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8 March 2019 Tessa Blanchard vs Celeste Bonin

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Posted by Girls Friday on Mar 8, 2019 at 3:02pm


(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Free Agent vs Free Agent)

Next up is the debut of Tessa Blanchard, one of the fastest rising stars in the wrestling world steps into the boxing ring to take on the powerhouse Celeste Bonin here on the Boxermania 3 card.

Tessa is 23 years old; she stands 5'5 and as stated this is her debut, she is former Charlotte, North Carolina but lives in New York and is a third generation superstar, with her legendary father Tully Blanchard, grandfather Joe and even stepfather Magnum T.A showing wrestling is in her blood.

Celeste is 32 years old; she also stands 5'5 and holds a record of 0 wins and 4 defeats, the Texas native is a former WWE Divas champion.

Both women were interviewed before their fight by Alicia Atout on a set separately in case of any fighting before the official bout.

Tessa gave Alicia her usual stare of "you're not worthy" with Alicia looking a little uncomfortable as she asks how Tessa feels going into her FCBA debut.

"I feel great Alicia, look at me (flexes her arms) I am in the best shape of my life, I have shown the world that I own the wrestling world and now I will run this damn division" says Tessa confidently.

"The real question you should be asking me is why did the organisers of these cards see fit to place me with Celeste? I would out wrestle that muscular bytch in my sleep and I will knock her out too early to break a sweat!" Adds Tessa as Alicia looks to be trying to work out what to say.

"The fact is I should be the main event, I am the diamond of women's wrestling and after this Boxermania, I will be the one everyone talks about" finishes the brash brunette as she stands up and leaves without bothering to say bye to the interviewer.

Who at least gets a handshake from Celeste when they speak, the powerful Texan is all smiles as they exchange pleasantries before the big questions come.

Like how Celeste feels being back in the ring again, a year out of losing to her friend Taryn Terrell, Celeste admits "I'd be lying if I didn't say there were butterflies in my stomach, but I have had time to train to get better and I do feel like this is where my career really begins"

When asked about Tessa; Celeste quickly replies "I've met her type plenty of times, I have had big strong girls call me out, we've stepped outside and as soon as they feel my power, they cry it off with a bloody nose, Tessa is all mouth and nothing about her screams tough"

Celeste continues "if Tessa thinks I am simply going to bow down to her then she is going to be waiting a very long time" with Alicia nodding as the two shake hands to end the interview.

Fighting time in the Barclay's Center in New York, Tessa comes out first with her "This time I want it all" theme song playing, sparks light up the aisle either side as she struts down to the ring looking cocky as always.

Tessa is wearing a black sports bra with a diamond badge in the center, black trunks with little diamond like adornments all over, "undeniable" written on her waistband in silver, black shoes and black gloves, her hair is braided.

Climbing into the ring; Tessa poses with her arms out at her sides, singing the lyrics to her song as she gets a cheer from the crowd, who see her as the hometown girl.

Now out comes Celeste; her theme song "higher" starts playing as she stands at the top of the aisle with Taryn Terrell, Celeste flexes her muscles before beginning her walk down the aisle to the ring.

Celeste is wearing a blue sports bra, matching trunks with "Bonin" in white letters on the waistband, her gloves are blue with white thumbs, blue shoes and her hair is in a braid too.

Climbing into the ring; Celeste gets a mixed reception from the crowd, Taryn is her coach tonight after being her opponent last year, the two discuss tactics as Celeste warms up.

Both fighters are brought to the center of the ring; normally Tessa is the powerhouse in the ring, but even she has to admit Celeste's guns are bigger as they square right up to each other.

When asked to touch gloves they slam them together, before turning to jog back to their corners, ready to start 10 rounds of bantamweight action.

Round 1:
Neither is afraid to let their hands go early on, with Celeste giving Tessa more a taste of her power of the two as her punches knock Tessa backwards.

