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7 March 2019 Sandra Kubicka vs Cris Urena

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Posted by Vassago on March 7, 2019, 7:01 pm



Sandra Kubicka vs Cris Urena
(Poland vs Dominican Republic)
(1-1, 1 KO vs 0-1)
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Not a lot of buzz for these two swimsuit models coming into the event but a win here and you just never know what might happen down the stretch. Sandra Kubicka comes from the New Blood background but only tasted success when she stopped Stella Maxwell on the Copacabana last August while Cris Urena knew very little about Georgia Mae Gibbs' potential when she got smoked by the VIXEN blonde around the same time. Since Sandra enjoys an (un)official coaching help from Lioness Club's Claudia Schiffer tonight the odds are stacked against Urena alas the Latin hotshot vows to bury Sandra's head deep in the Turks & Caicos sand regardless. These hot-blooded Carribean hotties always talk a lot but Kubicka pretends she doesn't know a word of Spanish which actually might be true!

Sandra Kubicka wears a green & yellow bikini set with black trim and red gloves. Long dyed blonde hair in loose waves. Cris Urena wears a red bikini set and blue gloves. Long dark brown hair wet & straight, tucked behind the ears. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the lightweight division.

Round 1:
It's all Sandra in the early stages as she bursts through the sand to connect with the brunette's midsection and wobble her backwards almost upon the first impact. Cris just can't adjust to the high-tempo assault and leaves too much space downstairs for the blonde not to punish her in ruthless fashion. Ugh! Sandra leans forward to dig deep into the exposed flesh and has Urena reeling on her heels before a quick overhand nails the Pole on the jaw; that's not quite good enough to stop the aggressive push and Sandra pummels the subdued girl back to the ropes where she chops more leather into the brunette's guts until the targeted model cries out in pain. She eats an uppercut double moments later and bends into loud spasms right at the bell with Kubicka well on course to deliver an ugly beating!

Round 2:
Sandra's almost too careless in her pursuit already and that's an old mistake for any free agent upstart but Urena responds well after that horrible opener and mauls the blonde up the gut with both girls suddenly dishing out similar punishment in the center of the ring. Ugh! Cris becomes vocal as she pummels the blonde's chest and shifts upstairs to connect with the jaw and knock the Pole off her comfort zone. Sandra refuses to back off until she gets whacked across the nose though and Urena leaps at her causing a nasty head clash and sending the blonde crashing into the sand! Naughty stuff and the blonde is furious but Cris quickly finds her range after the bout is resumed and beats the fellow model to the punch which staggers Kubicka on her heels down the stretch. She finds some quick feet to steer away from the Latina's attacks for remainder of the round but that's a far cry from her dominant display in the opening round.

Round 3:
Perhaps Urena isn't destined to suffer a punchbag treatment after all as she accepts another slugging route and drills the blonde's high guard aside to connect with the otherwise pretty face. Sandra tries to hang on in the exchange but wobbles to the side when Urena smacks her on the right temple and blows past to dig extra leather in her boobs. Ugh! The blonde yells out in pain only to soak up more midsection abuse and gets wrestled back to the corner when her clinching attempt meets a stubborn response from the brunette. Cris displays raw strenght as she pounds away in fury to connect with more jug and pins the Polish girl behind a desperate earmuff while running away with the action. She lacks the signature haymaker to really put her away but has Kubicka gasping for air at the bell and the Carribean crowd has every right to cheer Urena's comeback mission now!

Round 4:
Someone needs to teach these rookies how not to let a vulnerable opponent off the hook since Urena suddenly gets caught with a spirited gut-checking drive and a desperate Kubicka manages to stick too much leather downstairs for the brunette not to ponder a quick switch over the top. Both women trade head shots for a while but misfire badly as the red mist takes over and affects the precision. Sandra digs deep to find the soft tummy first and wobbles the Latina with a nasty uppercut on the jaw that exposed the punching resistance almost too quickly. Cris tries to jump the follow up short but gets nailed with another bomb on the nose and goes all jelly knees so when the blonde tackles her on the rack with a left/right cross she's going down long after the crowd actually saw it coming... DOWN GOES URENA into a deep hole in the sand and drops onto her back when the count reaches six... she makes a late recovery despite lacking oxygen in her lungs and that JMD-like attack has made her look very hittable now... Sandra's eyes light up as she smells blood but she can't put the reeling foe away in time and has to be wrestled by the ref as she tries to land extra head shots after the bell. The partisan Carribean crowd doesn't like it but Cris remains on short oxygen supply as she struggles to catch her breath during the interval.

Round 5:
Kubicka's guided by Claudia Schiffer to tackle the rack again and again so that Cris doesn't have any chance to recover and the immediate jug impact folds her into loud spasms as the blonde powers ahead to destroy the guard and connect with the brunette's flesh from both sides. Ugh! She cripples the aching Urena into a futile clinching attempt before landing a left/right combo on the chin that half-spins the victim to the side. A looping cross follows through on the nose and DROPS URENA ONTO HER BACKSIDE where she just remains until the count reaches ten! KO5 Sandra Kubicka!!!

AFTER: Blonde girl in tears of joy as she jumps at Claudia Schiffer and vows to make a true run at the beach boxing's finest in the upcoming few months. She still doesn't understand a word of Spanish so she gives the fallen Latina a free pass... until she kicks sand over the sitting Urena to force an angry reaction from both the Carribean crowd & the vanquished foe. But the smile is there to stay and Sandra is going nowhere either! 

Meanwhile Cris is absolutely furious she got exposed so badly and storms out of the ring once the official verdict is announced. She looked set to topple the blonde model after a difficult start but she must improve her punching resistance or else she'll succumb to any aggressive response. The way Kubicka manhandled her in a slugging exchange leaves several question marks over her toughness. And being labelled as "soft" is the last thing any free agent like Urena needs at the start of her boxing career!

Official result: Sandra Kubicka def. Cris Urena KO5. 



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