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8 March 2019 Nikki Bella vs Becky Lynch

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Posted by Girls Friday on Mar 8, 2019 at 2:55pm


(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Free Agent vs Free Agent)

The penultimate fight here on tonight's Boxermania sees Nikki Bella and Becky Lynch do battle, both looking for big wins here in New Yorks Barclay's Center.

Nikki is 35 years old; she stands 5'6 and holds a record of 8 wins, all by knockout with 4 defeats.

Becky is 31 years old; she stands 5'6 as well, she is unbeaten with 2 wins, both by knockout.

The fighters were interviewed at their gyms prior to the fight, Nikki sparring with her sister Brie as Alicia Atout came in, they finished up so Nikki could gets things off her mind.

"Hey Alicia, I am so sick of Becky frickin Lynch, all this man crap she spouts, I didn't help set up the women's revolution in wrestling for Becky to be the face of wrestling" says Nikki as she steps out the ring.

Alicia asks why exactly doesn't she believe Becky should be the face of wrestling, Nikki replies "because she isn't worthy of the title, she isn't the best looking, the best at anything frankly, the fans chose her because she is a loser"

The final question is about how she is going to beat Becky; Nikki laughs as she answers simply "by being me of course" strutting off.

When Alicia goes into Becky's gym, she is busy shadow boxing in front of a mirror, picturing how she is going to fight against Nikki, she stops though as she sees Alicia.

Becky is asked about Nikki, she snorts in derision as she tells Alicia "you mean the woman who needed to improve her tit size because she could improve her ring ability"

Stepping towards Alicia as she continues "or how about when she had to sleep with a certain top star to get to the top, I could keep going but here's the thing, Nikki has rode her way to the top while I earn everything"

Becky finishes by saying "I'm the man around the WWE, that means I am the best in that ring and the one that will bring wrestlers success in the FCBA"

Fighting time; out comes Nikki to "you can look but you can't touch" Nikki struts down the ramp with cheer leaders with matching gear to her standing on top of the ramp cheering her.

Nikki is wearing a red sports bra with "fearless" written across the front in white letters, red trunks with white pin stripes around it, red gloves with white thumbs, red shoes and her hair is in a ponytail.

Stepping into the ring; she marches around the ring with her arms at her side, before she heads over to her corner to warm up.

Now the sound of "Celtic Invasion" rings out around the arena to a loud cheer as Becky Lynch emerges on stage, she has her long black coat on and steam punk googles on her head as she raises her arms in the air while going to each side of the ramp.

Then she jogs down to the ring; grinning as she goes as a chant breaks out for her, Nikki looks disgusted by the crowd reaction.

Becky stops at the bottom of the ramp, her coach helps remove her coat to reveal a black sports bra with green trim, matching trunks, shoes, while her gloves are black with green thumbs, her red mane is in a ponytail.

Getting into the ring; Becky bobs her head as she takes in the crowd reaction, Nikki heads over to her so we get a face off straight away, with the referee breaking them apart.

Both women warm up in their corners till the referee is happy they are calm enough to come to the ring center, Nikki jaw jacking that tonight Becky gets proven to be a fraud, all the while Becky just grins at her.

When asked to touch gloves; Becky hammers hers into the jugs of Nikki, who steps back and if not for the referee stepping between them, this could have started now.

Instead the referee orders them back to the corners, both fighters stare daggers as the bell rings to start 10 rounds of bantamweight action.

Round 1:
The action begins with both women trading stiff shots straight away while circling, both women looking to leave their imprint on their opponent.

It's Nikki who gets the early advantage; a straight catches the Irish lass to knock her head back, opening her up to another two punches.

Nikki pushes the pace as she herds Becky around the outside of the ring, Becky is stepping in to trade with Nikki, but Nikki uses little shoves to the face to open up the space to knock the redhead back.

Becky is looking a little annoyed as she tries to keep her rhythm going, Nikki keeps knocking her out of it, the experience of Bella looks to be the difference so far.

The round ends with Nikki putting her arms out to the side as she struts back to her corner, with Becky glaring at her before heading to her own corner.

Round 2:
Both women again come out looking to trade on the inside, Becky starts targeting the jugs of Nikki with uppercuts to make her retreat back.

The busty American doesn't look like she appreciates those punches, firing up top to knock Becky back to the outside.

As Nikki tries to push forwards; Becky slips under the straight this time, banging away to the body of Nikki with a four punch combination.

That has Bella on the back foot; finding herself now being worked around the outside of the ring, something that is annoying her now.

With Becky working with a stiff jab, measuring up Nikki for hooks to the body, making Nikki groan out as she fires back.

Both nearly clash heads as Nikki looks to fight her way off the ropes, leading to both women clinching up; trading a few rabbit punches till the referee is able to pull them apart.

When they resume hostilities they keep their feet planted as they slug it out, heads getting turned side to side as they angrily get at each other.

The bell rings with a shove from both women, the referee ordering of them to calm down, returning to their corners to be told by their coaches the same thing as their faces are already marked up.

Round 3:
It looks like Becky is targeting the jugs of Nikki, making Nikki hold her arms out while screaming "are you f***ing jealous of them!"

Becky makes her pay by landing two straight punches into the face of Nikki, who covers up as Becky presses her around the ring.

The Irish lass is using little nudges herself to open up Nikki to bigger shots through the mitts of the older fighter.

