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22 February 2019 Sarah Carter vs Danielle Campbell

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Feb 23, 2019 at 2:22pm




Results: Lookout Writing: Archer

Sarah: 38 YO, 5’4 1/2 (1.64 m), 57-36-5, 35 KO since 2003, Foxfire Boxing

Danielle: 24 YO, 5’3 (1.60 m), 20-8-0, 20 KO since 2014, Pretty Little Punchers

Before: Deteriorating relations between the once close sister stables Foxfire and the PLP on display in the prefight as Sarah shows up tee shirt that advertises SARAH CARTER GOES FOR HER 99TH FIGHT. DANIELLE CAMPBELL GOES FOR HER 29TH. Danielle Campbell (in Black Canary tee short courtesy of DC Comics) is not amused. From her podium she glowers across the stage at Sarah as she stands at her podium.

“I am so sick about hearing how Sarah is headed for her 100th. Well, big deal! What’s important to me is me winning this fight. I lost my last one to Olivia Holt. I am not about an aging blonde beat me!”

Sarah Carter gives Dani a look of disdain: “Kid, you need lessons on manners—not to mention good sense. Don’t go around calling me an ‘aging blonde’ when all it’s going to do is motivate to leave you on flat on the canvas with your perky tits deflated along with that perky ego of yours!”

“Enjoy your fantasies, old lady, the reality will be hammering your perkies into submission!” cried DC.

“There you go again, calling me ‘old’—that’s the trouble with you Pretty Little Palookas, you have no respect for your betters—and Foxfire is definitely better your bunch,” Sarah said with a voice dripping in disdain.

Danielle comes storming across the stage and demands: “You take that back!”

“No,” Sarah says flatly.

Danielle grabs Sarah’s tee shirt and tries to yank it off. Sarah gives Dani a ringing slap across the face. Dani lets out a shriek of rage and jumps onto Sarah, locking her legs around Sarah’s waist and trying to take her down. Sarah wraps her arms around Dani and jumps forward. She crashes onto the stage on top of the hapless DC. Dani lies stunned as Sarah rips off the Black Canary tee shirt revealing a red bra beneath it.

An instant later Autumn Reeser, PLP Communications Director bursts onto the stage with Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson. Sarah jumps up and charges into all three of the Punchers trying to knock them down. However, Autumn, Lucy and Ashley absorb the charge and take Sarah down. Then Foxfie’s Beth Harnois, Hayden Panettiere and Natalie Alyn Lind come rushing to the rescue. Then Dani comes to and jumps in. Now a wild 8 woman brawl is in progress and it seems like their wardrobes take the worst of it was they are soon reduced to fighting in an interesting assortment of undies. Alas, no decision is reached in the fracas as FCBA Security belatedly floods the stage to separate the considerably disrobed combatants.

“All can say is that I hope that brawl doesn’t take away from my coming victory over Campbell,” sniffs Sarah Carter to Archer News reporter Skip Tracey.

“She ruined one of favorite tees,” Dani Campbell complained to Skip when he visited her. “Just typical of Foxfire’s arrogant bullying. I just going to have to be our ‘Enforcer’ bringing Justice for the PLP in the Ring!”

Naturally, the fans of the two stables have picked up on the ill-will and are soon exchanging social media salvoes. The result is plenty of added interest to the contest and the crowd on Fight Night wildly cheer the fighters to the ring.

Sarah has trainer Virginia Madsen with Beth Harnois and Hayden Panettiere as back-up. Danielle comes to the ring with trainer Nia Peeples with Autumn Reeser and Ashley Benson as her back-up.

Sarah is in a sky blue bikini with white gloves and boots (sky blue laces). She has her hair in a pigtail. Danielle is in a blue and white striped bikini with blue gloves and boots (white laces). Her dark hair is on a ponytail with a white ribbon bow.

Tense ring instructions as Sarah and Dani both try to body up on one another and then get into a hip bumping contest. Stern words and a waving finger from the referee finally gets thing under control. The instructions are finished and the fighters head for their corners. There is pause and then the bell rings.

