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28 February 2019 Hunter King vs Jeanine Mason

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Posted by Wiz on Mar 1, 2019 at 3:29am



"It's well past time for me," Jeanine says with a nod. "I should have been fighting here years ago. But. I'm here now and there's plenty of time for me to reach all of my goals. And, that starts tonight."

"It's nice to have goals," says Hunter with a smile. "I have some, too. And the first one is to beat Jeanine tonight."


O'Dell: "Back at ringside and that's "Goddess" by Super Estella, and here comes the star of the CW's 'Roswell, New Mexico', the beautiful Jeanine Mason!"

McCarthy: "Ho Hum. Another Dancing Hooker opponent with ZERO FCBA wins!"

O'Dell: "Mason wasting no time getting into the ring. She's helped off with the robe to reveal a scarlet number that shows exactly how hard she's been training for this one. And, that's 'Shake It Out' by Florence and the Machine you hear booming through the arena, and that can only mean that 'The Ventura County Volcano', Hunter King is on her way to the ring!"

Tess: "Here's where Mac reminds us she thinks that's a stupid nickname..."

McCarthy: "Well, it IS. And, SHUT UP, WALMART!"

O'Dell: "Drink up, boys, but don't take your eyes off the screen, as King climbs into the ring and is helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve to reveal that aqua number we've seen before, and the crowd showing plenty of appreciation..."

Cassie: "Here's the part where Mac tells us if she dragged her aging, silicone stuffed body up there, the crowd would pop much louder..."

McCarthy: "Ag...Sili...YOU LITTLE..."

O'Dell: "Now, calm DOWN, Mac, because the ladies are about ready and it's time for some picks. Tess likes Hunter. Mac?"

McCarthy: "Nothing but a NUMBER! That's what AGE is. I'm HOTTER than ANY woman in the FCBA, that's what I am..."

O'Dell: "MAC! A pick, please!"

McCarthy: "NO FCBA wins! King!"

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "I agree with Tess..."

O'Dell: "Unanimous for the second time, and the ladies wasting no time getting right to it. Jeanine stepping to Hunter and King not backing up and HERE WE GO! Opening thirty seconds and they are tossing BOMBS at one another! No feeling out going on here, Mac..."

McCarthy: "No, but both girls are FEELING those punches!"

O'Dell: "And Mason backs up King with a hard right hand! Jeanine going all in here, sending the blonde into retreat! Don't think King is hurt, but she's definitely on the back foot and the brunette beauty is determined to keep her there. GOOD right hand from Mason and King's on the ropes..."

Tess: "Agree Hunter's not hurt, but Mason's trying to remedy that, Jenny..."

O'Dell: "Definitely is. HARD combination there from the brunette. King countering with a solid right, but Jeanine ANOTHER sharp flurry. Got to like the way Mason's started this one. Ten seconds to go in the round. One more exchange and there's the bell. No question. Mason and wide."

Cassie: "And Jeanine gets the 10-9 lead."


O'Dell: "Mason right back after King to start the second, but Hunter not having it. Blonde banging right back and she WOBBLES MASON WITH A RIGHT HAND! Oh, that was a SOLID right from King, and Jeanine did well to take it and stay on her feet, Cassie..."

Cassie: "Plenty of bantams would be on their backs right now..."

O'Dell: "Mason might be on her feet, but she's in trouble. King stepping forward, backing the brunette up with heavy leather. Jeanine backing and covering, keeping the gloves high. Hunter sees body on sale and begins buying some. Mason tying up. Hunter shoves off, works some more body..."

Tess: "Hunter doing some serious digging to belly and ribs..."

O'Dell: "No doubt about it. Twenty seconds left in the stanza. King back upstairs, landing a hard right hand that backs the brunette up a step. Mason tying up again, hanging on, trying to kill some time here. Ref breaks the fighters, but there's the bell. King's round wide."

McCarthy: "And, we're even at 19."


O'Dell: "King looking to close this thing out. She's AFTER Jeanine in a big way and EATS A RIGHT HAND! Mason a BEAUTIFUL right hand counter and that wobbled the blonde. And, now Mason going all in on Hunter, backing her up with flurry after flurry of hard shot..."

Cassie: "That wasn't King being sloppy right there. That was just a heck of a punch!"

O'Dell: "And, now the brunette thinking 'finish' here. She's sitting down on punches, letting the hands go, looking to find one that will send the blonde to the canvas. Hunter in a high guard, backed to the ropes. She's rolling with, blocking, countering in spots, running some clock..."

McCarthy: "Jeanine just needs to keep banging away and get her out of there. She can't rely on this hometown judges!"

