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8 March 2019 Carmella vs Brie Bella

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Posted by Girls Friday on Mar 8, 2019 at 3:03pm


(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Free Agent vs Free Agent)

We kick off Boxermania 3 here in the Barclay's Center with a fight between the first ever Ms money in the Bank Carmella and the debuting Brie Bella.

Carmella is 31 years old; she stands 5'5 and holds a record of no wins and 1 defeat.

Brie is 35 years old; she stands 5'6 and while she has had a few exhibition fights before, this is her official debut in an FCBA ring.

This match has it's roots from last years Boxermania, that was where Carmella made her debut again Brie's sister Nikki, that was a highly personal bout that ended with Carmella being knocked out in the sixth round.

Since then rumours have swirled around that Nikki and Carmella have fought in locker rooms they've shared, when Nikki decided not to have a rematch with Carmella, the Staten Island princess challenged Brie then to show she had the guts her sister evidentially lacks.

The fighters were interviewed on their way into the arena by the interviewer for tonight Alicia Atout, with Carmella up first with an annoyed look at seeing Alicia.

"You want to hear my story, OK I'll keep this simple; since last Boxermania I have been chasing a rematch with Nikki frickin Bella, someone I know I can beat in wrestling and in the boxing ring" says Carmella as she stops in front of Alicia.

"Since I can't get Nikki; I guess I have to go through her flat chested, botch machine of a sibling to get my message across, one I promise you will be talking about later" finishes up Carmella as she picks up her bag then heads off.

Meanwhile Brie comes in with her sister, Alicia asks Nikki about Carmella; making Nikki reply "I have Becky Lynch tonight, so I won't waste my breath on that bytch, ask my sister on what she is going to do to her"

Brie butts in to tell Alicia "I'm the one who gets the pleasure on making it Bella's two, Carmella zero in our feud because she will never be at our level"

As Alicia goes to ask Nikki about her fight with Becky Lynch, she gets a hand placed in front of her face before the sisters strut off.

Fighting time; first Carmella's "Fabulous" rings out through the speakers, with Carmella moonwalking onto the top of the stage as fake money rains over the crowd with Carmella's face on.

She is heading down to the ring wearing a gold hoodie, which her coach takes off to reveal that she is wearing a gold coloured sports bra with a glittery green dollar sign of the left cup, green trunks with gold trim, matching shoes, her gloves are green with gold thumbs and her hair is in a ponytail.

Climbing into the ring; Carmella jogs to her corner so she can pose on the bottom ropes, smiling as she looks excited to get started, though no dance breaks tonight for the princess.

As now "You can look but you can't touch" starts playing, Brie comes out with Nikki, who hugs her sister and tells her kick that bytches ass, Brie turns to scream "Brie Mode!" To the crowd as she marches down to the ring.

Brie is wearing a white sports bra with red pin stripes around it, matching trunks with "Brie Mode" on the waistband, white gloves with red thumbs, white shoes and her hair is in a ponytail too.

After getting into the ring; Brie poses in her corner with her arms out at her side, mouthing insults in the direction of her opponent as her coach has to remind her to warm up.

Both the fighters come to the center of the ring, where a lot of jaw jacking is taking place, neither of these two women are going to be exchanging hugs after this fight.

When ordered to touch gloves; they shake their heads, no respect between these two women as they turn back to their corners ready to start 10 rounds of bantamweight action.

Round 1:
As the action starts Carmella is looking to be the aggressor, up on her toes moving side to side with a stiff jab finding gaps in Brie's defence.

The Bella twin looks to be trying to work out her opponent, throwing only single shots which Carmella mostly dodges with her head movement.

The crisper punches continue to come from the Princess of Staten Island, who is showing her dance experience with her footwork.

Till Brie finally lands a straight to the face, giving her some confidence it seems as she steps forwards to land another two punches cleanly.

They end up in several fire fights as the round heads to a close, Brie looking more comfortable as she is scoring more while working on the inside.

The bell rings with Carmella probably winning the round, yet it is her looking annoyed as she returns to her corner, that over letting Brie who is surprisingly smiling, get into the fight when she was on the back foot.

Round 2:
Again Carmella's footwork proves a little stumbling block for Brie, with the former Ms Money in the bank able to stick and move successfully.

But Brie steps in close enough to land a left cross/straight combo to close the gap, forcing Carmella into trading flurries of punches with her to a loud roar from the fans.

A straight catches Carmella on the lips, making her retreat behind her gloves as Brie now begins to walk her down around the ring.

Most of Brie's punches though find glove or forearm of her opponent, she is looking a little over keen to throw instead of placing her punches better.

Leading to Carmella slipping under a straight to come over the top with an overhand left, that puts Bella on the defensive as Carmella comes on the front foot to show she won't be bullied so easily.

Brie groans as her body takes the brunt of her opponent's attack, with the round ending not long after with Brie getting a nod from her coach, who tells her as expected to place her shots better.

Round 3:
Carmella continues to set the early pace, she looks to come out the blocks the faster of the two with her jab looking a good weapon.

She is trying to keep away from the ropes, knowing that Brie will rush into her, she doesn't want to end up pinned; instead Carmella is counter punching her way into this round.

Knocking Brie's head around with overhand shots that make the older fighter cover up, Brie looks a little unsure again as she starts taking body shots, she can't read the situation quickly enough yet.

