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22 February 2019 Danielle Fishel vs Demi Lovato

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Feb 23, 2019 at 2:05pm



JMD Bout

Results: Lookout Writing: Archer

Demi: 26 YO, 5’3 (1.60 m),# 32B, 29-15-1, 25 KO since 2011, Lookout Boing
Dani: 37 YO, 5’1 (1.55 m),#36D, 127-88-12, 77 KO since 1999, Foxfire Boxing

Before: “I am proud that I am one of the few fighters still alive from the FCBA year,” says legendary veteran Dani Fishel at the prefight. “I am not all that active anymore, but I do get to pick the fights I enjoy and JMD has always appealed to me. I know some still think it is beneath the dignity of celebrity boxing, but to me it is fighting on a primal level. I was especially interested in this fight because I lost to Demi Lovato in a JMD last year. That made me 0-2 against her and I am not willing to give up evening up that part of my record.”

Demi Lovato grins: “Sorry, Dani, but I intend to remain a thorn in your side. No, wait, scratch that—I’m going to remain a thorn in your big boobies. I will admit I lick my lips at the thought of pounding those puppies into submission yet again. I have to thank you for giving me this opportunity.”

Dani just smiles: “I understand why you are so jealous of ‘my girls’ here (she pats her bulging bosom) and they sight of makes you drool with thought of being suffocated against them. Don’t worry, your chance to sleep between my melons is coming soon.”

Demi gives her a wolfish smile: “Sadly, you are the one who be sleeping between my perfect tits, There is plenty of flesh here to(she pats her proud rack) to send you off to JMD Dreamland and make your wish for more,”

“I think you are trying to turn me on,” Dani replies with a smirk. “or maybe just yourself.”

“Am I succeeding?” Demi snickers. “I want you all fired up for your coming crushing defeat.”

“No, you don’t turn me on, you just make me want to take you down. I am afraid you’ll just have to settle for that,” Dani retorted.

“Works for me,” Demi says with a shrug, but there is a glint of challenge in her dark eyes that is matched by the green fire in Dani Fishel’s eyes.
The crowd is a lively one as the fighters come to the ring. Danielle in a metallic green sports bra with short matching trunks. Metallic green gloves and boots. Her hair is in a battle braid. Virginia Madsen is her trainer. Demi is in a similar metallic red sports bra with short black trunks. Red gloves with black laces. Black boots with red laces. Her hair is in a battle braid. Julie Benz is Demi’s trainer.


Two fighters met in the ring. They are smiling wickedly at each other, clearly ready to start punching, but keep their cool during ring instructions. Tap of the gloves and the two are soon back in their corners. Dani banging her gloves together. Demi jogging in place. The bell rings.

R1: Dani heads straight for Demi but Demi is ready with a barrage of shots to the juggs, They are straight shots that halt Dani, then Demi brings in hooks that bounce the boobs in their cups as Dani falls back. Demi then goes for Dani’s belly with nasty hooks. Dani falling back in some disorder. She makes a stand behind her jab, but Demi dancing around and punching Dani to the head. Dani covering up, but take more Lovato leather to the boobs and belly to the bell. Dani breathing hard, but manages to grin defiantly at an annoyed looking Demi. Demi wins the round by a wide margin.

R2: Danielle gets rolling in this round. She shakes off the beating she got in the first round and goes at Demi once again. This time she catches Demi with a shot to the chin that knocks the younger woman’s head back and stuns her. Then Dani goes after Demi’s juggs with a methodical pounding attack first straight on in, then from left to right and right to left and finally stinging hooks to the undersides. Demi reeling backwards and trying to fight Dani off. Dani just plunging forward even though she takes some wicked shots to the face late. Dani driving Demi back with belly shots mixed in with more jugg work. Demi just seems to be struggling to hang on and keep off the ropes. Demi goes manage to avoid getting hung up on the ropes but the round ends in a wide win for Dani.