O'Dell: "Thirty seconds left in the round. Hunter defending well, landing a good right hand in counter. Blonde looks to have shaken off the worst of it, but the brunette still firing hard shot at her, piling up hurt and points as we head for the bell. There it is. Third is in the books and it's Mason and wide."

Tess: "And, Jeanine back on top 29-28."


O'Dell: "Mason showing some caution as we start the fourth. She's aware the blonde had the legs back at the end of the third, and she's not looking to walk into something. She is, however, continuing to pressure, and that's clearly the game tonight. King enforcing some space now with that left jab..."

Tess: "Hunter has a little reach here, so this definitely makes sense."

O'Dell: "King getting some combinations put together now, keeping the brunette at bay for the first time. Jeanine not able to get to her spots and get off, and we're seeing King take over the fight as a result. Mason continues to try to work forward, but can't get it done. Instead, it's the blonde who's getting the work done."

McCarthy: "Keep angling. Keep getting after her and she can get her."

O'Dell: "'That's definitely the plan for the brunette, but it's not working at the moment. Instead, the blonde continuing to control things with that jab. She's out-boxing and out-scoring Mason as we head for the bell. Good right hand there for King and the bell rings ending the fourth. Hunter. Wide."

Cassie: "And, we're even at 38."


O'Dell: "Mason looking like she's taking Mac's advice here. She's continuing to angle, looking to penetrate, getting inside now and banging some body. King responding in kind and blonde and brunette now working in the phone booth. And both are getting some body work done..."

McCarthy: "If Mason's corner is smart, they're LISTENING to this broadcast and using ME as an extra corner person."

Tess: "Oh, I'm sure that's what ALL the corners do, listen to YOU on the broadcast..."

McCarthy: "They probably DO and I should start CHARGING..."

O'Dell (sighing): "Half way through the round and there's not a lot in it. both ladies getting work done inside at this point and nobody able to create any space, literally or figuratively at the moment. GOOD digging right to the belly from Jeanine and Hunter felt that one..."

Cassie: "Both girls taking a beating to ribs and midsection right now."

O'Dell: "No question about it. Fifteen seconds to go in the stanza and it's looking as it that time is going to be used to do some more meat tenderizing. Both ladies hooking to body, going back upstairs and then back to the ribs and there's the bell ending the fifth. Close. Jeanine."

McCarthy: "And, Mason's on top 48-47 at the half. Because she's LISTENING TO ME."


O'Dell: "Mason getting inside immediately as we start the second half and the ladies fighting in that phone booth again, digging body and MASON IS HURT! A short right hook from King staggered Jeanine! Mason stumbling backward and nearly going down..."

Cassie: "Surprised she stayed on her feet..."

O'Dell: "And, King trying to remedy that right now, getting off in a big way, battering the brunette back into the ropes and letting her have it with both hands. Mason hanging on in a high guard as the referee looks in. Hunter tossing flurry after flurry as the brunette lists along the cables..."

McCarthy: "Kid doing a good job of running clock, though."

O'Dell: "We're into the final forty seconds of the round. Hunter looking for the 'off' switch but hasn't found it. Brunette tying up, hanging on. King stacks her, goes body, then back to the head. Mason ties up again. Referee steps in to break the fighters apart and there's the bell. King. Wide."

Tess: "But, Jeanine still standing and we're even on the cards at 57."


O'Dell: "King on a seek and destroy mission as we start the seventh. Hunter all OVER a still-buzzed Mason. Jeanine giving ground, playing defense, keeping the hands high. King working her backward, looking to trap her on the ropes. Brunette doing a good job of avoiding that to this point..."

McCarthy: "This kid has some potential. If she weren't a bantam, I'd sign her to Sceej..."

O'Dell: "Hunter working the jab now, dropping the right in here and there, clearly looking to set up a big punch. Mason defending well, playing for time, slipping the odd punch and GOING DOWN! Mason is down after a BOOMING right hand from the blonde..."

Cassie (singing): "Turn out the liiiigggghhhhtsssss. The party's ohhhhhhhhverrrrrrrr...."

O'Dell: "Hunter sent to a neutral corner by the referee. Mason down on her back, eyes closed, not moving at all. Referee's count at three. Four. Five. This is all looking academic because I think the brunette is out. Seven. Eight. Nine. TEN! It's OVER! And your winner by KO7 is 'The Ventura County Volcano' Hunter King!"


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I have our winner, Hunter King, and, Hunter, good fight tonight..."

Hunter (nodding): "She's very aggressive, Tess, and she's can hit. Has a lot of potential if she gets work. If we didn't have the best bantamweight division in the FCBA, I'd talk to Neve and Wiz about bringing her in."

O'Dell: "Good start to 2019 for you. What's next?"

Hunter: "Just trying to get a lot of work and get better every time I get into the ring. That's the goal." 



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