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1 March 2019 Avril Lavigne vs Mila Kunis

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Posted by The Dollhouse on Mar 3, 2019 at 4:47am


Avril Lavigne
(34, 5’2, 120 lbs, 24:11 FCBA, The Dollhouse)
Mila Kunis
(35, 5’4, 112 lbs, 25:26:1 FCBA, HISC)

Results: Lookout!; Story: Caspian & The Dollhouse

Avril all shits and giggles at the press conference, still giddy over her recent KO1 win over Kristen Bell in the big PPV last month. "Did you guys LOVE my performance against Kristen? I barely broke a f*cking sweat!” She giggles. “The plan is to do the same to Mila tonight. I mean, why are people making such a big deal out of her? She thinks she's all that because she held the title for like, what, two months? pffttt. Anyone can get lucky. If two creampuffs like Watson and Hale knocked her out few months ago, I can totally knock her out too, and fast! Did you SEE what I did to Bell?” Avril can’t stop with the incessant grin as she emphasises that last point one more time.

Of course, colour Mila Kunis not impressed from across the press table, rolling her eyes each time Avril mentions that feat of hers that she considers a fluke. 

“I'm gonna be real with you Av, you're a basic b*tch,” Kunis lets that statement sink in for a moment, dragging out a dramatic pause and of course glaring at Avril with a b*tch-stare of her own. “A low-IQ fighter with a big mouth and zero ability to learn from her mistakes. That is why I was the Champion and you're busy getting your face rearranged by every top-tier fighter in the league. You beat Kristen Bell years beyond her prime?” Kunis pauses and claps sarcastically. ”How incredibly impressive. Guess what though? I still have a few good years. I just beat Mendes two months ago. Didn't she knock your soft ass out a couple of months back? TWICE, if I remember correctly, on the same evening?" Kunis delightedly watching as Avril's face turns a bright shade of red after that last salvo of words. “Yeah. She did. Well, you've earned yourself another beatdown tonight, Av. Let's just go finish this, shall we?"

Girls spouting off those facts like they’re hard evidence, but we all know how unpredictable things can get once two gals get into the same ring together. Explosions are set off for Avril’s awaited entrance into the arena, the Doll looking spanking in her pink/black sports attire with matching gloves, her hair up in a high ponytail looking on top of the world with the recent release of her new album brining her plenty of much needed attention. The fans are loving their Flyweight Queen as Avril struts along the aisle to loud cheers followed by trainer Kristanna Loken and CEO Carmen Electra, high-fiving anyone her short arms can reach as she makes her towards the ring. 

Mila not looking too shabby herself when its her time to make her entrance, the Consortium mistress burning daggers into Avril as she jogs down the ramp, revealing plenty of her impressively fit body in a dark grey sporta bra and black knee length tights, complete with black, menacing looking boxing gloves. The amount of cheers this former champion is generating tonight is impressive, considering she is up against the home ‘Queen’, but I guess Mila’s got plenty of fans of her own here tonight waiting to see her kick some Canadian ass. The brunette wastes no time sliding into the ring, shooting Avril a cocky smirk as she makes her way towards her corner and begins her pre-fight routine.

A minute later and both girls set to charge in once the referee gives his go ahead. There goes the bell, and HERE we go with ten rounds of Flyweight action!

Is it just me, or is Avril trying her best to relive that glorious win over Kristen Bell here, immediately rushing forward with confidence and planting leather on Mila’s face from afar? Kunis perhaps shouldn’t be too shocked that she’s being hounded like this early, with Avril sitting at the top of her game. But Kunis is in no slump either, beating both Mendes and Keegan before stepping into the ring tonight and she’s doing an impressive job fending off the blonde’s attacks, with Avril finding her opponent a MUCH more difficult one compared to Bell in this opening round, with her punches either absorbed by the guard or missing entirely. In the final seconds, Avril not entirely sure whether she should be feeling happy or sad - it’s her round through and through from her early aggression, most definitely, but she also looks disappointed that she couldn’t repeat her past success and blow Mila away in one round flat.

If she can’t do it in the first round, maybe she’ll be able to in the second then! Lavigne still charging forward with her fists flying, and we’re getting an overall sense of her strategy here as she tries to overwhelm Mila good and early, thereby disrupting her ability to fight back. But Mila is a two-time Flyweight champion in her own right, and Avril might do well to remember that fact. Middle minute and Kunis BLASTS her across the arms with a sudden hook out of nowhere, before stunning the Canadian with another shot into the tummy. Avril’s rooted to the ground, and rattled bad, almost lurching forward from that combination and suddenly finding herself retreating rapidly, her tail between her legs as Mila pushes forward with the advantage. The bell saves her from going any further backwards, however, with Kunis managing to steal the round overall with that comeback performance.

