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8 March 2019 Trish Stratus vs AJ Lee

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Posted by Girls Friday on Mar 8, 2019 at 2:59pm


(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Free Agent vs Free Agent)

Two legendary wrestlers of different eras meet, Trish Stratus steps into the ring with AJ Lee here at Boxermania in New Yorks Barclay's Center.

Trish is 43 years old; she stands 5'4 and holds a record of 8 wins, 6 by knockout and 6 defeats.

AJ is 31 years old; she stands 5'3 and holds a record of 7 wins, all by knockout with 2 defeats.

Alicia Atout comes into Trish's locker room first, the multiple time WWE women's champion is limbering up but still waves Alicia to come in.

"Hey Alicia, I have been waiting for this day for a while, I like AJ a lot but I need to know whether in that ring if I am the best flyweight still to come from the WWE" frankly says Trish.

Alicia asks if this is possibility a retirement fight for her, with Trish stopping stretching to answer "I hope not, I am still physically good enough to step in that ring, question is if the level below me has passed me by I guess" making Alicia look sad.

"Tonight is just about me and AJ Lee, tomorrow is when I can worry about that!" Says Trish as she grins at Alicia, who smiles back before she turns to leave.

Alicia then heads into the AJ locker room, where the petite Lee is shadow boxing, ending by pretending she is going to hit Alicia with a straight, making the interviewer cover up till AJ taps her sides while giggling.

"Sorry about that; I just couldn't resist it" says AJ as Alicia breaths a sigh of relief, then sees the funny side herself as they move to sit down face to face.

AJ admits "each year I have come here and played the crazy person, made my opponents think what they were facing, I won't do that to Trish though, she has too much respect for me to play mind games on"

"But I'm here to surpass her, while for some reason stables don't want to keep me, I have done pretty well I believe in the FCBA, this is another personal milestone I want on my career" continues AJ as Alicia smiles at her.

As they stand up; AJ tells Alicia "I hope you last longer then the last two interviewers did, I think me and you could have lots of fun" making Alicia look pleased, though AJ puts on that crazy look that makes Alicia wonder if she might regret that thought.

Fighting time; out comes Trish as she comes out to "let's rock and roll" she heads to each side of the top of the ramp to raise her right arm, before marching down to the ring.

She is wearing a black sports bra with a silver stripes down the side, purple trim, matching trunks with "100% Stratusfaction" badge on the left leg, purple gloves and black shoes, her blonde hair is in a ponytail.

Stepping into the ring with a smile, Trish heads to each side of the ring with her arms in the air, before jogging over to her corner.

Now out comes AJ to "light it up" she is skipping down the ramp towards the ring with her beaming smile, raising her arms as she stands at the bottom of the ramp staring into the ring.

She is wearing a white sports bra with a black widow on the bust, black jean shorts, baseball style boots, black gloves and black hair in a ponytail too.

Climbing into the ring; AJ skips around the ring, nodding at Trish as she passes by her, getting back to her corner soon enough.

The fighters come to the ring center, shaking their arms as they try to keep limber as their eyes are locked together.

They touch gloves when prompted, turning to head back to their corners as they are ready to start 10 rounds of flyweight action.

Round 1:
As both fighters come out; AJ is maybe showing a little too much respect as she doesn't throw much, instead looking for angles to strike from.

While Trish is the one throwing leather at her opponent's head, stepping forwards with her punches drilling mostly off the gloves of the younger fighter.

AJ finally slips under a straight coming in with two stiff body shots, before retreating back as Trish goes for a right hook that finds air.

The Canadian for the first time finding resistance, is getting caught to her face with straight shots as Lee dances back out of danger after landing.

But late in the round Trish catches AJ coming in with a straight to the top of her head, following up with two cross punches that puts her opponent behind her guard.

The round ends with both women nodding to each other, then heading back to their corners with Trish's coach looking the happier of the two corners.

Round 2:
AJ was clearly told to up her work rate, something she shows as she let's her hands go more, leading to some spicy exchanges between the two near the center of the ring.

