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22 February 2019 Kristen Stewart vs Natalie Portman

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Feb 23, 2019 at 2:17pm


Natalie Portman vs. Kristen Stewart

 (Words: Front Street / Results: Lookout!)


Importance of this one for Stewart probably can't be overstated. Kristen's fighting a reputation of not being able to win the big one, and, coming off a huge win over Emma Watson earlier this month, this fight can either come closer to putting that reputation to rest or give more ammunition to the doubters and haters. Interestingly, though, ONE of those doubters ISN'T Natalie Portman. "She's DEFINITELY a top flyweight," says the Queen. "She can beat most of the girls in this division. That's why she's on my schedule. I don't waste time with second-level fighters. But. While she can beat MOST flyweights, she can not and will not beat ME."

As for Kristen, well, if she's to be believed, anyway, she's not worried about changing minds. "I KNOW what I am. And, my management SHOULD know. And, if they don't, well, there are people in other stables who DO. I don't have a THING to prove. Except that I can beat Natalie Portman. And, that's what I'm about to do."


Stewart a little too aggressive early. Instead of sitting down behind that long left jab and trying to box with, she's trying to work forward and bring her power to bear. And, that turns out to be a mistake. Portman's simply too skilled and experienced to allow Kristen to walk her down. Instead, Natalie angles and moves the feet and counter punches and generally controls things, always seeming to be in the right spot to punch while making sure her younger opponent never is. Goes that way for well over two minutes. In the last fifty seconds or so, Kristen reins in some of the aggression and begins to box at range. That goes better. She's able to hold her own with the shorter brunette on those terms. But, it's already too late for the round. At the bell, Natalie's grabbed it wide to lead 10-9.


Stewart starting to get into rhythm now. She's got the reach advantage, and she's using it. Worse for Natalie, she's beginning to get that laser-guided left jab on target, and everything else is flowing from there. Kristen's putting punches together for the first time in the fight, and she's not doing much missing. Instead, she's touching up the brunette with both hands, forcing her onto the defensive again and again. Natalie's scoring some on the counter, but she's clearly getting the worst of it. Kristen's got the range, and she's training all the guns at her disposal on the Hall of Famer. For the second consecutive stanza, though, things change late in the round. Portman adjusts and begins slipping past Kristen's jab to middle distances, and, there, it's Queen Natalie who gets the better of things. It's too late to matter in the second, though. It's Kristen wide and we're even at 19.


Portman's got something now. She's finding ways past the younger woman's defenses and getting the distance and geometry she wants. And, that's got Stewart out of sorts. Unable to enforce range or get the jab on consistently, Kristen's suddenly coming off second best and in a big way. Portman's now fighting lead, landing flurries, scoring points, while the younger fighter's mostly being frustrated in her attempts to respond. Kristen's effective here and there, but Natalie's effective for three solid minutes. And, this time, there's no late "ah ha!" moment for the girl on the wrong side of the equation. Portman simply continues to control things right through to the bell. And, when it rings ending the third round, Natalie's claims the points wide to go back on top 29-28.


Portman continues to control things early, slipping past Kristen's glove and getting to her spots. And, when she's there, well. There's a reason she's in the Hall of Fame. Eventually, though, K-Stew starts finding ways to frustrate Portman's forward sallies. She's drop-stepping to give ground, circling a little, doing whatever she needs to do to get a little extra space and time to get the jab on target. And, when she does that, she's able to get the terms SHE wants. And that makes all the difference. Natalie, though, finds answers to Kristen's answers, and Stewart then adjusts to Portman's adjustments. Result is a good, two-way round that sees both fighters get some but not nearly enough of what they want. Result is ALSO the first close round of the bout. It's Natalie who gets the points, though, and they put her ahead 39-37.


Portman back to work and getting work done. She's figured out K-Stew's plays for creating space, and she's countering them beautifully, by angling forward, stepping outside the younger woman's right foot to cut off the turn, then squaring her up as she gets to those middle distances. And, again, Portman's having much the better of things when she's there. Kristen has moments when she can get space, and, when she does, she scores well, but those points aren't nearly enough to offset the ones Queen Natalie's piling up when she's got her terms. And, late in the round, it gets worse for Stewart, as Portman lands her best punch of the fight, a short right hook that, while it doesn't wobble Stewart, definitely gets her attention. At the bell, it's Natalie wide and Portman's lead is now 49-46.


Second half starts the way the first half ended, with Portman finding ways to get to her spots and Stewart unable to keep her out of them. After a minute or so, Kristen tries a new tactic, rather than stepping BACK to create space, she begins stepping FORWARD to close it, creating phone booth style in fighting. And, it works, to a point. K-Stew's not able to gain the advantage, like she's been able to do at range, but she IS able to hold her own with the Hall of Famer. Rolling into the final minute, though, Portman clearly has the edge. And, then she doesn't. BOOM. Right hook, K-Stew and DOWN GOES NATALIE! Portman dropped to her knees by that on-the-button right. Stewart quickly to a neutral corner, but she's got no illusions that this thing is over. Natalie, looking at the ref the whole time, takes an eight before getting to her feet and taking the mandatory. Then. On comes K-Stew! Stewart winging away at the older woman, driving her back into the ropes and having at her for the final thirty seconds of the round. But. At the bell, Portman's still standing and still leading 57-56.


Stewart taking the fight to Portman. Natalie still wobbly, and K-Stew taking advantage, walking the Hall of Famer down, sitting down on her punches, giving the Queen a thorough thumping. But, a clean up isn't the plan here. A stoppage is. And, Natalie's doing a great job of making that difficult. She stays off the ropes most of the round, and, when Stewart finally gets her there, she plays brilliant defense, blocking punches, rolling with others, countering in spots, giving up yardage, but not allowing Kristen to hit the big play. Stewart keeps working, though, continues to pile up as much punishment as possible, but, while she does accumulate hurt along with the points, she's unable to finish. At the bell, it's K-Stew wide, but Portman is still standing and we're all even at 66.


Portman seems to have shaken off the damage. She's got the legs under her and is no longer giving ground. Instead, she's again stepping inside Stewart's defenses and Kristen counters by closing further, sending things back into the phone booth. And, Nat's showing plenty of slickness in here. She crouching, working body while protecting her head with the gloves, then slipping under Stewart's guard with short uppies. Kristen working the flanks with hooks, looking to drop right hands behind Natalie's guard. It's good, two way stuf...BOOM! Right uppercut from Stewart and DOWN GOES PORTMAN! Natalie drops face-forward at Kristen's feet after a perfectly-placed uppercut that catches the Queen as she's dropping her head. Stewart to a neutral corner, and, this time, the potential for victory is far from an illusion. Natalie not moving as the referee counts. And she remains face down on the canvas well past the count of ten. She's OUT! It's OVER! And your winner by KO8 is Kristen Stewart!


"How do you like me NOW?" Stewart shouts. "TWO elite flyweights in ONE month, including a Hall of Famer. How do you like me NOW? Can I not win big fights NOW? Do I only beat up on low-level fighters and newbies NOW? What do you all have to say, all the doubters and haters, what do you all have to say NOW?" 



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