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22 February 2019 Georgia Mae Gibbs vs Lily Aldridge

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Feb 23, 2019 at 1:48pm


Georgia Mae Gibbs versus Lily Aldridge(Words: Vixens / Results: Lookout!)

(23, 5’10, 10:4 FCBA, VIXENs)

(33, 5’8, 6:3 FCBA, Lioness Club)

“I'll do what Nina could not,” Georgia saying with self-confidence during the press conference. “It's honestly a travesty that she couldn't put Aldridge away despite two back-to-back attempts last year. Today is both payback for my stable, but also for myself. I’ll admit that Lily's the perfect stepping stone on my way right to the top!” Georgia smiling as she says this, arms crossed at the table, blonde hair deliberately wavy and in a mess, and looking radiant as always in a pair of cotton white undies. 

Lily on the other hand looks surprisingly nonplussed about her comments, lips curling into a smile as she responds thereafter: “Plenty of girls think that they can take me down easily. Nina was one of them, and learnt the hard way that I'm not just a pretty face like her. What can I say, Georgia? If you underestimate me as well, you'll receive the exact same lesson when you’re down on the ground at my feet.”

Face off at the center podium is charged as girls come nose-to-nose and almost to blows from the tension. Both girls are at optimum model-height and weights, with Georgia packing slightly more muscle in her lean frame.

In the ring, final good wishes are recited by the referee, whose call to touch gloves obviously falls on deaf ears. Lily joining her counterpart, looking ravishing in a satin red bra and panties set, complete with white gloves on either hand. There goes the referee's wave of the hand, and HERE we go with ten rounds of Lightweight action! 

Fight starts of innocently enough, given how these two models like to party hard on the sidelines. They’re circling and flicking punches at each other’s heads, but not scoring often even with their energies still at full tank. It’s a little anticlimactic, if you ask us, especially after all that built up that’s resulted in nothing more than a dancing match for the first two minutes. Crowds voicing their approval soon enough - trust them to want to get their money’s worth here, and finally, both girls start to clash into each other in the center ring proper, coming in and smacking those fists into the head or body before retreating as though their opponent were a deadly viper ready to strike back. It’s an equal round for equal women, we feel, and both girls know they need to step on the gas pedal a little harder if they want to surge ahead for the remainder of this fight.

First minute and we see a repeat of the opening action, with both dancing sideways and forwards, and both trying to find an opening to smack the leather inwards. Georgia getting left behind soon enough - she’s still jabbing lightly at Lily’s head when the Lioness comes in roaring, stings a left hand to the blonde’s paunch and then another swing almost takes her head off. But Georgia blocking the second hook just in time, winded from the gut punch and now reeling backwards to focus on defending. Lily on her case, of course, targeting her pretty face with more jabs galore, and hounding the Vixen all the way across the ring and back. Bell rings and Lily’s firmly in the driver’s seat, no doubt, smiling to herself back to corner, as she takes the lead.

Georgia left grumbling to her trainers in between the rounds, but that’s what happens when you decide to play the safe game and take on someone who’s used to formidable aggression. Aussie girl still struggling to deal with Lily’s advance early in the third, blocking incoming punches from landing on her head, but as a result eating shots to her body instead, with Lily stalking her diligently and firing with precision into her lanky frame. Third minute and Gibbs forces an awkward clinch, after ducking under a wild hook up high, wrapping her arms around Aldridge’s chest and trying to bully her backwards into the ropes. Lily suffering slightly with her own sides taking blows from Georgia’s digging uppercuts into her ribs, but other than that, the Lioness never in real trouble, as the ref finally pulls the two girls apart and sends them off to their corners. Things looking south for the blonde Vixen as this match begins to unfurl.

Lily showing a little more hesitation at the sound of the bell, doesn’t want to get into another wrestling match with the taller, more muscular woman. Gibbs sees this as her opportunity to advance, and advance she does: she slams punches into Lily’s forearms and body in the opening minute, driving her back with grunts coming from pouty lips. Suddenly, the tables seemed turned as Lily’s the one on the receiving end of abuse. But let’s not discount the Lioness’ chances just yet. She lets out another grunt when a right hand sails in from the side and lands on the cheek, but immediately fires back with a stinging straight hand of her own that disappears in Georgia’s mouth, sending both girls reeling backwards fast. Last few seconds and it’s an all-out brawl taking place in center ring, both girls just lunging at each other and swinging away with mad abandon! Georgia taking some hard swipes across the tummy and leather spanking the ribs below, but she’s fighting back with straight knocks of her own punches into the Lily’s chin. Close round overall, that’s for sure, but Gibbs’ early aggression means she’s secured the comeback.

Girls just resume from where they left off previously, come flying in danger close and shooting those gloves inwards. Lily continuing to target Georgia’s abs and chest, delighted when she makes her squeal out in pain whenever her breasts, especially, get knocked about or flattened. Gibbs on the other hand ROCKING the brunette’s head back with some choice uppercuts sent into the jawline, making her pay for those violations in spades. Middle to the end of the round sees Lily covering up a whole lot more, suddenly in danger of getting herself knocked out if those uppercuts keep landing on her chin. Georgia more enraged than anything, uses that anger to rush and punish her, burying another one-two into the paunch before the referee restrains her back at the bell.

Lily doing all she can do go back to her glorious first few rounds, now switching into defensive mode to conserve energy and scoot away from Georgia as she advances upon her. Gibbs knows this tactic intimately - she used it at the start of the match as well. Still, the Vixen charges forward, lunging fists at the face after large skips of ground forward that enable her to close the distance in a heartbeat. As a result, Lily can’t quite get away in time, her nose taking a sudden whap whap WHACK from incoming jabs and suddenly, she’s left in a daze! Gibbs following up with two uppercuts buried into the midsection, folding the American over with a grunt, before a final SWIPE across Lily’s face sends her crashing down to the canvas! 

It’s a KNOCKDOWN for Georgia Mae Gibbs! The crowds are elated and on their feet in a flash, already celebrating along with Georgia as she too raises a tired hand before walking back to her corner. Referee counting Lily out on the ground - the Lioness is groaning as she tries and push herself back up to at least her knees, but that toned tummy trembling from the strain, as she tries to extend herself upwards fully but fails to do, with the 10-count passing her wholly by! It’s over!!

Official Decision: Georgia Mae Gibbs defeats Lily Aldridge via KO6! 

What a victory indeed! Georgia Mae Gibbs truly backing her words up with an excellent performance tonight, having put away a foe like Lily Aldridge when others in her stable could not. Does this mean now that Ms Gibbs has taken the lead role in the Lightweight pecking order? No word yet on how Nina’s going to react to all this celebration over her own failure.

Lily on the other hand still looking dazed as she sits up by the ropes and revived by medical staff. There’s a solemn look in her eyes at having a disappointing performance here tonight. But something tells us that the sky’s still the limit for this beautiful model.  



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