R1: Danielle Campbell scrambles out of her corner and wades into Sarah Carter swinging. The sheer ferocity of the attack seems to overwhelm Sarah who gets hit hard to the jaw early and often. Sarah falling back in some confusion, holding her gloves up around her head, but allowing Dani to pound Sarah’s belly with hard hooks. Sarah showing some evasive footwork to put some breathing room between herself and the rampaging DC. Dani hunts Sarah down with determination, but runs into Sarah’s defensive jab that stalls her advance with quick strikes to the face and breasts. DC circling now and firing out shots aimed at the head, but Sarah able to deflect or evade these punches and finishes the round in relatively good order. However DC has a lot more points and winds the round easily.

R2: Danielle quickly resumes the attack as the new round begins, but Sarah’s jab once again stalls the younger brunette’s offensive. Then as DC is pausing to reassess, Sarah strikes back with a hard shot to the solar plexus that leaves Dani floundering back with a look of shock on her face. Sarah continues the body attack and skillfully moves to drive Danielle into the ropes. Dani realizes the danger and fights back with defensive jabs of her own. The movement of the two fighters stops as they stand toe-to-toe banging away at each other in close with power shots to the body. Sarah going after the solar plexus again and making DC wilt under the impacts. DC stubbornly hanging in, scoring hard to Sarah’s breasts and ribcage. Then Sarah pops a sudden late right uppercut into DC’s chin and sends the younger woman back on quaking legs. Dani hits the ropes, but Sarah runs out of time before she can take proper advantage. The bell sounds, Judges total their cards for the round and give to Sarah Carter close.

R3: Sarah now the more aggressive fighter and she’s trying to work Danielle to the body. Dani getting hit by these body shots, but she’s hanging in and fighting back. Sarah then goes to the head with some quick rights to the head, but DC fighting back with the jab. The two are quickly back into the toe-to-toe body banging. Sarah and Danielle hanging in there grimly as they try to absorb the incoming leather as neither of them is giving way. Then Sarah gets some nasty uppercuts into the underside of DC’s breasts and then following up with driving straight rights and lefts to crush DC’s now aching puppies. Danielle knocked back on her heels and gasping for air and her punch rate begins to drop. Sarah presses in as DC rallies and stalls the attack with jabs to the face. Sarah presses back again as they exchange belly shots. Bell rings to stop action. Sarah emerges the winner but once again it is close.

R4: Danielle seen in intense discussion with Nia Peeples during break. Some ringsiders think they here the PLP trainer advise: “You need to get control of this fight. Dominate her early like you did in the First.” DC nodding and as soon as the bell rings, she is out of her corner and launching a flurry of shots aimed at Sarah’s head. Sarah trying to duck away, but Dani brings a right cross smashing into the veteran blonde’ jaw, Sarah’s head swivels and then Dani brings a left hook into Sarah’s chin. SARAH CARTER IS ROCKED. The Foxfire blonde goes stumbling back, gloves tight to her face and the PLP brunette is firing away at Sarah’s unguarded torso. Sarah doubling up, but still trying to protect her head. DC trying to pound her way through the Sarah’s gloves, but is blocked. However DC then able to cut off the ring on Sarah and body punch her back into the ropes. Sarah takes a seat on the strands and just huddles there as DC bangs at her quivering body. Sarah trying to slide along the ropes, but DC not letting her escape. The pounding goes on and on until the bell. DC steps back, sweat dripping down her face, but smiling at Sarah peeling herself off the strands with a shell-shocked looked on her pasty-gray face. DC walks to her corner with a confident smile. Sarah trudges to her corner with a blank look on her face.

R5: Foxfire corner working hard to get Sarah Carter repaired for the next round. Virginia Madsen talking in quiet tones to her dazed fighter. Sarah comes out slow and very defensive at the bell. Danielle marching from her corner and goes right to work. Dani working the body trying to draw Sarah’s guard down, but Sarah giving her defenses high, though she is hunching uo to make herself less of a target. Dani starts circling, trying to draw Sarah off balance, but she’s not having much luck, DC does keep up a steady punch rate with Sarah only offering the occasional defensive counter, Round looking under Campbell control as the clock passes the halfway mark. Then, suddenly it is Sarah making a move to the left and a startled DC reacts instinctively to follow up. KA-POW! Sarah brings her right crashing into Dani’s temple. DC suddenly goes all wobbly and Sarah strikes with left/right uppercuts to the chin. DOWN GOES DANIELLE! Dani dropped to her butt and her upper body sprawls to the canvas as her knees remain upright. Crowd is stunned by the sudden reversal of fortune then bursts into cheers as Sarah Carter goes quickly to neutral corner, Dani’s holding her head, rocking it back and forth as she tries to regain her senses. Referee is counting. Dani finally pushes herself up and gets into a kneeling position, Then she rises breaking the count at “NINE!” Referee checks her over briefly and then waves Sarah back in. Not much time left as Dani goes face-in-gloves and Sarah hammers perimeter to the bell. Now it is Sarah Carter going to her corner with a confident smile, while Dani Campbell makes her unsteady way back to her corner with a look of total bewilderment on her face.