R3: Dani and Demi plunge right into one another in a furious battle of toe-to-toe boob banging action. They are going at it full steam, but then a quick series of hooks to the belly seems to knock Dani back. Demi stays with Dani, but the Tank fires back with slashing rights and lefts to the hooters, then she pounds hooks to the belly. Demi groans and is thrust back a step or two. Then they go back at it, glaring at each other as they straight to jerk short rights and lefts up into trembling titflesh. Shot for shot they slam away but neither is giving ground and they remain locked in battle right to the bell. Only then do they step back and look each other over in silence, then turn away to their corners. No surprise that the round is ruled a DRAW.

R4: Dani and Demi go right back to it as the new round opens. They do circle each other initially exchanged head shots, but very shortly they both move and its back to the body with intense leather. Dani works the juggs mixed with some hooks to the belly and ribs for a little variety. Demi is hooking away at Danielle’s belly but then she goes after Dani’s rack and the two of them make their puppies howl (as they grimace against the shots of pain that must be flowing from their hammered chests). They seemed fixed on dominating each other, but end up in a bitter, hard punching stalemate to the bell. They back off, both looking a little greenish, sweating heavily and moving slowly as they return to their corners. Round goes down as another DRAW.

R5: Neither fighter is fast coming out of her corner for the new round, but Dani Fishel proves to be the quicker at landing the first good punch as she gets one in over Demi’s guard to smack her hard between the eyes. Demi is sent tumbling back and grabs the nearby top rope to catch herself, Then Danielle is bursts upon Demi with lefts and rights that spin her head around. Demi covering up to protect her head and Dani then goes to the body. She works Demi’s quivering torso like it was a heavy bag. Demi shuddering as the impacts ravage her belly, ribs and especially her breasts. Dani trying to get Demi down, but Demi seems to be using the ropes that she’s being pressed against to keep standing despite the fury of leather thundering upon her body. Round ends. Danielle is breathing hard but giving Demi a fierce look as the brunette exits the ropes. Demi ignores Danielle and heads for her corner. Dani gives a snort and then marches to her own. Round is a shutout for Dani Fishel.

R6: Lookout corner crew working intensely to repair the damage to Demi Lovato while Julie Benz is whispering in the battered fighter’s ear. Demi nodding. She shows determination as she gets off her stool and pounds her gloves together before heading out against Dani Fishel. Dani comes charging in but this time she is greeted by a straight right to the mouth that puts her on her heels. Then Demi slaps her with rights and lefts to the jaw. Dani trying to respond with the jab, but Demi is loving around smoothly and pumping shots into Dani’s face. Dani getting lumped up as angry red patches appear on her jaw and chin. Dani still stubbornly trying to come forward and Demi fires a hard right that plows into her nose. Dani’s body shivers like an electric shock has gone through her and she recoils back, crimson is running from her nose and down her lips and chin. Dani covering up as she tries to get some distance, but Demi not giving her any. She sticks with the wounded Dani and now works over her rack and belly. Dani being pummeled into the ropes and finds herself the one trapped as she worked over by a torrent of leather, Dani’s knees seem to buckle but they don’t fold up enough and she stays on the ropes until the bell rings. Demi steps back. Dani’s face is a bloody and swollen mess, but she seems to make a great effort to walk firmly, if slowly, back to her stool. However once she reaches the corner, she sags into the arms of Virginia Madsen who lowers her to the stool. Demi back on her own stool looking vengefully pleased as she has comeback to inflict a shutout round on Dani Fishel!

R7: Foxfire corner crew working hard on Dani Fishel. She looks better once the blood is washed off and her nose brought under control. She looks a bit groggy, but still determined as she gets off her stool. Demi Lovato looking determined too and comes in swinging, Dani caught hard on the jaw by a powerful right cross, then a left hook connects with her chin. DOWN GOES DANII FISHEL! Dani lands on her side and Demi wastes little time in getting to neutral corner. Referee is counting as Dani gets to all fours, she steadies herself and then rises to break the count at “SEVEN!” Referee soon waves Demi back in. Dani adds a defiant wave of her own to show she’s ready to fight. Demi happy to oblige and they are quickly back into that grinding, pounding juggmugging and belly busting action of earlier rounds. Demi seems determined to back Dani up, but the Tank holds her off and spots an opening. An uppercut goes ripping upwards into Lovato’s chin! BANG! LIGHTS OUT DEMI! Demi’s head snapped back and suddenly her body is limp in the arms of Dani Fishel! Dani jumps back as Demi slides down her body and ends up at her green boot tops. Dani off to the neutral corner as Demi struggles to rise while the referee counts. It’s a suspenseful moment as Demi finally lurches erect and shakes a gloved fist in the general direction of Dani Fishel. She’s broken the count at “EIGHT!” Dani wastes little time in coming back and Demi is fighting back, but the bell rings. Dani looks irked. Demi looks relieved. Judges decide the double knockdown makes this one the third DRAWN ROUND of the bout!

