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1 March 2019 Bella Thorne vs Jessica Nigri

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Posted by The Dollhouse on Mar 3, 2019 at 4:42am


Bella Thorne
(21, 5’8, 120 lbs, 20:7 FCBA, The Dollhouse)
Jessica Nigri
(29, 5’7, 124 lbs, 13:4 FCBA, Free Agent)

Results: Lookout!; Story: Caspian & The Dollhouse

"This could have been a JMD fight,” Bella Thorne saying with some hint of regret in her voice at the press table earlier that evening. “But you know what? I'm bored with JMD for now. It was fun, and I was champion. Right now, I want to focus on the real thing. I just lost two fights back-to-back, and I am definitely NOT okay with that. I feel like I've been underperforming lately, and tonight, I'm here to remind people that I'm still the best overall fighter in this f*cking stable. I'm done f*cking around! Jessica is a strong opponent, and I totally respect what she's been doing, which is the reason I asked for this fight. But she's not beating me - I'm going apeshit on her ass tonight. Just watch me!"

Nigri not seen in action for a while now, since late 2018, with the collapse of her previous stable taking her luck with it. On one hand, she seems delighted that she's got a spot on the latest Doll Ball, but whether or not she proves to be a challenge to the former JMD champ is debatable. Let's hear her thoughts on the matter, in any case:

"We all know the REAL reason Bella didn't want this to be a JMD fight. She's afraid and jealous of these beauties,” Jessica smiling downwards and cupping her own boobs, before continuing. “I mean, no offense, Bella, but yours can't really compare with mine. But you know what… it's fine! I don't need them to beat her. I've been fighting and beating Lightweights, Bella is too weak and fragile to be a serious threat. She's good, but I'm just too strong for her, not to mention - way, way better.”

Well, it looks like we were wrong, with the blonde's confidence and spunky attitude going up a decibel despite her lack of recent success in the ring. Bella meets her glare-down at the podium, and can't quite keep herself from scowling when she’s forced to glance downwards at the assets on the other side of the aisle versus her own. We aren't gonna focus on that little debate, of course. 

Girls making their way down the runway and after those two recent losses, gone is that cocky smile from Thorne's face. She’s all business tonight folks as she makes her way towards the ring, hair in a messy ponytail and clad in her usual black and purple bra and tights combo. The fans are still LOVING the sexy redhead despite her recent setbacks with many of them still seeing her as the biggest talent on the Dollhouse roster. Nigri on the other hand either oblivious or extremely foolish, skipping down the ramp in nothing but a white bikini that’s laced with pink, and donning white gloves, bleeched blonde hair in a cute high ponytail. Bella pacing restlessly in her own corner waiting for this sexy cosplayer girl to finish with her pre-fight spectacle. Nigri definitely taking her time here, dancing and posing in the middle of the ring despite the obvious boos from the majority of the home crowd here. A minute later and the blonde finally settles in her corner and begins stretching. We might be ready to go folks!

Referee brings this fight to order and calls for the touch of gloves, to which neither woman complies, of course, much preferring to touch up each other's face and chest in the next ten rounds. HERE we go with the bell! 

That chip on Bella's shoulder not doing her any favours, as she doesn’t waste time, immediately bobbing, weaving and firing punches off like the flash on steroids right from the get go. I don't think we've seen Bella this focused since her past two fights went southwards. The first minute and she's moving in the ring like she believes she belongs, snapping jabs into the middle of Jessica's face over and over again, looking for a quick-KO win. But Jessica is clearly made of sterner stuff, and things are going to get rough when you have two former JMD champions in the ring together, both looking to throw down. Nigri absorbs most of the punishment and dishes it back threefold, almost blowing Bella off her feet when a right hook cracks into her forearms late in the round. That aggression from Bella is all well and good, but it'll all be for naught if she gets careless like that. It'll be an early lights out for the Doll for sure! 

Like many of the match-ups on tonight's card, we have another test of agility versus power, lean vs mean fighters facing off, with Bella skirting and dancing and poking whilst Nigri's focused on using her well-endowed mass to power those big swings home. Bella again narrowly avoiding a few flung at her head, but it's not enough to stop a right hand that sails in low and thumps her on the belly, followed by another specifically targeting her side-boob. C'mon ref - this ain't a JMD match after all! But Jessica more or less ignoring the redhead's squeals and amplifies the pain tenfold: more punches stinging Bella’s breasts and body, and suddenly, the Doll’s stunned to the spot - a tricky situation she needs to get out of, and fast. She covers up before Jessica can plug another hand into the pit of her tummy, before scooting away and jabbing at the face to keep Nigri at bay. Turn of fortunes already in the second round of this fight, and it's becoming clear that Nigri herself ain't about to go home empty-handed! 

A wild flurry takes place in the first minute of the third, when Bella surges inwards to tag Jessica’s cheek with a long jab, only to get caught with another hook to the side of her head. But Thorne brings up her guard just in time, absorbing the worst of the blow, then RAMS her own fist down the middle, STRAIGHT up into Jessica's jawline! KAPOW!! That uppercut was either pure luck or expertly timed, but the result is the same: Jessica Nigri looking like she just got hit by a brick wall as she falls face first down to canvas! We have a KNOCKDOWN in the second minute right here!

