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8 March 2019 Fight Night Live: Boxermania III (2019) Post-Show

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Posted by Girls Friday on Mar 8, 2019 at 2:52pm


Boxermania 3 after show:

Renee Young: what a night of action; some interesting results and moments tonight to say the least, with me I have Maryse and a special guest since Taryn Terrell, who was with us for the kick off show was attacked by Tessa Blanchard earlier tonight.

Maryse: oh lord you didn't get that insufferable fool Lucy Liu back, that little bytch thought she could stand up to me after last years show, I happily...

*In walks Stephanie McMahon to make Maryse look gob smacked*

Stephanie: I hope you won't object to me Mrs Mizanan?

*Maryse stands up and starts bootlicking Stephanie, telling her how glad she is to see the legend herself, even Stephanie rolls her eyes at the attempt*

Renee: thank you Mrs McMahon for being with us, of course I'd be stupid not to ask you about the main event, you obviously know both Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair quite well.

Stephanie: this was a massive night for Charlotte Flair, she keeps impressing me with her overall skills, athleticism and her toughness, I trained Ronda so I know how strong she is as a fighter.

Renee: so were you sad to see Ronda lose tonight, especially with the manner Charlotte celebrated, it being well known the feud between wrestling's four horsewomen and MMA's version.

Stephanie: Ronda has herself to blame, I cut her when I saw she became more focused on fighting then her job I hired her to do, so to see her crying was more an embarrassment to me then her.

But Ronda can do what she wants, she wants to moan and whine, let her go off to do that without me stopping her.

Renee: OK well what fight caught your eye Maryse?

Maryse: the one that made me laugh was the one with that blowhard Taryn Terrell, she was all talk up here but Tessa had the strength to batter her friend Celeste into the canvas, then kicked Terrell's ass into next week.

Renee: you left out the part where Tessa had left the ring when Taryn confronted her face to face, only for Tessa to spear her when she was busy helping Celeste, I expect that Taryn will hunt down a fight with Tessa, whether in that ring or outside.

Maryse: expect all you want; tonight Tessa proved why she is the fastest rising star in anything she puts her mind to it, I am calling it now that Tessa Blanchard will become the FCBA bantamweight champion.

Stephanie: the kid definitely has talent; I know about having a famous father, we have looked at her from a wrestling sense, maybe we should pay attention from a boxing sense too.

Renee: definitely high praise there, how about what a lot of people saw as the co main event, Becky Lynch winning a hard fought war against Nikki Bella.

Maryse: I hate both with a passion, Nikki because well she tries to copy me as a reality star, while I still don't get what Becky Lynch is trying to sell me with the "Man"

Stephanie: it was a good fight, again I know Nikki well; she is a great talker more then fighter I found when she was in my stable, hence why she hasn't been in Chimera.

Becky on the other hand has stepped up big time, hopefully now she can get fights in the FCBA ring, with maybe her and Tessa being a future Boxermania main event, maybe even with a title on the line.

Renee: I still can't believe you don't get what Becky means by the "man"

Maryse: I don't get why a bytch like you has the job hosting these events, Mrs McMahon I should be the one sitting there, Renee is just so bland; hell go check out the forums that say she can't commentate to save her life.

Renee: you're trying to steal my job on air! Right bytch get up so I can finally shut you the f*** up you over pampered w****!

*Stephanie gets between the two as they get out their chairs, only holding back because of their WWE boss stopping them*

Stephanie: OK since me and the FNL committee put you two together for these events you've never gotten along correct?

So let me make it simple for you both, one year from now we will be back with a new Boxermania, you two will put on the gloves and the winner takes all, the loser never has anything to do with these events going forwards, agreed by you both?

Renee: I accept!

Maryse: me too, I can't wait to finally take that seat from you bytch!

Stephanie: that's the spirit girls, I want you two to look to finish this in the ring OK, so when the contracts are signed you can't lay a hand on each other.

*both women nod to that as they shake hands tensely to agree to the terms*

Stephanie: till then though....

*Maryse gets the meaning of Stephanie's words first, she punches Renee on her lips, before throwing Renee over the desk*

Stephanie: I hope you all enjoyed the show, see you all next year! 



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