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8 March 2019 Fight Night Live: Boxermania III (2019) Pre-Show

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Posted by Girls Friday on Mar 8, 2019 at 3:04pm


Boxermania 3: Preshow
Renee: hello to the millions of viewers of the wrestling world and the celebrity boxing world, tonight we happily present the Third ever Boxermania card, a celebration of wrestlers in the FCBA.

I'm your host Renee Young! And we are here live in New York City's Barclay's Center!

Beside me tonight I have the honour of having Taryn Terrell, who is a former TNA knockouts champion and a FCBA JMD champion!

Also I have sadly for a second year in a row, WWE superstar Maryse beside us, she is the former WWE divas champion.

Maryse: I'll remind you I was the longest Divas champion, better then all your heroes Renee.

Renee: Lord is this going to be a long night, anyway I am pleased to announce that this year we have a new face doing the interviews, she is blazing a trail around the world in multiple promotions, please welcome Alicia Atout!

Alicia: thank you Renee, I am honoured to be here tonight in the biggest showcase of wrestlers in the FCBA, I'll do my best to get the scoops around here.

Maryse: Lord another talentless interviewer I see has joined us, is this one going to be here next year or will she be pregnant or sacked like the last two?

Renee: actually Carly Caruso is going to be announcing the fighters tonight, you'd know that if you read the notes but what do I know right?

(Renee and Maryse scowl at each other till Taryn coughs to diffuse the tension on the set)

Renee: OK let's run through a truly stellar card, here is the fights you can look forwards to tonight:
*Carmella vs Brie Bella*
*Tessa Blanchard vs Celeste Bonin*
*Mia Yim vs Eve Torres*
*Trish Stratus vs AJ Lee*
*Bayley vs Sasha Banks*
*Nikki Bella vs Becky Lynch*
And the main event:
*Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair*

Renee: quite the card I'd say myself as we have a mixture of debuting fighters, legends and a main event between two unbeaten fighters who just happen to hate each other, what more could you ask for?

Maryse: in my case a pay rise for having to listen to you, in fact better yet you to be fired so a more qualified person like myself could take over.

Renee: anyway, Taryn what fights catch your eye?

Taryn: well I have to say from a person stand point Celeste Bonin of course is my friend after our many wars in the ring the past few years, I am hoping she can school the young upstart Tessa.

Maryse: see I like Tessa; she has the right attitude in this business, do whatever it takes to be on top, I wouldn't put it past her pulling the referee in front of her to take a hit haha.

Renee: it doesn't surprise me that's who you would like on this card, also if she did that then she'd be disqualified, while most likely never allowed back in an FCBA ring again.

So Taryn that's your personal choice but what fight stands out to you?

Taryn: the main even obliviously does, two titans of the WWE and have quickly become feared fighters in the boxing ring.

But it may surprise you that the other fight that excites me the most is Nikki Bella vs Becky Lynch, I have fought Nikki before and can tell you she can fight, she ain't just a pretty face.

While Becky's new attitude since adopting her "man" gimmick has been something to see, gone is the pun machine to be replaced by a very vicious fighter, that could be the fight of the night.

Maryse: OK explain to me what the whole "man" stick is! Is she envious of a mans you know what? *points under the table while whistling*

Taryn: I can see why people call us dumb blondes if they only meet you *both her and Maryse scowl at the other* no the man stuff is to do with her using the whole gender thing of being the best is always being the man right?

So this is her way of claiming it since she feels she is the best in wrestling, now she feels the best in the celebrity boxing world if you actually spoke to her.

Renee: before things gets heated; Maryse what fight are you most looking forwards too?

Maryse: first where is Stephanie McMahon! She should be main eventing this card as she did the first two!

Taryn: Time flies by; Stephanie might be getting a little too old to rough house with the young fighters coming up.

*Maryse stands up ready to fight it out with Taryn, who stands up with her claws out ready to go, if not for Renee screaming for both to calm down*

Maryse: as I was saying *sits back down* but since she isn't here, I am rooting for Charlotte Flair tonight, she is my kind of woman, strong and a blonde, like me.

I think she will be too much for the so called cage fighting queen, I mean Ronda is lucky Stephanie trained her up to wrestle and box, after her whole crybaby episode.

Taryn: trust me Maryse, try getting your fists dirty for once and box, instead of hiding up here.

*Renee again needs to break up the pair as they go nose to nose, Taryn tells Renee she has somewhere to be and leaves, with Renee look ready to scream at them both herself*

Maryse: bytch is lucky I didn't drop her right here, maybe I'll take her up on that offer someday, that's if she has the guts.

Renee: OK you know the card guys, I hear that we are ready to start the third edition of Boxermania! 



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