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8 March 2019 Smoke Show with Scarlett Bordeaux

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Posted by Girls Friday on Mar 8, 2019 at 2:57pm


Smoke Show with Scarlett Bordeaux

Out comes Scarlett in a black robe and matching high heels, smoke seems to follow her as she walks down the ramp on a red carpet towards the ring, strutting her stuff.

Slowly she steps up the steel steps, showing off her impressive legs as she pouts her lips at the crowd, who are looking on gob smacked by the vision of rare sex appeal in front of them.

Getting a microphone; Scarlett shakes her hips for the crowd as she says "like what you see boys and gals" winking as she gets a resounding yes from the crowd.

"OK since I wasn't fighting tonight, a wrestling themed boxing card can not do without the smoke show, now before we get down to me showing what I got" Scarlett teases the crowd by tugging the knot holding her robe on.

"I have a special guest I want to..." Scarlett is suddenly interrupted by the music of Eva Marie! Who stands on top of the aisle with her own red robe on.

Scarlett looks around shocked as Eva struts down the aisle with a spotlight on her, hands out at her side as the crowd starts a chant for both stunning women.

After getting into the ring; Eva and Scarlett circle each other, neither is known liking to share the spotlight with anyone, so the crowd look stunned to see these two in the ring together.

Eva gets a microphone as Scarlett holds out her hands before asking "what the hell are you doing here?! I was promised a big guest tonight, not some reject"

Oohs ring out as Eva just smirks, then replies "first watch your tone bytch" making Scarlett scowl at her as the crowd chant for them to fight.

"Secondly I am here because if you want sexy, well you come looking for me, not whatever you are supposed to be" adds Eva as Scarlett mouths insults in return.

"Honey I'm a ten and last I checked you are a five, so I suggest you get out of this ring before I embarrass you" Scarlett fires back as Eva mouths "is that so?"

"Fine since you won't leave; this is what a ten looks like" Scarlett says as her music starts up and slowly off comes the robe to reveal black lingerie.

Eva just gives the old golf clap as she doesn't seem impressed, telling her blonde rival "cute but this is what a real ten looks like" before slipping off her own robe to reveal her own black lingerie.

The crowd roars and begins to chant for both women, not helping the tension inside the ring as the robes are tossed outside, then the microphones as their eyes lock together.

No bell is needed as the heels are kicked off, both goddesses rush each other to grab the others hair, Eva has the advantage due to her 3 inch height advantage, bullying Scarlett into the ropes.

But Scarlett isn't going to go down so easily, throwing punches into Eva's body that makes her cry out in shock, yelling "you c***!" As she let's go of Scarlett.

Who tackles her down to the canvas, where Eva's height isn't a factor as both women roll along the canvas, tearing hair out as they hiss at each other.

Eva soon gets her legs to use as Scarlett takes the top spot, she scissors her waist, making Scarlett yelp out, the strong thighs of Eva squeezing harder as she looks for her opponent to submit.

Scarlett though has other ideas; squeezing the big bust of the redhead, she gets a scream from her as Marie tosses her head back, ending up kicking Scarlett off her.

Both women are up to their feet; where Scarlett grabs Eva by her hair to toss her into a corner, as she charges though she gets a foot straight into her jugs, sending her tumbling to her back.

Eva takes a moment to rub her breasts, before kicking Scarlett in her side as she gets to all fours, yelling "I told you that you aren't in my league!" Giving another kick to her as the Bordeaux fans start to rally behind their woman.

Reaching down to grab Scarlett by her hair, Eva goes to slap her but is met by a fist straight between her legs, making her crumble to her knees with a look of "how could you bytch?" At the blonde.

Who pulls Eva's bra down to bare her boobs, then sinks her nails into them, causing Eva to howl and need to forget her own pain to do the same to Scarlett.

Tears stream down both women's faces as they dig their nails in the others bust for dear life, the crowd cheering on their champion as the girls rub foreheads.

Till neither woman can take it, so shove apart to rub their breasts, eyes locked onto the rival as they want to utterly destroy them.

Scarlett slaps Eva; telling her "you think you can steal my spotlight, you're nothing bytch!" As Eva slaps her back to shut her up.

Grabbing the others hair again, they claw the others busts again with their free hand to cause the other to cry out, each hoping the other gives out.

Eva manages to shove Scarlett down and goes to mount her to finish this, but Scarlett grabs her knickers and wedgies them, making Eva howl out and scream "f*** let go bytch!"

That allows Scarlett to pull Eva off her, then she tears off the underwear of Eva to loud screams from the fans, the redhead scrambles out the ring hiding her nudity.

A guy with a towel rushes to cover Eva up, her face turns a shade similar to her hair as she retreats up the ramp, scowling at Scarlett inside the ring.

Who is waving her rivals knickers around in the air to loud cheers, Scarlett picks up the microphone to tell the crowd "the smoke show will be back next year" blowing a kiss to a camera as she struts to the back proudly topless. 



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