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22 February 2019 Kelly Rohrbach vs Serinda Swan

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Feb 23, 2019 at 1:50pm


Kelly Rohrbach versus Serinda Swan(Words: Vixens / Results: Lookout!)

(28, 5’9, 125, 16:10 FCBA, VIXENs)

(34, 5’7, 44:16 FCBA, Front Street Stable)

“I've been waiting for this match forever,” Kelly saying with a not-so-subtle roll of the eyes. “Serinda and I have a score to settle after she beat me all those years ago. And I intend to collect my dues tonight.”

Some serious words from Rohrbach, who’s become a whole lot MORE serious recently after she encountered a string of difficulties in the ring. Serinda picking up her change in demeanour, grinning at her from across the table and looking confident by contrast, with her only recent loss to Adrianne Palicki in the past year or so. 

“Kelly was easy peasy the last time we fought. I beat her ass in eight rounds, but I should've done it in fewer. And I think my record speaks for itself, don't you think? Compared to Kelly's, who’s blown away every opportunity given to her on a silver platter.”

Front Street personnel quickly herding their girl backstage when Kelly scrapes her chair backwards upon hearing those words, the Vixen incensed enough to stand up and motion towards Swan to bring it on right there and then. Instead, Serinda blowing kisses at the blonde as she exits backstage, setting the scene for this rematch in explosive fashion.

Later in the ring, Serinda wearing a flashy neon pink bikini and white gloves, her brown hair tied up high and mighty. Kelly going for a plain black swimsuit herself, red and white gloves showing off the overall contrast between them. Referee asks if both girls are ready, and they each nod. It’s a rematch in the making! HERE we go with ten rounds of Lightweight action!

Big strapping blows sailing in from the get-go as Kelly Rohrbach dominates the early action. She's got something to prove here and it’s showing from her rapid gain of ground and jabs to the Serinda’s head. Swan perhaps not expecting so much wanton aggression so early, has trouble getting out of range and even more trying to establish distance with her own jab, with Kelly just ignoring most of her punches and landing back three fold. At the end of three minutes, Serinda taking another hard right to her raised guard, sending her swiveling off to the side with a loud grunt. Rorhbach looks set to charge in and finish her off right in the very first round of this fight, only to get stopped by the premature bell sounding. No hard feelings - it’s still a solid round for the blonde Vixen overall.

Swan however not to be easily underestimated either. Now that she’s gotten a taster of what Kelly wants to do in there, she’s backtracking with efficient speed, staying out of range before Kelly can even cross the halfway threshold of the ring and start banging away like last time. Kelly forced to revert to her jabbing ways, taking whatever she can get, but from afar this time and obviously not as powerful as punches go. But Swan excelling at range, tagging the blonde all over the face and chin repeatedly. Kelly needs to adapt better this time round, focusing on defence and not relying completely on overwhelming aggression, which we all know is a classic rookie mistake.

More of the same in the third, with the only significant exchange when both girls get close to start swinging wildly at each other, which you’d think would favour Rohrbach in a close-quarters fight. Thirty seconds of this, however, and Kelly sure is as hell giving back with strapping shots: a left and right thud off of Serinda’s frame before the Vixen tries to knock her out by going up high, but the adept Swan also bobbing and weaving her torso, avoiding most of the hooks to the head. Instead, Kelly getting her head knocked back once, twice, three times by snap uppercuts to the chin, suddenly looking like she’s in a daze as she backs away in pain! Swan still showing patience, however, jabbing at her face as she retreats backwards, but careful enough not to jump in and commit fully. Round ends with both girls getting in some good, mutual shots, but we’ll have to go with Swan this time.

