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22 February 2019 Sammi Hanratty vs Hayley Williams

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Feb 23, 2019 at 2:29pm


Sammi Hanratty vs Hayley Williams
(The Wannabees vs The Dollhouse)
(12-10, 12 KO vs 5-4, 5 KO)
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Avril Lavigne & Emma Roberts might steal all the front page news in the Dolls Kingdom but let's don't overlook the other Punk aka Alternative Princess on the roster, Hayley Williams who comes into tonight's PPV fresh off a tremendous punchout of Victoria Justice on the last Staples Center event. Meanwhile Sammi Hanratty has emerged as the leader of The Wannabees but still can't quite shake off the doubters who allegedly refuse to accept her elite stock despite a solid 12-10 record to date.

"There's nothing wrong with calling me a dark horse for the flyweight title this season! Enough with the soft blonde stuff, I'm a real brawler and that phoney rock singer will meet her demise tonight! She's all fake and deserves one ugly beating! Woo hoo! Here I go, guys!"

Sammi Hanratty wears a rainbow-themed bikini set & black gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a curled ponytail. Hayley Williams wears a light blue sports bra, matching hotpants & gloves. Shoulder-lenght dyed blonde hair straight. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Hayley goes off in numbers during the opening minute like she wants to put the fellow blonde away right NOW and the gung ho approach stymies Hanratty who blocks the initial burst with her face! Ugh! Hayley lands one crisp punch after another to snap her rival's head back and there's nothing soft about this exchange that leaves Sammi yelping in pain much sooner than anyone in the arena anticipated! Hayley glues her attacks upstairs and overwhelms the other blonde with sheer amount of leather the Wannabee hopeful simply can't embrace and has to yield real estate in a hurry. Williams keeps hassling her around and keeps her in balance with a single-hand strikes that find the target and drop Hanratty butt-in-ropes where she gets exposed to the body come the final minute. Hayley almost shoves her through the ropes and out of the ring before belting one nasty hook on the liver area that has Sammi shrieking in pain at the bell!

Round 2:
Hayley follows through on the aggressive drive but Sammi finds the evil edge herself and accepts the gruesome script which leads both girls into bombing each other from the back foot when they bounce off the jugs upon initial impact. Sammi wants to be regarded as a true sleeper in the 110 lbs division and she walks the walk when she scythes the singer's lips and tears a small patch over her left eye in a furious phone booth tangle. "You little s###!", Hayley is clearly upset as she realizes she's been cut and smacks the actress on the lips herself before a quick left cross misses the target and allows Hanratty to THUMP her on the jaw with a vicious response. Huh! Williams sags on her knees and has a hard time stretching her elbows once Sammi delivers the uppercut menace to clip her boobs and drops her back onto the ropes. Another scything cross adds more damage to the cut above the eye and Hanratty barks in her efforts when she cleans out some tummy deep into the final minute to leave the entire Dollhouse entourage livid at the bell.

Round 3:
No break from the high-octane action and we're back to the head-hunting pursuit which has both girls teeing off like there's no tomorrow. Sammi works around that cut above the singer's eye but earns herself a visible swelling around the lips courtesy of some accurate piledrivers. Hayley tries to smack the fellow blonde outright but only manages to shake her when she goes for the tummy route and Sammi has to clinch her before things go south. Williams shows some muscle and turns the youngster around before blasting her on the lips and now there's blood coming from that wound which staggers Hanratty back but Hayley misses the put away combo and gets dragged into another clinch thereafter. She can't shake the actress off this time and only seeths into her ear but the allegedly soft blonde tells her to "F### off" regardless and the ref has to interrupt the wrestling struggle just before the bell.

Round 4:
Crash course driving early in the fourth but Hayley's intended haymaker bounces off the top of Sammi's forehead and she follows through into thin air while losing her balance whereas Sammi NAILS her on the solar plexus with a wild half-uppercut before blowing past the post and slamming a right hook on the nose! Ugh! And there goes the blood spillage! Ugh! Hayley sinks on her knees while blood drips from her nostrils and she is stunned by that shot to the point she doesn't react in time when Hanratty WHACKS her with another vicious hook on the previously wounded eye area... Oi, Hayley! The proud singer half-spins with a loud whimper and goes all numb while the GRAVITY TAKES OVER!!! Down she goes.... Williams collapses in a heap at the fellow blonde's feet and can only roll herself onto her back when the count reaches five... she smears extra blood over her face and then mumbles her demise much to Kristanna Loken's complete silence! What the hell was that? KO4 Sammi Hanratty in peak gruesome fashion!!!

AFTER: That's a demo job some of the most notorious flyweights would be proud of given all the cuts Hayley Williams will have to recover from! Huh! Sammi Hanratty is ready for prime time and she lets everyone and their mother know it when she dances around the fallen singer: "Excuse me if I pin my shiny boot on your flat chest, bytch!"

Williams delivered a nasty beating on Victoria Justice a couple of weeks ago but now receives a similar one from one of the designated cutie girls that couldn't hurt a fly if you meet them outside the ring! Sammi has defied some odds before though and while the result isn't that huge of a surprise according to BLONDE! Magazine the way she wrecked Hayley's face will go places on the Knockout of the Night pecking order.

Official result: Sammi Hanratty def. Hayley Williams KO4. 



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