Tessa scowls at Celeste as she looks to work out how to win this fight, giving Celeste the time to come on the front foot.

When Tessa does start trying to come inside, it becomes a mess as neither can land much clean, with them crashing together most of the time, ending up with Celeste holding Tessa in a front headlock.

Soon enough Tessa gives Celeste a push out of frustration, the referee warns her about it as they step between the fighters to remind them this is boxing.

Once that seems to be sorted; Tessa does start to pick her punches better, she is the faster of the two as she lands a two punch combination before moving back out.

Celeste though keeps walking her down, landing a right cross late in the round that puts Tessa right in the firing line of another two punches that knock her head back.

The round ends with Tessa looking angry at Celeste, who gets a thumbs up from Taryn as she returns to her corner, though it was hardly the best fought round by either.

Round 2:
The message between rounds for Tessa was simple; stick to using your boxing, something she appears to have listened to as she moves more before looking to trade.

Double up her jab to mark up the face of Celeste, who is trying to cut of the ring again, when she looks to have she swings a right hook that Blanchard slips under to escape into space, cocky Tessa holding her hands out to her side as if to say "is that all you got?"

It's definitely Tessa taking control of things, still taking some clubbing blows to her face, but ducking down to work the body of Bonin, before she moves out to space.

A missed right by Celeste leaves her open to three punches that knock her head back, with Tessa gaining her trademark smirk as confidence overflows through the youngster.

Who continues to frustrate Celeste with her movement, with the powerhouse opening her guard up more as she swings punches that find thin air.

Tessa exploits those moments; countering throughout the round with most of her work aimed at the body of the former WWE Divas champion.

The bell rings to end a dominant round for Tessa, who struts back to her corner with a few grazes to her face, as Taryn works on washing down Celeste's face, telling her to calm down and focus on her punches.

Round 3:
Celeste looks to do as Taryn told her, but Tessa keeps prodding the bear to the body, making Celeste get angrier as she is only landing a few clean punches in return.


Tessa wipes her feet as she faces away from Celeste, clearly thinking this is over, 1...2...3... Celeste stirs though as the crowd cheers her, 4...5...6... She turns to her front, 7...8.. But as Celeste tries to push up, she is badly dazed, ending up falling to her face 9...10 that's it for Bonin!

Winner Tessa Blanchard KO Round 3

The fast rising star in wrestling just got a quick knockout to possibly begin her rise in an FCBA, something she celebrates by going of to Celeste to tell her "you thought you could handle me! You are nothing but a washed up bytch!"

Taryn takes offense to her friend being insulted, getting into the ring so she can get into the face of Tessa, with both women scowling at the other as they go nose to nose.

Tessa gives Taryn a shove; then shouts "get the f*** out of my face you blonde bimbo!" ending up with Taryn shoving Tessa onto her ass!

"You wanna go! Take off the gloves bytch and we'll settle it now!" Yells Taryn back at Blanchard, who pulls herself on the canvas back from Taryn with a shocked look on her face.

Taking the gloves off, a fight chant breaks out as Tessa's expression turns to an angry one, she pulls herself to feet with the ropes as Taryn tells her to bring it.

Instead as Tessa looks like she is going to take the challenge, she turns to leave the ring; yelling as she stands outside "you're not worth it!" To boos from the crowd.

Taryn waves Tessa off as she turns to check on Celeste, who is fully back from her dazed state, Taryn gives Celeste a hug as she wishes tonight had turned out differently.

She definitely does when she turns around into a spear from Tessa, who starts raining punches towards the head of Terrell as she covers up.

Celeste needed to pull the sneaky Tessa off of Taryn, who wipes some blood from her bottom lip as she sits up staring angrily at Tessa.

Who slides out the ring with a big grin on her face, wiping her shoulders as undeniable plays and she struts up the ramp after making one hell of an impression tonight.

Taryn telling Celeste that bytch will get it before long as they stand side by side in the ring, staring at the woman who put both of them down tonight. 



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