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22 February 2019 Kelly Brook vs Antje Utgaard

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Feb 23, 2019 at 1:29pm


Kelly Brook vs. Antje Utgaard(Words: O & E / Results: Lookout!)


Interesting match up of powerfully-built beauties sees legendary big girl Kelly do battle with a girl who's been billed as 'The Next Kate Upton', but could just as easily be billed as 'The Next Kelly Brook'. But, as Kelly's recent performances have shown, she's not ready to step aside just yet. "I can still fight with anybody in the two big girl divisions, as I've proven again and again. This girl is big, no doubt about that. And, she can hit, I'm sure. But. she's never felt anybody who can hit like I can hit. And she WILL feel me tonight."

"SOMEone's going to be feeling the power tonight," says a hard-eyed Antje. "And, Kelly's about to find out just who that is."


Antje wants to set up at gunnery range and get her box on. Brook not having it. British beauty wants to get down to business immediately, working forward behind the left jab to close and bang. Utgaard's shown she can fight on those terms, but clearly doesn't want to this evening. She's giving ground, circling, moving the feet, doing whatever she can to create space so that she can use her advantage in reach. Unfortunately for the blonde beauty, the veteran brunette has no intention of giving her the space, and the blonde can't find ways to get it. Result is that Brook, getting the terms she wants, controls the round. She's mugging and mauling inside, banging the younger woman to both head and body, and generally giving her a thumping. At the bell, nobody's hurt, but it's Kelly wide and up 10-9.


Right back in close, as Brook is able to find ways to penetrate the younger woman's defenses. And, when she does so, the brunette takes full advantage, landing hard shot to both head and body, punishing the blonde, forcing her to cover up before DROPPING HER WITH A RIGHT HOOK! A BRUTAL punch from Kelly sends Antje crashing to her right side! Brook to a neutral corner to watch the referee begin the count. Utgaard struggles to hands a right haunch at six, and manages to gete to her feet at nine, JUST beating the count. Referee looks closely at the blonde during the mandatory, but waives Kelly forward when it's complete. And. Brook. Goes. To. Town. Brunette HAMMERS the blonde with just about everything in the arsenal, backing her into the ropes and landing BOOMING shots to both hand and body. Utgaard keeps the guard high and the ref at bay with occasional rejoinders, and manages to ship the shell and stay on her feet. At the bell, Kelly pushes up off her wobbly opponent and heads for the corner up 20-17.


Brook charging out of the corner and going right back to work. Antje clearly still buzzed, and Kelly's looking for at least a major clean up here if not an outright finish. Utgaard playing defense. She's jabbing, giving ground, keeping the gloves up, playing for time. Brook sitting down on everything, landing some VERY hard shot. But, while she's able to shake Antje a couple of times and eventually back her to the ropes, she can't finish. Final minute sees the British beauty redoubling her efforts to do so. She's tossing bomb after bomb at Antje, while the younger woman leans back in the ropes taking and doing just enough to prevent the referee from stopping the thing. Brook's still hammering away when the bell rings, and, while she's been denied the stoppage, she's managed the clean up with a shutout round that stretches her lead to 30-26.


Brook looking to pour it on. After Antje immediately again. This time, though, the big blonde begins holding her ground. Those long, strong legs are back under her, and that's allowing her to hold canvas and fire back with authority. Result is sharp exchange after sharp exchange at mid ring for nearly two minutes. Bomb after bomb lands, snapping back heads and sending sweat flying. But. The two sets of sturdy legs hold their owners up through all the shell fire. Going into the final minute, there's not much in it at all. And, that's when Antje turns it on. Utgaard backs up Brook with a HARD combination, forcing her to cover up, and then lets the hands go. Kelly's not hurt, but she's suppressed on the defensive for the remainder of the round, and that lets Antje claim the points close and cut the British brunette's lead to 39-36.


Kelly still wants to bang with Antje, and Utgaard more than willing now. She's no longer trying to get distance, looking to box. Instead, she's going to brawl with the veteran brawler. And, while that might seem like a mistake, it doesn't turn out that way. It's not that Kelly isn't tactically better at this than Antje. She is. The problem is, Utgaard is just bigger and stronger. And, in this stanza, anyway, that size and power plays. Brook's game, banging away inside, thumping head and body, but, she's getting moved around, out-wrestled, and backed up by the blonde, who's landing harder, cleaner shot the entire way...and, just as importantly, more of it. Final thirty seconds see Utgaard dominant, forcing Brook to the back foot and letting her have it with three hard flurries that take the fighters to the bell. When it rings, Antje's won it wide and has cut Kelly's lead to 48-46 at the half.


Ladies right back at one another. Brook may have taken the worst of it in the last round, but that's not slowing her down in this one. She's aggressively after the blonde, banging away to head and body. Antje responding in kind, digging hooks to Kelly's ribs and belly and using hooks and uppercuts to the head. Brook leaning in, head on shoulder, working body, levering with the shoulder to open the blonde up and DOWN GOES BROOK! A short right hook from Utgaard swivels the head and the British brunette falls forward past Utgaard's left shoulder to crash, face-first to the canvas! Antje doesn't waste any time getting to a neutral corner, but, as the referee begins the count, it looks like she needn't have worried. Kelly lies, arms trapped beneath her, not moving at all as the numbers get larger, and there's still no movement when the count passes her by. She's OUT and it's OVER and your winner by KO6 in comeback fashion is Antje Utgaard!


Utgaard showing her opponent plenty of props in the post-fight. "You have to respect her," the blonde says. "She's beaten a lot of good fighters for a lot of years and she's still fighting at a high level. And, she can still HIT. But. She made a mistake tonight. She was NOT getting physical with ME and getting away with it. NOBODY in the FCBA is doing that. NOBODY." 



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