R9: Both fighters now looking exhausted as they slump on their stools and are worked on by their respective corner people. However when the bell rings, they both bound to their feet, slap their mitts together and head back into battle, It’s back to boobs as more jugg is mugged in the initial flurry. Demi seems to be trying to knock the air out of Dani’s lungs and Dani is starting to gasp for air. Then Demi goes to the belly with more digging hooks and Dani’s legs tremble as she double forward with a gurgling gasp. Then Demi brings uppercuts crashing into Dani’s face and blood spurts from that already wounded nose. Dani floundering back and Demi fires off finishing rights and lefts to the jaw. The green boots fly out from under Dani Fishel and the green trunks hit first followed by the rest of her body. Dani Fishel starfished on the canvas, her chest heaving but her eyes closed. Demi trots off to the neutral corner. Referee starts his count. Dani raises her head and looks blearily around, but then she lets out a sigh, closes her eyes and falls back.

“EIGHT!....NINE!....TEN!...YER OUT!”


After: A delay while Danielle Fishel is revived and assisted to her stool. Demi Lovato accepts the hugs and back slaps of her Lookout sisters Emily Vancamp, Evangeline Lilly and Jenna Coleman. She keeps her eye on the Foxfire corner until Virginia Madsen looks up from talking to Dani Fishel to wave her over.

“Be back later, but be ready you never know what those Foxys will try,” Demi advises the others.

Indeed, Hayden Panettiere, Rachel McAdams and Laura Vandervoort all gathered near the corner. Demi coolly pushes her way through to the stool where a battered Dani Fishel can still somehow grin up at her.

“Almost had you this time Lovato and I had such post-fight plans for you,” Dani said with regret. Then she inquires bluntly: “What do you have in mind for me?”

“You take all the fun out of it when you don’t beg for mercy,” Demi retorted.


The crowd laughs, but Demi gives her a look: “Laugh while you can! I am not sparring you from what you know you’ve earned!”

With that Demi hoists Dani out of her stool and thrusts her against the turnbuckle. She then settles her breasts so that they cover Dani’s mouth and nose, but leave her eyes open. Demi then puts her arms around the back of Dani’s head and puts the smother in place.

“After all these years I didn’t realize you had green eyes,” Demi says chattily. “Goes to show that your big tits get entirely too much attention.”

Dani’s reply is, of course, muffled by the wet darkness of the mighty mammaries that have engulfed her mouth and nose. Dani’s eyelids flicker and soon she is limp in Demi Lovato’s arms. Demi lowers her onto her stool, then snatches a towel that has been left on a ring rope. She throws it across Dani’s chest and then she removed Dani’s metallic green bra.

“I just had to have a souvenir of this fighr,” Demi says to the scowling Foxfire girls. They look ready to jump her, but then they realize Emily, Jenna and Evangeline have quietly come up behind them. “See you ladies some other time. Tell Dani when she wakes up that this was a great match and I will treasure this bra!”

Demi then strolls off twirling the green bra as her three Lookout sisters provide wary backup as they go.
JMD this fight certainly was, but it was a genuinely exciting boxing match. Danielle Fishel had her chances, but Demi Lovato was just tough enough to keep coming back. Solid win for Demi Lovato which should boost her JMD credit in the year ahead, though she showed last year she can win conventional fights as well. As for Dani Fishel, there are reports she has already signed up for a Doll Ball event with Jessica Chastain. Hopefully that is a sign the FCBA veteran is not quite ready for the retirement rocking chair 



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