blasting apart her guard, Cabello barely maintaining a sloppy guard as Pelas' battering ram rights blast off her mitts, finally Lindsay breaks through the gates with a straight right that snaps Camila's head back, following up with a left uppercut that launches the brunette's mouth guard into the air and sends the battered songtress to the canvas! Lindsay bellowing down at her girl, nearly tripping over her as the official bodies her away. Cabello fighting back tears as she tries to shake off the cobwebs, sitting against the bottom rope as the official makes her way back. Camila groggily reaching for the second rope at three as she turns to see a laughing Avril in the third row. Cabello's face turns crimson as she barely beats the count on sheer hatred. Lindsay laughing as she wades her way forward, hurling a barrage of hooks that Cabello barely evades, jabbing her back across the ring into the neutral corner and leaning in close to finish her off, Camila snarling, lowering her head into Pelas' heaving chest and chugging a series of reprisal hooks to the navel that quickly take the smirk of Lindsay's face, followed by a trio of lefts to the breasts as she backpeddles Pelas swinging wildly as Camila bobs and weaves, trading spanking hooks off opposing ribs as they struggle along the ropes in the final minute. Beautiful brawlers a mere shell of what they were at the start, Camila's pigtails coming undone, damp hair in her eyes, crimson droplets trickling down Lindsay's nose as they give it their all, girls rearing back and putting everything they have into a final shot, Lindsay's right skims Camila's cheek as she stumbles forward, Camila's eyes twinkling as her left slams into Pelas' chin sending a cloud of misty sweat into the air, Pelas lurching foward, mitts dropping to her chest as Cabello slams a final hook into her face, Lindsay collapsing forward and onto Camila, brunette struggling under the increased weight but wrenching herself free as the big blonde drops to her knees and face first into the turnbuckles. Camila stumbling over her girl as she braces against the ropes, looking on as the count hits ten! KO 3 Camila Cabello! 



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