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22 February 2019 Sophie Turner vs Ruby Rose

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Feb 23, 2019 at 1:54pm



Results: Lookout Writing: Archer

Sophie: 23 YO, 5’9 (1.75 m), 7-6-0, 7 KO since 2015, Foxfire Boxing
Ruby: 32 YO, 5’7 (1.70 m), 0-1-0, since 2019, Fighting Academy


Before: “I didn’t win my debut fight last month against CJ Perry,” admits Australian actress Ruby Rose, “but at least I finally got my debut. Now this one won’t be any easier. Sophie Turner had over a dozen fights and she’s taller than me, but she’s 7-6 so that shows she’s not invincible. I feel I have what it takes to wear her down and get my first win.”

Sophie Turner keeps staring at Ruby Rose’s extensive body art. Ruby smiles: “You want me to come over so you can look at them more closely?”

“Oh, sorry—I mean—that is a lot of tattooing,” Sophie stammers red-faced.

“I like to think they help distract my opponents, though I will admit it didn’t help against CJ Perry,” Ruby says ruefully.

“Well—um—I sure this will be an exciting fight. I had a difficult 2018, I want to get 2019 off to a good start,” Sophie says, getting back on track.

“But I want my first win,” says Ruby, “and I think that will give me more motivation.”

“Motivation alone doesn’t win fights,” Sophie replies.

“We will see,” Ruby says with a tight smile, “we will see.”

Fight night finds Ruby Rose coming to the ring in a white bikini with black gloves and boots (white laces). Her dark hair is pulled back in a braid. She accompanied by trainer Kelly Hu.

Sophie Turner comes to the ring in a bikini with a red top and black bottoms with red gloves and boots (black laces). Her red hair is pulled back in a braid. She is accompanied by Foxfire lightweight trainer Rachel Nichols.

The ring instructions go smoothly and professionally, Tap of the gloves. Fighters to their corners. The bell rings,

R1: Ruby Rose firing out quick rights and lefts to pepper Sophie Turner’s head and body, Sophie ducking, trying to counter as she and Ruby circle. Ruby moving in aggressively, smiting Sophie with strong shots to the side of the head to keep the redhead off balance. Sophie meeting the challenge with body shots of her own and then she shakes the brunette with a clipping right off the chin, Ruby momentarily shaken but comes right back and punches biting hooks into Sophie’s midsection until she has her hunched up, Then she goes back to banging the sides of Sophie’s head, sending tremors down Sophie’s legs. Sophie giving ground and trying to protect her head, but still managing to keep her jab going to slow Ruby’s progress. Round ends and the judges give a close stanza to Ruby Rose.

R2: Sophie Turner striking first as the new round opens. She is bobbing up and down as she comes in on Ruby and brings a cracking right uppercut into the brunette’s chin. Ruby lurches backwards and Sophie follows with rights and lefts to the jaw before Ruby gets her gloves up protectively. Sophie then going to the body with lashing rights and lefts to the stomach and ribcage, Ruby managing to get her jab going late and she is able to block Sophie’s advance with sharp blows to the breasts and ribs. Sophie circles around Ruby and tries to find some openings, but Ruby staying with her to the bell. Sophie Turner wins the round by a comfortable margin.

R3: Ruby is quick out of her corner and doubles Sophie up with strong hook to the belly, Sophie stumbling back, coughing and gasping for air. Ruby Rose following up with hard right and left belts to the face, Sophie’s cheekbones suddenly red and swollen. Sophie backing up, trying to regroup, but Ruby on her with driving shots to the breasts and then overhand smacks to the face. Sophie punching back, but her counters are not discouraging the aggressive Aussie and she is under pressure to the bell. Round goes wide to Ruby Rose. Sophie Turner’s face is swollen and discolored as she unsteadily makes her way back to her corner.

R4: Both fighters out quickly and they start in on each other’s bodies in the initial flurry of punch and counterpunch. Then Sophie fires a lightning right that catches Ruby Rose in the right eye, Ruby shudders and falls back in disarray. Sophie moving smartly to get crisp right/left combos into Ruby’s jaw. Ruby belatedly covering up as she retreats on rubbery legs. Sophie goes to the belly with a flurry of hooks. Ruby getting her jab going which slows Sophie’s attack and leaves Ruby steady as the round ends, However there is no doubt when the judges give the round to Sophie Turner by a wide margin,

R5: Ruby Rose comes out punching hard this round and scores with a swiping left to Sophie's jaw to knock the redhead back on her heels. Sophie recovers quickly and responds with a right to the jaw that makes Ruby Rose shudder, Sophie pounding hooks to the belly and she’s got Ruby falling back all doubled up. Then Sophie brings punches up into Ruby’s face. Ruby knocked backwards, spills onto the ropes as Sophie leaps forward to bring powerhouse punches ripping into Ruby’s head, Ruby’s legs suddenly give out and she folds up into a heap with her back to the ropes. Sophie scampers to the neutral corner as referee moves in. Ruby raises her head and looks dizzily at the official as he proceeds with his counting. Ruby grasps the ropes she’s leaning against and tries to use them to pull herself back to her feet, but her legs seem to have gone numb, When she tries to use them to stand, Ruby’s legs buckle and she collapses back down in a heap. Sad look on her face as she hears:



After: Sophie Turner accepts the cheers of the crowd as she walks the ring waving and posing for the fans. She stops by Ruby Rose’s corner to assure herself that the Fighting Academy fighter is recovering and shares an encouraging word with clearly disappointed Ruby,

“It was a good fight,” Sophie tells the press later. “She did give me some problems, but I overcame them and managed to take her out. I think she has a lot of talent and once she has more experience she’ll turn into a good fighter. As for myself, I am not sure. I would like to work my way to contention for a title shot, though I admit that will take awhile. I am just glad I have a win tonight.”

As for Ruby Rose: “I can’t escape the feeling that I let this one get away. I know I was hurting Sophie in R3, but she came back and I was the one who got counted out in the 5th. I need to work with my trainers to make sure this does not happy again. Sophie Turner fought a good fight, but I could have done a lot better. I want to make sure this does not happen again.”

Ruby Rose continues to show promise, but that’s not the same thing winning a fight. She did give Sophie Turner a hard R3, but it wasn’t so hard that Sophie couldn’t comeback over the next 2 rounds and win the contest, Encouraging win for Sophie Turner and her fans hope to see her build on it in the year ahead! 



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