And STILL Avril seems determined to floor the HISC starlet early. She jumps in and forwards, her arms flaying madly in the wind, only to get CAUGHT by another right hand from Kunis, who predicted the charge and smacks her hard into the face for her troubles, sending the poor Canadian singer off to the side in tatters! OUCH though! Avril’s momentous charge stopped in its tracks right there, and Kunis going after her body unabated with wild swings in from the side, then straight punches sent into her paunch each time Avril raises her guard to try and block. Things aren’t looking too good for Lavigne all of a sudden, and the longer this fight drags out, the worse her fortunes are gonna get.

Finally Lavigne keeping her distance and fighting smarter, poking at Mila’s face from the outskirts. Mila’s turn to charge in on her, hoping to capitalise on her past wins in the last two rounds. But she’s underestimating Avril’s agility here, even at the rate of the fourth round’s third minute. Mila unable to catch her with her big hooks, resorting to her jabbing skills once again as she tries to plant leather anywhere and everywhere on her body, whether be it the face or otherwise. Avril however biting back later with more quantity of shots landing overall, and more quality ones if we may say so ourselves, frequently stuffing her mitts into the nostrils, lips, or between Kunis’ eyes, drawing healthy groans galore from the former champ’s mouth. Big comeback round for the Doll, and here’s to hoping she can sustain this momentum indefinitely.

Both girls starting to look tired now, and who could blame them, after the war of words before the fight and now a fifth round of back-and-forth action. They REALLY don’t seem to like each other very much, hunting the head with lunging shots, but again Avril’s being aware of Kunis’ power in close-quarters. The strawberry blonde employing some choice tactics that we haven’t really seen much from her yet, backtracking but also parrying some of Kunis’ hands harmlessly away from her head, before planting straight punches into her opponent’s face. After the third such strike lands stiffly, Kunis is the one who suddenly looks wobbly as heck, starts swaying from side-to-side as her entire face screws up from the pain. Here comes Avril, jumping in like she knows how: big punch to the temples, literally KNOCKING Kunis backwards and DOWN to the canvas in a heap! 

A KNOCKDOWN FOR LAVIGNE! It took a lot more than one round this time, but here it is in all its glory! Avril roaring to the crowds with a grin, then running back to her corner to celebrate, and Kunis is still shaking her head as she tries to sit up from her back and orient herself from this debacle. Referee counting her out by the side, and unfortunately, try as she might, the Consortium star is unable to beat the count - still groggy on her bum as the ref passes the 10-count! And just like that - It’s all over!!

Official Decision: Avril Lavigne defeats Mila Kunis via KO5!

Avril’s wins continue to prove the blonde worthy over and over again, and the celebration is even more exuberant once the referee raises her hand to make the decision official. 

Avril giddy as she high fives Electra and Loken before delightedly making her way back towards Kunis! Oh-oh! The Canadian songstress yanking the weakened brunette up by the hair and then proceeds to mock her straight to her face for being a 'washed up former champion’. 

But Avril is not done yet, grabbing the actress by her wrists and dragging her along for a walk of shame! Kunis groaning, her eyes fluttering in the wind as she’s forced forward with one arm snaked around her waistline and an elbow shoved painfully into the small of her back. Avril still taunting the former champion into her ear, explaining that both her and dear Kristen Bell had better retire early at this point for being so pathetic. 

It takes no more than 30 seconds for Avril to stop, seemingly bored of pushing the beaten brunette around, is this over? NO! Lavigne now pushing the defeated girl clear out of the ring through the ropes! Mila has been thrown out of the ring!!! Poor Kunis landing hard on the apron below with a loud THUD rolling on the aprons before coming to a stop on her back, wincing in pain as a loud groan escapes her lips. Queen Laigne then poses in the ring for her fans, her laugh reverberating throughout the arena before she finally exits to huge “AV-RIL! AV-RIL!” chants from the capacity crowd! 
Ringside, The victorious blonde is bombarded with questions about tonight and the future by several reporters. “I beat her ass! What more do you want me to say?!” Avril laughs. “Seriously though…I’m hearing that b*tch Camila isn’t doing so hot these days, maybe It’s time I go kick her ass and get my payback. Or maybe I should just teach that Holt kid what a real woman fights like…Oh and that sl*t Cabello…she has to pay for what she did to me last time after I fucked her up. So many asses that need kicking, so little time! Later boyz!” She waves as she makes her way backstage closely followed by her Dollhouse entourage.  



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