If that didn't validate the former champion, I suppose the only thing that might be better would be the referee counting Nigri all the way out to 10! Unfortunately, the blonde clambers back up to shaky feet, no longer smiling though as she grits her teeth and spits out red. It's Thorne's round when the bell rings soon after, but she did fail to decisively end this match. What will Jessica Nigri do next?? 

It's almost like that knockdown never happened, folks! Bella aiming to soar in and finish what she started, but finding Jessica’s guard still up and about in the middle of the ring. Jabs landing all over Nigri’s body but still the big blonde is swinging back dangerously close, even surprising Thorne, who'd assumed that that knockdown would have done… something at least. Nope - Jessica pushing the Doll backwards towards the final minute of this round, deliberately going after her chest and boobs in one hella form of payback. Result? Bella Thorne left hugging her assets, wincing in pain on the ropes by the time the bell rings. But Nigri STILL chugging forward, NOT DONE!! Referee trying his best to stop the big girl's advance, but Nigri is just shoving the small man off and then plugging her fists up into Bella's body and chest in wicked payback of the highest order! Thorne left wrecked in her opponent's arms, face dangerously smothered close to her own substantial assets, as Nigri smiles and coos down at her: “This is what's coming, Bella! Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!” It takes a small posse of ring officials to get the blonde to back off, and she's flashing that return smile for this occasion, confident that she's back in the game. 

Bella still winded and bruised when the bell starts the fifth. She must be wondering to herself at this point what she has to do to get outta this predicament. Nigri looks set to charge at her once more in order to finish her off, but this time, barely a hook lands on her arms before Bella's out of range in the nick of time, wisely using her legs to create distance from the zone of impact. Hey, you can't score on what you can't catch, right? It's definitely not a pretty sight for the redhead, but Bella evading Nigri like the plague, keeping herself far away and only occasionally poking her head out from behind those arms to jab. This has the unintended effect of pissing Jessica off to no end, of course, with her own body also slowing down considerably after all that chasing and swinging. Make no mistake, Jessica still taking the round overall due to her aggression and some big hits scored intermittently on Bella’s body, but it's partially because Bella's playing the long game here and trying to catch her breath.

And knowing Bella Thorne, we're in for a comeback at any time now! She's waiting diligently for Nigri to slow down to a snail's pace, then the blonde taking another lumberous swing at her head, before Bella BLOWS her back with a right fist sent hard into the cheek! And then another and another from Thorne blasting inwards, with Bella exclusively targeting the vulnerable head and nothing else! She ain't got no time for punching boobies, that's for sure! Nigri mewing softly as her face is knocked senseless, with little choice but to cover up and get herself backed into the ropes. HERE COMES THORNE, looking like thunder and lightning! She's letting her fists fly like the wind, just as she threatened before, plugging every inch of Nigri possible. Nigri ONLY surviving when she bends low and wraps her arms up with the leaner Thorne. Girls trade growls in ears as they clinch and wrestle, but it's clear that Jessica is merely holding onto her marbles for fear of spilling them all over the canvas. Referee separates them at the bell and it’s safe to say that this round’s a comeback for the Doll! 

Still, Bella must be beating herself up here as she wonders what's taking so long - all that talk of powering through a victory tonight now looking like a long lost dream. But Nigri ain't faring any better, folks, her mouth hanging open as she as good as stumbles forward from her corner stool. Bella circling in and resuming her steady jabbing, and it's like Jessica can't even see those hands coming in at her face, barely intercepting them before they slam into her nose repeatedly. After a minute of this one-sided action, Bella goes big or goes home, right hook screaming in from the side, BLASTING Nigri off to her right - the big blonde lets out a nasty HNNUUGHH before her chest bounces off the top rope and then CRASHES down to the ground! Oh my! But wait! The blonde doing her best here to recover, raising her head off the mat as she stares foggily at the referee who’s busy counting her out, but seems like she can’t do it this time! Nigri too out of it as the back of her head kisses the mat again with a THUD! Seems like she simply can’t make it off her back this time folks! The count reaches 10 and It's definitely OVER this time! 

Official Decision: Bella Thorne defeats Jessica Nigri via KO7!

A relatively serious post-win celebration for Bella Thorne - none of that gloating or tongue-sticking out as she simply looks relieved to have taken care of business tonight. Whether she had always predicted this outcome or was partially surprised that the fight lasted so long, is still up in the air. 

Of course, the result speaks for itself: Nigri flat on her back and barely moving when Thorne walks over, panting hard. The redhead rams her foot down into the blonde’s left jug, drawing a deep groan from her squirming lips. Nigri just powerless to resist being pinned down by her conqueror, as Bella purposely exerts the full extent of her body weight as she crushes the defeated girl’s tit. Bella finally allowing herself a smile, sticking her tongue out for the cheering fans as she poses with a flex of her biceps for the audience. And there’s the Bella-confidence we all know and love!

Later, Bella finally beaming at reporters backstage, her spirits seemingly restored. “Jessica is pretty tough…I’m not gonna lie. She can take a beating, for sure. But it doesn’t matter…bring me literally anyone my size and I’ll f*ck them up. I’m making a push for the Bantam title, and when I put my mind to something it’s pretty f*cking hard to stop me. Anyone who wants to try is welcome. Now If you’ll excuse me….gotta go shower and wash that skunk’s sweat off my bod. Later!”  



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