While Carmella looks dominant; getting her head down to work those abs of her opponent, with a couple of sneak digs into the jugs of Brie.

Late in the round Carmella stays in tight too long, getting nudged by a left forearm to open her up to a clubbing right to the side of her head.

Brie forces a grandstand finish to the round, but it is way too late to have a chance to steal the round as the bell rings.

Carmella for the first time cracking a smile as she clearly feels she has Brie where she wants her, her coach telling her to keep on the move as she is the faster of the two.

Round 4:
Knowing she needs to get out of her corner quickly, Brie is across the ring to meet Carmella near the center of the ring, where she circles with her opponent, trading single punches as Carmella looks a little shocked that Brie is doing this.

Carmella still looks the faster fighter, allowing her to land the cleaner punches as she dodges more effectively then her opponent.

Sending sweat from the head of Brie as she lands a two punch combination, as she tries to step forwards though, she steps into a left across her cheek to make her second guess.

Leading to Brie coming on the front foot with two more punches landing through the mitts of Carmella, who doesn't look as good on the retreat as she is setting the pace herself.

Carmella misses with a right cross as Brie leans out the way, ending up with sweat flying off her head as another two punches knocks her head back.

Forcing Carmella to cover up as Brie gets in tight, taking a page out of her opponent's book to land hooks to the body.

Making Carmella to come out her shell, with both letting their hands go in the dying seconds of the round to another cheer from the fans.

The bell rings to a loud chant of "Brie Mode" making Brie smirk at the pissed off looking Carmella, who stares daggers at her before they return to their corners.

Where the both get their marked up faces cleaned up; Carmella can't believe Brie is actually keeping up with her so far, her coach telling her to forget scorecards and to simply go out focusing on her own boxing skills, making Carmella nod as she gets her gumshield in.

Round 5:
The early going resembles close to the end of the last round, both are throwing more combinations, though not always successfully as they move around the ring.

Carmella slips under a jab to hammer a right into the side of Brie's body, making Brie grit her gumshield; with an overhand left just clipping the chin of the retreating Bella.

Who is finding herself being caught by the faster hands of Carmella, who each time she switches up targets is giving Brie trouble.

Marks are showing on Brie's face and body, with Carmella looking in full flow right now, dancing around the older fighter with those cheerleader trained legs.

That's till Carmella ducks down to go for an uppercut, Brie gets her head out the way by leaning back; countering with a right that maybe by luck more then skill catches the temple of Carmella.

Who is opened up to two more punches that rock her head back; CARMELLA STUMBLES BACK A FEW STEPS, A RIGHT HOOK CLUBS ACROSS HER FACE TO SEND HER DOWN TO THE CANVAS!

Brie yells to the crowd as she jogs to a neutral corner, they roar back as the count begins, 1...2...3...4.. Carmella shakes her head as she pulls herself towards the ropes, 5...6...7.. Grabbing onto them as she needs them to pull herself 8...9.. To her feet in time to beat the count.

After being checked on; the referee let's them continue, maybe because the bell rings before Brie can do more damage is why Carmella is allowed to continue.

She looks a little jelly legged still as she plops herself on her stool; her coach works hard to waken her up fully as she shakes her head to clear it.

Across the ring Brie looks eager to charge at Carmella, her coach reminding her not to be stupid about this, time it don't just wing it is the coaches advice, Brie nodding as she fists bumps them as she stands ready for the bell.

Round 6:
Carmella is definitely slower now; still fully trying to find her feet as she is definitely looking to counter as Brie stalks her like a shark hunting its prey.

A right catches Carmella on her nose, opening her guard up so she takes more power punches right on the button, WHEN SHE GOES TO CLINCH UP; BRIE SMACKS A LEFT HOOK ACROSS HER FACE TO TAKE HER KNEES FROM UNDER HER!

Brie stares down with pure hatred at Carmella, the referee needing to remind her to go to a neutral corner as she apologizes to them.

1...2...3....4.. Carmella lays on her side blinking as she tries to clear her head, 5...6...7.. When she tries to push up, she is too badly dazed, 8...9...10 that's it for Carmella, she is done!

Winner Brie Bella KO Round 6

Well this looks to have stopped Carmella's plan for getting her rematch with Nikki, the Bella's go two and zero against her after this bitter knockout.

Brie doesn't care as she turns to mount the turnbuckles of the corner behind her, standing with her arms in the air as her fans chant her name.

While the ringside doctor has smelling salts under Carmella's nose, she looks utterly dejected as she stands down at the canvas as she sits up, probably wondering where it all went wrong.

After Brie gets her gloves taken off; she doesn't show any mercy for Carmella, putting her fingers in an L shape and telling Carmella "you'll always be a loser compared to me and Nikki, so just accept it bytch"

Carmella's eyes look like they could shoot lasers at Brie, her stare is intense as her coach reminds her she is in no shape to attack Brie, with Carmella replying by punching the canvas.

The coach of Carmella helps her out the ring; as Brie continues to call her a loser from inside the ring, this feud won't be ending anytime soon.

Right now Brie is celebrating her first win by mounting each corner, arms in the air as she takes in the moment, loving it judging by her expression.

Soon though she leaves the ring; arm around her coaches shoulders as now she has to be thinking about supporting her sister Nikki as she gets ready to fight Becky Lynch later tonight. 



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