Kelly finally staying behind her own line in the sand, now cautious and wary about whether this fight might go against her like the last time these two fight at the Ice Hotel - that’ll be properly humiliating, no? Vixen keeping her fists outstretched and in between herself and Serinda’s advance, which truthfully isn’t something to brag home about either. Girls exchange punches from afar, in a typical slow dance back-and-forth, but Serinda making a mistake in the final minute of jumping in suddenly with a jab-jab-hook combo, which more or less land harmlessly off Kelly’s guard. Swan paying for that foolhardiness with a clean hook that impacts the cheek, smacking her around about slightly. Kelly’s turn to sweep in with more thudding blows to the brunette’s body, but ultimately still allows Swan to escape without a knockdown secured when the bell rings soon after.

It’s a classic tug-of-war, this fight is turning out to be, with both girls taking turns pushing the other back. Round 5 and it starts off as slow as usual, both fighters not liking the idea of being the first to go down in a mess of limbs and shouts. Kelly again using the long jab to dictate terms, trying to cut off Swan’s escape by slowly advancing on her position and hoping to trap her back against the ropes. Swan fully aware of this, however, punching back at the blonde’s head and trying to disrupt Kelly’s plans, each time she closes the noose managing to jump out of harm’s way just in time to avoid a tepid flurry to the head and body. Swan swerving around and about the blonde’s surge before tagging her on the face and into the ribs from the outside, giving the Front Street girl another advantageous round here due to her superb agility.

But that is, until Rohrbach catches her with another twin-hook combo: one landing hard on side of tummy, the other almost blowing Swan off her feet when it crashes into her raised guard. The force of the blow is still disorientating as Serinda goes stumbling off to the left in agony. Here comes Kelly, again looking to collect: straight hands poking at that lean body, eliciting groans from the lips. Brunette suddenly in disarray as she struggles to fend off the incoming blows. Kelly in particular surgical in her striking, poking in between and around the gaps in her arms. But the final minute sees a sudden rally from Swan, as she ducks under a wide hook and subsequently buries a right hand straight into the blonde’s paunch, rooting Kelly down to the spot. Serinda jumps in and starts wailing on her from all sides, but Kelly’s turtled up and keeping her head low and inwards, but her lead still evaporating before her eyes. Bell rings and we still think the Vixen did enough to come out slightly on edge though.

We head into the final quarter and both ladies are start showing signs of tiredness, their chests heaving as they meet in the center of the ring. Let’s not forget that the last time these two met was under high stakes of the Queen of the Ice Hotel title belt, and now they’re simply back at it again with no other reason other than to prove that one woman is better than the other. Serinda delightfully knocking Kelly’s head back with a couple straight shots into the chin, but then her head’s ROTATED to the side when Rohrbach returns a hook almost immediately at her. Suddenly, Swan is left swaying on shaky feet, trying to balance the force of the hook swiveling her head about at awkward angle! Cue for Kelly to rush in and finish: more strapping hooks slamming into her arms, knocking Swan more and more off balance… another swipe and then cross to tummy has the Front Street girl grunted and hunched over, offering a perfect target for Kelly’s followup hook to BLOW her DOWN to the canvas! 

It’s a KNOCKDOWN for Kelly Rorhbach just like that in the seventh! OUCH - even we could feel that one landing! Kelly pumping with adrenaline as she roars downwards at the fallen brunette, stepping over her squirming frame to head back to corner. 

Referee left counting er out one sec at a time, and kudos to Swan for trying her best to rise back up in time. She’s still barely on her knees when the count comes dangerously close to her ending, with her head resting on the middle rope and her eyes squeezed shut with pain as the referee passes the 10-count and finally WAVES the fight as over!

Official Decision: Kelly Rohrbach defeats Serinda Swan via KO7! 

“I KNEW I could take her,” Kelly shouting into the reporter’s microphone when interviewed later on by ringside. “She’s gotten soft over the years and I’m still the one who’s on the rise and yet to reach my prime. Unfortunately, she learnt that lesson the hard way tonight.”

Serinda of course heartbroken as she’s attended to by medical staff, and of course her own stablemates as they rally around her in the corner. “I could have done better. Kelly fought differently tonight, I’ll give her that. I was expecting that plain old boring blonde stuff from the last time we fought. The third time we get into the ring though, I promise you that I’ll be even more ready,” Swan saying with a nod.  



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