The American soon dips under a straight so she can counter with an overhand right, followed by a left cross that puts Stratus back behind her guard.

Trish finding it more difficult to get her punches going, AJ proving a hard target to find as the brunette shows off good flexibility to counter then punch.

But as Lee looks to be controlling the action, Stratus shows off her own games flexibility to dodge a right cross, countering with an uppercut that knocks AJ back a step.

Both women show off some good counter boxing skills, with shots clipping off the others face as they circle each other.

The round ends with again a small nod of respect, these two know that the other is a good boxer, this time though you'd have to say AJ looked the better fighter.

Round 3:
The early action sees both women trading stiff single shots as they dance up on their toes, very similar styles at play are causing somewhat a mirror match up.

Trish the one who changes things up as she lands a stiff jab to the face, she moves inside to add two hooks to the body to make her opponent groan out.

The Canadian now pushes forwards, acting like a bully as she gets into AJ's face to work the body, forcing Lee to the outside of the ring.

But as Trish looks to be getting AJ near the ropes, AJ shows her smarts to use her left forearm to nudge the blonde back, landing a right across her face then moving into space.

AJ starts to land cleaner punches through the mitts of Trish, maybe she has the confidence now to move up a gear.

As AJ's punches seem to be flowing better now she is throwing flurries, Trish tries to match her as they plant their feet to trade, AJ though looks to be beating her to the punch.

The round comes to a close with AJ smiling as she heads back to her corner, getting her face washed down as her coach talks to her about what they want to see now.

Trish looks a little annoyed as she sits down on her stool, her coach tells her she did good that round, she needs to remember to dodge before she punches though, Trish seems to disagree with the assessment as they argue.

Round 4:
Trish maybe realises that AJ has hand speed that will make dodging and countering hard, so she looks to be the aggressor, throwing straight punches at the head of AJ.

Who is dancing side to side on the outside of the ring, letting Trish come to her as the blonde is missing her most of the time.

Till AJ changes direction to land a stiff straight that rocks Trish's head back, A FOLLOW UP LEFT HOOK LOOKS TO HAVE TRISH TRYING TO BACK OFF, BUT THE RIGHT UPPERCUT KNOCKS HER TO HER BACK!

The crowd look shocked as AJ skips to the neutral corner, 1...2...3...4.. Trish turns to her side, 5...6...7.. Getting to all fours slowly as she shakes her head to try to clear it, 8...9.. But she looks up resigned as 10 she is counted out!

Winner AJ Lee KO Round 4

Normally AJ might be in gloating mode, but she shows respect to Trish by rushing to help her up, telling her she was honoured to be able to fight her.

Trish looks shaky as her coach rushes out to hold her up, she still thanks AJ for giving her the fight and for her respect as both smile.

There's an applause from the crowd, far from the best fight ever, still great to see a show of respect though from two warriors who've fought.

Both women get washed down; AJ can't stop smiling as her coach praises her for getting the finish as soon as she did, showing she is still maybe worth a pop for a stable.

Though across the ring is less harmonious, Trish getting told off her coach that next time she should listen to them, with Trish admitting there may not be a next time, shutting her coach up as they realise that might be true.

The fighters come to the center of the ring for the final announcement, AJ hoping up and down as her hand is raised, Trish giving her applause as the crowd chant for the ever popular AJ.

Who makes sure to shake the hand of Trish, the blonde smiling as she tells AJ "you have to lead the wrestlers in this division now, I can't think of anyone better" with AJ looking stunned at that.

Trish leaves the ring to cheers, a chant breaks out for her as Trish sheds a few tears, worried herself that tonight might mark the end of her journey, maybe she has at least one more big fight in the tank.

Inside the ring; AJ has a customary skipping victory lap, blowing kisses to the fans when she finishes, hopping out the ring probably wondering what her own future holds, with her still eyeing up gold at the end of the rainbow, just will anyone help her get there? 



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