R6: PLP corner now has to work hard to get a clearly dazed Danielle Campbell ready for next round. Danielle trying to listen to trainer Nia Peeples, but when the bell rings she looks sluggish coming out, Sarah Carter, on the other hand, all but bounds out of her corner and heads right for DC. Dani trying to keep her gloves up to protect her head and face, but Sarah’s digging hooks into Dani’s belly and testing that defense with driving rights and lefts. DC looks to be just trying to survive this round, but Sarah is relentless with the pressure. The constant belly punching is tipping Dani forward and now Sarah brings uppercuts crashing into those gloves. Suddenly, one is driven between DC’s mitts and hard into her face, Then another and another. DC is recoiling, her face suddenly splotched with red marks and a big swollen circle around her right eye. Sarah stuffs another right hook to the gut that doubles Dani up with a gurgle of pain. An instant later a left cracks off the chin of Dani’s chin and then right smashes directly into the point of the chin. Dani’s head knocked back the rest of her body goes toppling back with it. Dani comes crashing down on the canvas and bounces to a stop, arms out flung, eyes tightly closed, Sarah trots to the neutral corner. Referee moves in, but Dani is out cold and the ten count is mere formality.


After: Sarah Carter warmly congratulated by Hayden Panettiere, Beth Harnois and Virginia Madsen. She poses for photos and has her gloves removed. She keeps an eye on the PLP corner where Danielle Campbell has been revived. Once she sees DC is awake, Sarah crosses the ring and stands over the downcast Danielle.

“Thought you were pretty hot stuff, didn’t you? Well, they call me the ‘Ice Queen’ because I know how to cool off hot rookies like you,” Sarah taunts.

“Go away,” Danielle moans as she gently investigates the rapidly swelling area around her right eye.

“Not a chance. On your feet, Campbell, time you paid for dissing me,” Sarah announced and grasped DC by the right bicep.

“Hey, watch it there!” Ashley Benson snaps. “You busted her up enough.”

“I did, didn’t I? Well, time to let my fans get a close work on how I pay back mouthy rookies,” Sarah said and half-dragged the unhappy Campbell out of her stool.

“You are awful! Just awful!” Dani moaned as they set off on a circuit of the ring.

“Yes I am—and proud of it!” Sarah said with a nasty chuckle.

What followed was a nightmare for the unfortunate Ms, Campbell, Not only did she have to endure the Walk of Shame with Sarah Carter keeping a firm grip on her right arm, but Sarah would stop and pose Danielle to show off her battered face. After what seemed to Danielle like an eternity, they completed the circuit and Sarah shoved her into the arms of an angry Nia Peeples.

“See you around Danielle,” Sarah said with a sneer, “I liked beating you so much I am glad I don’t have to retire for a while yet. I am so enjoying teaching you twerps a lesson.”

“Just leave!” Autumn Reeser snapped as she and Ashley Benson tried to help comfort Danielle who had burst into tears as Nia Peeples hugged her.

Sarah Carter was heard to laugh and then strolled away. It had been a wonderful night for her and leaving Dani Campbell in tears was a perfect topping for her victory sundae.
Quite contest as Sarah Carter works her way to Fight 100 (and sources at Foxfire say it will be no mystery who she wants to fight next: her stable rival Hayden Panettiere). Danielle Campbell had her chances, but Sarah showed she can still get up off the canvas and beat a younger woman. No disgrace for Danielle to losing to a solid fighter like Sarah, but she clearly wasn’t expecting the setback. That makes two losses in a row. Now the question arises: when will she break her losing streak? And against whom? Already FCBA fans are debating those questions, but PLP is saying nothing at the moment as DC licks her wounds and tries to regroup 



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