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22 February 2019 Evangeline Lilly vs Eliza Dushku

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Feb 23, 2019 at 2:00pm


Evangeline Lilly versus Eliza Dushku
(Words & Results: Lookout!)

BEFORE: As fitting as possible for this 20th Anniversary event, you have a battle between two of the best bantamweights in the history of the FCBA and certainly the world. One of them is already a Hall of Famer and the other is making a strong bid to also make it to the Hall of Fame, with a win here tonight a big step towards that goal. These two, throughout their highly decorated careers, have met a total of five (5) times and it’s Lilly surprisingly who has a 3-2 record. Tonight won’t be for gold, but certainly for pride as Lilly could take a step towards joining her rival in an elite category and Dushku could tie things up against her rival in a highly anticipated contest. 

“You know at the end of some of those movies where the Sheriff rides off into the sunset….” Eliza says with a chuckle, “That’s not going to be me, at least not tonight. The Sheriff can’t leave town until the work is done and right now, there’s somebody at the gate trying to make trouble in my town and my ring. Nobody is going to be stealing another win from me on my watch. I’ll be ready and I’m going to blow Vangie away at high noon. Hope she’s ready because I’ve got her marked.” 

Lilly grins, “Of course, I don’t want Dushku to ride away into the sunset. She’s one of the best I’ve ever faced and it’s one of the highlights of my career that I have a lead over her, which is something we plan on extending tonight. But, when I take down Eliza again tonight, she needs to know that when she retires, it’ll be knowing that, deep down in her heart, I’m better. There aren’t many women fitter or tougher than Eliza, but you better believe I’m one of them!” 

Lilly in a bright red sports bra, with matching shorts and gloves - hair in a fighting ponytail; Eliza in a black sports bra with matching gloves and shorts - hair in a fighting ponytail of her own. The two of them touch gloves respectfully and the bell rings to start the bout...

R1: Lilly left at her hip, right cocked at her chest - very menacing as she walks Eliza down, licking that jab up from the waist, leaning into whistling right hands. Dushku forced to the perimeter - she’s blocking right hands, parrying jabs, but having trouble getting off against Evangeline’s lanky pressure.

R2: More lateral movement from Dushku the answers. Blonde changing directions, stressing Lilly’s slender legs - Evangeline getting wrong footed and Eliza’s tagging her. Dushku jabbing to the midsection, then snap-looking the cheek - she unhinges Lilly’s knees at one point as Evangeline is reminded why she respects Dushku so much.

R3: Lilly using her reach, jabbing Dushku unmercifully and steering Eliza to corners. Evangeline able to change distance by leaning in and out, shifting weight from front foot to back - putting punches on Eliza with gangly lather, Dushku chin tested at the midway point as Evangeline cracks home that right cross - Dushku stepping in fence post holes, has to clinch around Lilly’s waist to recover. All Lilly to the bell,. By the end, she has Eliza stiff n’ cringing at the ropes from luscious long left hooks up underneath - flat spanking impacts on taut brown midriff.

R4: Dushku gambling, trying to slide to the left then dart in - Lilly with weight on back foot, calmly hangs back and tracks her foe with the jab. Eliza marked up on the approach and banged back outside - she’s finding it hard to penetrate her opponent's stabbing reach. Nice little mouse under Eliza’s left eye - Evangeline doing methodical work through 4.

R5: Dushku outboxing Lilly here by being poised, hanging back, running Evangeline into the jab and letting Lilly take all the chances. Evangeline moving well, but not utilizing her own jab as she should and has deployed successfully in previous round - she’s trying to jump in and Eliza’s dismantling the approach.

R6: Dushku changes up her approach again this round, doubling the jab belly and breasts, then stepping in to hook those jugs a clout - Lilly takes the bait and slugging erupts at close range, Evangeline forced to tighten up her strokes, hunker down - she’s licking rising lefts and rights against Eliza, trying to uppercut the chin, Dushku quicker-mitted on the inside, moving her upper body better - she’s putting combos on Evangeline’s slender ribcage, ducking and slipping then clipping chin hooks and right hands. Final moments - Eliza slips a Lilly right, answering almost immediate with a looping right upside the head - Evangeline’s legs give way as she sprawls hurt along the ropes. Eliza mopping up strong at the bell, putting a burst of hungry leather against belly tits and chin of her foe, leaving Lilly sagging as the ref jumps in.

R7: Eliza’s eager to hop back on in, but Evangeline shakes off the hurt, jabbing sharp as ever. Dushku held at arm’s length, frustrated and lumping up - she bends at the waist, trying to ease in low and Lilly twists into a crashing right on the left eye! E liza stepping in fence post holes, badly hurt - Evangeline extends the left to stabilize her girl, then gets that long lithe body behind an extravagant right, crushing Dushku’s head hard to the side and drawing a gasp of surprise from those at ringside. Eliza crumpling forward, then sprawling on her back - she is ALL the way out! KO7 in devastating fashion - Evangeline Lilly!!

AFTER: The crowd on their feet applauding both fighters, with Lilly able to soak in the majority of the cheers as Eliza is still recovering. Evangeline beaming, just blowing kisses and waving to the fans as she emerges triumphant over perhaps her biggest rival on the biggest event of the year. Just a surreal moment for her, but she does go over to help Dushku up as the two exchange hugs along with some compliments and encouragement shared between the two of them. Lilly and Eliza don’t have any bad words for one another. In fact, Evangeline demonstrates class and her respect for Eliza as the two of them pose in the middle of the ring together, hands held high as the crowd demonstrates their appreciation for the match tonight and their careers in general. 

Eventually, Eliza leaves the ring to allow Lilly a chance to celebrate her win as Evangeline rushes over to the corner, mounting it as she raises her hands into the air and shouts out with excitement. A huge smile across her face as she addresses the press and the fans, “Anybody who wants to dismiss me around the league is making a huge mistake, because I’m not done yet. I’m on top of the freaking world and there isn’t a bantam around who is going to stop me. You just saw me shoot down the Sheriff, because she couldn’t handle a gun fight with these, right?” as Evangeline laughs, pumping a double bicep flex to show off her arms, glistening under the lights and she sticks out her tongue, “Anybody who wants to meet up with the new law around these parts, you know where to find me and to be honest, you know where you’re going to end up.” Evangeline takes a moment, making her right hand into the shape of a pistol and then blowing imaginary smoke off the end of her fingertip with a wink as she takes aim at the rest of the division after a big win here tonight.  



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