Causing Nikki to lose her cool and start swinging; Becky confidently slips all the punches with a grin on her face as she dances backwards.

The crowd look a little surprised as it's Becky who looks the experienced fighter of the two, landing counter punches as she is looking the better fighter.

Nikki does manage to land on Becky late on in the round, landing a jab/straight combination as Becky let's herself get lax, maybe overconfident as Nikki gets inside to work away.

They have another heated exchange to see out the round; where they stand and stare as the bell rings, neither of these two will be exchanging Christmas card after this.

As they return to their corners; Becky is getting praised, though she is reminded not to let her focus disappear.

Across the ring Nikki is getting told to get going soon as this fight is going to pass her by, with Nikki looking like she wants to scream at her coach, instead she nods while bashing her gloves together.

Round 4:
Again Becky starts off the stronger of the two fighters, she looks to be able to get into her rhythm now the faster of the two fighters, drilling punches between the mitts of her opponent.

Nikki though is starting to get her punches going again, with the brunette slamming a right across the head of Becky to knock her back.

The momentum switches to Nikki, who drives Becky around the outside of the ring, with her giving Lynch a little taste of her own medicine with punches to the jugs.

But that leaves her head open to a clubbing right, Becky driving Bella now back across the ring as things are going back and forth.

Ducking under a straight; Becky comes up with an overhand right that knocks Nikki backwards, Nikki forced to cover up as Becky has her head down while going to work at the body.

But just before the bell; Nikki nudges Becky back then lands an uppercut that knocks Becky's head back, causing Nikki to say "like that man?" Nearly causing the two to clash.

Becky reminded to keep her mind on the job, she is told that the scorecards are on her side, so Nikki will be coming in hard from now on.

Round 5:
As the coach of Becky said Nikki is coming on the front foot, the two punches are trading stiff shots as Becky looks to show she ain't going anywhere.


1...2...3.. Becky shakes her head as she sits up; 4...5...6.. She pushes herself up to a knee, where she stares at the referee, 7...8.. Getting up to beat the count.

The referee allows Becky to continue, with Nikki coming straight on the attack to try to end this, a few punches knock Becky's head back.

Leading to Becky clinching up with Nikki, the referee needed to break them up as Nikki can be seen taunting her opponent.

Becky is forced to cover up as Nikki hunts her around the ring, flurries of punches slam into the gloves of the redhead, with several punches finding their targets though.

The round ends with Nikki dominating, she taunts Becky as she passes her, while Becky is still giving her head a shake.

Becky's coach working to help her recover as blood starts to run from her nose, Lynch not looking happy with herself for being put down.

Round 6:
It looks like survival mode for Becky as the round begins, she is moving around the outside of the ring, while Nikki is stalking her around it.

Each time Nikki starts to get punches to land, Becky is clinching up to smother her work, with Becky fans wanting to see their hero rally.

Nikki is making that hard though; she is finding gaps in Becky's guard to knock her backwards, nearly getting her on the ropes, just missing with a left hook though as Becky ducks under it.

A Becky chant rings out as she throws mostly single punches, with a straight getting parried away so Nikki can land a right across her face.

Blood starts flowing from Lynch's nose once again, with Nikki starting to target it to pile more misery on the redhead.

Who is mostly just stepping backwards, looking for a counter punch to get herself back into this after being so dominant early on.

As the bell rings though it was clearly a shut out for Nikki, who doesn't care as boos rain down on her, she is just focused on ending things.

Across the ring Becky has her face cleaned up, while this is far from the most gruesome Becky has looked with blood, her coach looks worried as she is taking shots too cleanly for their liking, Becky assures them she is OK as she says "let the bytch give me more"

Round 7:
Nikki continues to try to get into the face of Becky, slamming punches off the gloves of the retreating Lynch, who doesn't look much like the confident fighter you see in a wrestling ring.

A right though sails over her head as Becky slips under it to land a counter right to the ribs, followed by an overhand left to the chin of her opponent.

Who stumbles back a step; the crowd comes to life as Becky starts slugging it out with Nikki, maybe sensing a moment of weakness from the Bella twice.


Winner Becky Lynch KO Round 7

What a knockout by Becky Balboa! She yells "f***ing come on!" As her fans roar with her, this was a stern test for the "man" but Becky has come through it.

Nikki on the other hand is having to be brought around, she is holding her chin as the knockout punch landed clean as a whistle.

She sits up but there is still a glassy look to Nikki's eyes, making the ringside doctor order her to be helped out the ring to the back.

Becky doesn't bat an eyelid to her foes woes, more interested in getting her gloves taken off so she can celebrate with her arms in the air.

"That's what the f***ing man can do!" Yells Becky as she mounts the ropes in her corner, a Becky chant rings out throughout the arena as one of the most popular wrestlers in the world may have won a lot of boxing fans over with this gritty performance, coming from behind put down herself to win.

When the referee tries to raise her hand, Becky tells them she doesn't need that, pointing to all the fans as she says they are the ones who prove she won.

Becky leaves the ring to head over to the commentators, telling them "you tell whoever the bantamweight champion is that someday soon I'll be knocking on their door for that title" before she leaves up the ramp.

Stopping at the top though to turn to the fans to take in one last moment with them still in full voice, can Becky really become a champion in the FCBA? 



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