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22 February 2019 Sasha Pieterse vs Ginny Gardner

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Feb 23, 2019 at 2:14pm



Results: Lookout Writing: Archer & The Dollhouse

Ginny: 23 YO, 5’8 (1.73 m), 6-4-0, 6 KO since 2018, The Dollhouse
Sasha: 23 YO, 5’6 (1.67 m), 10-10-0, 9 KO since 2014, Pretty Little Punchers

Before: “I was pretty relieved when I broke my 3 fight losing streak in the last Doll Ball. Beating Shailene Woodley felt really good and now I want to build on that with this fight,” says Ginny Gardner ahead of her fight with the PLP’s Sasha Pieterse. “I know Sasha’s been around the FCBA longer than I have, but I’ve been pretty busy with fights this last year, and I have 2 inches on her, I feel like that’ll help tonight. Carmen thinks I’m the favorite tonight, and I tend to agree. Now all I gotta do is kick some ass!” Ginny ends with a smirk.

“It always feels good to break a losing streak,” Sasha Pieterse agrees as she takes her turn at the podium. “I am more concerned that I haven’t been more active. Sure I won my last 2 fights, but that’s 1 in 2017 and 1 last year. That’s something I plan to change in 2019. Naturally I want get things off to a good start. I feel like I need this win a lot more than Ginny and that will motivate me to win this.”

Fight night finds Ginny coming to the ring with trainer Carmer Electra. She’s a in a turquoise sports bra with grey-white trimming and GARDNER lettered just beneath her impressive chest. Tight grey short tights, turquoise gloves and boots complete her fighting attire. Her blonde hair is in a perky ponytail.

Sasha Pieterse comes to the ring with trainer Nia Peeples, she is wearing a silver sports bra with tight black short tights trimmed in silver. She has silver gloves and boots with black laces. Her hair in a blonde battle braid.

The ring instructions proceed smoothly. Tap of the gloves and the fighters depart to their corners; The bell rings and the fight begins…

R1: Sasha out quickly and tries to shake Ginny up with some quick shots to the face. Ginny momentarily back on her heels, but gets her jab going and gives Sasha a solid smack to the chin. Now Sasha is back on her heels and Ginny moving forward to hook the shorter blonde to the belly. Sasha bent forward and Ginny happy to take advantage with lefts and rights to the head. Sasha falling back rapidly to regroup and trying to hold off Ginny with the defensive jab. Ginny trying to dodge the jab while keeping pressure on Sasha to the body. Ginny doing to a good job of dominating Sasha to the bell and wins the round wide.

R2: Sasha and Ginny move out quickly and strike as soon as they come within range at mid-ring. Ginny trying to press hard with her body punching, but Sasha pressing back with equal determination. Two are going at it toe to toe, bringing up left and right hooks to the belly and ribcage. Two seem to exchanging punch for punch, but then Sasha goes after Ginny’s rack with hooks to the underside of her full bra cups. Ginny pushed back by this pounding of her rack and tries to respond with vengeful jabbing of Sasha’s juggs. Sasha cool under this jugg-mugging, now brings a snapping right uppercut to Ginny’s chin. Ginny’s head snaps back and she stumbles back. Ginny covering up as Sasha pours on the punches. Ginny riding it out, but Sasha’s late surge allows her secure the round by a close margin.

R3: If Sasha Pieterse wants to fight jugg, well, Ginny Gardner is willing to give her all she can handle. Ginny wastes no time in the new round as she goes to Sasha’s juggs with driving rights and lefts that stuff the Pieterse puppies back against her ribcage. The blows are putting pressure on Sasha’s lungs and making her gasp for air. Sasha falling back to literally gain some breathing space. Ginny moving with Sasha, but adding some swats to the side of the head to keep Sasha ducking. Sasha finally stabilizes behind her jab and comes back with breast banging punching of her own to stall Ginny’s pursuit. Ginny then goes to the belly with hooks that send shudders through Sasha’s body. Sasha responding with midsection punching of her own, but Ginny is slowly pushing her back as the round ends. Ginny able to pull out a close, hard-fought round.

R4: Sasha and Ginny out quickly and Ginny is going for a Sasha’s jaw with a sweeping right. Sasha ducks away from the blow which whistles passed her ear, then brings her own right crashing into the point of Ginny’s chin. DOWN GOES GINNY GARDNER. Ginny just collapsing forward onto her knees and then toppling forward onto her face. Big smile on Sasha’s face as she trots to the neutral corner. Ginny pushing herself up off the canvas and looking around in dazed wonder at finding herself in this position. Then she hears the referee’s count and pulls herself together. She manages to break the count at “NINE!” Referee waves Sasha back in and the PLP blonde hurries in to try to finish Ginny off. Ginny looks sluggish and groggy. She takes more shots to the head before covering up. Ginny maintaining a strict defensive posture until late in the round when she fires off some jabs that smack Sasha hard in the face. Sasha pulling back with some nasty red swellings along her cheekbones and a split lower lip. Not enough to keep Sasha from winning the round wide,

R5: Sasha very aggressive as the new round opens. She’s trying to get to Ginny’s head, but Ginny’s an evasive target, ducking and dodging as she peppers Sasha with her jab. Sasha tries to storm her way in and Ginny now brings a hard right to the jaw. Sasha’s head swiveled so hard she gets smacked across the face with her own battle braid. Sasha dazed as Ginny brings a left/right combo to the chin. DOWN GOES SASHA PIETERSE. Sasha’s legs seem to fly out from under her and deposit her hard on her bottom. She topples over onto her side as Ginny heads for the neutral corner. Referee counting as Sasha pushes herself up off the canvas and then struggles to rise. She makes it by “EIGHT!”. Referee takes a too-quick look and waves Ginny back in. Sasha trying to get her dukes up as Ginny comes at her behind a barrage of leather. Sasha trying to cover her head, gets backed into the ropes, but tries to slide along the strands in a desperate effort to escape. Ginny Gardner relentless as she blocks Sasha’s retreat and pounds her the belly, Sasha’s arms drop to her sides as her knees buckle, but the ropes are holding her up. Ginny now bringing rights and lefts to Sasha’s undefended head as ringsiders scream for the referee to stop this. THE REF JUMPS IN. Official thrusts himself in and cradles Sasha to safety. Ginny steps back wipes her sweaty brow and raises her right arm in victory.


After: “That was definitely intense,” Ginny breathes hard as she talks reporters in the ring. “I admit she had me worried when she got me down in the 4th, but Carmen told me to stay calm and look for my chances to strike back—then do it HARD! So that’s what I tried to do and….it worked.” She chuckles. “I really wanted this win and it feels pretty great getting it. I hope Sasha’s alright…honestly, the referee never should have let the fight go on after that knockdown. She was not ready when I came back at her.” 



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